God of War: Ghost of Sparta “Origins” Trailer + Bonus

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Spartan Army! The wait for God of War: Ghost of Sparta is almost over. We are less than four weeks away from launch, and we truly saved our best for the very last. Check out our latest “Origins” trailer as it will provide a glimpse of Kratos’s endless nightmares that continues to haunt him. Be sure to watch the entire trailer all the way through as there’s a surprise ending message.

(In case you missed the surprise message at the end, read on!)

For a limited time ONLY, all Specially Marked Boxes of God of War: Ghost of Sparta will include an exclusive downloadable voucher for the Deimos Skin for God of War III.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta -- Exclusive pre-order Deimos skin

God of War: Ghost of Sparta -- Exclusive pre-order Deimos skin

Re-live the God of War III experience like never before as you get to play as Kratos’s brother Deimos. With enhanced combat damage and the ability to receive 4x the amount of Health, Magic and God Orbs, you are given the ultimate rage-fueled Spartan.

For those that are planning to get the God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack, don’t worry. All the limited two-tone Entertainment Packs will include the downloadable voucher for the Deimos Skin PSPgo owners, similar to the Ultimate Pre-Order bundle, you will be granted with the Deimos Skin during the limited purchase window through the PS Store from November 2nd to November 9th.

So if you haven’t pre-ordered, be sure to do it soon as both the Six-Item Pre-Order Bundle and Deimos Skin are available for only a limited time!

Every End Must First Begin

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  • What in the world is Ghost of War? Might want to check that post, Ken.

  • Ken!!!!!

    You just made me so happy!, thx for the quick replies, you are one of us dude, always answering our questions and comments.

    Now just relese the freaking PSP bundle so that i can get my hands on its sweetness!!!!!

  • Sweet trailer. Looking forward to this.

  • Holy crap, this is awesome! Day one!

  • WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!? Why oh WHY could this game not have been developed for the PS3?!?! It looks possibly better than GoW III but I don’t, nor ever will own a PSP.

    SONY!! Come up with some epic emulation for PSP games on the PS3 NOW!!!!! The gods of Olympus DEMAND IT!!!

  • So gamestop reserves. Should get the deimos copy?

  • The gods of Olympus, are dead. But seriously, Morphious,Artemis, Boreas and Apollo better show up and die in this game. Or killed by Deimos earlier. Death to the gods

  • Wait there!! Another brother?
    What happened to the brother that he killed on God of War 3? Hercules!?

  • will the dlc for gow3 affect the trophies like the others did?

  • Zeus was a bit busy with ummm having kids.

  • Wait… I thought Hercules was Kratos’ brother… well half brother at least seeing as their father is Zues.

  • Dam i dont know why i am hype for this game. I’m not a big fan of GoW (played all games but 3) i seriously cant wait to get this. If only it was bundle with the first psp game (for us psp go users)

  • I think I’ll have to high jack my nephew for his PSP. Even though its the first model.

  • i used to play the psp god of war chains of olympus with my father at the same year as it release and it blew my mind, i then played the new psp demo and were surprised this look actually better than the first psp one, and looking at the trailer i am happy to see that will get more of a complex story!
    i am so gonna get it and buy a ps3 for gow 3! thanks for caring

  • “Specially marked boxes.”

    That sucks. I would order this on Amazon but I’m not sure if I’ll get one of those “specially marked boxes.”

    I guess I’ll look for it on ebay.

  • omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so glad i preordered this and ill be payin the rest of it off before the month is out omfg omfg omfg hey question to everyone at sony i know alot of u dont want hollycrap mess up the gow series with a movie why not make a fully cgi movie like sqaure did with ff7 advent children?

  • Does this mean more GOW 3 DLC OMG coming soon?

  • OMG O_O *DROOLS* Why isn’t this on the freaking PS3?!! I’m still getting it but it would be so much cooler to be on the PS3. Deimos almost rivals Kratos in awesomeness, he is like the Akuma in God of War.

  • man, now I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my PSP as this game looks good & I really enjoyed the last God Of War PSP title

  • So basically out of the information I’ve gathered, as a consumer in Canada if I pre order the game I’m going to get the Deimos Skin. But just that. Because no where I have seen says they have it, and every retailer I talk to says they don’t know.

  • Talk about brother love.


  • I have a question. I pre-ordered the Ghost of Sparta game, where I get the pre-order bonus with the legionnaire skin and the theme. Will I get this Diemos skin as well?

  • Why is it so hard for people to understand!! If you pre-order the game you will get everything the blog has mentioned for the past month! Just pre-order the game, and wait till Nov. 2, and you will have everything you see!! Wow…was that so hard to understand!? It’s not rocket science guys!

  • WOW!! that new trailer blew me away!! this game looks to be most emotional and story driven since GOW1, I am VERY excited for this game now and the new GOW3 skin is awesome! Cant wait to see what it looks like in-game!

