Patch Alert: MAG 2.0 with PlayStation Move

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The big day is here! The MAG 2.0 patch is now available with PlayStation Move support!

There is so much new content in MAG 2.0 that telling you how important or huge this is for the game, its fans, and for us seems unnecessary. Take one look at the changes listed here and you’ll understand why we’re calling this MAG 2.0.

Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

PlayStation Move support, an increased level cap, our revamped skill tree, the new economy system, and our highly-demanded clan deploy feature are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many fantastic new or improved items in MAG 2.0 it’s almost like a whole new game! Check out the patch notes on the MAG Blog to find the full list of updates.

A big thanks to all of you who have helped us get to this point with your support, your suggestions, and your mad Beta testing skills. We hope you have as much fun playing MAG 2.0 as we did making it.

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6 Author Replies

  • Gotta love playstation move support!! Bad thing i stopped playing this game, but will give it a try with move!!

  • I’ll never own mag. And 95% likely socom 4 either.

  • ya right for sure getting socom 4!! i love zippers work!!

  • just got done downloading it sweeeettt

  • Awesome, heading right on over to the PS3 and downloading the update now. I bet I’ll be using the Move more than the regular controller when playing MAG from now on.

  • I think I’ll buy it. I really hope Move works well, since thats a huge selling point for me.

  • Awesome, I wonder how it will perform with the Move. I’m rubbish enough with the controller!

  • Dose this mean we can delete the Beta content?

    • We’ll be using the beta again one day, so I’d say hang onto the MAG Beta if you want to help us with future tests.

      If you need the extra space on your HDD, though, the beta is still on the PS Store, so you could always get it again that way.

  • @DANO69 – So why bother commenting? You don’t even mention why you wouldn’t own either of these games, all you have is a snarky post.

    I stopped playing MAG because the controller sensitivity’s too low… I wind up being terrible at other games after playing MAG for any length of time. I’ll fire it up and see if there’s anything I can’t live without trying, but if the controller sensitivity maximum isn’t raised I probably won’t play it too long. :(

  • Nice, I’ll go start the update now.

    I hope we get more FPS (and TPS) games supporting Move…

    And that Auditorium game looks perfect for Move support.

  • FInally, the new update is here!!!

  • I stopped playing after I hit 60, but with the new skill tree and move support, plus new modes to try out, it is going to be fun to play through again.

  • Awesome, I’ve been anticipating this patch for a while now between playing MAG and listening to Zipline. Hopefully this doesn’t bring back the crowd that thought this was Call of Duty though. Brings down the experience astronomically. I’ll be sure to jump on MAG tonight after my Move controller has finished charging and I’ve completed some errands.

  • I probably will pick this up now. Move controls really interest me, and the price drop is just the incentive i need. Can’t wait to get it!


  • Can’t wait to hear if the changes move MAG out of it’s “Why bother with guns, KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE” phase… I sure hope so. I miss playing.

  • Nice :) Can’t wait to give it a try after work. Been wanting to try it with the PS Move.

  • infinity ward take note this is how you support a game..

  • EVERY Game company needs to take not that THIS IS HOW TO SUPPORT YOUR GAMES

  • This has officially made me put MAG back into my PS3 and get back into an online shooter on console.

    MAG will hold me off until SOCOM 4!

  • *not supposed to be Note….typo

  • Awesome! will there be new trophies? like for hitting lvl 70?

  • How many new maps?

  • When launch the patch for non PS+ users to turn High Velocity Bowling compatible with Playstation Move?

  • Wow, nice update. I have yet to try MAG out, so after reading this news I just hopped on ebay and bought myself a copy for only $15. I am really curious to see how Move will work with a FPS.

  • Man I haven’t played MAG in ages, not sure why,senseless booting that happens when playing, that and an auto boot for team killers, last time I played it tho, it wasn’t as fun as when I had originally bought the game and played it. Maybe when the game release gets slow again I’ll pick it up and start playing it again.

  • Well, I know what I’ll be playing this weekend.

  • This is awesome, I’m glad you’re supporting MAG like this, it really deserves it. I can’t wait to get back in with the Move!

