Atelier Rorona Ships Tomorrow!

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Atelier Rorona

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to quickly drop by (so it will be a short post!) and remind you guys that Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland will be shipped tomorrow, 9/28, exclusively to PS3! I’ve been hearing from many of our fans that they just can’t wait until the release date of Atelier Rorona … But there’s no need to wait any longer! Well, just one more day. :)

You’ll have lots of synthesizing to do in this game. Yes, expect to have a lot of them. And you might be stuck with some synthesizing assignments at times … You do know that that can happen sometimes, right? So, I wanted to share something that will encourage/ motivate you to get through those tough assignments!

Here you go! ;-)

Atelier Rorona

Let Rorona be your cheerleader! Ha ha ha … Ahem, alright I’m gonna get serious for a while. I want to share the trophy list of Atelier Rorona with you! There are a total of 53 trophies. Enjoy getting all of them!

Platinum Complete Obtained after getting all other trophies.
Bronze Assignment 1 Obtained after clearing the 1st assignment.
Bronze Assignment 2 Obtained after clearing the 2nd assignment.
Bronze Assignment 3 Obtained after clearing the 3rd assignment.
Bronze Assignment 4 Obtained after clearing the 4th assignment.
Bronze Assignment 5 Obtained after clearing the 5th assignment.
Bronze Assignment 6 Obtained after clearing the 6th assignment.
Bronze Assignment 7 Obtained after clearing the 7th assignment.
Bronze Assignment 8 Obtained after clearing the 8th assignment.
Bronze Assignment 9 Obtained after clearing the 9th assignment.
Bronze Assignment 10 Obtained after clearing the 10th assignment.
Bronze Assignment 11 Obtained after clearing the 11th assignment.
Bronze Assignments Cleared! Obtained after clearing the last assignment.
Bronze Rorona’s Workshop Obtained after the event where the workshop is passed down to Rorona.
Bronze The Puppet Show Begins Obtained after the first Lionela event.
Bronze The Wandering Bard Obtained after the first Tantris event.
Bronze The Ghost & Teddy Bear Obtained after the first Pamela event.
Bronze Making Up Obtained after the event where Rorona and Cordelia make up.
Bronze Honorable Injury Obtained after the event where Sterk gets injured.
Bronze Busy Cafe Obtained after the event where Rorona helps out Iksel.
Bronze Puppets and a Girl Obtained after the event where the puppets get fixed.
Bronze Duet Obtained after the event where Rorona and Tantris play music together.
Bronze Slicer Obtained after the event where Gio slices up a monster.
Bronze Hom and Kitten Obtained after the event with Hom and the kitten.
Bronze Drunken Tiffani Obtained after the event with a drunken Tiffani.
Bronze To the Lake Obtained after the event where Rorona goes to the lake with everyone.
Bronze True Ending Obtained by seeing the True Ending image.
Bronze Cordelia Ending Obtained by seeing the Cordelia Ending image.
Bronze Gio Ending Obtained by seeing the Gio Ending image.
Gold Astrid Ending Obtained by seeing the Astrid Ending image.
Bronze Good Ending Obtained by seeing the Good Ending image.
Bronze Iksel Ending Obtained by seeing the Iksel Ending image.
Bronze Sterk Ending Obtained by seeing the Sterk Ending image.
Bronze Normal Ending Obtained by seeing the Normal Ending image.
Bronze Lionela Ending Obtained by seeing the Lionela Ending image.
Bronze Tantris Ending Obtained by seeing the Tantris Ending image.
Silver Pie Master Ending Obtained by seeing the Pie Shop Ending image.
Silver Adventurer Ending Obtained by seeing the Adventurer Ending image.
Gold Rich Ending Obtained by seeing the Rich Ending image.
Bronze Bad Ending Obtained by seeing the Bad Ending.
Bronze Game Over Obtained by earning a Game Over.
Silver Monster Complete Obtained by collecting all Monster Info.
Silver Item Complete Obtained by collecting all Item Info.
Bronze Adventurer Lv. 50 Obtained by reaching Adventurer Level 50.
Bronze Alchemy Lv. 50 Obtained by reaching Alchemy Level 50.
Silver Hom Lv. 50 Obtained by reaching Hom Level 50.
Silver Trust 100 Obtained by reaching Trust Level 100.
Silver NPC Friendship 100 Obtained by reaching Friendship Level 100 with everyone.
Bronze The Cabbage Girl Obtained by winning the Cabbage Festival contest.
Silver Martial Master Obtained by winning the Martial Contest.
Bronze Dragonbane Obtained by defeating one of the dragons.
Bronze Demon Hunter Obtained by defeating a demon at Night’s Domain.
Bronze Destroyer Obtained by defeating Iron Giant at Orthogalaxen.

Whew! That was a long list. I hope you’ll all enjoy Atelier Rorona on PS3!

Lastly, I am so happy to hear many of you enjoying Cladun: This is an RPG! Nippon Ichi Software really makes great RPGs! I am sure you heard of the US release announcement of Disgaea 4, and you must be shaking with excitement! Well, Disgaea 4 is coming out next year, so let’s first get excited about NIS’ other awesomely crazy dungeon RPG, Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger VS. Darkdeath Evilman for PSP next month! Z.H.P. was created by the same team that developed the Disgaea series. So, you know it’ll be as crazy as Disgaea! Don’t forget to check out the ZHP official website as well!

