Coming to PSN tomorrow: Deadliest Warrior: The Game

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We are really excited for the launch of Deadliest Warrior: The Game on PlayStation 3! In addition to the game we also have new avatars and themes that went up on September 28th. If you are a fighting game fan then we hope you enjoy the realistic battle system we created. Prepare to slice and dice (literally) your opponents, but don’t be surprised if your opponent also chops off an arm, leg or even your head.

Deadliest Warrior: The Game for PS3: Ninja

Deadliest Warrior: The Game for PS3: NinjaDeadliest Warrior: The Game for PS3: Ninja

The best advice we can give to new players is: play defense! Be tactical and look for the appropriate opening to strike. This is more a game of timing than it is about button dexterity. One-hit kills can happen so stay alert and don’t rush your enemy foolishly. Sometimes all you need are a few strokes to achieve victory. Because we wanted the game to stay true to the Deadliest Warrior show premise we wanted the warriors to be tough! So when you start playing, don’t be surprised if the game is HARD. Because it is! No really, if you go to the game settings and check the difficulty you notice that we start you on HARD. You’re welcome! If you want to slice your way to glory quickly and unlock all the weapons and extra armor then feel free to switch to Normal until you become familiar with the system.

Deadliest Warrior: The Game for PS3: Ninja


Since there has been some time between releases, we have been able to add more balance to the PS3 version. The biggest issue we fixed was rage quitting where players could quit ranked matches via menu exit or powering down their systems and not lose ranking points. This causes a lot of heartache as you can imagine! The other major issue fixed was balancing the Ninja character. The Ninja’s weapons were slightly overpowered in the original release and he had an unfair instant recovery flaw that could be exploited. Needless to say, that has been fixed for the original PSN release. We’ve added a bunch more balancing fixes in there to uplift some of the weaker characters as well, so the multiplayer lobbies should be buzzing and the leader boards will reflect the true skill level of all the players.

Deadliest Warrior: The Game for PS3: Rajput


We are also excited to announce upcoming DLC. Three new characters will be available with entirely different play styles. The only announced character so far is Rajput (above) but if you want a hint as to who the other two are, be sure to check and see which characters came out on top during our fan polls. We listened! That’s all I can say for now, but I look forward to playing everyone in the multiplayer mode!

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  • how much?

  • I don’t get it!! If you knew there is going to be DLC for a game, why not put in the original DL? This is what is getting on my nerves this generation! Nickel and Dime people I guess! Welcome to gaming 2010 and beyond! We will make a game, leave some things out, charge them 2 times!! Win for the Devs, and lose for the gamers….Oh yeah who cares about the gamers!!!

    • Prithvi Virasinghe

      Actually the reason is pretty straight forward. Making DLC costs money so when we did the first game we did not know how well it would do. Since the game has been received well it made sense to start working on DLC. It would be too risky to produce all that content before hand and have the original game not perform well.

  • Is this some Bushido Blade?!

  • Will you put a demo of this game? It looks nice.

  • Will there be a demo?

  • I’ve played this on the 360 and, yes, it is Bushido Blade. Only it seems to be a little tougher than I remember BB being from way back. Definitely not a fighting game today’s generation would get into because, you know, even the creative director mentioned how much rage quiting there was. But for $10, it’s pretty sweet.

    • Prithvi Virasinghe

      Actually what I mentioned in this post is that we FIXED all those issues in the PlayStation version. So you wont have any rage quitting issues and the characters have been balanced better.

      The Xbox version will be getting these fixes via a Title Update.

  • :O are there avatars!

    jk hehehe loving mine :D

  • Will this have Move support?

  • @ OMGmyFACE:
    To me, Bushido Blade was all about the one off rounds or grudge matches between friends. It was such a competitive and strategy based fight every round. I think something similar would be refreshing, what with the Yakuza games having such comic book fighting, Dead Rising again comic book fighting, fighting games outside of the UFC, MMA’s, as well as Fight Nights all have comic book fighting. Maybe it’s the blood and gore, maybe it’s the violence, I’d like to think it’s all about the strategic and often methodical fighting with repercussions in the form of maiming the enemy or having the enemy maim you.

