The Search for Invizimals Begins Today Using PSP’s New Camera

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Hi everyone! This is my first official PlayStation.Blog entry, and I want to let you know Invizimals for the PSP system is available in stores beginning today AND it comes bundled with our new camera! This is the first camera-based PSP game for North America.

Imagine being able to search for invisible animals but you can only do it with your PSP system. Just point the camera to locate virtual creatures anywhere– behind sofas, into corners, and under bushes and they will pop up on your PSP system screen. With a magical trap (rectangular shaped card also included with the game), you interact with the monsters by grabbing, tickling and luring them into your collection. With over 120 creatures to capture, indulge in a single player game of magical discovery or enjoy multiplayer action online. You can battle by using special moves such as blowing onto the camera to create a hurricane; shaking the PSP system to start an earthquake, or casting a shadow over the battlefield to deploy a lightning strike. You can also take pictures of your monster collection and trade online with friends.

Invisimals for PSPInvisimals for PSP

Invisimals for PSPInvisimals for PSP

This is a fun one for PSP fans! We’d like to thank Novarama and Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Liverpool Studio for all of their hard work in coming up with Invizimals and allowing fans to become virtual monster hunters! We’re really excited to bring Invizmals and the new PSP camera to you guys!

Invizimals including the camera for the PSP retails for $39.99. Also, there is an Invizimals PSP Entertainment Pack available today too at retailers nationwide for $199.99 containing a special “Vibrant Blue” PSP-3000 system, Invizimals game on UMD, a camera for the PSP system, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie on UMD, and a 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo storage media. One thing to note: Invizimals is not compatible with PSPgo.

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  • I only have a pspgo :(

  • If I get the Go Converter Cable Adapter, would the game be compatible then, or is there a Go-specific block in the game?

  • Can I just get the camera? I’m an adult. Where’s the GPS? I’ve been waiting for the cam and the GPS.

  • yeah this came out a while a go for europe i really wanted to buy it. Now finally it is here

  • Well, #1 and 2 I think the games only out on UMD. So that means for Us GO owners, we can’t play the game regardless, even if we did buy the converter adapter.

  • Due to the HORRIBLE support you guys gave the PSP Go, i’ve sold mines to some other sucker and bought a new iPod Touch 4G, and WELL worth it.

    Good thing I still have my games on my account just in case I decide to get another PSP, which I doubt.

    Hey, at least I still have my PS3.

  • The reason its not compatible with gos are because the camera goes on top of PSPs and gos don’t have the room needed for it.

  • Sony needs to get this for the PSP Go, but then that means Sony has to support the PSP Go which isn’t going to happen. :(

  • That kid was shacking that psp so hard that i think i saw the camera fly away lol?
    @6 Projectinfi- i have psp, ipod touch,android, ps,ps2,ps3 point is, it’s all about options and having fun with all.

  • wow it only took you guys 5 years to release the damn camera. Should we wait another 5 for the GPS :-P lol.

    anyway i look forward to reading the reviews on this it looked interesting. However I question its depth beyond a tech demo.

  • PSP Go is such a failure, what the hell is this? I’ll be very weary of the PSP2, unless it blows my mind, the 3DS will be my portable of choice next generation.

  • I cant wait to get this! I kow it’s geared to younger players but it looks fun. Plus I’ve waited for the camera for a while. I hope this does well!!

  • Question?? How can it sense when you shake it and blow into the camera for the game effects??

  • Well, I guess it’s time to dig a little grave for PSPGo. I just don’t see how PSP can compete with everything that is out there now. I mean, Nintendo has dominated from day one, and now all of the smartphones, iPads, etc. are out there. I hope that the PSP 2 is something mindblowing…hopefully with a phone built in.

  • Seems like fun but I’m a Go owner. Sold my PSP-1000 when I switched. Ah well.

  • It’s like Sony just gave up on the PSP Go , why even put it in stores?

  • Wow, if someone took a sample of the comments, it sounds as if there’s more Go owners than regular PSP owners…That or the Internet is full of people who like to complain for the sake of complaining. lol

    Also, this game looks cool…but…I’m a Go owner.

    LOL I got it for half price! Leave me alone! :P

  • This game looks sweet! I love the PSP!

  • Cough…Cough.. Pokemon Ripoff..

  • If anyone actually tries to compare an itouch with a psp or ds they are an idiot. One has games, the other has casual flash games.

  • This looks interesting. Is the camera compatible with any other games or applications, such as Skype? That would be really great.

