PlayStation Move: It Only Does Family Showdowns

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PlayStation Nation,

It has been more than two weeks since the launch of PlayStation Move here in North America and we’re blown away by the fantastic reception we’ve received from avid gamers, new gamers, the press and retailers. Positive reviews continue to pour in for PlayStation Move, with one critic labeling it “the pinnacle of motion-sensing technology” and and another crediting it with going “further than any other system to date in bridging the physical and virtual worlds.”

By now you’ve hopefully gotten your hands on PlayStation Move and have seen Kevin Butler’s big “move-in” with the Maguire family. With a few weeks under their belts, the family raises the stakes with a little friendly competition on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. EA Sports has done a fantastic job highlighting the incredible precision of PlayStation Move with a game that the Wall Street Journal recently pointed to as being one of the best justifications for getting your hands on a PlayStation Move.

Part of the inspiration for this next commercial came directly from Tiger as a young boy. Tiger’s father Earl would rattle the change in his pocket to teach him not to be distracted. Well, the Maguires have kicked this up a notch or two.

We have many more PlayStation Move games coming for the holiday including The Fight: Light Out and SingStar Dance which will hit stores later this fall. These two games couldn’t be more different: one is a gritty bare-knuckle brawler that lets you throw punches with 1:1 precision and the other offers an engaging and entertaining experience for the whole family. We’re confident that both will deliver hours of fun for the entire family.

In the meantime, grab a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and see if the PlayStation Move’s precision helps your game!

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