Medal of Honor hits PS3 today; Greg Goodrich talks DICE, single-player, Frontline HD

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It is finally time to take that step; a step so critical that it will elevate you to a new level of gamer. It’s time to step up to Tier 1! Medal of Honor for the PS3 is now on retail store shelves in the US.

Edit: Below, Sid Shuman from the PlayStation.Blog interviews Medal of Honor Executive Producer Greg Goodrich about the differences between the Danger Close-developed single-player campaign and the DICE-led multiplayer mode, the PS3-exclusive Medal of Honor: Frontline HD campaign included on the Blu-ray disc, and more.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Medal of Honor, it’s a modern reboot of the venerable franchise that has existed for ten years. Operating directly under the National Command Authority, a relatively unknown entity of handpicked warriors are called on when the mission must not fail. They are the Tier 1 Operators.

Medal of Honor PS3

Over two million Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines wear the uniform. Of those, approximately 50 thousand fall under the direct control of the Special Operations Command. The Tier 1 Operator functions on a plane of existence above and beyond even the most highly trained Special Operations Forces. Their exact numbers, while classified, hover in the low hundreds.

They are living, breathing, precision instruments of war. They are experts in the application of violence. The new Medal of Honor is inspired by and has been developed with Tier 1 Operators from this elite community. Players will step into the boots of these warriors and apply their unique skill sets to a new enemy in the most unforgiving and hostile battlefield conditions of present day Afghanistan.

Medal of Honor PS3

The single-player, created by Danger Close, is an authentic, emotional and exhilarating look at the war in Afghanistan through the lens of a band of fictional characters. The multiplayer, created by world-class studio DICE, is an adrenaline-fuelled experience that will put your first-person shooter gaming skills to the ultimate test.

Also, the PS3 edition of the game comes with the re-mastered Medal of Honor Frontline. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to storm the shores of Normandy in full HD! Medal of Honor Frontline was a landmark title for the PS2 when the game was released in 2002. It helped pave the way for first-person shooter titles and defined and established Medal of Honor as a force to be reckoned with.

When we started to talk with Sony Computer Entertainment about the possibility of releasing an HD version, everyone familiar with the franchise was extremely excited and considered it a no-brainer; it had to be done! Visual aesthetics wasn’t the only thing to get improved, however. The team also managed to implement the “aim down the sight” mechanic into the game. Get ready to suit up as Lt. Jimmy Patterson once again and head back behind enemy lines for 15 missions based on real events that occurred during WWII.

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  • day 1 for me! Loved the multiplayer!

  • Eh, both betas were horrible.

  • ^^ i smell loser

  • Will Frontline HD be available on the store at some point?

  • i loved that beard why did he have to take it off i remember in the gt stream

  • Amazon shipped my copy a few hours ago, hopefully it will come in the mail tomorrow and I can play some of that (hopefully) epic campaign.

  • I’m skeptical on whether or not I should even open the game. I’m not trying to bash, but the negative reviews I am reading are discouraging me…

  • Picked this up at midnight last night. Loving it so far.

  • Tell dice 2 fix servers laggy like krazy yesterday in online

  • 8 sec. into the video and I see G$’s own Abbie Heppe, cool.
    Anyway, the game still looks great, but if I start seeing more reviews like’s I may have to reconsider my purchase unfortunately.

  • I’m glad that you guys decided to bring Medal of Honor to the modern-day conflict. As a combat veteran I want to say thank you for making a game that gives everybody who plays it a sense of what it is like to have boots on ground. Can’t wait to play this when my kid goes to sleep tonight!

  • I forgot to ask why is the output for ps3 720p n for xbox 360 it’s 1080p fail on Sony

  • who was the girl at the beginning O:

  • I really want to know when Frontline HD will be available on the psn store hopefully tonight? BTW its got a platinum trophy I loved that game on ps2 the opening level was freaking awesome felt like Saving Pvt. Ryan they really captured the Normandy beach invasion.

  • I have been playing the multiplayer all afternoon and I really really dislike it. Weird map balancing, weird glitchy kills (on my side and theirs), tons of lag, same maps coming up sometimes 3 and 4 times in a row, awful spawn points (with clear spawn camping visibility on a lot of the maps), not being able to leave a game until the next match starts, and lastly not being able to individually mute players.

    I have noticed all this within a few hours of playing. I hate to see what else is in store if I continue. Some of these things are FPS STANDARDS that have been implemented over 5 years ago. It is not in any way innovative to not have some of them included in your game.

    At this point the whole game seems rushed. Trying to beat CoD to the punch. This coupled with the very short single player campaign (I have only read about this is reviews, don’t know the length first hand), I am already starting to regret my purchase.

  • So I finished it on hard. It was very short (4 1/2hrs) but had great pacing and was very atmospheric. Graphics were a bit off at times but the game was over-all pretty decent story wise.

    Plenty off bugs though, at times I had to restart check-points or missions because my teammates would run into the wall and we could not progress; eg, Dorothy is a XXitch mission or when I got off the ATV and couldn’t move because I was stuck in the terrain. My PS3 froze dozens of times which is something that was present in the beta and still has not been fixed.

    Bottom line, the game is fun, buggy way too much for my liking but fun. It definitely has a distinct feel from CoD, the whole run and gun. It feels more like a sped up version of BF in the multiplayer department.

    Please fix the bugs guys.
    Here’s looking for a better Medal of Honor 2.

  • ^This. The game is just badly designed, especially the multiplayer which is making me skeptical if DICE will do a good job on BF3

  • @17 I agree, it does feel rushed. Needed another month or so in the cooker.