  • Good thing I reminded you this was coming out ;)

  • Wow, I thought the camera would add a hefty premium. This actually could work for me, and the game definitely seems like fun.

  • “One thing to note: Invizimals is not compatible with PSPgo.”

    LOL. What the hell!?

  • Once again PSPgo owners get the shaft. LOL

    Sony should just reimburse all PSPgo owners $250.

  • so why exactly did you release the PSPGo? lol

  • Pspgo gets shafted again.

    What a shock.

  • @21 Not everyone uses a PSP JUST for games, idiot.

  • Is that an official Sony PSP camera?

    Also, I am getting sick and tired of people comparing a PSP to an ipod. It is stupid, and those people are ignorant. You cant play video games on an ipod. Maybe stupid stuff like Angry Birds, or unrolling toilet paper. (yes there is a toilet paper game) The fact is you cant Play God of War, Socom, Resistance, Modnation Racers, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank, Midnight Club, etc… on an ipod. You people are dumb.

  • What if I don’t have a mic? I can’t play it?

  • Why is mini Bieber in the video :(

  • @28
    Your an idiot! The PSP can do music, photos, videos, and internet too! The PSP and Ipod are to very different things. They shouldn’t even be compared.

  • And, yeah, it usually is the complainers that are the most vocal. No reason to comment on an issue you don’t have a problem with. What, “just writing to say no problems here”? Keep that in mind that next time a special-interest group holds a rally, screaming at the top of their lungs.

  • I want this game so bad, but i upgraded to a PSPgo. now it seems more like a downgrade

  • So are the cameras available separately? I’ve been waiting for them to be released in the US forever!

  • if only they kept the usb plug on the PSPgo,

  • What about those of us who just want the camera?

  • another disgruntled pspgo owner here. i guess 3ds is the way to go since sony won’t announce a psp2 anyway and their support for their products is lackluster at best.

  • oh, cool, pokemon

  • The camera’s specs are horrible. And, can you still only do 15 second video clips? C’mon Sony. Go big, or don’t bother.

  • Why does everyone hate the PSPGo? It’s not a PSP, get over it. It’s a different product for a different audience.

    For that matter why does everyone hate the PSP? I love my PSP. It’s a great system and I’m still impressed with it. For being a hand held console it has some great and great looking games on it. Can’t wait for God of War, not to mention Patapon3.

    That said, the camera is a pretty neat to get that kind of tech on a hand-held console.

  • You guys wanna know why the PSPGo gets hated on so much? THIS is why! Because Sony makes stuff exclusive to the PSP-3000 while leaving PSPGo owners out in the cold! Here’s an idea, put together a pack with a PSPGo-compatible camera, the capture card, and a download code for Invizimals. Wallah, quite obvious. Why didn’t you think of that already, Sony? and while you’re at it, get back to work uploading the rest of the PSP game library to the Playstation Store so people will see the value of the PSPGo. Why’d you bother creating it if you had no intention of actually making it so people would want it over the PSP-3000?

  • Sony shouldve saved the camera feature for psp2..with the camera attached..who ever is in-charge of the psp production needs to be FIRED! Sony is wasting TIME and MONEY on these “add-ons”..i am not impressed..and im sure not many psp gamers are either..psp-go ..i sort of lost hope..but when i heard about this camera ..i completely lost it..sorry Sony..i will just save my money wait for the psp2..:/ also i hope they decide to make a Uncharted and Batman Arkasylum game..fingers crossed! :p

  • cool that the game came out in the usa with the camera after such a long time…. that dam cameras been out in japan for about 3 years and we finally get it thats so dumb…. i bought my psp camera 2 years ago cause i imported from japan it was heck alot of money $70 and i broke 2 months later and i took good care of it. This is the same type of camera and well i guess it worth the price cause it comes with the c=game but still it pissed me off how we barely get it.

  • @42. you know all the games in the psp section in psn can be downloaded to psp go/ why are you making false claims that it cannot.

    The game looks great, but im not going to lie 2 kick it nd down talk the psp go and etc.. I will pick up the camera for my psp..Im glad ther eofering something good with features you can use for other games..

    The game not compatitable with pspgo at this time, that does not mean they wont find a way to make it work for pspgo owners..shesh

  • can we expect a mod for the PSPgo in the near future?

  • Haha that Go should have never came onto shelves.

  • Old game is ooooold!

  • What took the camera so long? I’ve had dormant camera icon in my psp for so long. And where’s the GPS? I really need one :) all in all, i really want to try this game out.

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