Body-On With ‘Kung-Fu LIVE’ Across the World

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Hello out there! This is Teemu Maki-Patola from Virtual Air Guitar Company back to give you a quick update on all of our latest happenings over the last month. And what a month it’s been! For those of you that missed it, we gave not one, but TWO huge body-on sneak peeks for Kung-Fu LIVE at some of the biggest gaming events in the world. We went to gamescom and PAX Prime to let thousands of players on both sides of the pond step into the action of our game for the first time. We were able to meet up with our fellow ninjas Jeff ‘Air’ Rubenstein and Rey ‘The Fury’ Gutierrez at PAX to get them jumping, kicking, and firing lightning bolts at baddies like never before.

Both shows were a tremendous success for us. With thousands of fans getting a chance to see the game in person, we literally had to use a ‘ticket wheel’ system where players would take a number and wait for over an hour to be among the first to play the game for just three minutes! We apologize for the long wait, but we simply cannot thank everyone enough for sticking around to kick some ass and tell their friends about the game. Some were even excited enough to finish playing, then take another number and do it all over again!

Kung-Fu Live: Cosplayers Kung-Fu Live: Cosplayers

It’s one thing to dress up as your favorite video game character, but it’s another thing to literally BE your favorite video game character inside of a video game. No, costumes aren’t required to play the game at all, but like we always say, they can DEFINITELY add some more fun to the experience. With avatar-free gameplay, you aren’t controlling characters that look like a ‘cute’ version of you – it literally IS YOU inside of the game!

With true 1:1 control of the moves of your in-game version and the ability for the camera to track your skeleton’s every movement, players can have fun ‘unlocking’ a limitless number of characters by letting their imaginations run wild. Some of our highlights, besides ‘Ghost’ from Call of Duty and ‘Jak’ from Jak and Daxter can be seen below, as well as on our Facebook photos page. PLENTY more to see there! Plus, don’t miss a full round-up of game play videos on our own website.

Kung-Fu Live: Rey The Fury Kung-Fu Live: Jeff Air Rubenstein

Ultimately, we just want to thank everyone again SO much for coming out to say Hi to us and for checking out our game. We’re still a small, independent studio here in Finland, and seeing so many of you get excited about our game is what’s helped us so much over the last few weeks as we rapidly approach the finish line. We’re still on track to be launching later this fall, and as soon as we have a launch date for PlayStation Network, we’ll be sure to let you all know as soon as we can.

Kung-Fu Live: Cosplayers Kung-Fu Live: Cosplayers

Until that happens, please be sure to ‘Like’ us on our Facebook page, suggest us to your friends, and stay tuned right here to the PlayStation.Blog for more exclusive updates. With any luck, we’ll soon have more to share on our unique four-on-one multiplayer system very soon. Until then, thanks again for watching!

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  • How many people got punched while playing this game? lol Looks awesome

    • Hey Jetup,
      perhaps a little surprisingly none so far, although a couple thousand people have played across all events. Couple mild stumblings with the wall behind and a few have lost their balance and found themselves from the floor but that’s about it.

  • I love your name Teemu Maki-Patola

    I hope you registered that as your PSN ID

  • From the first time any news spilled about this project I have been looking intently towards its release! Still waiting on this game. This should be some fun to play with friends. PSHHH what’s Kinect?

  • Look really good. I can’t wait to play around with all this motion stuff when I get stuff like KillZone 3 and 2K11.

  • Wow, this is a slap in the face for kinect…

  • how can i get that ratchet and clank tshirt Jeff?

  • lol oh man Jeff makes every game look dope….must have

  • This game is just too ridiculous to not get! Jeff looked really focused when he was playing, lol.

    Hopefully Virtual Air Guitar Company keeps supporting the PS3 with more games, it seems like they could do some pretty awesome stuff with the move! (I’d encourage this if I were you Sony)

    • Thanks Letherclad! That’s right! We certainly hope to be doing much more in the future and are currently inspecting the integration of Move sticks with our full-body tracking tech. It shows promise of a wide variety of new experiences.

  • Just awesome!!!!

    I can’t wait to try this game.

  • I can’t wait to watch my four-year-old play this game. It’s going to be awesome. It looks like I’ll have fun playing, too. :)

  • Really looking forward to the inevitable YouTube replays. Each one would be different and interesting…

  • So there’s no controllers at all, except maybe during set up…is that accurate? Sweet. Does it side-scroll or are you stationary? It’s like magic, Dude!! Hands-free FTW!!!

    • Hey Marlyt!
      Yep, no controllers. You are free to make even sommersaults if you are up to it.

