This Week in PlayStation Home: Inuyasha, Save the Ta-Tas, Community Theater Update & More

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This week brings yet another update full of exclusive content, Home-grown community programs, and special events into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. To start, we will be airing the Episode 3 of the PS Nation videocast in our mega-popular PlayStation Home Community Theater. Glenn Percival – PS Nation main man – sent along this teaser blurb to promote their newest episode, showing this Thursday only in PlayStation Home.

“In this episode we discuss some truly great PSN titles including ‘Tales from Space: About a Blob’ (which packs awesome cooperative action), ‘Kung-Fu Live’ (which puts you IN the game using the PlayStation Eye), and ‘Slam Bolt Scrappers’ (which offers equal parts insanity and hilarity). The feature segment focuses on ‘Joe Danger’ from Hello Games and, to top it all off, you’ll get to see just how ‘old school’ Jim Sterling from Destructoid really is! Word to the wise: you’ll want to watch all the way to the end ;).”

Also screening in the PlayStation Home Theater this week is Inuyasha episode 1: “The Girl Who Overcame Time…” In feudal Japan, the half demon Inuyasha was sealed away by the priestess Kikyo. “The Girl Who Overcame Time” picks up many years later, where Inuyasha is revived by Kagome, who has slipped through time from the present day. Watch this episode for free for one week only, starting Thursday, October 7th.

InuYasha in PlayStation Home

We are proud to announce that the second wave of the Home Community Volunteer program will launch this Thursday, October 7th. Let me pass the mic to my esteemed colleague GlassWalls so he can give you all the details as to what has changed since the first wave of HCVs (and what has not):

“First off, we want to thank all of you who have so graciously offered to take part in the Home Community Volunteer program. Even if you have yet to receive confirmation from PlayStation Home Community Management, we want to assure you that we will be continually (and constantly) reviewing applications and inducting new volunteers into the fold. In fact, you’ll notice in the coming weeks and months that many more community members will be involved in this program than before. Many thanks in advance for your patience.

For those of you who are not familiar with the program, we point you to this FAQ on the official PlayStation Home forums for an overview as to what the program entails (note: HCVs are gamers just like you – they are not employees of Sony Computer Entertainment, they are not moderators, etc). Home veterans will notice that volunteers will no longer be identifiable by the famous red and white “Guide” jerseys but, rather, by a “Guide” beacon that floats above their avatars.

Just as in the past, Home Community Volunteers will provide support to users both new and old as well as aid in the administration of events and other important community initiatives. Expect to see volunteers all throughout Home – some you will recognize as veterans from the first wave of HCVs but many, many more will be new to the program and eager to participate. So please, please feel free to use them as a resource while in-world.”

Home Community Volunteers in PlayStation Home

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and all of you Home-guys and Home-girls can do your part in helping to drive awareness by picking up the “Save the ta-tas” items – available beginning this Thursday from the LOOT and Threads stores in the PlayStation Home Mall. A refreshing, positive take on a serious subject, the “Save the ta-tas” items allow you to make a bold and caring fashion statement while also helping fund research to eradicate this deadly disease (a portion of the proceeds from each “Save the ta-tas” virtual item purchase goes directly to cancer research – for more information, or to make donations directly, visit

Save the Ta-Tas in PlayStation Home

Re-appearing this week in the PlayStation Home Mall is select items from the line of Halloween costumes we introduced last year (stay tuned for details regarding all-new content for this year’s Halloween celebration), and some brand new clothing items from the Costumes store (the hilarious “Magnetic Man” outfit is sure to be a hit) along with new hairstyles and assorted items from the Sodium store. Check the Latest Update tab (in your Menu Pad under “Community”) on Thursday morning for a full list of new content.

Available now from the PlayStation Store are two new PlayStation Home content packs – the PlayStation Home Advanced Pack and the PlayStation Home Expert Pack. These two packs include bundles of some of our most popular items, packaged up and sold at a discounted price.

Home Advanced Pack in PlayStation Home

  • Advanced Pack: Advance your PlayStation Home status! This Advanced Bundle Pack includes nearly 50 individual Home items, including (but not limited to) the Luxury Racing Box personal space, tons of Waterfall Terrace furniture, and select clothing items such as the Deep Sea Diver bundle and female Explorer items. It’s a $45 value at only $9.99!

