Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Hits PS3 Today, Celebrate with Boss Battles

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Not long ago, Konami Producer Dave Cox dropped by the PlayStation.Blog to set up the premise of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, a re-imagining of the classic whip-cracking, vampire-slaying series PlayStation fans know and love. In many ways, Lords of Shadow is a radical departure from previous installments. The combat is more visceral, the visuals are more cinematic, and the scope is more epic.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for PS3Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for PS3

These qualities are on display in spades in the latest Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Developer Insights video, which Konami has kindly passed along for your viewing pleasure. Not only will you learn about the combat benefit of fairies (no, really), you’ll catch a glimpse of several new boss battles, culminating with a series of Titan encounters that will make any Shadow of the Colossus fan quiver in anticipation.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow arrives today on the PS3 in North America, on Blu-ray. If you picked it up already, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below. Later today, I can confirm that the playable demo will hit PSN — stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for the full PlayStation Store update later today. Happy vampire slaying!

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  • no need for the demo for me i have been playing the full game since yesterday hehe :D

  • They showed the xbox version! :S

  • eer ahh, noticed that was the huh…other consoles’s version o_O

  • Totally looking forward to get this game! Gonna get it later today.

    Can we expect any blog post from Ubisoft about the Prince of Persia collection for NA now that they confirmed it coming to EU?

  • I will try the demo for sure, the game looks interesting. Is Dracula in the game at all? Or is that spoiler material? I suppose telling me that it’s spoiler material would be counterintuitive :P

  • Sony…>_>

    You guys are showing footage from the Xbox 360 version. Good job there.

    :: sarcasm ::

    • Yeah, crap. I watched the whole thing and missed the two seconds where the button prompts on the screen. What can you do? It looks great either way.

  • I second the “other console” comment. It’s a poor move in the PR sense to post a video showing the competitor’s system playing a game you’re hailing “hits PS3 today.”

    Either way, I’m very excited to play this when I get home. PS3 was the lead platform during development, so it will provide for the best experience (it’s also on one disc).

  • Awesome i think its awesome

  • It’s not Castlevania-ish enough… :/ Its just too far from what the series is. Not to say it is a bad game, but that its just not a good Castlevania.

  • Yo Sid, you got the ‘other console’ video up here.
    Is it a sign that we should lok for that version? I certainly hope not…

  • Looks awesome! great job on a classic series

  • Shouldn’t the demo have been released… what?… a few weeks ago? A little disappointed in that one. Someone totally dropped the ball. Anyway it should be in my mailbox tomorrow. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Thanks for stating “later today” regarding the demo so we can avoid 200 “where’s the f@#$%& demo, it’s not there” comments. I played it last week and thought it was good {though I haven’t played GOW3 yet so I’m easily impressed ;-)}

  • Bought the game today.

  • I only been playing it for 3 hrs or so …The game is definitely good but yeah its not “dark” or castlevania like so far. But its a good game though

  • I have pre ordered the CE of this game (had to import from US)
    This will be an awesome game and IM VERY HAPPY that PS3 is the lead platform for this game. I hope EVERY DEVELOPER do this from now on. Then it get the best results and everyone is happy. ALSO good to see Blu-ray showing how outdated the other console are.

  • I was gonna ask “Where in the video does it show that its on the 360?” then I got to 2:03

  • Dang the Xbox 360 version looks great! hahahaaa

  • 3D Castlevania just looks like GoW with a Castlevania skin over the top. Nothing new here as far as gameplay. And ya Sony, why did you use the XBOX video?? Kinda lame, seriously…

  • Picked up my Collector’s Edition this morning, just finished Chapter 1 and I have to say the game is AWESOME!!!!

  • PS3 doesnt have an RT (Right Trigger) LOLOLOL

  • Another complete fail. 360 vid on an official PS3 site. The competition will like to thank you for the free publicity.
    Anyway, can’t wait to get home and open my CE. Also glad PS3 was lead platform.

  • I have to agree that the NA demo should have been up weeks ago to match the EU demo. SOA dropped the ball on this one, big time.

  • Yes got the game in my hands and now got to take it back!!
    Peored from gamestop they gave me NO FREE T-shirt so I’m sending it back and going down to best buy to buy it again to get point on my card (at lest I’ll get some thing out of it). Gamestop has horrible Preorders and this will be last time I go there.

  • @24
    You should do your pre-orders though in the future. They have several deals from 10 to 20 off on your next game purchase (these stack btw so if you get a whole bunch of these at once you’re golden for a free game) to 99 cent release date delivery (when available). There really is no reason to go to gamestop or best buy anymore.