    • Prithvi Virasinghe

      You are correct, the best way to succeed is to work on your timing and spacing. Be strategic and conserve your stamina. Button mashing won’t hold up against the advanced players.

      The system is designed to be easy to pick up and play, but don’t expect to win consistently until you’ve learned what strategies work best for each character.

  • Let me guess the price of this game…..wait for it…..oh yea….it’ll be $15…OF COURSE! Thats the new trend….price every game at $15.

  • @Sarno1605 hey genius someone just said it was 10$ make sure to read others comments before letting everyone know your ignorance.


  • Sarno = Troll

  • Bushido Blade is my favorite fighting game ever. Period.

    It was clean and quick. Nothing fancy, except the way it went where NO GAME HAS SINCE. Anybody can learn button-mashing, but BB went beyond to prove what SKILL really is. Especially when it comes to fighting.

    I’m totally gonna try this game, though, because that was my first thought. And because I liked the episode where they had Native vs Gladiator {? I think}. Bushido Blade… how I long for thee.

  • If this game doesnt have MOVE doesnt have MY “DAY ONE PURCHASE” SUPPORT ..any game that has a sword or a shield from now on..should ..MUST HAVE MOVE SUPPORT! and ONLINE..if it has those two..then its definitly worth the 15buks everyone is assuming ..if not then 1o buks should be a fair price..

  • Yep I’m a troll! Or maybe just a loyal fan sick and tired of every game coming out being set at a $15 price tag. 9 out of 10 people posting comments on games don’t even buy the game.

  • Anyone commenting about me being a troll can go ahead and buy Xbox’s sloppy seconds! I’ll stick to exclusives and games released on PS3 first or that have a common release date!

  • Your Rajput shoes are Joker shoes (up pointy toes) – please tell me that wasn’t the final drawing!

  • I already have this game on the 360, and loved it. If you are aware of all those problems you mentioned with the 360 version, how come you never patched them? Hopefully when the new DLC is released, you will patch the other versions to reflect the tweaked PS3 version. These minor adjustments are not enough to make me buy another copy of the game on PS3.

    • Prithvi Virasinghe

      Sorry if I was not clear in the post – we DID patch those for 360 and it will be available via a Title Update soon.

      The PSN version has those fixes in already.

  • interesting I must say, I always loved the show, what is this though, stricly a fighting game? or what

  • Yeah, my first (very slight instant) thought was “Oh, hey! A Move fighting game!” I quickly snapped to my senses- the Move hasn’t been out long and nothing is falling under the radar for it (in part because there isn’t a great deal coming). No pleasant surprises, sadly.

    Anyway, it may just be me, but I’d figure you’d want to make the original release as tempting as possible… DLC on release for a PSN title with limited exposure? Well, I’m no business major.

  • If its 15 bucks then no. What’s up with all of these 15 dollar games lately? I’ll just wait for the inevitable price drop or PS plus discount.

  • For everyone that wants to know, the game is $10. Doing a little google search might help you.

    Spike ~ “The download will come at the very reasonable cost of $9.99.”

  • The price is CONFIRMED (see link pasted below) @ $9.99 so don’t get your panties stuck in a wad people! I do agree that the recent trend of pricing PSN games at $14.99 is annoying and has resulted in my not purchasing some games which I would have bought at the ten dollar price point. Besides: after buying this and the DLC characters…you’ll be set back at least $15 anyhoo lol.

  • @Sarno1605
    Swords and Soldiers a game that came out last week (for non ps+ users) was $10.

  • @ NYCFREEWILL82 (14)

    That’s unreasonable. I’m all for Move support (as my apparently censored comment would have illuminated), but that’s like saying “Every game that uses a gun should have Move support.” The DS3 and Move are very different- they each have their strengths. A perfect comparison would be DMC and Sports Champions. The action for DMC is far too fast-paced to be played comfortably with the Move, and the DS3 is too imprecise for SC (normally, SC’s gameplay would play out as something like ‘square, square, square, triangle!’) Hell, I don’t really know many games that gave much consideration to the shield as a blocking tool before SC.

