The Search for Invizimals Begins Today Using PSP’s New Camera

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Hi everyone! This is my first official PlayStation.Blog entry, and I want to let you know Invizimals for the PSP system is available in stores beginning today AND it comes bundled with our new camera! This is the first camera-based PSP game for North America.

Imagine being able to search for invisible animals but you can only do it with your PSP system. Just point the camera to locate virtual creatures anywhere– behind sofas, into corners, and under bushes and they will pop up on your PSP system screen. With a magical trap (rectangular shaped card also included with the game), you interact with the monsters by grabbing, tickling and luring them into your collection. With over 120 creatures to capture, indulge in a single player game of magical discovery or enjoy multiplayer action online. You can battle by using special moves such as blowing onto the camera to create a hurricane; shaking the PSP system to start an earthquake, or casting a shadow over the battlefield to deploy a lightning strike. You can also take pictures of your monster collection and trade online with friends.

Invisimals for PSPInvisimals for PSP

Invisimals for PSPInvisimals for PSP

This is a fun one for PSP fans! We’d like to thank Novarama and Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Liverpool Studio for all of their hard work in coming up with Invizimals and allowing fans to become virtual monster hunters! We’re really excited to bring Invizmals and the new PSP camera to you guys!

Invizimals including the camera for the PSP retails for $39.99. Also, there is an Invizimals PSP Entertainment Pack available today too at retailers nationwide for $199.99 containing a special “Vibrant Blue” PSP-3000 system, Invizimals game on UMD, a camera for the PSP system, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie on UMD, and a 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo storage media. One thing to note: Invizimals is not compatible with PSPgo.

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