This Week in Home: Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, Contra, Scion Event & More!

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This week brings yet another exciting event to PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza. Scion’s “Take on the Machine” activity pits man against steel in a race (or shall we say “chase”) across plaza where players pursue a fleet of 2011 Scion tCs. The fastest and most agile players will unlock exclusive rewards and earn their place amongst the PlayStation Home elite. Log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday, September 30th to join the challenge and then head to for additional information on the all new Scion tC and to find a dealer near you.

PlayStation Home: Scion Homebillboard

Konami dives into PlayStation Home this week with both Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Contra gear for your avatar. Dress up as Lance Bean and Bill Rizer of Contra fame as well as Gabriel Belmont from the upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PS3 game. Be sure to check out these new items, available from the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday, September 30th.

PlayStation Home: Contra Costume

PlayStation Home: Castlevania Costume

The Sodium store receives an update this week specifically for the ladies of PlayStation Home. Check out some the hot items that will be on the shelves come Thursday morning.

PlayStation Home: Crop Tops Large SCEE

Attn: LocoRoco fanatics. We have Yokke hats (pictured below) and other furniture items, available from the Threads and Furniture stores in the PlayStation Home Mall!

PlayStation Home: yokke

Also available this week from the Furniture store in the PlayStation Home Mall is Shandor, the all-knowing, the all-seeing. This fortune telling-mini game is the newest addition to our line of personal games. Toss coins into the mouth of Shandor and, if you are successful, he will peer into his crystal ball (or maybe it’s just a magic 8-ball?) and tell you the future.

The mega-popular PlayStation Home Community Theater receives yet another update this week, with a new episode of the legendary GamerIndepth videocast. Narde15 – Executive Editor of GamerIndepth – had this to say about their newest addition to the PlayStation Home Community Theater.

“Hey everybody – be sure to log into PlayStation Home this Thursday to check out our second episode of GamerIndepth’s ‘ShoutOuts.’ The week we have a short, informative conversation on Mass Media (and all of the hot items and spaces they are responsible for) as well as an interview with Director_On_Duty from PSTalent, who tells us about how he got started and what his future plans are as far as PlayStation Home is concerned. Plus everyone that catches this week’s episode will be rewarded with an awesome GamerIndepth t-shirt!”

See you in Home!

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  • A Wicked update… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • Nooo…. an event while I’ve got YLoD…. Care to tell us how long the event will last?

    • This event will be available over multiple weeks, though at one week increments (we will have it live for one week, then take it down for some time, and then reintroduce it later).

  • Nice! Any news on the trophy room?

  • When do we get to stream music and video from our HDD into our personal space? Where’s that update?

  • So, no Belmont costumes for female avatars? Only male?

  • Oh, also, what’s up with Heavy Rain rewards/event…??? Still working on that? Or was it already fixed?

  • cool update . will the scoin thing be similar to the thanks giving event? and what type of prizes can we expect? and the last thing, can you allow us to put items in the salt shooter game personal space? I have loads of sodium items including the telepads but cant place the in the proper themed personal space.

  • Hmmm…. Ill be right back, im off to buy me a Scion… WAIT, WHAT!?!?! My credit score is to low, [DELETED].

  • Contra huh? Does that mean that Hard Corps is coming soon?

  • How about a section in Home store for free items. A section just called “Free”.

  • I Fixed My YLOD Tues & I’m Ready For The Update !!!! Damn I’m Good.

  • I have a big question. Will we ever be able to put more than 2 “active” items in our personal spaces? I really want to be able to have my poker table, pool table, playground boom box & sneak attack together in 1 space. I love the new items that come out, but this limitation is getting quite annoying. Also, will we ever be able to stream movies in the clubhouses like Sony has said we will be able to?

  • How about the Heavy Rain video and reward you said was coming last week.

  • Oh, what a pleasant update. A wild-goose chase in the Central Plaza and all these funky new clothing items, while succintly sidestepping the issue of the promised Heavy Rain item and trailer in the Home Theatre. Won’t see another red cent from me tomorrow, that’s for sure.

  • ehm, the girl with the top seems a bit strange…

  • Awesome update guys, but no mention of Halloween stuff to kick off October. Was really looking forward to it.

  • Omg Omg nice nice nice! looking forward for the second gamerindepht shoutouts! lockwood tops…..awesome a bellybutton piercing! yes!
    wisphers.. heavy rain hhm? people keep on asking me to about it.;)
    but anyway;
    thank you Locust_star for again another great update!
    Greetings eve

  • Not a bad update, will be looking forward to the Scion event in Central Plaza.

    Might I ask, what’s the current situation with the Heavy Rain trailer from last week? Will that finally be added this week?

  • @gman Well, what about a blue cent, or a yellow cent? Or maybe a cent from one of the non-primary colors? lol But yeah, let’s get serious here. Where’s the Heavy Rain content, Loc??? And for a blast from the past, whatever happened to the whole “we’re gonna keep lines of communication open with our users” rigamarole??? We give you TONS of ideas, through comments to your blog posts, the blog share, not to mention the forums, and the most we as a community get in return is, “oh, by the way, this is what y’all won’t be getting tomorrow, sorry bout that, yeah…”, or “hunh, doesn’t work? well, we’ll look into that…” Many of us spend our money on HOME (which we DO have to earn, it’s not just handed out like government cheese), and if we can’t get the interaction with the HOME crew about things we’d REALLY like to see, you’re making us wonder why we should even bother. Okay, maybe that’s my own opinion, but I’m willing to bet there are others who feel the same…

  • I hope one of the rewards is going to be a SCION to drive around in. My legs will be tired from all of that running around the CP.

