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There are a crazy amount of games coming out over the next few weeks (and, well, months), so I’m feverishly trying to finish up my unbeaten campaigns. With any luck, I’ll finish up Mafia II today (loving the story and voice acting in that one) in between football watching and PSP sessions of Valkyria Chronicles II.

Rey will be by with the full list of upcoming PS3, PSP, and PSN games later this afternoon. What have you been playing this weekend?

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 20, 2010)

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  • I’m having so much fun with gladiator duel, and for those wondering, its way better with 2 moves. just finished silver cup i’ll try the gold one right now

  • oh and i tried Dead Space 2 multiplayer, and it feels weird. I dont know i think it should have been something different in term of multiplayer, its not a game to play like a regular shooter like a teamdeath match. They could have think of something more original, thats my opinion. As it is now i dont think the multiplayer is worth it.
    The singleplayer will do it tho.

  • hey Jeff or Sid i have a question , why is it that i can log in to this website and to the official playstation forums but i cant on ?

    • It’s the same login, so it’s possible that the cookie just expired on one of the pages. Try refreshing. If that doesn’t work, try deleting your cookies and logging back in.

  • New features please!

  • Man is time going slow… No decent games to rent until next month, have to wait till who knows when in October for the netflix app and GT5 isn’t for yet another month…

  • Not bad but we need more features then that.

  • @ #5

    umm there is PlayStation Move sports bundle and eyepet, kung fu rider which i all own all 3 of those

  • I got PSMove this week. gotta say im enjoying it, looking forward to Time Crysis. now i just wish if we could get the Tales of Games on PS3. Sony try to push Namco Bandai for them, please :(. there are 3 Tales of games on PS3 now

  • o and i been playing DeathSpank 2, Call of Duty: Mw2 and Birth By Sleep ( will finish up Valkyria Chronicles 2 after im done with Birth By Sleep )

  • Let’s see… Dead Rising 2 this week and Vanquish, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, GT5, NBA 2K11, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, COD: Blackops and Fallout: New vegas.. plenty of good stuff coming out soon

  • Resonance of Fate, Resonance of Fate, Resonance of Fate!

    If you like RPGs this is a must. I don’t get why no one is talking about. Sure it came out at a bad time (FF13, GOW3) but still its the battle system is decades a head of FF or anything else.

    Girds, standing still all this is meaningless after playing Resonance of Fate.

    Its the Demon’s Souls of turn based and by the end the only thing I want is another game just like it with swordplay instead of guns.

    Go pick it up if you haven’t already it demands to played. Plus it has oh much fan service in it. Leave it to Japan to master skirt physics.

    Also whats up with Level 5. Need to get them on blog talking about WKC2 and then start bugging them about Dark Cloud again!

  • We need a GT5 countdown…

  • I’ve been playing Uncharted 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Zen Pinball (the Mars DLC table is a ton of fun).

    Question: Why has Sony decided not to be an exhibitor at NY Comic Con which is being held Oct. 8-10?

    Sony was an exhibitor at last year’s NY Comic Con?

  • Hope to get in the dead space beta, the SP is what I’m really interested in but would still like to give the MP a try.

  • @ – Jeff’s reply

    The grass is always greener on the other side :P

    Next year I’m sure I’ll be begging for my life to slow down once again.

  • hey jeff, there is a new game called battle vs chess and i wonder if you guys are going to cover this game on the blog. because the game seems pretty interesting to me.anyways, cant hardly wait for rorona this week…also,i’m wondering if the netflix update is going to come early oct or late?

    off-topic tonite is going to be the miami dolphins vs the nj jets so i’m gonna spend my time watchin’ that,go dolpins!
    oh and tomorrow is going to be the heat training camp,i cant hardly wait for the pre-season games to kick in.gonna be fun to see the three amigos beat everyone else on the league :0

    • I guess you live in Miami, huh? :)

      I don’t have a date on the Netflix thing, so stay tuned.
      Southpeak pitched us on Battle vs Chess, but we haven’t had a chance to take a look at it yet.
      Anyone else interested in this title?

  • oops meant dolphins XD

  • No offense Jeff, but it took forever for you guys to implement something as simple as built-in grief reporting. What’s it going to be, another year or so before we can use the PS button to read messages upon notification?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think PSN is great, but I can’t help but to think that you guys work too slowly on things at times.

  • @5 Why don’t you buy PlayStation Move, and a few games for it. It is phenomenal!

  • Can’t wait for GT5!

    So, when are you going to start advertising for the game?

    • We rarely advertise games on TV until we’re very close to release. Attention spans being what they are and all.

  • I was watching that Talking Owl Movie, but before the movie started, the Kevin Butler commercial for Eyepet played! I just felt like screaming, ” Go Playstation!” but I think the manager would have kicked me out.

  • iich mafia 2 is worst game this gen.

  • Hopefully this helps people pass the time for GT5… I whipped it up myself:

  • I have been experiencing problems with PSN since the last update/maintenance. About every time I start a game it tells me an error has occured and it signs me out. When I sign back in, its fine for a second but then the same thing. I sign in 4-5 more times before it stops.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Are there new Greatest Hits titles coming out?

  • Jeff i can’t wait for gt5 to come out. I won gt5 on the subway promotion which makes it awesome. Hope i get it before release :D

  • Waiting patiently for Gran Turismo 5! Already pre-ordered it.

