PlayStation Move Developer Diary: MAG

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In case you missed it, last week we released Patch 2.0 featuring Playstation Move compatibility for MAG. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive from our community. We worked hard to implement PlayStation Move with MAG and are stoked to see it taking off. To get in on massive 256-player battles and learn more about dominating the battlefield with Playstation Move, check out the new Developer Diary below.

“The Move is not only precise but it also takes you in different direction, it feels like a natural extension of your hand and wrist. It just flows with your body and you stop thinking about having a controller. Those are the experiences that really pull you in as a player.” -Ben Jones, MAG level designer

With MAG available for only $29.99 as part of the PS3’s Greatest Hits line, now is the perfect time to jump!

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  • I played MAG with the move last night for the first time it was alot of fun.

  • I don’t have the Move yet, so my opinion may be alittle skewed from this video, But I had a hard time keeping up with the reticle here, is there any option to change its color to something a little more eye catching? Or could you consider that option for a future update?

  • Why is this post by the DICE team?

  • Yeah…@BigRom3400 beat me to it. I was thinking, “DICE…MAG…wait a sec…”

    Just a simple mistake and a quick fix. I just hope someone notices these comments >_>

  • i have the move ,.. and i plan on going to cool__joshs to play mag today !
    josh is soo cool


  • I was not into motion controls at all, but i tried move and it has changed my perception a bit, it blows away the wii, is very accurate and adds a lot more depth. may have to pick up move.

  • Posted by Brad Bennett // DICE Development Team

    what! shouldnt it say Zipper Interactive unless DICE bought out zipper interactive?

  • Posted by Brad Bennett // DICE Development Team???

  • @Brad Didn’t you get the memo? Zipper bought out DICE :D

    To Brad, Sid, and anyone else here…

    In the absence of a new Killzone game this year, I have a really tough decision to make, and I need some feedback:

    Resident Evil 5 Move Edition -or- MAG Move Edition ?

    Which should I spend my hard-earned dollars on? I like both first and third person shooters. RE4 on Wii, UC2 and Battlefield 1943 are all addictions for me. Any ideas? Thanks

  • You guys need to make it easier to turn, it’s ridiculous that I have to point ALL the way to the side of the screen. This is horrid in a 1 to 1 fight with a dual shock player.

  • Would anyone think that I were a stalker if I said that I searched for Brad on LinkedIn, and found that he’s a Product Marketing Manager at SCEA?

    If so, I’ll stop stalking ASAP

  • I think the funny this is they advertise how well the Move works with MAG but what they don’t tell you is that you have to be within 3 feet of the screen. That’s right 3 feet. Last time I checked that’s 36 inches. When I tried the move for the first time, I tried to ignore the 3 feet rule that it said and sat on the couch. I wasn’t able to. If you wanna play MAG for a short amount of time, I would say go for it and stand up. But those who like MAG and want to play for a long period of time, the Move is a little challenging.

    • Not true, you may need to re-calibrate. You should be able to sit comfortably while playing from a much further distance than three feet.

  • We need MOAR WEAPONS!!!

  • BS, you do NOT need to be within 3 feet, LMAO, clown, I used mine last night almost 9 feet away, worked great.

  • The Windows Guy, Stop spreading BS. I used mine 8 fet away, worked great.

  • Sounds like thewidowsguy needed to calibrate after sitting down. If the device doesn’t know you’ve moved it’s going to be janky as all-get-out.

    Tried Move for the first time yesterday at Best Buy and was blown away; had they had the controllers in stock I would have picked up two with MAG – thus why I’m going to BB today!

  • When is the freezing fix going to be released? I love the game, but I’ve read horror stories about how people have broken 1000 points during happy hour only to have the game freeze up a minute before the match ends.


  • im really loving MAG with PS MOVE theres only 1 thing that im having trouble with and that is the Melee attack , im having trouble with the knife but other than that im really loving it , 4 trophies to platinum , 2 really hard ones lol

  • @13, that bs that you have to be 3 feet from the TV. My couch is, at the very least, 6 feet away from the television and it works perfect. Hell, I tested it from the other side of my living room and it works fine. Stop BSing people.

  • The Move controller works great in my opinion. Just be ready to spend a few hours adjusting to it.

  • I am addicted to Mag again. I bought Mag and the move. I had to lower my sensitivity and adjust my playing area in settings to get it perfect. It takes a little time to get the feel, but once you do, the kills are more rewarding. Awesome game.

  • Is it anything like W@W for the Wii??
    IMO, W@W for the Wii felt like total crap.

  • You guys should fix that because it should say Bungie (now that would be lulzy)

  • This post breaks the blog in IE.

    You guys do this all the time and never fix it. I always have to wait till the post goes into the archives before I can actually view the blog properly again.

    • Yeah, we noticed the video issue as well. It’s a problem with the video hosting service, and we’re working with them on a fix.

