God of War: Ghost of Sparta “Origins” Trailer + Bonus

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Spartan Army! The wait for God of War: Ghost of Sparta is almost over. We are less than four weeks away from launch, and we truly saved our best for the very last. Check out our latest “Origins” trailer as it will provide a glimpse of Kratos’s endless nightmares that continues to haunt him. Be sure to watch the entire trailer all the way through as there’s a surprise ending message.

(In case you missed the surprise message at the end, read on!)

For a limited time ONLY, all Specially Marked Boxes of God of War: Ghost of Sparta will include an exclusive downloadable voucher for the Deimos Skin for God of War III.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta -- Exclusive pre-order Deimos skin

God of War: Ghost of Sparta -- Exclusive pre-order Deimos skin

Re-live the God of War III experience like never before as you get to play as Kratos’s brother Deimos. With enhanced combat damage and the ability to receive 4x the amount of Health, Magic and God Orbs, you are given the ultimate rage-fueled Spartan.

For those that are planning to get the God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack, don’t worry. All the limited two-tone Entertainment Packs will include the downloadable voucher for the Deimos Skin PSPgo owners, similar to the Ultimate Pre-Order bundle, you will be granted with the Deimos Skin during the limited purchase window through the PS Store from November 2nd to November 9th.

So if you haven’t pre-ordered, be sure to do it soon as both the Six-Item Pre-Order Bundle and Deimos Skin are available for only a limited time!

Every End Must First Begin

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  • I was wondering when they’d bring back Kratos’ brother! He was mentioned in the original God of War but never again. When the Collection was released and they made a trophy for SPECIFICALLY watching that one video, I knew he was going play a big role some time in the future. Kinda wishing he’d have the demon wings though ;)

    • Yes, we’ve been holding it in our back pockets for quite some time. You’ll get to know more about him through Ghost of Sparta!

  • Awesome, new Skin for GoW3 :)
    Does that mean a GoW3 sequel is in works? :D
    W/ kratos’s brother as the lead?

    Great bundle.

  • I wish i had a PSP…

  • i have question. did europe will get that psp bundle with the same pre-order bonus?

  • Sick!!! If I didn’t just get the MGS PSP, I’d definately be getting this. Still got my Chains of Olympus PSP (with a broken L button :( )

  • This has been a great year for Kratos :D

  • That’s awesome, here’s hoping I can get a job in time to pick this up :)

    Also I’m having a bit of a problem on the demo for this, whenever I start it up my psp resets for some strange reason. Anything I can do to fix it?


  • This is great, finally they bring back his brother! This could mean a new God of War for PS3 with Deimos as lead character (well at least i hope to…it all depends on Ghost of Sparta’s ending) Still awesome news!

  • this is too sick everytime they give me more reason to pick this game up for my psp even if they didnt i stil would have day 1
    cant wait for the deimos kin for god of war 3!!!

  • ohh god

    beyond epic

    i dont have any word to say becoze they r to cheap for this one

  • Wow, is all I have to say. Got chills from that trailer. I don’t think that has ever happened on a psp game. Truly saved the best for last. Day one for me.

  • OMG OMG,PLEASE,TELL ME,is the pre-order pack going to be available for europe?i want everything.please tell me !!!

  • @Ken

    Yeah, did it once after trying the demo over and over again but the problem was still there. Did it again a little while ago using the PS3 and now it’s fine…. must’ve had something to do with using Media Go

  • Wow.
    Epic isn’t enough to describe this.
    More like Super Epic!

    This actually looks to have an even more emotional/incredible/engaging storyline than the others, and that’s saying something.

    I already preordered. I can’t wait to pick it up.

  • ah i smell a PSP 2 launch title is in the works with Kratos’s Brother as main character , anyways nobody can take Kratos down !!! not even superman lol
    Man , God , LEGEND !!!!!

  • i was expecting atlantis and deimos to be in god of war 3 but I’m so glad that they are in ghost of sparta

  • I got chills when I watched that vid…

    November 2 can’t come soon enough! Only another 26 agonizing days to go!

  • This is awesome! The GOW 3 Skin plus all the pre-order goodies and the Entertainment pack!!! Sony is really showing its love for the GOW franchise and its fans. Thank You! Can’t wait for Nov 2nd!

  • Is it me or does Deimos look just like King Leonidas from 300? Either way Deimos would probably kick his a$$! Looks sick!!!

  • Every time I hear, “Did you think I would forget?” I get shivers down my spine! Dare I say it…? This is shaping up better than God of War III IMO! And I adore GoW3!! I can’t wait to see how Deimos’ story plays out. A day-one buy for me! Thanks for the amazing trailer and thanks for making the the rest of this month seem that much longer.

  • Is it me, or does this game looks way more Epic-er than God of War III (story-wise)?