  • Is the patch working? It doesn’t work for me right now….must be more sever issues.

  • im having a hard time trying to mastering the game with MOVE but im loving the challenge lol

  • I really hope there is a sensitivity setting for the move controller…

  • I wanna buy this game now, but I wanna know how the game handles with MOVE support.
    I didn’t see anything other than it saying something along the lines of, “MAG now has fully functioning MOVE support”

    I want to know if the bounding box can be tightened and if the turning speeds can be sped up. The MOVE is all about precision, so I’d like that to be demonstrated. That or any other information, a video maybe, would be great. Thanks

    This might be what I need to convince me to buy a MOVE controller. And MAG.

  • I might just pick this one up. I’m torn between this one and RE5 Gold.

    I’m sitting at home now looking at my shiny Move controller, and I think I’ve finally figured out why Sony are so confident in this accessory…

    It works for so many game genres, and it can potentially replace a whole load of other accessories. One controller can be a light gun, a sword, and, as I just found out from the Beat Sketchers demo, an amazingly accurate paint brush.

    Has anyone tried Move in MAG yet? How is the pointer speed and accuracy? The brush in Beat Sketcher so accurate that I have better handwriting in this game than in real life :D I hope MAG is as good.

  • Sweet, I was in the beta, I’m glad the day is finally here, thanks Zipper!!! 8)

  • Did anyone tried this new update yet? How are the Move controls working? thanks!

  • So does the Greatest Hits version already have the 2.0 patch on it? I don’t want to get it they download several big ass patches before I can even play.
    please clear this up, thanks.

  • Move controls work great! They’re a little awkward at first, but the accuracy is amazing and once you get it down it really breathes new life into the game. Almost feels like I’m playing with a mouse and keyboard which is a win in my book!

  • I’ve been playing with the Move and it’s fun. The one thing I notice (and there may be a way to change this setting) is that you have to point toward the sides of the screen to look. In other words, the cross-hairs are not always in the center of the screen as they are with the analogue stick.

    But it’s fun. Has anyone played RUSE yet with the move? I hope Civ 5 comes out on PS3.

  • YES! Ive been waiting for you! This update has massive improvements. Cant wait to check it out.

  • Slow slow download. Might be my connection though. Lost connection to PS network twice already. One hour 30%. Should be worth it.

  • give up on it already

  • WoW all that stuff and you guys could not add the ablity to turn off the H.U.D?
    Or at least make it transparant. MAJOR FAIL! I didn’t buy this game because you can’t
    Turn off the h.u.d. and when I heard about move support and a new big patch I thought
    Hey I’ll pick this up .. If you added the abilty to turn off the H.U.D. thanks for saving me cash!

  • This is a question to Jeremy, is there an estimated release date for this update?

  • I love you, Zipper and MAG! :D MAG all the way, baby!

  • @43, you can turn a portion of it off by holding down on the Select button…

  • No good I want it all off is it really that hard zipper to patch that in?

  • Nice! Donwloading it now, my purchase playstation move and i will definetly toy around with the new features!

  • So glad you guys have continued to support MAG even though it isn’t subscription or anything.
    Are there any plans to patch in the ability to shoot through certain walls? Is there a hardcore mode that will let you fall an opponent with 1-2 shots instead of 5-6? I don’t understand how you can be killed instantly with a dagger when everyone can endure so many gunshots… but I am barely level 6 so maybe that changes.

    • MAG 2.0 has changed the damage values for a lot of things, including the knife — there are also other factors, like armor, health, and what skills you have equipped that modify how quickly someone is taken out (particularly with the 2.0 update

      So if you’re talking about pre-2.0, see above.
      If you mean post-2.0, you have a lot to unlock, mess around with


  • Thank you so much Zipper guys/gals for your continued support of MAG this is my GOTY by far. I’ve logged 500+ hrs so far and it never gets old and with every update the game just keeps getting better and better. I hope you guys offer Interdiction to Plus members at a discount or something because nobody plays it any more and I really enjoy that game type… Again THANK YOU SOO MUCH ZIPPER KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! :)

  • @44 THIS UPDATE IS LIVE…. NOW!!!! :D

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