LittleBigPlanet Community Update: Must-see LBP2 Beta Games

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Greetings Sackboys (and Sackgirls),

I’m sure you’ve heard the news yesterday about our new release date, January 18th. We’re bummed too, but with still so much LBP goodness floating around we wanted to keep you updated on the latest…

LBP2 screen crop dancing sackboys

Must-see LittleBigPlanet 2 beta videos

Over in the UK, where the LittleBigPlanet 2 online beta has already started, there have been some amazing new games being made by our CREATORS. We’ve been watching all the new videos appearing on the web and wanted to share our favorites.

Making the most out of the LBP/ Street Fighter costumes (by Gevurah22)

Top-down racing anyone? (by Compherm)
Brilliant flOw remake (by Raphaei)

For a one-stop site for more videos, check out’s coverage of all the amazing LBP2 beta levels.

And don’t worry — the US phase of the LBP2 beta is almost here…

LBP2 physics analyzed

Our friends at EuroGamer are working on an extensive tech analysis of LBP2. Here’s a quick preview (with videos) of improvements to the new physics engine and graphical improvements.

Sackboys sighted

Looking for those hard to find Sackboy toys?!?!? Apparently, Toys “R” Us has them on store shelves now, so run don’t walk to your nearest Toys “R” Us.

Love 3D Dot Heroes? Love Sackboy? We’ve got some great news for you…

Community Happenings

LittleBigLand’s 4-in-1 Epic-Ness competition unveils its entries. Consider these must plays over the weekend.

And finally, our Daniel and Austin with yet another LittleBigPodcast. Amazing you guys are up to 86 episodes. Love the Move love!

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