Are you a NYC VIP? Attend our Move Event on Wednesday

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Here’s a typical exchange at an SCEA event planning meeting:

“We’re going to be holding a media event in New York.”
“Can we get some Blog readers in?”
“Yeah, sounds good.”

That’s how you get events like this and this and this.

And now this: We’re holding a PlayStation Move media event in NYC on Wednesday (October 6th), featuring Heroes on the Move, TV Superstars, The Shoot, SingStar Dance and the newest build of The Fight which nobody outside of PlayStation has yet played. It’s ass-kickingly good :)


While I wish I could bring all of you in to go hands-on with this next wave of PlayStation Move games, it’s being held at a venue with a capacity of less than 100 people. So instead of having the place fill up in 30 seconds and disappointing a lot of people who lined up for a long time, we’re going VIP style.

So if you’re in New York (the event will be in the Midtown area), available from 7-9pm, and crave playing things before you can buy them, please RSVP at

Please give us your first and last name, and indicate if you will be bringing a +1… if you don’t say so, we’re going to assume that you’re coming by yourself. No +2s or +3s or +50s, please. Also, this is a 21+ event; I did say VIP :) ID will be checked!

If you’re among the first to reply, we’ll notify you via email by tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon Pacific. We’ll also select some alternates to fill any spots vacated by no-shows, so fingers crossed.

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