ModNation Monday: Gran Turismo Creator Takes a Test Drive!

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ModNation Racers for PS3: ModNation Mondays

Big week for ModNation! It’s not everyday that the creator of the biggest racing franchise EVER takes another racing game for a spin … and has a good time doing it! On top of that Air Raid is available to all tomorrow on the PSN!

Be on a look out for more great MNR news tomorrow right here on the PS.Blog!

Artist Spotlight: Kazunori Yamauchi, Creator/Producer of Gran Turismo

Kazunori Yamauchi, the legend behind the Gran Turismo franchise, has a passion for racing, a passion that has led to over 56 Million copies of Gran Turismo shipped to date. As he prepares to launch his greatest creation yet (Gran Turismo 5 hits shelves November 2nd!) he took a moment to tell us what drives him and his team, shares memories of creating his first game, and what he thinks about racing … ModNation style!

Take Flight with Air Raid this week!

ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC

ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC

Whether he’s soaring through the skies off jumps or shooting Hydra missiles at his latest opponent, Air Raid will not stop at nothing to win the race. Once in the crosshairs of his one-of-a-kind Fighter Plane Kart, you better say your prayers! Available as a separate Mod ($.99), Kart ($.99), or as a bundle ($1.75). Get several parts and accessories for you to create with in the Mod and Kart Studios.

Mod of the Week

Mod Name: Geisha Kokeshi Autumn
Creator: cherryrae


I’ve been to Japan and I own a few kokeshi dolls. This Mod definitely captures that spirit, and the Autumn colors are gorgeous. Nicely done!

Kart of the Week

Kart Name: True Lowrider
Creator: Joker_Six_T_Nine


This truck is pimp-a-licious. Old school flavor with excellent attention to detail on the paint job. All win.

Tracks of the Week

Track Name: BOSS Gardens
Created by: CIV_BOSS


TrackOfWeek_BOSS02 TrackOfWeek_BOSS03

TrackOfWeek_BOSS04 TrackOfWeek_BOSS05

I liked this track after just looking at a few of the screen shots. Once I downloaded and raced it, I fell in love. It’s lush and green, and it’s designed really well. CIV_BOSS used narrow segments of track very well, and the item pod placement is really clever. A few laps in, I learned how a few key drifting lines, and it was all good after that. Good work, BOSS.

Track Name: The Megaplex
Created by: OakBiscuits


TrackOfWeek_Megaplex02 TrackOfWeek_Megaplex03

OakBiscuits says that this track was a go at an indoor warehouse racetrack, and this track absolutely hit the mark. It REALLY feels like an indoor Karting track. Well, it’s quite a bit more exciting than any indoor Karting track I’ve ever seen, but you get the idea, right? I give this track a two word review: Awe. Some.

Hot Lap Roster For This Week

We keep it coming with some nice Community tracks for Hot Lap this week:

Monday: BOSS Gardens, by CIV_BOSS
Tuesday: The Megaplex, by OakBiscuits
Wednesday: City Underwater Ruin, by PH1LThy31
Thursday: Lost Ruins Run, by PH1LThy31
Friday: Mount In & Out v2, by Freewill001
Saturday: Paradise Fortress, by PH1LThy31
Sunday: Caverns Run, by PH1LThy31

See you at the ModSpot!

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