SingStar Dance Coming November 9th, Party Pack Details

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A couple weeks ago we announced the official track list for the newest installment to the popular SingStar franchise, SingStar Dance. Today we have some more exciting news for you. So the question I have for you, is are you ready to show your friends, your family, and the world your best dance moves?

Well get ready, because SingStar Dance officially ships on November 9th, just in time for the holiday season. You’ll be able to grab your microphone and your PlayStation Move motion controller and start singing and dancing along to some of the hottest new tracks and music videos.

Singstar Dance for PlayStation Move

For those of you who already own a SingStar microphone, be sure to pick up a copy of SingStar Dance to add to your SingStar collection. And if you’ve already picked up your PlayStation Move, you’ll be all set to start grooving along with the choreography. But for those of you who might be a little new to the SingStar franchise, we have a special bundle just for you. Check out the SingStar Dance Party Pack. The SingStar Dance Party Pack will provide you with everything you need to immediately start singing along with the entire SingStar Dance track list. The SingStar Dance Party Pack, which also launches on November 9 alongside the stand-alone game, will include:

  • The newest SingStar game, SingStar Dance
  • 2 Official SingStar Microphones
  • 1 Official SingStar USB converter

SingStar Dance Party Pack for PlayStation Move

Both the SingStar Dance Party Pack and the stand-alone game will retail for $39.99. This means if you pick up the bundle, you’re getting two SingStar microphones for the same price as the game alone, an instant $20 value for free. Talk about a great deal!

So, what are you waiting for? Pre-order yours today!

SingStar DanceSingStar Dance

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  • No wireless mics = pass. Wake me when the nightmare is over.

  • Really? Giving away the mics for free?
    You BETTER be clearing house for the wireless ones, although I already imported mine from the UK.

  • Why would US singstar people support this if they can’t get us descent updates like what Europe gets? They get better US songs than we do.

  • Where is the wireless mics? O well i still pick this up.

    This is ridiculous.

  • Will songs from this disc be on the store for purchase?

  • Saw it being played at the NYC meet up earlier this week. Looked really cool. Especially the professional dancers they had playing it.

  • Tempted to buy this, I have a lot of party’s especially thanksgiving!

  • Yea I imported my wireless Mic’s too. Why we dont have them here is beyond me.

  • WHAT! ONLY $39.99!?!


    IMPRESSIVE looks like im getting the pack with the mics

  • i have been wanting to buy the game for the family for quite some time but no wireless mics = no purchase from me , i’ll buy the game when it comes bundle with wireless mics

  • I was going to ask if my PS2 Singstar Mics worked on the PS3, but I think I’ll just buy the Singstar Dance Party Pack instead.

  • Will they start doing a better job on the Blog of showing updated song packs as they rollout going forward? They are usually never included in the store update.

  • Price is good! Wired Mics…what is this, 1994?

  • No poster comments. Interesting. I hope they are at least reading or Sony is pointing out their foolish NO %$^#&#@ WIRELESS MIC’S approach. Just saying.

    My wife would love to purchase, but I’ll NEVER let it happen till wireless mic’s come to the USA.

  • I’ll buy this and the other SingStar games I don’t already have as soon as the wireless mics are received stateside. It’s laughable that you guys STILL haven’t resolved this.

    ** Release SingStar Wireless Mics in North America **
    ** Release SingStar Wireless Mics in North America **
    ** Release SingStar Wireless Mics in North America **
    ** Release SingStar Wireless Mics in North America **
    ** Release SingStar Wireless Mics in North America **

  • So should we expect the same complete lack of updates for the North American audience as we got with the original Singstar on PS3?

    I put a lot of money into the store, probably bought around 80 songs from the Singstore. But it would have been a hell of a lot more if the store was actually supported with more, and current, content.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    I think I’ll pass.

  • @12 yes they do work…they are the same mics.

  • Don’t dance with wired mics. HMV ships the wireless SingStar mics to NA:

  • Sony. You really don’t care about those of us in the NA area that would love to have wireless mics like our European friends, do you? Do you not realize that wired mics with dancing Move-equipped friends equals EPIC FAIL? Oh well, this is so no purchase for me, or at least the bundle is a no-sale. If these were wireless mics, I would gladly pay for it just to get the wireless mics.


  • Wait… if they’re the same price, why would you even bother to make a stand-alone? Who would… Actually, based on the above comments, I guess maybe you’re just trying to get rid of the left-over wired mics. Every PS3 comes with only a pitiful 2 USB ports now- how can you possibly expect wired to still be acceptable?

