Section 8 50% off on PSN, Prejudice Coming to PS3 in 2011

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Greetings PlayStation.Blog! I’m here with two exciting announcements for PS3 players. First, I’m thrilled to confirm that we’re bringing our new title, Prejudice, to the PS3 in 2011! We’ve been working really hard to take our sci-fi shooter series to new heights; no easy task considering players literally drop into combat from 15,000 feet above the battlefield. Using all of the great feedback from our fans we’ve created a new experience that is guaranteed to blow you away. Here are some new screenshots and our debut announcement trailer:

Prejudice comes with epic multiplayer maps, new game modes and missions, and a huge arsenal of weapons. The all-new single-player campaign follows the story of Captain Alex Corde and the 8th Armored Infantry–known as Section 8 for their willingness to take on extremely dangerous missions. Old hatreds run deep for the enemies of Section 8. A war of prejudice is coming…

Prejudice for PS3Prejudice for PS3

Second, we are permanently slashing the price of the original Section 8 on PlayStation Network to just $14.99. The new price takes effect October 12th in North America, giving you lots of time to catch up on the story and practice your multiplayer skills before Prejudice drops onto the PlayStation 3. Not only is this the best price for a new copy of Section 8 on any platform, but the PlayStation Network version also includes three extra multiplayer maps at no additional cost.

To aid your advancement up the multiplayer ranks, we’ve placed a tutorial/strategy video just below. Even if you’re a Section 8 veteran, you’ll still want to watch this.

In addition to the lower price, there’s also a free trial of Section 8 and its 32-person multiplayer available through PlayStation Network, so download your free copy and stay tuned for more information on Prejudice. Until then, catch you in the comments!

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  • Will Prejudice be released on a disc? The one thing that has held me off from buying Section 8 was that it was download-only on the PS3 (though I may reconsider since it’s only $14.99).

  • Can’t wait for Prejudice! I had some great fun with the first game, and I can only imagine how much more polished and refined this one will be. I hope I can still pick this one up as a digital download.

  • I had a Blast with the original, the campaign and the Multi player was awesome. Gemme More!!!

  • I’ll definitely be picking up Section 8 at $14.99.

    Really looking forward to Prejudice. I love your enthusiasm.

    • Thanks Nova, and everyone else for the support. I’ll be bringing you more exciting Prejudice news, and we are all very excited here to get this game out and start playing with you guys!

  • Wouldn’t waste the drive space even if this garbage game was free.

  • this game is one of my favorite download games i picked it up when it was on sale and it was totally worth what i paid for it. it looks good and is fun to play

  • There is an error in the title, it should say “Halo rip-off, now 50% off”.

  • I love how much the developers seem to still care about their game. Pretty awesome.

    I’ll most likely pick this up at some point lol. :D

  • Actually, just throwing this out there-
    I’d have bought this a very very very long time ago if it simply had split screen.
    Just saying, maybe for Prejudice you should consider split screen. >.>

    • Thanks for the suggestion Axe, we really considered adding split screen, but it didn’t fit well as a feature for Prejudice. There will definitely be many other ways to play with your friends that I think PlayStation players will enjoy.

  • perhaps this will get more people playing now with its permanent price drop

  • 50% OFF! XO
    WOAH! that lookz like a bargain! =D

  • I definitely was reminded of the Empire Strikes Back in the second screenshot, the turret has similar lines and is in an icy background. The game itself looks good though, might pick it up on release.

  • Will Prejudice be on PSN? Or Disc?
    And will Swarm modes come back?

    • Swarm mode will definitely be back, and it has a few surprises in store for you. We spent a lot of time improving swarm mode for Prejudice, you will like it.

  • how do we get the free trial?

  • Section 8 is my favorite PSN game. Anyone who does not own it go out and get it with this sale you wont regret it. The online population is still solid so finding full 32 player rooms will not be a problem.

    I have a question with Prejudice will we still be seeing the same ingame gamemode rotation system. This feature alone made section 8 all that much better have random gamemodes get activated during play.

  • Looks cool. Gotta try Section 8 now.

  • looks awesome will we see some split-screen multiplayer?

  • Would you consider Playstation Move support for Prejudice?

  • im pretty sure i have seen this game for $9.99 on the psn earlier in the year. I played the trial and it was okay. Will their be a graphical update?

  • This game looks awesome!!! cant wait to try this out!

  • Never even heard of the game before this but it beats battlefield 1942 so i guess this is what to be the next followup to that.

  • Section 8 is pretty fun. Glad I got it when it was on sale for $10.

  • I’m interested in this game, but I just don’t think the community will be there much longer to justify spending my $15. I’d be thrilled to get it as part of PlayStation Plus though.

    I’ll keep an eye out for the sequel. I did like what I played in the demo.

  • now for SURE i’m buying this game!!

  • If the price for Section 8 was $9.99, I’d bite. That said, Prejudice ‘looks’ good. Never been a fan of the Halo-esque type FPS, but Prejudice could make me give it a go.

  • halo was better than this but both sucked. not gonna bother getting prejudice. section 8 is only worth a few dollars no more.

  • i have been always wondering about this!! Trying out the free trial!! If its good ill buy it!

  • This game was a HUGE surprise for me because it’s like an RTS more than a traditional FPS. I was expecting some crappy Halo ripoff, but it’s more like Starcraft meets Planetside. The strategy aspect taking priority over shooting was actually a pleasant surprise.

    Please make Prejudice a PSN download, because it makes me (and I’m sure others) play it more, as it’s instant access to a multiplayer game right on the hard drive.

    and please make custom soundtracks come back! So refreshing to have your own music in a full game, not some dinky little Flash game.

  • Oh and finding out that Section 8 had dedicated servers was the cherry on top of an already delicious cake. <3

  • I don’t like how your answers don’t really answer the questions being put forth by people looking into your game. >_> Just be straight up and tell the people that featureX is/isn’t included if asked.

    TBH, I bought S8… at a discount price… and really… I’m not so sure I want your new game. It takes more than some middle level graphics and some uninspired online to grasp me.

  • hopefully it is on disc . i purchased section 8 , but when my 40 gig died amd had to redownload , it wants to take 6 – 8 hours to download , I still have as of yet to retrieve my purchase . it only took about 2 hours at purchase . love section 8 . but now im hesitant to purchase large games via PSN because it seems the servers with which to redownload are being lowballed bandwidth wise .

  • i hope this one has an story in it, the first one was just some short MP game types in it for the most part with about 6 cut scenes , which felt cheap

    • Expanding on the story is a very big part of what we have done with Prejudice. You will have a much deeper and involved campaign experience.

  • 2 word question: Split-Screen? (Four players if definitely preferred.

  • is Section 8 also be on the pc? it would do nicely

  • This is a joke you say all your offers yet you dont invlove europe… £20 for this game and you get it for $15. this is a joke

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