  • i love the game and the mp is so much fun
    2 platnums with 1 buy

  • It’s just bad company 2.5. The Medal Of Honor guys did a terrible job with this game. The beta was a waste of time.

    EA shares drop %6 today on bad Medal Of Honor reviews.

    PS. don’t forget to watch GTTV this friday at 1:10am ET as it’s the COD Black Ops special.

  • Do we have an official date for a stand-alone Medal of Honor: Frontline on PSN?

  • will all copies ship as limited edition like BFBC 2 ?

  • All lies.

    If you would like to what the remastered version of Medal of Honor is really like, Go to this link:

  • been there, done that.

    The FPS genre needs some innovation already.

  • I was at GameStop earlier and someone returned the game already on the first day. lol wow. even the employee was like whaaaat.
    it was the XBOX version btw.

  • Just because it includes an extra game, I’m interested in this. That’s a first in a long time for FPS games.

  • The executive producer looks just like the soldier on the game’s cover art!

  • Loving the campaign!! Can’t wait to jump online! And PWN some NOOBS! LOL

  • @ MarioHead.

    I know how you feel. I was super buzzed for this game but started reading the forums at work in the morning… In the end, I canceled my pre-order and swapped it to CoD mainly due to the 60fps and 3D support.

    I would have played MoH for a month and traded it in for CoD if not for the ‘online pass code’ that will make the trade-in-value drop like hell and I just decided not to risk it.

    I’ll play Fallout: NV instead for three weeks.

  • Meh, I was thinking about picking this up but after reading all the mediocre/bad reviews from both reviewers and gamers I decided to save my money for New Vegas next week….too many good games coming out this month to waste money on a mediocre shooter. Hopefully EA will really step it up with the sequel, if there is one.

  • im for one going to buy this! so sick off people going on about cod^^^ its crap!! Whats great about cod oh ya online its crap online! same old crap always! i will buy cod when it comes out but for single player beat it a couple times and sale it!!

  • I enjoyed the beta, an I appreciate getting MOH Frontline and the Battlefield 3 beta at no extra charge, so you got my pre-order. I’m hoping my copy shows up today, although I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  • Looks great in the vid, but sadly I read the review that Unreal Engine 3, which was used for the single player campaign, exhibits some serious texture pop-in, which I really hate about the Unreal Engine 3. It really pulls you out of an immersive game.

    Pity really as that has pushed it from being a day 1 purchase to a when I get round to it purchase. The multi-player doesn’t really interest me.

    As an aside, I hope less game companies use Unreal Engine 3, and particularly for cross-platform games. Did anyone see the Enslaved demo on PS3? You’d almost think it was last gen. Unreal Engine is out dated and developers should invest in cross-platform engines that were built from the ground up to work equally well on both Xbox 360 and PS3. I’ll stand down from my soap box now.

  • Wish I could play M games

  • i did like the old medal of honors but this new 1, is not for me. played the “beta online pc” and it just did not feel right. maybe it was the level, i just can’t say. if you guys do a demo for the ps3 please, please do not put that level on.

  • One of my friends online purchased the game, the reviews sadly are correct. The game is bad. Spread the word, don’t feed money into bad games.
    Looks like EA is all talk and no game. I remember them specifically challenging Modern Warfar. I don’t play that game but I’m sure its better than Medal of Honor. Battlefield Bad company 2 for the win.(I do realize that is also made by EA)
    Hopefull BattleField 3 will be what were missing.

  • 5 Hours to complete SP
    8 Maps
    4 Modes ( with some modes only available on some Maps)

    Results = Waiting for COD Black Ops..

    The Real Tier 1


  • This game is a big stinker. Was in the beta and that stunk. Rented the game today thinking maybe it was spruced up and improved over the past couple months. It wasn’t. This game sucks. Another cookie-cutter FPS for 60 bucks. Only one idiot bought this game and liked it out of the 35 posts here. LOL!

  • Been getting bad reviews, just another generic shooter I am afraid.

  • Just another bland shooter. This game will drop its price very quickly in the next few weeks.

  • i picked up my copy this morning :)

  • Looks decent, might get it down the line

  • “The game is rendered on the primary platform (PS3) at 1080p and looks amazing, the details in the little things are what kept catching our eye throughout the play testing from environment to weapons, clothing and textures.”-offdutygamers… I want to know what copy EA gave to the military over the summer to play through because this game looks horrible and only displays in 720p on ps3. There are tons of tearing and edge effects on just about every object in the single player. It’s shameful EA took the cheap route yet again when people were actually excited to play the single player in 1080p regardless of what the multiplayer was in.
    I’ve never seen a longer loading process just to get to the multiplayer home screen, it’s a completely different game within a game that restarts the system, and EA still couldn’t make the sp 1080 and the mp 720. EPIC FAIL

  • I like some things about the game, but the unpolished messiness of it is a real downer.

  • I would like to say that I have played MP for maybe 3 hours and it is a refreshing change from COD. I would have been playing more if it wasnt for work LOL. Anyway so far I think its a very good game and very realistic…you actually have to use teamwork and have some sort of strategy to survive unlike COD where you just run around. Will I buy COD: Black Ops? Of course but that doesnt make this game bad; it just means i have the money to buy both and for that will have some variety. And for all of you who are basing your decision on someones review you are missing out. Its like a restaurant someone goes to and tells you the food is awful but when you go the food is excellent. Thats why we all have opinions but you will never know unless you try for yourself. Peace!

  • I rather keep supporting Zipper (MAG) rather than giving money to EA.

  • So 8’s and 9’s are terrible review scores?

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