    More FREE ITEMS in the mall would be a nice new addition.

  • *sigh* yet another week of no new IREM stuff. I am lovin the new lockwood stuff though and im still waiting on LONG hair styles for us girls not all of us have short or shoulder length hair u know

  • Hmmmmm…. <..>

  • Thanks Locust, Glass and the rest of the HomeTeam for this Awesome Opportunity. And thank you guys in the community for your support!

  • How long will the Scion event be available? My PS3 broke and it’ll be about a week until I get a new one.

  • This is the “OK” update but ar we going to get the Capcom Sky Lounge? (And so as the Irem stuff?)

  • SWEET! what’s the werd on halloween? can you give us a time frame? must set aside funds for stuffs!! :)

  • Guess we will have to see how much of what has been announced THIS week will actually make it into Home. Thanks for keeping everyone posted on what happened with the Heavy Rain content from LAST week. Why dont you get someone on board who cares enough about the community to follow-through with communication!!

  • kewl to see this Scion Event at the Central Plaza, kinda reminds me of when when we were all chasing turkeys all around CP last Novemeber, also props on the additions on the Contra Outfits and the female Lockwood tops/belly piercings

  • Hey Locust and Glass. I just wanted to say thank you for listening to some of my suggestions on the message boards for Castlevania on Playstation Home. The Contra Costumes are a nice extra and the icing on the cake. Thanks for talking to Konami and getting the developers to make these new items happen. I’ll be sure to buy all three costumes tomorrow.

  • Plus members should have the ability to kill people in Home

  • @ forgivemyaim: LOL

  • Are the Contra and Castlevania costumes available for female avatars? feeling is that every male version should have a female version, just like we had for the Assassin’s Creed costume, the Predator and Aliens costumes, and so on. :-)

  • i agree wheres the stream videos and music in our personal spaces? home keeps trying new things with that idea, like the lococ roco place with the big screen and the jukebox and the playground boombox. but where and when is the update to be able to stream videos on our nice ac2 vendetta tv?? and play our own music for everyone to hear.

  • Gabriel looks awesome, are we getting The Last Airbender costumes too? Locust can you repeat the Star Trek movie rental offer but do it for Last Airbender and offer renters the shirt and the 4 flags from EU? 7 weeks to go ;)

  • Heres an idea: LittleBigPlanet Comic! : D

  • Eh..I’ll see what’s up next week.

  • Meh. Wake me up when we get a item increase for our personal spaces. This is a good content update but it’s not important to someone like me who already has plenty of home content.

  • They’ll make classic Contra dudes but not classic Castlevania dudes? I mean, there’s even a lady Belmont – there could have been a female costume in there.

  • what about the guys who buy castlevania like the limited edition could we get some type of code or something to get the belmont suit for free? :D

  • ahh cool! looking forward to some new gear to wear and chase a car in cp? did i read that right? lol wtg locust star

  • Are they going to make a new installment of Contra for the PS3?!

  • The title says “Lord of Shadows” when it should be “Lords of Shadow”. Either way, I’m looking forward to the game.

  • Thanks for the awesome costumes. I’m definitely diggin the contra costumes.:D

  • AAHH!! I have been missing so much on PSHome! I havent been on it in a while cuz games like uncharted 2 are to addicting. but im sure you guys have done a great job with Home. :)

  • i’m still gettin error code 8071053D, cannot do anything on PSN, i left this on various post and cannot get an answer, please do something or tell me what to do,

  • Update looks pretty good. Any chance we can get in that one LBP Playground space part that is undercontruction?

    Also, it would be cool if PS Plus could get a few PS Plus shirts and hats. :)

  • @29

    Locust, definitely echo off my thanks to Hideo Kojima, the Developers at Mercury Steam and the folks at Konami as well as anyone else who was involved. I’ve been playing Castlevania across various platforms since 1988 (I was 8 years old back then) and I am a huge fan of the series overall. Any kind of swag and fanfare I can get for this series, I appreciate greatly. Its good to see that Konami is finally on board with Playstation Home. And seeing that they decided to give us Contra costumes as well, maybe this will lead to other franchises in Home as well (Metal Gear and Gradius anyone?) Once again, thanks for making an old longtime fan happy.

  • I am getting FED UP with all the Male Only stuff!

    After weeks of absolutely nothing for girls, and a lot of us started to complain, what do they give us? A handbag…that costs 5 dollars! Gee thanks. Meanwhile, guys are getting five or six cool creature and game costumes every week. Seriously, there`s been several female characters in the Castlevania series, and they couldn`t give us ONE? Sodium and Lockwood are the only ones who seem to care, its not even worth checking out the other stores anymore, unless you like the pain of being left out.

    PLEASE stop ignoring us, and give girls cool Halloween costumes this year. I`m talking a cool werewolf costume, with a long muzzle. I`ve been asking for weeks!

  • yeah HOME DEVs you gotta look out for the HOME GIRLS…its reall not fare to them..and the less girls there are on HOME the less males and the less males and girls then there will be less money and i know thats not going to look good when your boss sees the chart :/

  • Better yet maybe see if activision updates their guitar hero area for warriors of rock with some of the female characters XD

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