    Basically, be reasonable- just because there’s a sword and shield doesn’t mean it’s Made for Move.

  • Telling us the price and demo status should be a prerequisite when a PSN game is announced on the Blog, particularly when the release date is known, and more particularly when the release date is about 24 hours away.

  • Move support? If so, this game will be what Gladiator mode in Sports Champions wants to be

  • I was a HUGE fan of the original Bushido Blade and have been hoping for years that someone would remake it. While this isn’t Bushido Blade it seems like it might be the closest thing to it, so I may have to check it out.
    Aside from that, the show “Deadliest Warrior” sucks. I found it kindof laughable when they did the Ninja vs Roman Legion (I think it was). Firstly, the ninja would never intentionally put themselves into a fair combat situation and secondly he hits the Roman with a black egg full of crushed glass and he then proceeds to wipe it away from his eyes and chase the ninja down.
    Call me crazy, but Im fairly certain crushed glass in your eyes would result in permanent blindness. The show is just a bunch of uneducated nerds speculating on situations that would never occur.
    Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a nerd, however if your going to have an educational show about ancient cultures you could at least be accurate when discussing it.

  • @ Prithvi Virasinghe

    “There will be a demo and it costs $10.”

    The demo will cost $10!?


    Just kidding. You might want to rehprase that.

    :) :) :)

  • And I might want to check my spelling :(

  • Was wishing for Busihdo Blade to come to the PS3, I think this would do :D

  • I’m liking the look of this game.
    It has a more realistic feel to it ,but not frustrating, considering one hit kills is much more probable than a life bar but unfortunately my hands are tied as i have purchased the limited edition of castlevania and bought lara croft and the guardian of light off psn which totals to about 100$ in a week which is waaay over my budget for games monthly

    but next time i get a psn card, i’m getting this…

  • I’ve been waiting for this since its Xbox 360 announcement! Gots to gets a PSN card!

  • no ps move = no sale for me i am getting tired of same old smash button

  • Looks a lot like SoulCalibur, however, I’m sure it won’t be as intricate. But, then again, I am partial to the SoulCalibur series.

  • Not to sure about this one but you can’t argue with the price

  • I’m a Fighting game fan so you have me already. Plus being a Deadliest Warrior fan makes is even more epic to me. Now I can show every one that Samurais are the best.

    P.S. I also like how the game starts on Hard.

  • Geez, why do people complain about if it doesn’t have Move Support, they’ll not buy it. DON’T WORRY IF IT DOESN’T HAVE MOVE SUPPORT, JUST ENJOY THE DAMN GAME, JEEZ LOUIS!!!

    Anyway, I love the show and I would like to play the game. Kudo to you and Jeff Demoulin for creating this game.

  • When is the demo coming out? When the game comes out?

  • is this game coming out at midnight on the 4th or during the day on the 5th

  • hi is it adventure game

  • custom soundtracks?

  • looks kinda cool.

  • ive been checking psn all day for deadliest warrior game and its not there there is only avatars and themes where is the game

  • @ minehunter

    same here i was checking to see if it got released last night at midnight….. no then i went to sleep hoping it would be on psn when i woke up….. nope, WHEN IS IT COMING OUT AHHHH IVE WAITED FOREVER ;)

  • Prithvi Virasinghe

    Thanks for all the questions folks, the game will be out today at 3:30 PST.

  • Thank you Prithvi for the information on this game, i will definitely be buying it.

  • Looking forward to getting home and downloading the demo. I’m a little tight on cash this month, but I might be able to spread some room for a decently difficult game. Last HARD game I played was Demon’s Souls and that’s not exactly hard anymore =p

    Also: DLC?
    Is it only going to be those 3 characters or can we look at some other variation in gameplay to come along with them?
    (Like a mess around mode that you could play with a friend? (no timer, keep spawning as a diff guy when you die kinda thing.)

    Either way… looking forward to playing, I’ll have to sit on DLC when it’s released… characters don’t offer a ton of replay value (aside from trying to master them.)

  • has anyone downloaded the game yet?

  • where is the game waited all day and no game to download where is it its way past 330 pst

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