This Week in PlayStation Home: Inuyasha, Save the Ta-Tas, Community Theater Update & More

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This week brings yet another update full of exclusive content, Home-grown community programs, and special events into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. To start, we will be airing the Episode 3 of the PS Nation videocast in our mega-popular PlayStation Home Community Theater. Glenn Percival – PS Nation main man – sent along this teaser blurb to promote their newest episode, showing this Thursday only in PlayStation Home.

“In this episode we discuss some truly great PSN titles including ‘Tales from Space: About a Blob’ (which packs awesome cooperative action), ‘Kung-Fu Live’ (which puts you IN the game using the PlayStation Eye), and ‘Slam Bolt Scrappers’ (which offers equal parts insanity and hilarity). The feature segment focuses on ‘Joe Danger’ from Hello Games and, to top it all off, you’ll get to see just how ‘old school’ Jim Sterling from Destructoid really is! Word to the wise: you’ll want to watch all the way to the end ;).”

Also screening in the PlayStation Home Theater this week is Inuyasha episode 1: “The Girl Who Overcame Time…” In feudal Japan, the half demon Inuyasha was sealed away by the priestess Kikyo. “The Girl Who Overcame Time” picks up many years later, where Inuyasha is revived by Kagome, who has slipped through time from the present day. Watch this episode for free for one week only, starting Thursday, October 7th.

InuYasha in PlayStation Home

We are proud to announce that the second wave of the Home Community Volunteer program will launch this Thursday, October 7th. Let me pass the mic to my esteemed colleague GlassWalls so he can give you all the details as to what has changed since the first wave of HCVs (and what has not):

“First off, we want to thank all of you who have so graciously offered to take part in the Home Community Volunteer program. Even if you have yet to receive confirmation from PlayStation Home Community Management, we want to assure you that we will be continually (and constantly) reviewing applications and inducting new volunteers into the fold. In fact, you’ll notice in the coming weeks and months that many more community members will be involved in this program than before. Many thanks in advance for your patience.

For those of you who are not familiar with the program, we point you to this FAQ on the official PlayStation Home forums for an overview as to what the program entails (note: HCVs are gamers just like you – they are not employees of Sony Computer Entertainment, they are not moderators, etc). Home veterans will notice that volunteers will no longer be identifiable by the famous red and white “Guide” jerseys but, rather, by a “Guide” beacon that floats above their avatars.

Just as in the past, Home Community Volunteers will provide support to users both new and old as well as aid in the administration of events and other important community initiatives. Expect to see volunteers all throughout Home – some you will recognize as veterans from the first wave of HCVs but many, many more will be new to the program and eager to participate. So please, please feel free to use them as a resource while in-world.”

Home Community Volunteers in PlayStation Home

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and all of you Home-guys and Home-girls can do your part in helping to drive awareness by picking up the “Save the ta-tas” items – available beginning this Thursday from the LOOT and Threads stores in the PlayStation Home Mall. A refreshing, positive take on a serious subject, the “Save the ta-tas” items allow you to make a bold and caring fashion statement while also helping fund research to eradicate this deadly disease (a portion of the proceeds from each “Save the ta-tas” virtual item purchase goes directly to cancer research – for more information, or to make donations directly, visit

Save the Ta-Tas in PlayStation Home

Re-appearing this week in the PlayStation Home Mall is select items from the line of Halloween costumes we introduced last year (stay tuned for details regarding all-new content for this year’s Halloween celebration), and some brand new clothing items from the Costumes store (the hilarious “Magnetic Man” outfit is sure to be a hit) along with new hairstyles and assorted items from the Sodium store. Check the Latest Update tab (in your Menu Pad under “Community”) on Thursday morning for a full list of new content.

Available now from the PlayStation Store are two new PlayStation Home content packs – the PlayStation Home Advanced Pack and the PlayStation Home Expert Pack. These two packs include bundles of some of our most popular items, packaged up and sold at a discounted price.

Home Advanced Pack in PlayStation Home

  • Advanced Pack: Advance your PlayStation Home status! This Advanced Bundle Pack includes nearly 50 individual Home items, including (but not limited to) the Luxury Racing Box personal space, tons of Waterfall Terrace furniture, and select clothing items such as the Deep Sea Diver bundle and female Explorer items. It’s a $45 value at only $9.99!

Home Expert Pack in PlayStation Home

  • Expert Pack: Become a PlayStation Home Expert! This Expert Bundle Pack includes over 50 individual Home items, including two futuristic personal spaces (Planet Land and Anime Style), anime-themed furniture, futuristic-themed clothing such as the Cardboard Robot, Mech Suit, and more. It’s a $50 value at only $14.99!

See you in Home!

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