  • I got the game this afternoon and have been playing through it. I can honestly say that David Cox was spittin lies through his teeth about it comparing to God of War III in terms of graphics. Though it still looks good, the PlayStation 3 rests assure it still has superior power.

    That being said, I’m into the game as much as can be, and you really can’t help but compare it side-by-side with God of War and God of War still comes out on top in every way so far. Presentation-wise, its pretty bland. Lots of reading, stopping and loading between points, etc.

    I’m in a boss fight where the camera is frustrating and the control’s aren’t as responsive as God of War. Having the dodge attack on the right analog stick would have been preferred over having to hold down L2 and using the left stick. The Right Analog stick sits idol, with nothing to use it for. Why did this go this route?

    I can see it getting a little repetitive in time though. As far as I’ve played, I’d give it an 8. Graphically, I’ve seen better games on the PS3 and as far as Presentation and gameplay. Camera needs work and control’s are wonky and not as responsive as needs be

  • At least at the end, it shows the PS3 logo underneath the title. The game is a multi-platform title and it seems Konami only made a video using the 360 build. It’s a shame, because I don’t trust multiplatform titles very much. Especially if it seems like they’re trying to hide a flaw in the PS3 version.

  • Its worth noting that this game borrows a lot from the PlayStation 3’s success’ and tries to make a living of that imitation by taking it to the Xbox 360’s gamer fanbase. Its clear so far that they’re getting and imitated experience sub-par to the PlayStation 3. Its a mix of God of War and Uncharted. The story isn’t as strong as the mentioned two other games and its a lot of reading and finishing a level and waiting for it to load a new screen. It doesn’t doesn’t have that finesse. Enslaved seems to be much the same way borrowing a lot from Uncharted. Its a way to make money off Microsoft’s fanbase, and does pretty well and will make them money off of it, but at the end of the day, the experience is still only possible and Only On PlayStation showing graphical power and presentation second to none by developers focusing on giving a great experience, rather than pleasing a wider crowd to make some extra money.

  • Err, why is that a video of the xbox version? Iam sure the are the same but was that a ****ing joke? Haaar Haar! I thought i was at a playstation blog…double checked and nope this isnt a xbox blog. Sigh, the game looks cool anyways.

  • I’ll take a proper none handheld sequel to Symphony of the Night over a so and so God of War clone any day of the week. Hell, I’d take playing through Symphony of the night yet one more time over it, in fact, I did.

  • First off, it’s an obvious cut-n-paste job of a certain PS3 Exclusive. Second, why is the 360 version presented? /facepalm on both counts

  • this game need to be patch for option to swap L2+R2 with L1+R1, and an optional install would be nice. And I heard this game support DTS, if so please also make the game output to DTS when DD and DTS is selected.

  • This game needs to be patched to allow dodge to be assigned to the right analog stick. This is very awkward for someone who has been playing God of War for 4 years now to have to press L2 and the left analog stick to dodge. Did someone forget there was a second analog stick for this game? Or did they must become to comfortable with the PSP’s poor design choice.

  • im confused here does sony want me to buy the ps3 or 360 version? fail.

  • Just finished chapter one, loving every minute of this epic adventure.

  • Why does this game always run under 30 FPS?

  • Bought it today and I think it’s awesome. It’s a gorgeous looking game and is much better than I expected ( so far )

  • To everyone who’s complaining about it being Xbox footage: this isn’t Sony’s video! It’s something Konami released and, because it is relevant, Sony has hosted.


  • I love it. Can’t wait to buy it soon!

  • Got mine from Amazon. Cannot wait!

  • Who the hell cares if the trailer shows the xbox version? My god get over it.

  • You people saying fail are a bunch of tools

  • game is currently sitting in my car waiting for these last couple of hours of work to disappear…

  • Played it a bunch… almost done with chapter 2. It’s like I’m playing Shadow of the Colossus HD early :P Impressive visuals but my TV’s auto contrast setting is frustrating me greatly for this game.

  • I thought this was the PlayStation blog and not the Xbox 360 blog. I guess I got the wrong URL

  • I got my limited edition earlier today!

  • I guess Sony wants to show the superior version, seeing how the PS3 always get screwed with these ports. Then again, Konami doesn’t care about PS3 owners any more.

  • Epic fail. Showing the 360 version in the PS blog.

  • I wish they didn’t copy god of war so much (i mean come on, titanic bosses? a weapon that behaves almost exactly like the blades of chaos?) and actually utilized the castlevania universe more. Don’t get me wrong it looks like an awesome game but none of it is at all original and can hardly be considered a castlevania game.

  • Futureshop shipped Enslaved yesterday but Castlevania today so I gotta wait til tomorrow to check it out. :(

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