  • I’m getting tired of people saying “It makes you feel like you are there and not playing the game”. This has been said ever since I started gaming with the ColecoVision.

    Holding a plastic controller with a plastic bulb in one hand, standing still, waving it around slightly, and moving around with your thumb on a stick doesn’t make you feel like you are there.. Let’s get real.

  • Then how about posting a link to the video instead of embedding it making the blog unreadable to most of its viewers.

    Leaving it as is is like the worst possible choice.

  • Its called marketing, LMAO, take it a bit to serious there tonto.

  • The aiming with the move looks horrible!! Very bad sorry.

  • i’m not even interested in renting this game
    but thanks anyway

  • I love MAG with Move, I use Move exclusively as well now and I’ve been using the dualshock controller since the PS1 days, you feel much more connected, it feels more natural because you’re not “adapting” to a controller. I mean… With move the reticle moves as fast as you can, tracks as precisely as you can, you can easily move the reticle a milimeter or 10 inches across the screen and everywhere in between, and there’s no delay between your movements and what is happening on screen, not to mention the knife kills are way more satisfying now lol.

    One thing I would like though zipper is make the reticle more noticeable, or give us an option to change to a reticle that is more noticeable, it’s better than the beta, but it still can get lost at times when there’s lots of explosions going on and stuff.

  • “Not true, you may need to re-calibrate. You should be able to sit comfortably while playing from a much further distance than three feet.” it says on the game that I have to be within three feet. Would you recommend me contacting zipper about it? the whole problem stops me from using the move. with the game.

  • Hey I love MAG but the update to fix the freezing after 2.0 hasn’t been released. When is it going to be released so I can jump back into the game!

  • I love MAG but please fix the freezing in the game
    im getting sick of it half in a game then it stops
    im ready to stop playing it
    i put in a lot of hard work

  • The windows guy, are you stupid? It DOES not say you need to be within 3 feet, and nor do you, I and many others have already told you this, my couch is 8 feet away and works great. geez, some people are incredibly dumb.

    No game is dumb enough to REQUIRE you to be within 3 feet, and MAG doesn’t nor does a single MOVe game.

  • Moshpit, how does it look horrible? Ignorant much? If you never played it how do you know? It actually works very well, I know i have move and tried it, didn’t think it would work well, but, it does.

  • Cool definitely check it out when get a move controller.

    Other than that, any updates on Socom 4?

  • I don’t like MAG with Move at all. I have a platinum in MAG, and a 2.5 KDR, and Move isn’t good with it at all. You need to make to so the crosshair stays in the middle of the screen. Making the game feel like Time Crisis while moving isn’t a good feeling at all.

  • Once you go MOVE on MAG you won’t go back!!! 8)

  • This is pretty cool. The Move Gun should be pretty sweet with this.

    Oh yeah, it would be awesome if DICE and Zipper teamed up for a sweet Massive Action Battlefield

  • Fix the freezing issue.

  • I bought this game on a whim over RE5 as my first Move game and have never regretted it. There are times I’ve hated it, but it really grew on me, now I play it a lot even though I don’t have my Move yet -and they’re difficult to come by in densely populated areas! :(

    @41 I’ve been getting freezes in MAG too, I thought it was my system so I was really worried.

  • “So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive from our community.”

    ..that’s because the rest of us have given up on the halo-twitching lag-fest a long time ago.

    You could have fixed the lmg, you could have added instability in the scopes. You could have kept the spawn-times and spawn-locations. You could have made the game into something strategic, that actually made all 256 players in a game important.

    As it is now, it could just as well be 16 vs. 16. Since everything else is completely immaterial to the other squads. There’s just no battle-dynamic left.

    And the “fans” who wanted that are the ones who still play the game. The rest of us really couldn’t care less. Even if I think it’s very strange you even asked for feedback during the beta, if you wanted to make another Halo game, or a shooter without personality that in the end is completely different from what you showed us at first.

  • I nvr new they were still makin dev diaries for mag even though da game has already been released =O

  • Can anyone tell me why the important issue isn’t being addressed? How can we play a game that not only freezes but now kicks you off the server.and i don’t want to hear that my service provider is at fault or my system is old (60G).i don’t have any problems with any other game.the only thing you guys care about is the status quote “money” since you already have it it’s not important to hear from us but about the great new tec thats out now.Can we please stop hearing from those who don’t even have the game or the the immortal words of (ss)Sallow MAG2.0 FREEZE EDITION we are not impressed.SVER RULES.

  • oh…so it is not just my ps3 that has been freezing… froze three times today on my 120GB Slim. I might try it again this evening since I rebuilt my database after the third freeze.

  • So why is it that the camera must always see the Move? It’s not tracking it’s position, or?
    I have a table between the couch and the PSEye and like to have the Move resting in my lap and not be forced to waving it around like on the Wii.
    Please fix this.

  • If we have two options would be great!!!! like:
    1_ move with reticule locked in the center
    2_ move with bounding box
    So everyone could choose their favorite.

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