About a Blob: Co-op Play, PSN Exclusivity Details

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Hello delicious humans! We appreciated the positive response to our last entry at PlayStation.Blog about Tales from Space: About a Blob. Since then, we’ve been working hard on the game’s levels, bosses and powers.

Tales from Space: About a Blob for PS3 Tales from Space: About a Blob for PS3

If you don’t already know, in Tales from Space: About a Blob you take on the role of a tiny space blob that lands on Earth. What’s special about this particular creature is that he can eat anything smaller than him, which in turn allows him to grow. As the blob grows he can eat larger and larger objects. The player’s goal is to find their way through all the levels and eventually eat the world.

Tales from Space: About a Blob for PS3

We recently came back from the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) where lots of people got a chance to play the game for the first time. The feedback was great, and we were extremely happy to see friends and couples have so much fun playing together in co-op. In Tales from Space: About a Blob, two players can play simultaneously and interact by climbing or jumping off one another. Although the goal is for the blobs to work together, players can choose to attack or push each other around if they want, and can compete to see which player is better at destroying the world. Around the office, people usually ping-pong back and forth between working together to solve puzzles, then messing each other up near obstacles or enemies.

Many people asked us which platforms the game will be coming out on. At that time we couldn’t really say, but we’re finally able to announce that Tales from Space: About a Blob is part of the SCEA Pub Fund program. This means Tales from Space: About a Blob will be a PSN exclusive.

Tales from Space: About a Blob for PS3 Tales from Space: About a Blob for PS3

DrinkBox Studios is a small independent company. When we started two years ago we three founders opened a bank account, pooled a little money, and hoped for the best. We’re still in our early days, and there’s no safety net. While it’s great to be able to control your own destiny, it can also be terrifying to look into the future and wonder how you’re going to keep the lights on.

Unlike most publishing deals, the SCEA Pub Fund lets us keep ownership of our game. It has provided us with invaluable input and feedback from Sony. Best of all it has let us plan for the future with confidence.

We’re extremely grateful for all the support from Sony, and we’re excited to finally be closing in on the end of the project.

Tales from Space: About a Blob for PS3

Right now we expect the game to be available early in the new year, and DLC is planned to follow some time shortly thereafter. Over the next few months we’ll release more details about the levels, power-ups, and bosses in the game. If you’re interested, we invite you to follow the game on our development blog at http://www.aboutablob.com/.

Thanks for reading!

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  • Awesome. I love supporting the small devs, so you can count on a purchase from me.

  • Looks interesting, im keeping an eye on it

  • The game is looking great and I will buy it on day one. But if you guys could give us more details on what the Pub Fund is and how it benefits both Sony and the developer, I’d love to hear more.

  • OH yah baby. Me and my kids are gonna have a blast with this one. IF it doesn’t suck that is.

  • Small independent company? Yep, you guys get my support

  • Will there be a DEMO of this game? If the game is any good I will support DrinkBox Studios the small independent company. But sadly I must put this in. If I don’t enjoy the DEMO then I will have to pass on this game. This doesn’t mean I will not support future games from you guys. SORRY …..

  • Sweet, like others before me. Day one go small companies we need more of them.

  • Looks like a cute 2d katamari, but with its own unique style, and Co-op. I hope to try this one out~

  • Tried this at PAX where I played in co-op with one of the designers. This is a FANTASTIC game. Great fun, great graphics. I’m glad Sony knows how to spot a hidden gem, because if Microsoft passed this up, they’re nuts! Day 1 purchase!

  • Your opening line made me laugh hard. :)

  • I know for a fact that the Pub Fund plan lets the developer choose the pricepoint of the product so I’ll be interested in how much you guys end up charging for this.

    I intend to hold out for a demo (And sincerely hope you guys have one) but this looks like a genuinely fun game to play with my girlfriend.

    Look forward to hearing more about the game in the future. Thanks for one of the more interesting updates to the PSN blog lately.

