LittleBigPlanet Community Update: Must-see LBP2 Beta Games

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Greetings Sackboys (and Sackgirls),

I’m sure you’ve heard the news yesterday about our new release date, January 18th. We’re bummed too, but with still so much LBP goodness floating around we wanted to keep you updated on the latest…

LBP2 screen crop dancing sackboys

Must-see LittleBigPlanet 2 beta videos

Over in the UK, where the LittleBigPlanet 2 online beta has already started, there have been some amazing new games being made by our CREATORS. We’ve been watching all the new videos appearing on the web and wanted to share our favorites.

Making the most out of the LBP/ Street Fighter costumes (by Gevurah22)

Top-down racing anyone? (by Compherm)
Brilliant flOw remake (by Raphaei)

For a one-stop site for more videos, check out’s coverage of all the amazing LBP2 beta levels.

And don’t worry — the US phase of the LBP2 beta is almost here…

LBP2 physics analyzed

Our friends at EuroGamer are working on an extensive tech analysis of LBP2. Here’s a quick preview (with videos) of improvements to the new physics engine and graphical improvements.

Sackboys sighted

Looking for those hard to find Sackboy toys?!?!? Apparently, Toys “R” Us has them on store shelves now, so run don’t walk to your nearest Toys “R” Us.

Love 3D Dot Heroes? Love Sackboy? We’ve got some great news for you…

Community Happenings

LittleBigLand’s 4-in-1 Epic-Ness competition unveils its entries. Consider these must plays over the weekend.

And finally, our Daniel and Austin with yet another LittleBigPodcast. Amazing you guys are up to 86 episodes. Love the Move love!

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  • I have seen all these videos already but man oh man does the beta look fun. Will keep my fingers crossed on more news regarding how to get my hands on the beta.

  • Hahaha SackFighter

  • Looks so good. This is torture now that I know I won’t be able to play this until Jan 2011. I want in so bad!! Betas for Plus members perhaps?

  • sweet. to bad we have to wait tho :( but hey i won it from subway thing so im cool with it. will we getting it b4 launch like they said we might in the contest?

  • mindblastign what some people are making… cant wait!

  • I am tired at looking at LBP 2 videos. I am tired of Mm and Sony, not letting their fans know anything about the beta for the U.S.! I want to play the game (beta), not look at videos! Tell us when Plus members will get the beta already!!

  • Pure Genuis!

  • Scanned that code at the beginning of the flow video took me to a PSN login and the an access denied page… :(

  • Wow, these beta levels look much better than the ones I played in the LBP1 beta! I sure wish I could try out the LBP2 beta levels, Mark. *Hint, hint* ^_~

  • Thanks Mark ^_^

  • I don’t know how to even react to the flow level… It is almost incomprehensible as to how that was done on LBP2… Simply amazing…

  • I really hope im invited into the beta…I love LBP!

  • BTW, these levels look pretty hard to make do i need to be an expert or LBP2 going to be easier/the same difficulty to make levels

  • wow, is there anything you can’t do in LBP2??? This is amazing. I can’t wait to spend 2011 on the couch playing with the creator. The sheer scope of this project is unbelievable.

  • i really want into this beta! i loooove LBP, and just cannot wait to try it, and help out Mm~

  • The web site is only for beta testers right now, it’s awesome and so convenient. Just added these three levels to my queue and will play them later.

  • This game is shaping up to be just… mind blowing!

  • Can I beta test the game? I just got two move controllers and I could test it out and find any bugs with it.

    The game is looking great btw!


  • How about you guys give me a beta code? I’ve already pre-ordered this game and now I have to wait even longer! And I’m a freaking PS Plus member, give me what I deserve!

  • Sony and MM did a really, really poor job of highlighting some of the astounding user created levels in LBP. After the lawyers closed down Sackbook, the boneheaded The Patch idea (what happened to that one Mark?) and then the too little, too late spotlight on the blog it was disappointing to see some absolute gems that rival hit indie games with only 150 plays, swamped by pLaY mY LeVeL TROPHIIIESSS111 garbage.

    This time do it right. Have a section in-game that spotlights the wonderful, the obscure, the weird, the brilliant. Give something back. The game would be nothing without the community. Offer free DLC or a $10 PSN voucher code or something to those people whose levels are chosen to be spotlighted. If you have a an ongoing showcase of the best (not the most popular) it’s going to keep bringing people back.

  • When trying to comment on Internet Explorer, you wont let you. Fix this for people that use Internet Explorer, I am using another browser right now….

  • Please just A LITTLE news on the U.S. beta! Maybe the people who posted links to SackBoy pictures a few posts back where you said something like “Who knows you might win something?” can get the beta?(I was one of them) Please! Just Something!