Thank you for reading my post again! It was a quick post, but I hope you enjoyed it :)

Have a Roron-awesome week!


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  • Is there an option to flip the package art for the original Japanese version, or are we gonna have to get to work with our Photoshop-fu?

    That aside, it’s cool to see Atelier Rorona finally get here. Looking forward to it!

  • been waiting for this for some time :-)

  • Yeah!!!! I’ve had mine pre-ordered for a long while now. I’m not a big fan of timed games, but beggers can’t be chosers when it comes to JRPGs this gen. And who knows, maybe it’s not as grating as I’m imagining.

    Please keep the PS3 RPGs coming! The more traditional, the better!!! Luv ya Nao!

  • Looking forward to it! Thank you so much NIS for bringing it to the States!!

  • Hmm trophies seem easy. game looks nice. i’ll think about picking it up

  • The series release on the Nintendo DS made me want to cry it was so bad.

    Has this entry into the series made an improvement to gameplay (not talking graphics)? And if so how?

  • Wow so many endings and some much replay value!!!!! Awesome!

  • Already pre-ordered it a few months ago! The trophies seem hard though – obtaining all endings is a bit cruel.



  • Woohoo…..can’t wait. For once the UK release is close to the US release, no need to import huzzah!!!!

    Also DISGAEA 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello Nao, great to see your post again, thank you so much for this game and i really cant wait to get my hands on it. been always a fan of the Atelier games. hope the trophies are easy too :P. if possible i got a few questions to ask hope i can get some answers.

    1- Is NISA still planning to give us PSN avatars? been always checking the avatar section to see anything new from NISA :P

    2- Any plans to bring Neptune??

    guess thats it :P. thank you once again for bringing us great and fun games, you guys just bring them over and i’ll buy them all day 1! also thank you for announcing Disgaea 4 early, looking forward to it and Ar Tonelico 3 :)

  • I have my Premium Box pre-ordered and paid off at Gamestop! I can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow! :)

    …I hope this also means that the PSN Avatars get released tomorrow too, but I’m not holding my breath. ;)

  • I’m definitely psyched for Disgaea 4. It looks like its going to be awesome. I’ve never heard of this game though but it sounds interesting. I wish I wasn’t so broke right now :(

  • Look at all those endings, damn, this is gonna take a while lol

  • This flew under the radar again. I might have something to play this holiday season after all.

    I played the first 3 on the PS3, look forward to this now.

  • Question for you, Nao!

    I can’t find the answer anywhere if Gamestop in Canada will be carrying the Premium box. I don’t want to miss out on that awesome artbook!


  • Hello

    If this game does well in game sales will NISA bring out more of the Atelier games like Atelier Judie for the PSP.

  • w00t, finally!!!, just 1 more day, i really hope that this game can sell very well, or at least make NISA expectations, so they can bring more amazing games, now waiting for ar tonelico and disgaea 4, good luck with your projects NISA!!!!, by the way, is there a possibility that Neptune can be released in NA?.

    sorry 4 my english =P

  • So many NISA titles to look forward to in the next couple of months. I’m very excited!

  • I’ll make sure to support both Rorona and ZHP. Those 2 appear to be wonderful games! Thanks for bringing this up =)

  • Anyone care to point me in the direction of some gameplay videos? Sounds fun at least but would love to see it.
    Oh and forgive me but I am going to post this until someone answers.

    Jeff can you please tell me why I can’t earn trophies for RE5 Gold? I bought it same day I bought my Move and love it but for some reason I can’t get trophies for it!! Oh and I had some for the orignal version but since I started Gold no trophies!!!???

  • Ordered my copy directly from the NISA store with the soundtrack and art book. It arrived Saturday! Great stuff!

  • “Unlosing Ranger…” I don’t think unlosing is a word! Haha.

  • Review of Atelier Rorona is already up over at Diehard GameFAN, along with a review of Cladun and a preview of ZHP.

  • Dear NIS.

    Girds and standing still are getting boring. I still enjoy your games but I don’t find myself running out to buy them first week or even month. They have turned into the same old thing.

    DISGAEA 4 is a great example of this. TRY SOMETHING NEW!

    Check out Resonance of Fate. Its time for a change.

  • Dear NIS

    Your games are never boring. I buy them as soon as possible. Disgaea 4 is a great example of a game I will pre-order.

    In an industry that keeps moving away from classic gameplay that I love I hope you stick to your roots.

    Thank you.

  • @25

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, agreed

  • Thanks for the game, I buy all your games. I got Cross Edge and Disgaea 3 and even Trinity Universe. Thanks for importing those type of games to the US. Just wondering if Best Buy will sell it as they didn’t really have Last Rebellion. Quick question, those ending trophies, must you have to restart the game everytime or is there a +new game type option.