  • I have a suggestion i have bought the pool table the dart board and recently the poker table i love them all but my question or suggestion would be where is the chess board i know the mall has one and the playground but i would love to have one in the ps home.

  • Ok so we have grief reporting in messages thats an improvement. Now when is it going to work as advertised? already come across people who find it crashes their PS3’s repeatedly.

    Reporting cheaters or harassment (such as racism) ingame would be a great step forward. Your competitions had this quite some time, when will you?

    Lastly did you think the OtherOS would simply dissapear? It hasn’t, take the hint. Seriously as if massive lawsuits were not enough of a hint.

  • hey jeff,

    i finally tried the move i got for my b-day and it’s great!!!
    very accurate and the color from the sphere is so pretty, enticing even…

    when does echochrome II come out again??

  • Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue.

  • Still no BLTD? What is wrong playstation? Procrastination getting to you?

  • BLAH BLAH BLAH all ya people b talkinq about is gamess Ughh get a Lifee -_____________________________-

  • Hey Jeff, Will Housemarque be on the blog this week to announce the release date for Dead Nation?

  • @31 umm this is PLAYSTATION BLOG as in PlayStation the video GAME system, thats what we’re suppose to discuss…..GAMES and jeff or sid is there anyway possible that we can get any info on WKC 2 coming across seas pease????? Im getting pretty bored with WKC knowing that part 2 is already out in japan and its like we’re waiting for nothing…..i mean localizing a game cant really take that much time could it?

  • @31
    Go [DELETED] yourself! I mean seriously! You need to get a life instead of going to a GAMING blog and tell us all we talk about is games! FYI a lot more is dicussed here than just games you [DELETED].

  • hey Jeff i didnt know the PSP supported facebook, i have just looked at my Facebook profile and it says that i have earned 10 medals and i have achieved a rank of recruit in Socom Fireteam Bravo 3, is it only Socom or any other psp game have facebook integration? oh btw PSP needs more features like messages between psp friend, psn friends

  • oh and im like comment 32 i really want to play White Knight Chronicles 2 and White Knight Chronicles PSP

  • It’s been a great week for Sony. I actually got my Move on 9/17, instead of 9/19. I’m loving Kung Fu Rider & Sports Champions.

    Anyway, got a few questions for you guys on the Playstation Blog, and while you may not have the answers yourselves, hopefully you can shoot them to the right people.

    1) Will Woody (The Gopher) from ModNation Racers ever make to the Playstation Store? He has promised for the past 2 weeks, and as of writing this, I have yet to see him. If you ask me, at this point he should be free.

    2) Where is the “Behind the Scenes Heavy Rain Movie” in the Playstation Home Theater? Again, as of writing this, it isn’t there, and I’ve been eager to get my hands on a Heavy Rain award. Heavy Rain has been my favorite game of this entire year.

    3) Does the Mortal Kombat 1-3 HD Collection for PS3 exist? I know its a stretch, but when I was at my local GameStop, I actually caught a glimpse of it in the Coming Soon List for PS3. I went back to preorder on a different day, and it has since disappeared, leading me to believe it was a premature reveal.

    Granted I know you porbably don’t have detailed, definitive answers for these, but any help is appreciated.

  • When is the Coke/PS move deal starting? I want to see it all over the coke cans already lol

  • More love for WKC2 here. I really want to get Level 5 on the blog so we can bug them about the PS3 version of Ni No Kuni. That game looks amazing.

    As for what I’ve been playing…with the recent announcement of Disgaea 4, I’ve brushed off the dust on my copy of Disgaea 3 and continued levelling my characters. Just passed the 100 hour mark this weekend. How’s that for “bang for you buck”?

    Also..Phantasy Star Portable 2…I don’t see enough people online. If you have a PSP you should be playing this game. Or…well…try to, if you find time between Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

    Too many games to play, too little time…

  • I’m interested to know more about that chess game and a dead nation release date would be nice too

  • Move is great! Why is it always pink for Tumble and EyePet?
    What am I supposed to do during winter break? They’d make much more profit if it came put for the holidays.

  • ” So talking about people that are talking about games is more of a life? ”

    LOL , goodone . and it’s like REALLY hmmm peoplel talking about games on a blog about gaming is so SURPRISING . EGADS !!! next thing you know , all you people will want to talk about are PS products … i mean WHY ARENT YOU TALKING ABOUT QUILTING HERE ???? come on GET IT TOGETHER !!! LOL ( sigh) sometimes you just gotta love the internet and it’s power to allow the most irrelavent thought be read by the world .

  • Here’s What you dont read….. any word from Sony that they are even thinking about putting Cross Game Voice Chat on the PS3 that does ‘Everything’.

    Sad, Very Sad.

  • @Randy,go DOLPHINS!(=

  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Sly Collection, LittleBigPlanet 2, God of War: Ghost of Sparta coming soon! Working on platinums for Assassin’s Creed II, Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, inFAMOUS! Just got a headset today! Is there an update made specifically for me that can give me time to catch up?

  • @jeff,well there’s two people now that are interested in the game if that counts for anything(you know it,jeff i’m from miami) XD

    @44 yeah 10 minutes or so till kickoff.lets smash all those jets! :0)

  • I am also interested in Battle Vs. Chess : )

  • one question about John Daly’s Prostroke Golf . Will the game allow me to throw my career down the drain by indulging to much in booze and cigarettes , and then find myself selling cheap trinkets at golf tournaments from an RV ?

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