  • @Ken

    I really want this bundle and have a doubt! I have a Ps3 slim and a PsP 2k, don’t have a PsP Go and no way of getting this pre-order bundle by buying it in any of the stores, but I’m going to get this on PS Store in the very first day release, I want to know if I buy it through my Ps3 slim to transfer to my PsP 2k will I get the same pre-order offer? Thanks! Take care.


  • hi, ken

    all that is incredibly great but I didn’t understand 100% about the deimos skin, is it to use it just in god of war 3 or just in GoW ghost of sparta, or in both??

  • Thanks Ken. But I am not getting the Whole 199.99 PSP pack, just the game with all the goodies, I will still get it? Thanks for responding!

  • Freaking Awesome, minute one, SOLD!!! 8)

  • Thanks Ken, very helpful. CAN’T WAIT!@

  • With the GOW Entertainment Pack, do you get all of the awesome stuff that you can get if you pre-order, like the PS3 dynamic theme and such?

  • now that is BAD ASS

  • Hi Ken,

    I leave in japan but I have US PSN ID. My question is, if i purchase ghost of sparta from here via PS store, will I get the pre-order bonus as well?

  • Great trailer.

    Any word on getting the Epilogue for GOWIII as Sony Santa Monica seemed to allude to back shortly after GOWIII came out?

    What about a “Chaos Edition” of GOWIII with more skins, a new game + mode, the Epilogue, extra challenges (battle arena stuff), and developer commentary…? A fan can dream, can’t he?

  • Canceled my order earlier this week at amazon.ca since they don’t have the pre-order and it looks like this won’t be coming to Canada unless you are willing to pay an arm and a leg for duty/shipping fees. Guess I will just be holding off until this drops in price (not paying full price unless I am getting the pre-order bonuses) which is really disappointing. Please get amazon.ca or gamestop.ca to get their act together.

  • OH MY GOW!!!

  • My brother has a PSPGO so he will buy it from the PSN first day, and I will buy the UMD because I love physical copy and pretty box arts XD. GOW IS AWESOME!!!

    I WANT GOWIV (FOR PS3)!!!!

  • Sooooooooooooooooo…………. I know this is a bit early and everything but, do I sense a spin-off game staring the one and only Deimos on the PS3? Just asking just asking.

  • Hmm, if you go to Gamestop.ca at http://www.gamestop.ca/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=306551 to preorder the game. There is not mention of any pre-order bonuses. Hopefully, this is not true as I had mine preordered many months ago. Hopefully, Canada isn’t really left out in the cold.

  • I have a PSPgo and I am looking forward to playing this day one!!!! Sure wish I could play Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on my PSPgo until then. So is that ever coming to my PSPgo?

  • As far as I can tell the 6 item pre-order bundle is still unavailable in Canada. The url you linked to earlier was to the US EBgames website, Ken Chan. And can you confirm that the Deimos Skin is included in all early copies in Canada as well as the US? Thanks.

  • i am so incredibly excited for this game

    and its really cool to see Kratos’ haunting past actually affecting him here, this trailer was eerie and set a mood that is usually found in horror games. i simply cannot wait!

    i do have a question for you guys, santa monica, and sony though…
    God of War has a pretty tight continuity between all of its games, yet not all are easily accessible by us players. God of War: Betrayal is not only cannon but also appears to be a fairly important plot point between “Ghost of Sparta” and “II”
    is it possible that we will ever see a port or remake of it to a sony platform so this chapter can be experienced by all who’ve missed it? A Playstation Mini on the PSP or PSN perhaps?

  • Ken i have a question.
    If i pre-order the God of War: Ghost of Sparta through amazon(not the PSP Limited Edition God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack)can i get the specially marked box of God of War: Ghost of Sparta?

    • As long as you’ve pre-ordered, you’ll be getting the specially marked boxes of Ghost of Sparta with Deimos

  • Question:

    Will we see Kratos or Demios during the cut-scenes in GOWIII?

  • Why Gow: Ghost of sparta is not on ps3!!!!!!!!?? We want it on PS3! Why somebody wants play god of war on 3″ screen??? Give us what we want!! I want to play it 52″ screen :P

    Anybody with me!?

  • Awesome can’t wait to pick up my bundle in Nov this will by far be the best bundle of all.

  • and…

    How old people use psp?? 10-17? So.. why god of war is on psp? It’s k18?

  • I hope you can play as Deimos in Ghost of Sparta just like in GOWIII. Also Deimos looks cool even better then Kratos. It might be because I am getting a Leonidas vibe from him.

  • at 97 just check how well Chains of Olympus sold and you’ll find out why theres another God of War on the PSP , lol , the important question here , are YOU getting the game? dont worry about others they are not your problem , let Sony Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn worry about God of War on the PSP

  • uhh….WOW!

    The plot for this one sounds really interesting. From the looks of it, a very personal tale.

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