Home Expert Pack in PlayStation Home

  • Expert Pack: Become a PlayStation Home Expert! This Expert Bundle Pack includes over 50 individual Home items, including two futuristic personal spaces (Planet Land and Anime Style), anime-themed furniture, futuristic-themed clothing such as the Cardboard Robot, Mech Suit, and more. It’s a $50 value at only $14.99!

See you in Home!

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  • thanks. I’m going to check out the home theater rite now.

    • The PS Nation and Inuyasha videos will be up tomorrow, but the latest episode of GamerIndepth is playing now. Have fun!

  • i will be supporting save the ta ta’s for sure. But is there any news on an IREM update this week?

  • So um Locust, can I expect to see the female vampire outfit from last year? With or without though seems like a pretty cool update. Curious as to rather or not we will be seeing an update to Hudson Gate or Mui Mui boat as well. Keep rocking on ps home!

    • Here’s what we will be releasing:

      Male – Werewolf, Mummy, Frankenstein, Grim
      Female – Werewolf, Mummy, Bride of Frankenstein, Grim, Jack-o-Lantern

      Personal space – Deadquarters

  • I’m hoping for an actual update to Home, with new features and functionality. I’ll be looking forward to that. =)



  • That PS Nation thingy is pretty cool…

  • since we get anime showings in our theater can we get costumes from: Queen’s Blade, Inuyasha, gundam wing exc.. please exclude ugly face mask though they dont look good in real life nor will they in Home just give us the hair styles.

  • Sounds like a couple things worth checking out in Home… for once.

    No offense Locust, I know you’re working hard.

  • Sweet, InuYasha! I’ll be checking it out, even if I’ve seen it a bunch of times. :P

  • “A portion of the proceeds”. What a load of crap. Stop being selfish and donate ALL the proceeds, Sony. I’ll put my money elsewhere, where it actually goes to a cause, transparently, without leaving me guessing as to how much profit Sony is reaping from people’s generosity.

  • Welcome Wave 2 of the HCV program!!!

  • LOCUS_STAR any word on when Dragons Green leaderboard for hole 2 & 3 will be fixed? I am posting this here since you home managers never read the support thread or my PMs.

    • Hi coboltcurse,

      We absolutely do read the Support forum and report all issues to the appropriate parties. Per the stickied thread at the top of the Support forum, we ask that you do not PM us with bug reports, as it us important that we maintain an open forum where users can alert Community Management (as well as all the developers, Operations staff, Consumer Services staff, and other parties) to any issues, and where the entire community can in turn be updated as regards any progress made.

      Please continue to use the Support forum to raise any issues. Any updates will be posted in the appropriate public threads.



  • when are we getting the new central plaza :(
    I mean EU is getting a billabong store with alot of new clothing…

    Right now its starting to get as depressing as waiting for new IREM items

  • i will be buying save the ta ta’s items to show my support. can’t wait to see what you have in store for us for halloween this yr, hope it will be something excitiing. :)

  • Awesome stuff. Can’t wait to watch the new PSNation Podcast!

  • sounds like a kool update & i’m lookin forward to seein the new HCVs but the thing I wanna ask is if those guide beacons can be turned off like if they are an accesory item? 2nd question is “Save The Ta-Tas”? really? sounds a bit childish but either way i’m buyin sum of that stuff to show my support as well as wear the Drew Brees Breast Cancer Awareness jersey from last year =)

    • To your question about the guide beacons: they cannot be turned off when equipped (however, they can be unequipped just like an accessory item when an HCV is not actively participating in any given event, etc). We think it’s important that Community Volunteers be easily identifiable and expect that many users will find it much easier to locate a Volunteer now that they will have a floating beacon vs. the old HCV shirt.

  • oooops lol stardeth’s post is actually mine, he was logged in and i did not notice. he is my husband hehe!

    i will be buying save the ta ta’s items to show my support. can’t wait to see what you have in store for us for halloween this yr, hope it will be something excitiing. :)

  • I already have the “I <3 Boobies" cancer bracelets from Tilly's, and I'll be happy to get a "Save the Ta-Tas" stuff, too.

  • Are you gonna update the Hudson Gate anytime soon?
    Please bring over races every 20 minutes and all the
    new Dolphy effects and designs from Japan.

    And I’m still waiting for at least one new clubhouse…

  • Please fix the LAG in Home. and where is the in game music I ask for a year ago??

  • Cool, Inuyasha.

  • ” “Save the ta-tas” items – available beginning this Thursday from the LOOT and Threads ”

    Thanks! :)

  • Can’t wait to see Inuyasha in the theater!!!