  • I can’t wait for the stupid lawsuits to pop up: Your game encourages people to steal my intellectual property!

  • Have to agree with the physics article on one thing though. Everything looks super nice and the changes in lighting really freshen the experience, as well as the enemy ‘death’ animations, fire, and everything. But I’m a little worried about the new smoke effect, its not that I don’t like it, but it doesn’t look that smooth, or even smoke like, plus backwards compatibility will be awful if there’s no optional effects to use.

  • BTW, that code thing in the flow level is a feature not really detailed on. Correct me if i’m wrong but if you scan it with a smart phone it takes you to a preview of a level, but if you have a picture of it (that could be online or in magazines like GameInformer) with the PS Eye it will take you directly to that level no matter what your doing in the game. At least thats what i’ve heard.

  • they don’t look like sack anymore, which scare me.

  • Ok so since the overall game release got moved, what happens if i preorder LBP2 collectors edition tomorrow? Will i still get all the stuff on the original day or will all that come out later too? Or will i get it at all?

  • I want this beta so very much! I had to break the news to my daughter that the game is not coming out until next Jan..I think I broke her heart. :) I saved face a bit by telling her I MAY get a beta (had to explain what that is) of the game sometime this year and I really really hope so. Say what you want flamers lol but I had to break her heart once and I don’t want to do it again so I hope to at least get a consideration for the beta. Oh and how else are you going to stop my endless tweets? I am annoying..I know.But when you love a game this much, its worth it!

  • After I read that the game got delay I was sad but I now can get LBP and play it again till this comes out..I hope I get in the beta…

  • maybe there could be a public beta? i hope i get in!

  • aww you should have posted the Zone of the Enders one.

  • Looks awesome, I wish this game was just delayed until December so i can pick it up for the holidays. Oh well, i’ll get it eventually.

  • Take all the time you need MediaMolecule. It seems rather evident that you are about to drop a nuclear bomb onto the console gaming scene. I still put plenty of time into LBP, so no need to rush the sequel.

  • anyone who isn’t impressed by flOw being recreated in LBP2 is hard to impress.. that was amazing

  • AWESOME, man I can’t wait till it comes out.

  • LD9H-B5B5-99FE Just incase anyone wants this..its for Lara Croft EU demo..rather have the LBP2 Beta anyway..

  • @Kenshin71

    All they need to do is NOT give trophies for getting hearts… it would end all H4H levels immediately. They should NOT give trophies for doing stuff in online levels… that would get rid of all trophy levels immediately. Instead, they should have trophies for doing something in your OWN level. Like, build a machine from scratch that can do X.

  • I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY! I thought the first lbp was amazing with its ability to let you make levels, but WOW did this one ever top the hell outta that one! How are you able to make special sackmoves and even recreate a game like flOw EXACTLY the way the actual game is, my jaw is on the floor right now, I expected the game to be amazing, but this exceeded my expectations and blew them into space. If it wasnt for the HUD and the lbp level complete sign at the end of the flOw video, I would have thought it was the actual game and not lbp.

  • GOTY for 2011 is going to be a fight between just PS3 only games OMFG. This year coming is going to be sick I didnt think you could top this year with GT5 coming out soon. But 2011 is going to be Epic. inFAMOUS2 , Killzone 3, LBP2,Twisted Metal and lots lots more. EPIC sony I love you so much,

  • Goh!! I wish i could play that level, but i can’t even have the chance to be in LBP2 beta. I don’t have free time at all. So busy with others.

  • I LOVE these videos! Absolutely amazing! LittleBigPlanet 2 looks so awesome!!!! GAHH! Now I REALLY can’t wait for the game.

  • I have a question.

    Why should I be interested in LBP2 when so far all I’ve seen is how it can clone things. Your asking me to buy a game that does nothing expect what everything else does.

    Oh I can build levels but as a PC modder I’ve been doing that for years, so no big.

    Is there anything new in LBP2 or is it all just copy and paste?

  • That flow video was unbelievable, it wasn’t even lbp anymore

  • should have posted the assasin’s creed and the zone of the ender which are better

  • Us Playstation Plus members better be able to get this beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ 43 i agree hopefully PlayStation Plus, caused i payed for ps + just for beta invites and other great stuff :)

  • This so needs an epic Kevin Butler rendition when it’s released.

  • salt in the wound…

  • I confirm the selling of sackboys at Toys “R” Us. I work for the company and the moment they came out the truck, I snatched one up! x]


    WOOW. I can’t wait to play the game. Hurry up November!

  • The street fighter tribute, pure amazing the music sends chills down my spine. one of the greatest games of all time…

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