  • @27 – there is a new game plus option in Atelier Rorona, and although the list of endings looks intimidating, you can get a lot of them in a single playthrough. Really you have to play the game four times to get certain ones – Bad, Normal, Good, and True. You can get multiple character or “path” endings in a single playthrough. Best of all, you can get the true ending on your first playthrough.

  • Bought.


  • hi,nao! finally i will get the chance to play this gorgeous game!
    anyways, i have a question about the game besides the trophy list,does this game have any online components such as leaderboards?

    also, i have a request for disgaea4 since the game is already beign developed by our friends at nis.could you please talk to the japanese branch of the company to ask them if they can add custom soundtracks to the game (the ability to listen to the music stored in our hard drives, instead of the game’s natural music.)needless to say,that not only i but at least half of disgaea fans would apreciate your help in this request,thanks!

    hope you have a great week over there! :0)

  • Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland is definitely an experience that’s better than the rest. About to start my second playthrough.

  • ohhhhhhhhhhh please NIS could you please pick up… ahh crap, I can’t read the Japanese name but it has “Neptune” in the title. Please pick that up for release in the US!

  • Can anyone tell me…Is this game in English or Japanese. I want to play it but don’t want to read subtitles the whole time like with Yakuza 3. It ruined the game for me. Thanks.

  • @33
    The game is in english, both voices and subtitles =)

  • Already got my collectors edition paid for, and I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you NISA for bringing over all of these wacky RPG’s that no one else would ever touch. I’m also really looking forward to Ar Tonelico 3, Neptune, and of course Disgaea 4. I love you guys.

  • Already preordered it! Can’t wait to play this game and do
    do some alchemy! It’s been a long time since I played an
    atelier game and Atelier Rorona is just what I needed! Thank
    you very much, NIS!!! Keep up the good work! I’ll be getting
    Ar tonelico 3 (Qoga) as well when it’s announced and
    confirmed for US!!!

  • @28 Thanks for answering that question. Although I like these games a lot, i get stopped because of the online multiplayer games now a days. Sucks trying to back into a story and forgetting most it. Sigh, so many games and so little time.

  • I bought 3 copies of cladun just cuz it’s that awesome :P

    Thanks a million for bringing out all these awesome games!!!

  • already preordered! and waiting for ar tonelico qoqa, disgaea 4! you guys awesome! (not like certain publisher that hasn’t release any single PS3 JRPG in the west!, you know that T**** game :p)

    but there is a little suggestion for NISA, next time if you make logo only as cover art, could you give us double cover/ reversible cover that has beautiful character art in it please!

    that rorona pic you used in this blog post could make a beautiful cover art!

    only japan and european got rorona in their cover art.

    NISA doing nice job for jrpg fans this gen! constantly bringing us JRPG to PS3 and always include the dual voice option excellent job guys!

    someday i hope maybe you can bring PS3 Visual novel to the west (i suggest the upcoming Fortune Arterial or Umineko no naku koroni HD all on PS3)

    and also still waiting for some totori announcement too!

  • Really Excited for this game
    Fully paid just gotta pick it up tomorrow right after school as always

    Awesome Job NIS <3

  • Have it fully paid up and will be picking it up either tomorrow or Wednesday, whenever it comes to my local Gamestop. Thank you, once again, for being loyal to PS3 owners. NISA = First Day Buy For Me.

    Btw, I know you’ve announced Disgaea 4 and Ar Tonelico 3 (I don’t feel like looking up the “Q” word), but I was wondering if you had a rough estimate of a release date for either of them. Also, any hope for Neptune?

    Thanks again.

  • I already got my copy thanks to the NIS America store. I’ve been addicted to it and really love it. The soundtrack and hardcover artbook are awesome. I really hope the next Atelier comes stateside on PS3, and I’m looking forward to Ar Tonelico 3, ZHP, Disgaea 4, and anything NIS America releases on PSP/PS3.

  • Aww I miss the old days when Nao would take some time to respond to the fans… :(

  • jeez, i wish i had enough money to buy all of NIS’s amazing games as they came out. got cladun yesterday and already logged in 25 hours. sooooo addicting!

  • I’m so stoked about Disgaea 4. I can’t wait to pre-order this game. Hey Nao can you answer these questions for me please if you can?

    1)Will there be any DLC for Disgaea 4?

    2)Any word on the avatars?(I’m really dying for a Prinny, Laharl, and Mao avatar.:D)

    You know Nao Bandai Namco used to be my favorite game company when it came to making RPGs but they’ve became douches lately when comes to localizing them for PS3. But screw them NIS is my favorite game company now. I really want to say thank you for localizing these RPGs to the Western Audience. Other companies could really learn from you. *cough* Bandai Namco & Square Enix *cough*

  • Can’t wait, but I have too… no money. D:

  • @ 43 Maybe just a little bit busy this time- can’t always have a ton of free time. Probably quite a bit to do with the release tomorrow.

    I’m loving everything NIS is bringing out. Just wish I could pay them with the smiles they bring, ’cause I’ve got no money. :P >.<

  • From Latin America I say; Thanks for this great game!!.

  • Any plans for Record of Agarest War Zero? There’s even a thread requesting it on your forums!

  • I just back home from Gamestop… They won’t get it until Thursday. :(

    I wants it so…

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