  • Thanks for responding Locus_Star. The reason I say noone reads the support thread, or mine post anyway, is because I posted an issue with hole 2 on dragons green 15 days ago. The score has been cleared about 10 times for hole 3, but hole 2 gets overlooked every time. Someone would know to fix it, if they read the thread. Funny you should say not to PM you guys, as GW asked me to do so, for more info on this matter, yet he hasn’t read my message from 2 weeks ago. I am done with trying to address this issue, and am done with paid for games in home since it has little to no support. I am done venting, have a nice day.

    • Hi coboltcurse,

      I’m sorry that you feel that way. If it is any consolation, I have personally verified today that your report has been sent to the Devs and that they are currently looking into the issue (the issue was logged 13 days ago). There are times when we may ask a user to PM us more details in an attempt to respect your privacy (we will not ask you to share personal information with us publicly, for instance). I will check with GW regarding the PM you have sent. While we cannot always guarantee a personal response to each user from the CM team (there are two of us and millions of people that use Home), we do investigate all reported issues and do post updates as we receive them. If you have not yet seen an update on the Support forum, it is because we have not yet received a time frame for a fix or further instruction from the Dev team to pass along to you. As Home is a beta service, it is important that users feel empowered to report bugs and other issues to us – hence the Support forum. We thank you for your patience while we work to continually optimize the service.

      All the best,


  • Interesting reading the part about HVC,I want to welcome them!Great to have you guys around.Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! hope that many home users support this! thank you again for this great update! looking forward for Halloween.*grabs broomstick* hehehe

  • Ok, as an adult gamer, Home really doesn’t have much to offer me right now. Here’ some issues with your service.

    1. Instead of having to friend everyone you invite to your personal space, why not just do it the same way you game launch? Obviously you can choose who goes and who doesn’t but it doesn’t seem like that hard of a thing to accomplish.

    2. Alright, we have heard nothing about the ability to stream video/music from our HDD. Is it still coming or not?
    3. Where can the adults get away from the kids? We go to bars for a reason. We need somehting like this in Home where its not 95% shallow spam conversation.

    4. Move! You made a working motion controller, the heck with canned movements, take it to the next level where we can do 1to 1 movement with our avatars. (at least the arms anyway)

    5. Avatars, we can do better Sony. Wrestling games had better customization last gen. Heck, we could customize our clothes too. Lets be a little less greedy and alot more inovative.

  • I love ta-tas, do you love ta-tas, too? Can we get party chat sometime this year in Home? Y’know MY blogshare Idea.
    I wish I had my own ta-tas. Save the Ta-Tas and Free Marc Emery.

  • Why only a portion of the proceeds? Shouldn’t all of it go like a fundraiser? Kinda dumb IMO.

  • LOL-lol-lol!

  • Is there any way I can connect in home with friends from europe? They seem to oly be able to join in my personal space, really sucks not being able to play as much as I would like. 90% of my friends live in europe.

  • @ 27 Party Chat is not a PSN feature to use that you need the other black box.

  • I was expecting this week to come up with the Halloween stuff..
    For how long will it be out on sale? I mean it’s already October
    And for the guides what do they do besides answer question’s? do they bann people who start trouble or harass people or cyber bully people? MY advice is just have a mod checking the god father 2 place LOL nothing but trouble there..

    • HCVs are not moderators, nor do they have any special status as regards the moderation staff (they do not formulate or enforce the rules – and they are not immune to them either). In general, they are there to help with the orientation process (answer questions, help new users out, etc) and also to aid in the administration of select events.

      If you witness any misbehavior in Home, we encourage you to use the Submit a Report feature. Press the Select button on your PS3 controller and choose Submit a Report. (You may notice a slight pause when you press the Select button – this is your PS3 taking a screenshot to send with the report.) Follow the instructions onscreen to complete the process.

      Note: Please submit only one report per incident. Even if more than one person is acting up in an incident, there is no need to report each person individually, since the Moderation team reviews the entire chatlog for all offenders.

  • Glad to see some Breat Cancer awareness in Home again this year as well. :)

  • @26
    i agree with the “be less greedy and alot more innovative” part

  • cool inuyasha

  • i have a question:

    if we want to buy both the expert pack and the advanced pack for home, are all the items different?? or is it just different costumes and 1 space??

  • “…and some brand new clothing items from the Costumes store (the hilarious “Magnetic Man” outfit is sure to be a hit) along with new hairstyles and assorted items from the Sodium store.”