  • Glad to hear more of this game.
    I remember reading about (E3? And GameInformer)

    Love that first pic of the news reporter

  • I’d enjoyed reading your previous blog post (and informative replies to questions and comments). It’s good to hear that the Pub Fund system SCEA set up last year helped you out. Will the title support PS3 features like video recording? If I remember correctly, it’s local co-op only, although I hope that you’ve been able to add online co-op.

    I look forward to reading more about the levels and power-ups in your upcoming posts.

    By the way, be sure to check into making use of Home during the marketing push for the game with possible events, a game space, trailers, posters and/or virtual items. Having Home unlockable reward items from playing the game would really be great.

    • Sorry to tell you we are not planning support for video recording, and co-op will be local only.

      As for Home however, you can definitely expect some unlockable Reward Items plus other Home content sometime after we launch.

  • I’ll also offer that the art style of the game is really nice. If possible I’d say you should try to get your own theme (or even Dynamic Theme) made.

    What with being a PSN exclusive and all it would be nice to be able to “fly your colors” if the game is any good. Even something simple like a couple blobs chasing cows back and forth across the screen would be awesome as a dynamic.

    Actually. You should just hire me and I’ll make it myself. >.>; Heh.

  • I love the artwork and the design!

    Oh, and yeah, some sort of Dynamic Theme would be amazing also because the graphics are awesome!

  • Gotta support my fellow Torontonians.

    Day 1!

  • is this a mini?

  • Doesn’t look like one.

  • Can’t wait to see more of it in action. Also to get my hands on it.

  • Looks really cool. Good art style.
    I’m intrigued.

  • Glad to see you’ve stopped by, Mr. Harvey. Got anything interesting details about the game for us? Anything at all you can share?

  • The game looks good, I can’t wait to get my hands on the demo!

  • I’ll buy it, just so that you guys could get rich =P

  • This game looks great, I hope that it releases pretty soon, i’m definitely getting it.

  • Can’t wait to see more!

  • Looks interesting, I wish there was a trailer or gameplay video in the post though.

  • Thanks for answering my question.

    Great news about Home. I can’t wait to see what you have planned.

    By the way, for those asking about a trailer, take a look at the previous blog post on this game (linked in the second sentence). The trailer is there, as are a lot of other details about the game!

  • looks very interesting

  • Once again, you guys have impressed me. Gotta support the fellow Canadian dev’s. Not to mention ones that are working to keep the the game they have created their own. I commend you for going the high-route and publishing the game yourself.



  • I am intrigued, will be keeping a close on this. Thanks I love these quirky type games.

  • How… did I miss your last post? I watch this blog like a hawk with nightvision goggles… Anyway, sounds good to me. Like Katamari+LocoRoco+Shinobi III (my favorite action-sidescroller). Add in co-op, puzzles and an indie dev and you can count me in too. ^^

  • This actually sounds pretty awesome. Somewhat Katamari-ish. Consume things smaller to get bigger. In turn allowing you to consume larger objects. I Like It!

  • Looks like a great game. I am interested in the co-op.

  • LOL when i first read “SCEA Pub Fund” i thought REALLY ??? they set aside money for use at the bar ? LOL good to see indies ! WELCOME .

  • Thanks for being exclusive! Guaranteed day one purchase on my part. I wish you great success!

  • OMG cant wait Im buying my PS3 for this game (and Gran Turismo) btw anything thats from Canadian Devs is good ;)

  • Local co-op only?! Noooooooooooooo

    Would have been a sure buy if it had online co-op.

  • The game looks fun, i am a fan of buying small games like this because they are mostly 2 player or even 4 like castle crashers so when you have visit in home you can have a lot of fun. I will look at this game, look like is going to be fun.

  • custom soundtracks? Thank you, game looks promising.

  • yay!
    somethin ms hasnt got! =D

  • I really can’t wait to try the demo.

    If it controls smoothly and feels fun to move around – and has some unique or clever challenges (and costs no more than 10 bucks) then expect me to pick this up – sounds like my kind of game. :)

    Go Canada! :D

  • Sounds awesome. Will look forward to a demo.

  • I’m sold =] Looks great!

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