    I can’t wait to play it.

  • no preorder bonus in Canada?

  • and what about europe?are we going to get the preorder bonuses as well?

  • Yeah true does Europe get the preorder bonus!!! :(

  • hey Sony let Ready at Dawn take care of Heavenly Sword 2 please , you know to complement our Hack and slash Epicness

  • this was epic but i wish it was on PS3.

  • Hey, Ken. A few weeks ago you said we would be getting some Playstation Plus exclusive God Of War avatars. Any word on those, a release date, or if they are still coming? I’d love to have one of Kratos’s brother(Which, by the way, looks epic as crap!). That would be epic!

  • Sweet. Knowing you guys are doing PSPgo owners right makes me want to get this when it comes out.

  • Ha Nice reveal Ken! Well the cats outta the bag and Kratos brother is finally shown…. and he doesnt look to happy to see Kratos. I caught the first person beat down he seemed to be given the God of War and it looks just amazing on PSP as well. I was already prepared to buy GOW:GOS but this just made the deal sweeter!

  • Wow, that trailer literally made my jaw drop… that’s on the PSP???

  • Hello ! What about PSPgo owners and PSP owners who would buy via download ?

    Do we get any of the pre-order bonuses ?

    • PSPgo owners will get the same pre-order bonuses + Deimos through the PS Store for a limited time. Simply purchase God of War: Ghost of Sparta during the first week of launch – 11/2 to 11/9

  • “We’ve been holding him in our pockets”

    I really wish the original plan for that character had actually happened. It’s very clear that plot point went on the cutting room floor and someone pulled it out a couple months ago.

    Having different creative directors on each game has hurt the story arc of the franchise greatly, so many changes. The first game had the best story and the others are nothing like it.

    *rant about your downloadable pricing stratagy* Again I’m not paying $40 to download this to my Go. For the love of god, please stop overcharging for downloadable PSP games.

  • PS Ken: How does importing from the US count as “We’ve got you covered”?

  • Especially considering you can only have one PSN account tied to your PSP at a time and the content is probably US PSN only.


    What if I can’t afford a PSP right now? I absolutely love the GoW franchise and it kills me that I wont be able to play Ghost of Sparta right away, but does that mean I wont be able to get the Deimos skin, or the Kratos avatar for my PSN acount until I buy a PSP?

  • I just preordered over here in Sweden, but maybe i should cancel and see what preorder offers we might get?! Help plz

  • Thanks for the reply !

    Will PSP owners (not PSPgo owners) get the pre-order goodies if they opt to buy from the PS Store instead of getting the UMD ?

  • Great! Now I can actually wait for GoW 4, where this Deimos guy takes on Egyptian gods. Watch out, Osiris!

  • Why is this not for PSP2? And don’t you lie to me saying the PSP2 doesn’t exist because everyone knows it does. Also, Sony should buy out Ready At Dawn, superb developers.

  • So the six pack bundle does NOT incluide the deimos skin?

    • It’s separate. The pre-order bundle will be provided at retail at the time of purchase. Deimos skin is packed in with the game

  • Hi Ken, thanks for replying to so many people! I was hoping you could clarify how to obtain the Deimos skin.

    I pre-ordered Ghost of Sparta on UMD through Amazon.com. Is the Deimos skin available to all pre-orders from Amazon as well? Or do we have to hunt down specially-marked packages in stores?

    • Not a problem. The Deimos voucher is included in all the initial orders for GOW Ghost of Sparta. If you pre-ordered through Amazon, you’re essentially guaranteed to receive the specially marked packages with the Deimos voucher. Glad you asked :)

  • Does that apply to game reserves at gamestop? That’s where mine is reserved. Thanks ken for any info

  • so when can we expect to see the trailer on psn ? i want to download it to my psp GO

  • In God of War III…Zeus did say to Gaia that she “Should have chose the other one.” I’ll assume that is either Deimos or the son that Prometheus predicts will overthrow Zeus…the son of Thetis and Zeus…lol which never happens in Greek myth cause he figures it out and backs off

  • this looks awesome! so glad psp go owners will not get left out! quick question, is it possible to purchase it on psn on nov. 2 and download it at a later date, cause i’m waiting til christmas to buy a psp go and i don’t wanna miss out on all the great bonuses.

  • Hey Ken!!!!

    What about the GoW PSP entertainment pack? i pre ordered mine through amazon, since the game is included in the PSP bundle, will i get the Deimos Skin?

  • Very much looking forward to this game and getting a chance to play as Deimos will most certainly get me to go back (after finishing Ghost of Sparta… and playing a lot of GT5) and re-play GOW3… can’t wait to see just how personal this game is going to get for Kratos!

  • Anger Kratos voice: “I AM THE GOD OF WAR!!!”

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