      It side scrolls and you can move in the game world quite a bit as you can see from some of the videos on our home page: (see e.g. the PlayBash interview with fighting with a giant gameplay).

      You can make assisted flips which work well for platforming. You have a special distance attack that launches you some 30 to 45 feet forwards. Each kick and punch moves you along them and you normal moves are exaggerated so you can quickly cover 30 feet sideways just by moving 4 in your living room. In the later levels you can even fly by spreading your arms as wings.

  • said it on FB, will repeat it here as well – stop teasing me, give me the game already! I love how you guys are doing what Kinect is all about with PS Eye. You should get statues made just for that simple fact.

    Aside form that – I loved Kinetic Combat a LOT and this looks much more fun.

    • Hey Stepanek1! Many thanks for the support!

      Yeah, we are working long days to finnish the game. Only the final submission remains. All other phases are already behind. Shouldn’t be long now.

  • lol so basically the kinect just copied the playstation eye hahaha take that microsoft!

  • Cannot wait for this game. It is THE definitive PS-Eye game for sure. I hope it is as fun as it looks :D

  • Wow $40.00 for a PS3 Cam or $150.00 for a Kinect.
    Tough choice, how will I ever decide…

  • Game is looking good. I do have some skeptisicm though.
    I notice all the people playing are wearing dark colors over a white background. (for better tracking?) Watching the video it seems as if the white background is tearing into the game around the player is some spots.
    Also the white shoes look to be transparent at times against the white background.
    The biggest problem I see is the fact that this is a PSN title, how are we supposed to get those cool headbands? If it was disc based you could package them with the game.
    Anyway, despite my skeptisicm, I am excited for this game, it looks to be quite fun.

    @Sony, the PSeye in my opinion is still kinda weak, we need an HD quality camera now since you’ll be utilizing it more. My eyepet is all HD but the world it lives in is pixelated blurry incomparison.

    • Hi Vex,
      the more you stand out from the background the better. But not just by color – surface texture & movement play a big role as well. We had several people playing in white shirts and that worked out ok too. The tearing comes e.g. from flash lights interfering with the background adaptation but is cleaned again once you move some.

      The headbands are indeed a problem to pack into bytes. Maybe we should layer virtual ones on you in the game. :)

      (Double info below as I seemed to put as a normal comment although I meant to reply)

  • Everybody body wants Kung-Fu fighting babababababaaaaaaa……

  • so you guys hoping for a holiday release? will you able to use the Playstation Move for weapons like a sword or a broom stick?

    • Yep.
      You can use Move in the same way that you can use a real broom stick. It scans into the game to a certain length and can be used for hitting your enemies but there is no “real” Move support, clean punches and kicks and freedom of moving fast and furiously.

  • Hi Vex,
    the more you stand out from the background the better. But not just by color – surface texture & movement play a big role as well. We had several people playing in white shirts and that worked out ok too. The tearing comes e.g. from flash lights interfering with the background adaptation but is cleaned again once you move some.

    The headbands are indeed a problem to pack into bytes. Maybe we should layer virtual ones on you in the game. :)

  • Thankyou for double info comment lol. I appreciate the information. I’ve been watching this closesly since you first announced it on the blog. Its definatley a must buy for me, it looks too fun to pass up.

  • Had one more question and its not about gameplay. The comic book sections. Will we be able to put those on the HDD? I want my nephew to play, then later on print him out the comic book where he’s the star. He’d love that, take it and show his friends that he’s in a comic.
    Will the comic be a full story or only snippets of what’s going on? Full story would be epic.

    • Yep, you will be able to export the comic book pages with your nephew in onto the photos folder of your PS3. From there you can get them onto a memory stick or even print directly from the PS3.

      As you play the story mode through, the story sections form a full comic book story starring you as the lead.

  • ‘You are the Controller’ LOL

  • @16
    I just realized that too. The Eye has been out since the PS2 era. Sony is really ahead of Microsoft when it comes to technology.

  • I hope i dont accidently kung fu kick my mum in the face.

  • Thanks Teemu Mäki-Patola for all the info. Looking foward to the date of release. Hope its before x-mas.
    Overlayed headbands not as cool as real headbands. You should look into a form of distrabution for those. I know I’ll try to get one.

    • Thanks Vex!
      Should certainly be out before x-mass unless something goes wrong big time.

      We gave away over 2000 head bands at Gamescom and PAX. It would be nice to be able to distribute with the game as they are bad ass & cool, but that would be quite a different ballgame. But check out our Facebook page for possible competitions and campaigns, we may give out more in the future.