    I hope that doesn`t mean, “5 or 6 cool costumes for guys at the costume store, and one new SHORT hairstyle just in different colors for the girls in the Sodium store” again :(

    C`mon werewolf costume for girls!

  • You know… I haven’t booted up home in ages. Maybe I will.

  • Where the F are my PUNK CHIK SKIRT and SHOES?!? 4 SHAME

    I think you should not be able to add more crapS till you fix the broken crapS. But of course you don’t have to fix anything or care because you already got my money. SHAME ON YAS!



    Selling people bundles that don’t have all the items- Wat kind of BS is that? Why can’t yas stop stinking and just fix it already it can’t be that hard unless yas r as dum as i think u r? Don’t you dumazzes QA everything B4 us send it live? apparently that would be too smart. Even if its the easy lame way out of making the Punk Chik skirt and shoes free for everyone JUST DO IT ALREADY.

    Don’t make me com ova der to smak u poofers silly.

  • oh and oh yah i 4got to say wat i usually say:


    NO LOL

  • so is Inyuasha going to be a free download like Kekkaishi and Monster were shown in the theater?



  • Glad the halloween stuff came back (Except the vampire stuff didnt make a comeback yet).

    This is great though. Any word on when villains lair items are making a comeback?

  • 2 things are immediately obvious. firstly the 2 home item bundles need full listing of whats in them so people know if they already have most if not all of it. More urgent is the need for more moderators and proper moderation, the HCV’s are toothless tigers who frankly cant and dont do much at all. The days of random bans for no reason and people, specially women or underage children being stalked and harassed online must stop. I know a number of people who have quit home because of the harassment. SCE banning them instead of the pervs happens far too often. One person I know got hit today after she was repeatedly stalked and sexually harrassed last night on home. Today her accont received a ban while the perverts run free. THIS MUST STOP NOW!!!

    Those at SCE should not be asking themselves how to keep sweeping this under the rug but instead what would happen to sonys already battered reputation if this was picked up by a major news outlet. Take the hint, it won’t be good for sales heading into the holiday season. I know Sony doesn’t care onen iota for doing whats right, only the bottom line. Little do they seem to realize not doing the right thing affects the bottom line.

  • PS Nation yo!! Keep that community theater up Sony!!

  • Hello
    I got a question, is there any chance that you can foward a messege to Konami?
    It was great to see some Home support with the Castlevania pack….
    But i would love to see some Metal Gear items and clothes.

    Thanks for listening to the users:)

  • Just a few for you to print out and pass around the round table. 1st, The Adv./Exp HOME Packs are a great idea, but, I 100% agree with “FormerPSfan”, you MUST list ALL the items in each bundle. I know it’s making someone type more, but that’s their job, and yours is to provide us w/ DETAILS on what is being sold to us. It’s ALL about the details! Always is, always will be. The details are what makes things stick out & get noticed, and if done right, you got a winner & the proverbial, “cash-cow”!

    Over the years I have spent a of $ on a plethora of items & Personal Space’s. But if I buy 1 of these bundles, there is a REAL GOOD CHANCE I will have some of the items in it.

    Now, if that happened, that $9.99 price is now a rip off, foe me! Because if any of MY items are in the bundle, that is 1 less item I get! & the repercussions of that is, then I am paying MORE per piece then everyone else whose items, aren’t in it.

    End pt 1

  • Part 2
    That being said, it’s great that you are coming out with new Pers. Spaces all the time. It’s your cash cow. because your capitalizing on the fans who love those games.But I am sick & tired of HOW you promote these spaces as “MUST HAVES”… for any FAN! Perfect example of this is the “Paris Clock Tower.

    What a crock. Oh that still irks me. I get their, and after looking around, which was easy since the upper floor is basically a hallway w/ a open floor, and downstairs is a wider open floor & that’s it!. No rooms, nothing. But, the way you promoted it on how great this was, a MUST HAVE, those words once again, and the resulting product was a joke

    You create these spaces, mini games, environments, yet you can’t give us a VIRTUAL TOUR! You know, like what’s REAL today!1 This is common sense, geez, PLEASE FIX THIS


  • Could someone tell me whats going on with the error code on home right now.I can’t get in and neither can most of my friends and when I finally did make it on earlier it kicked me shortly after with the same error code its X80710D23 its getting very annoying.Thanks for any help on this.

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