Dead Nation Online Co-op Confirmed, Special Zombies Revealed

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Ladies and gentlemen! Today I would like to confirm that Dead Nation does indeed feature online co-op play! You will be able to team up with your friends either sharing the same couch or via the PlayStation Network against the undead invasion and start blasting thousands of zombies into pieces and piling up the bodies. All of this and much more is included in Dead Nation, check out the Know Your Enemy trailer.

Originally, online co-op wasn’t going to be included as a launch feature, as the schedule and resources didn’t allow it. However, after many late night play testing sessions and long talks with Sony Computer Entertainment, we decided that this was a must-have feature and it would be unfair to you if we launched without it! At this point, our coders went from working 12 hour days to working 16 hour days as well as weekends! Fortunately I think what we came up works really well. Check out these new co-op screenshots and see for yourself!

Dead Nation for PS3: Online co-op

The online co-op fully matches the offline experience. Enjoy the full co-op experience with hundreds of on-screen zombies, huge explosions, blowing up zombies into a plethora of pieces and bloody entrails scattered around.

Dead Nation for PS3: Online co-op

In addition to the coders working non-stop, the designers and artists felt it was only fair to throw themselves into the mix and created big gameplay levels with tons of replay value, adding weapon upgrade system and cool weapons to bring a new tactical dimension to the gameplay.

Dead Nation for PS3: Online co-op

Dead Nation will be released exclusively on PSN. Watch this space for further info!

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  • Well, I know who I’m gonna this online with! *look up*

  • Thank you. You just turned this into a day 1 buy. The beta was great but for me, online coop was a must. Now just tell us the launch date :)

  • Will this be supported post-launch with extra content, or is it a one-off project?

  • I seriously can’t wait for this and the online co-op just made the wait harder.

  • Excellent news. when i first saw this title i thought this will be great online coop but then decided not to bother buying it as iot didn’t include it, and now it does PSN Dead Nation FTW i cant wait.

  • Methinks the Zombies game genre is going the way of the music games genre!

  • question is though…… When can we buy it?

    • We haven’t yet announced the release date, so stay tuned! I know it’s hard to wait (^_^) I’m eager to find out, too.

  • Just take my money NOW.

  • i LOVE thoses platform games!
    Online coop is VERY appreciated!

  • DAY 1 BABY! DAY 1!

  • I’m happy you guys listeded to us beta testers! :)

  • Any chance for a PSP port/version? There aren’t really any games like this on the PSP.

  • Wow, thanks for all the hard work. I usually don’t get into these types of games but I think I’ll make and exception since Super Stardust was so good.

  • yes, release date?

  • Online CO-OP !!!!
    Day 1 for me … :)

  • Totally gunna pick this one up on day one. Price??

  • Is two players the maximum for co-op? and is it still releasing this year?

    It would be amazing if it is releasing around Halloween, but it doesn’t look like it will make it.

  • Ummm when is this game coming out??

  • Damnit give us a release date! lol XD cant wait for this game.

  • Do we have an approximate release date? Like are we talking a count down in days, weeks, or months?

  • Hmm…doesn’t this game look like another PSN game we have called Zombie Apocalypse I think it’s called?

    • Very different game — Z.A. is arena-based, Dead Nation is campaign based. It’s also made by the Super Stardust guys (Housemarque)

  • Love the Beta cant wait for it to come out! Day 1 buy

  • Oh man you guys rock. Honestly this was a day 1 purchase for me already, now I’m practically frothing at the mouth for this. I have seriously been considering not purchasing some things that have been released recently for fear I will see a announcement that this game will be coming the following week.

    Hopefully this game is near completion so you folks at Housemarque can get a well deserved break and we can all submerse ourselves in your hard work.

  • How many players is the online co-op?

    This game looks pretty awesome :D


  • Is this a remake of Zombie Apocalypse? :)

  • Do we have a price point on this yet? I’m guessing not as it’s about to increase a bit due to all that extra money being drained into it? All good, Day 1 – There will be blood

  • Co-op is cool and all, but I would rather be playing the game right now.. Day one either way.