  • At the :35 second mark he comments that this is the first controller free fighting experience on any console…um no.

    PS2 and PS EyeToy did this years ago with Sega Superstars: Virtua Fighter.

    Honor thy history.


    • True, I wouldn’t have said that.
      Yet I have to say that SSVF was based on a much simpler tech/approach. It basically tracked only changing pixels on certain areas (the blocking areas and the enemy itself). No skeleton tracking, no moving relative to the enemies (more than you fit in the camera), no background removal etc. But for that tech it was a nice design.

  • I Want A High Def Playstation Eye With A Built In Flash.

  • Wow, this really is a slap in the face to that other console. Hey look we can do this with our old PSEye! Ouch. Anywho the tech behind this is amazing.

    Not sure I’ll be getting this particular game as I have a wee little spinal injury that could act up with jerky movements but it looks like great fun. I’d love to see what else can be done with this kind of motion tracking. Between this and the Move there seems to be a lot of opportunity that has not yet been tapped. I’m waiting till next year to pick up the Move.

  • now we know what jeff does when he goes to japan XD
    seriously now, the game looks pretty cool and it was about time that the playstation eye would get more support like this…

    one question whats the ideal distance that someone should be when playing this game?

    • Hi Perrandy,
      for a full experience an adult (6 feet tall) needs to be about 8 feet away from the camera. If you are tight for space, you can clip some of your feet out of the image and come closer. Where as a child can be much closer and still fit fully inside the camera’s view.

  • Sweet, sounds like a pretty kick ass game, can’t wait to get it!

  • Thanks for all the great comments!
    I’ll go to sleep now as its already after midnight here in Finland. I’ll check if there are more questions again tomorrow morning.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Thanks for the fast reply and info, Teemu.

  • Makes Kinect look worthless O.o

  • I agree that their needs to be an Updated version of the Eye… I would be willing to lay another $30 down- or however much it costs if it meant for a better image. I also think that having a better image might allow better tracking via the camera- then again that might just be wishful thinking.

    Anyway, about the game- it looks totally great and definitely going to be looking at getting this. It’s pretty sweet… keep up the great works guys, you have really shown promise with the technology and I love the support… maybe this “motion controlled audience” still has some interest left in them for companies to be producing this type of innovative gaming… I’m loving it!

  • It looks very fun!

  • Game looks like a blast! I like the marketing for it so far, nothing is talking itself too seriously. A great marketing strategy for this is having people play this public, public demonstrations, at the mall, etc etc. Seeing someone play this game will attract a crowd.

  • If this is disc-based game it should include cardboard ninja starts to flash to the Eye and then throw at opponents (the same types of cards that EyePet was originally set to use). It’s great that this isn’t just thrown together…the comic book angle looks like fun!

  • Cool! When I play this someone it gunna get kicked!! lol JK I’ll play safe. Does this game work under low-light conditions? At night my PSEye has a bunch of blue dots and makes games with the PSEye harder to see to me.

    • The more light you have, the better. However, the PSEye is one of the best cameras on low light conditions. We have tested the game on many livingrooms and everything has been playable.

      The game works for instance in our test room with lights off and only outside light coming through the closed curtains. Perceptually that situation looks quite dark and still the camera can be calibrated to see ok. If you have limited light you can improve the situation by using clothes that stand out well from the background.

  • Finally some press about this GAME!!!! THIS GAME ROCKS AND I cant wait for a release date! Trust me Sony should Buy Air Guitar Company as soon as POSSIBLE! Vote for my suggestion in blog share so that this screen technology can be used in other ways like First person shooters with multiplayer… the posssibilities are ENDLESS!!!

  • I think we definitely have a winner here, folks.

  • I watched a kid play this game at PAX and it looked like he had the time of his life. I was already convinced by your trailers before seeing it in person. Like I said before, day one download! Keep up the good work Virtual Air Guitar.

  • @Teemu Mäki-Patola

    Your replies here have been great. Will the game have built-in Facebook integration, so that we can directly upload to our FB pages?

    Sony mentioned tighter Facebook integration coming on PSN, and this game would be the perfect candidate.

    Anyway, I hope you have a release before Christmas, and get the hype and sales that you deserve. The game looks great so far

    • Thanks pitythefool852!
      Unfortunately we didn’t have time & resources for FB integration. You can get the comic pages out as photos but there is no direct support for posting to FB. We’ll see what happens in the future.

  • just imagine da online play =D

  • My grandparents often said “its all fun & games until someone loses an eye”. I never took them seriously until I saw this LOL.

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