Reason #3 to Pre-Order God of War: Ghost of Sparta – PSP Theme

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Spartan Army! For those that pre-ordered the Limited Edition God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack and looking to complete the Kratos portable experience, this update is for you!

Reason #3 to Pre-Order God of War: Ghost of Sparta – introducing the exclusive PSP Theme featuring our rage filled Kratos (outfitted within the sleek two-tone Limited Edition Ghost of Sparta PSP)

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Just a friendly reminder, we’re only four short weeks away from the release date of November 2nd, so if you’re looking to purchase the UMD version of Ghost of Sparta, be sure you do it soon. The exclusive DLC bundle is exclusive to the pre-order and won’t be available at retail after November 2nd.

For our Canadian friends, please be sure to visit any of participating retailers for more information on the exclusive Ghost of Sparta DLC pack.

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  • Heh mostly pre-ordering this to see if I end up in the documentary. Oh and for the epic game, of course! :)

  • So the Canadian PSN will also have the pre-order bonuses for GOW: GOS?

  • Sorry but I think that PSP is butt ugly.

  • that’s pretty weak, give us the psp editions that Japan is getting. upgrades and what not.

  • That PSP seem to come out from the late 80’s where all cars were red and black :-D

  • Pullus, no one cares what you think.

  • What about the UK, I would really love this preorder deal here :(

  • Looks nice but I like the Monster Hunter PSP a lot more.

  • Hey Ken, I have a quick question. I have a bunch of Sony Style giftcards, so I pretty much buy everything from there for my gaming needs at the moment. I see the GoW: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack available for pre-order on the Sony Style site, would I receive the pre-order bonuses?

  • does it have some art work on the back like the old GOW psp ?

  • I’ll wait for a price Drop. I refuse to spend $40 on a downloadable portable game. If you sell it for $30 day one, I’ll buy it but I already know you’re not going to do that.

    I hope you wake up and fix your downloadable pricing stratagy asap. I’m tired of not buying anything for my PSP Go due to the constant overcharging for downloadable content.

    Think I’ll buy Blood Drive Nov 2nd instead.

  • psp needs dynamic themes.. If this was dynamic, better catch, not that its a bad look. I like the offer and the theme, but once start getting dymanic themes its hard just get a plain theme and be happy. But good offer non the less..

    mcbuttz78-vp of psn legionaires

  • Downloadable games on PSP would be OK if I could play them on my PS3. But any way $40 for a digital copy + I got to buy a memory stick well that take it over the $50 range. But If could play this on my PS3 it would change my mind about it. I even think it would be worth it.

  • What about PSPgo digital preorders for goodies and stuff???

  • looks great!

  • how it work for Canadian, seriously inform you, i m a huge God of War fan (i have the GOW PSP edition and the Ultimate Edition of God of War 3) i dont want to miss this

  • hey ken, i’m also wondering what’s in the back for the new GofOfWarPSP. Is there a kratos like in the ChainsOfOlypusPSP?

  • Can we see what the back looks like?

  • Is Kick-Ass on UMD or is it a download voucher? Amazon says its a download..

  • @14~jncasanova: for PSPgo/PSP3000 download versions, you have to buy the game any day from nov.2~nov.8 for the “goodies and stuff”

  • so the pre-order will come with the game on the PSN! or am i totally wrong, and it’s only for umd

  • Ok thanks! I didnt realise it was so close, ill be preordering next week!

  • Wow, another blog post to present one more pre-order post. Why not just create one post outlining all of the pre-order bonus material? Oh well – I’ve already pre-ordered the game quite some time ago. Can’t wait for another blog post that says: “Reason #10 – Gow uses the X button!” :)

  • cant wait for this game love the demo and sony u better not stop makin god of war games tho i must say if u guys r gunna make a movie of the game be sure to not and i mean not allow hollywood any of it they will mess it up if anythin do it cgi or something

  • “visit any of participating retailers for more information on the exclusive Ghost of Sparta DLC pack.” <– I don't know who these participating retailers are, but I checked the Canadian websites for Amazon, Best Buy, Futureshop, and Gamestop. No mention of a pre-order bonus on any of them, and the game isn't even listed at No incentive to buy at launch, I'll wait a few months for a price drop. Enjoyed the demo.

  • Did want to point out I loved the demo and I like the theme.

  • Can’t preorder, but I’ll buy it from the SPN on day one!

    Now if could you do something about the snobby attitude of Square Enix…

  • Does Europe get all this stuff to?

  • @Ken
    How are you?
    I really want this bundle and have some doubts! I have a Ps3 slim and a PsP 2k, don’t have a PsP Go and no way of getting this pre-order bundle by buying it in any of the stores, but I’m going to get this on PS Store in the very first day release, I want to know if I buy it through my Ps3 slim to transfer to my PsP 2k will I get the same pre-order offer? Thanks! Take care.

  • Canadian Spartans want to know.

    Will the preorder bonuses be available if game is purchased in the first week of release?

    You might not be able to answer for Canadian retailers, but for Canadian PSN you must know by now.

  • SO wish I would of waited and picked up this PSP design instead of the green MGS one. Oh well.

  • it’ll be pretty sad to pre-order a game just for da theme =1
    but otherwise, itz a great addition

  • that would be awesome for the psp ……i would definitely get that

  • Wow i just got a psp and then i hear about this… this psp looks so Kick ASS!!!

  • will be the same bundle in europe? with the same pre-order?

  • @36~the PSP2 is comig soon so they want people to buy that one instead of the PSP3000. either that or the PS3.

  • you guys should make things more clearer. Putting “Reason to pre-order god of war” makes people think only if you pre-order the game you can only get these goodies. when if you guys them from the psn (for go users mainly) you get it also.

    Just something i feel like i had to say.

    PS played the demo and enjoyed it cant wait for the full game to be out! it would have been nice though to include the other GoW game to the list of pre-order bonus like how the bundle is getting.

    Also is there any chance that the first GoW game will have a price drop on the Psn? 19.99 seems too much in my opinion for such an old game (i use to own it when i had a 1k psp, but now since i have a go i really want it on my psp)

  • please answer me

    is australia getting this bundle 2 i hope so
    if not do u have any information of how r we getting it over here in Australia

  • if you buy the digital download version of god of war ghost of sparta will you also get the kick ass movie for the psp go and also get the deimos skin for god of war III for the ps3?

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