    My mother is actually looking for a dance game for these Move controllers, but I’m kind of wondering how this is gonna work. A mic in one hand, a Move in the other? One handed dancing? That’s… Yeah, I’m gonna need some video and serious specifics or, preferably, a demo. Of course, there are one or two other dance games coming out around the same time- SOMETHING’s gotta be good…. right?

  • Why does the US continue to get passed over on the wireless mics??? It is very sad that I had to purchase them from the UK when I don’t see a reason as to why there are not made available to purchase here. The UK continues to get the better end of the deal on SingStar while the US continues to suffer… SHAME!!!!!!!

  • Clumsy friends + off-key singing + weak dancing + wired microphones = injuries and/or property damage

    So do we get “SingStar Dance Wireless Party Pack” after the holiday season???

  • You really don’t need the Move controller for Dance moves. The Eye is good enough. When you have a Kung Fu title and then the work that PS2 did with the original Eye Toy, there should be no reason that it could not be done again and better.

    Harmonix, the team that is creating the Kinect dance game, create Anti-Grav a title for PS2 that used the EyeToy as the controller, they even claimed on the box (which I have) “that your body is the controller”.

    So Sony should pull out the stops and kill the competition and show that the PS3 can do motion control with and without a physical controller in games that don’t need them.

  • I got two words for you, Sony! “Wireless Mics”

    You know… the mics with no freaking wires. Might be nice.

  • SONY. I rarely ever raise my voice about anything, but PLEASE BRING THE WIRELESS MICROPHONES TO THE US!

    Thank you.

  • No wireless mics and pathetic support for the US singstore and restrictive DRM on songs on the singstore = PASS

  • yeah sony listen to your consumers stop acting like you do not hear our complaints you want feedback the people are giving you feedback please package these bundles with wireless mics!

  • ugh really, i have the mics and move, but you’re making me pay the same price for a game but the bundle with extra to cost the same….what the heck am i gonna do with the extra mics. theres no point buying the game without the bundle but theres also no point keeping extra mics

  • who’s gonna buy this when Black ops comes out the same day lol.

  • Good deal. Always good to have extra mics just in case.

  • ya cmon really bring on blutooth wireless mics not mics from PS2 this is PS3, the generation of bluetooth devices!

  • Does this game suck? Do you need wired mics to hang yourself up? Or what is the wire for??? PS3 can do Bluetooth! And there are wireless mics available too. Or do you have millions of wired mics in stock anymore?

  • no thanks! 3 reasons: support singstore in NA.(biggest reason) wireless mics. bundle with the camara and move.

  • they should really rename it to dancestar!

  • Where can one find the bundle … Everything I’ve found in NA is just the game…. Wireless mic would be better.

  • ** Release SingStar Wireless Mics in North America **
    ** Release SingStar Wireless Mics in North America **
    ** Release SingStar Wireless Mics in North America **
    ** Release SingStar Wireless Mics in North America **
    ** Release SingStar Wireless Mics in North America **

    Please we want them!!!!!

  • @33…the wireless mics are not bluetooth…they were supposed to be but SONY dropped that ball too. They use a USB dongle.

  • i want to try this out i think it a be fun!!

  • o yea i forgot black ops come out the same day so ill be on that !!!!

  • STILL no wireless mics?

  • Though the wireless mics would be nice, I’ll likely get it for the fact I LOVE singing games, and one that’s Move enabled for dancing would be so much fun! I just hope the trophies aren’t as hard as the ones for SingStar, which is why I haven’t bought that and likely won’t.


    Seriously. The selection is crap.

  • better than harmonix’s dance game on kinect? this only tracks your hand movement whereas the other one sees your whole body, no?

  • Dave are you still in charge of Singstar NA?
    Can you please give us a real reason why the wireless mics are not here yet. There is obviously a market for them, and pairing wired mics with the move is just a very bad idea.
    Also, what is the reason for the song disparities between Europe and US? Why would the music labels OK license for Europe and not the US, A MOWTOWN game is not available here????
    We just want honest answers and some timetables and some progress.

    Thank You

  • Well I already imported wireless mics so I certainly don’t need that but I’ve see the song list and several of the songs that are on this disc are ones I’ve already purchased in the SingStore. I think it probably would have been better to pick new songs instead or at least refund my money for those downloads if I buy the game.

  • seriously though, no wireless mics? I was hoping to see them with this ya know since there’s dancing and um I don’t see any wires in the adds I’ve seen including all those people dancing and singing, I’ve had it with my wired ones, they suck, and yeah Europe does get the major support with singstar games

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