  • Looks like a hopped up version of Zombie Apocalypse to me, Pretty sad the first Zombie game on the PS3 and it’s a hopped up arcade game. Be good if it was a first person, or third, instead of god view.

  • any news on this game having trophies?

  • For people saying this is like Zombie Apocalypse it is not. Dead Nation is NOT an arena shooter. This has sprawling levels that take an hour to complete. Think Alien Breed.

    Anyway, I had the beta and loved it. The only thing the game was missing was online co-op and now you’ve fixed that as well. Can’t wait till the game comes out (whenever that is).

    One thing I want to say, though. The fact that you originally planned to release this game without online co-op is absolutely ridiculous. It’s 2010 people. You can’t put out games like this nowadays without having online play. It is a HUGE mistake to do so. I’m glad that you guys saw the error of your ways, but please remember online is a must.

  • This game looks amazing… And the fact that you added online Co-op for launch is even better! Hopefully the release date is coming up soon! I have been waiting for this game forever it seems like!!

  • Played this game at PAX. It is without doubt THE BEST zombie game of this kind ever made, and better than the Left 4 Dead games as well. This is the only zombie fad game I will buy!

  • So much Good News today!
    Can’t wait to play this.
    I’m usually okay without the online portion, but I guess I could play with my brother, who lives a few miles away, and convince him to buy it as well. the best of both worlds, online and offline!!!
    See, I just sold you a copy!

  • I zombie game?? How original!

    But seriously this game looks fun.

    • If you haven’t already, grab Super Stardust HD off PSN (plus the Solo expansion pack), try out the Endless mode, and you’ll get a taste of the gameplay that’s in store for Dead Nation. Housemarque has a very unique gameplay style!

  • Great SONY! I enjoyed on Burn! Zombie Burn! and Rag Doll Kung Fu… but I removed these games after I discored those didn’t have online co-op and my money wasted for nothing… :S

    The only game about zombie I played and loved was Konami’s Zombie Apocalypse and that have online co-op :D


  • This is awesome, I can’t wait for this, probably gonna be the best PSN game out there. How about a platinum trophy?

  • Is it coming out before Halloween? PLEASE say yes!!!

  • Will the coop be day 1, or will the coop fail like it did for Lara Croft:GOT?

  • sweeeet! I have been waiting for a game like this! will there be boss fights in story mode?

  • ^@Loy310 It should be a launch feature:

    “Originally, online co-op wasn’t going to be included as a launch feature, as the schedule and resources didn’t allow it. However, after many late night play testing sessions and long talks with Sony Computer Entertainment, we decided that this was a must-have feature and it would be unfair to you if we launched without it!”

  • I just want to say Thank You, to the dedicated staff at Housemarque. This is an example of a development team (and Sony) coming through for the customer. After Super Stardust HD, you have my $15 any day of week. Here’s looking forward to Dead Nation and future titles!

  • I am thinking this will come around Halloween

  • Oh snap! Online co-op. The beta was fantastic!

    Very pumped for this one.

    Did anyone else get a headache while playing the BETA? I think it was all that flashing of the guns.

  • Right on!!! Please please talk to sony and consider doing a launch discount for PS plus members. I wont pay full price for things now since i became a member and you either get games for free or at a discount eventually.

  • Can’t wait to download it.

  • I hate when people compare this to another game (like zombie apocalypse). Just because they have zombies and you shoot said zombies, does not make it anywhere near ZA. If people have played Super Stardust, you’ll know this title is going to be amazing. I’m glad it’s not confined to a little arena like ZA, it got so boring being confined.

  • Been following this game since it’s reveal. Every day I waited and hoped for online co-op, and now it’s confirmed. So without further ado:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I can’t be thankful enough, this game will be AMAZING as Housemarque is a seriously talented studio! Love you guys! DAY ONE PURCHASE

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