3D Dot Game Heroes: Let There Be Sackboy

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Lend me your ears, PlayStation Readers; I have a story to tell thee.

It begins, as many such unnecessarily, inappropriately flowery ones do, on a cold winter’s eve. Okay, that’s probably not accurate. It was a casual conversation actually, one with your very own, very awesome Jeff Rubenstein. He thought, rightly so, that the awesomeness that is 3D Dot Game Heroes would be even greater if other awesomeness — say, the mighty Sackboy — were to be added to its already more-than-sufficient awesomeness.

It was a recipe for potentially cataclysmic awesomeness. And thanks to the little seed Mr. Rubenstein lovingly planted, a tree was born. A tree of awesome. Sackboy awesome. Well, and other stuff.

3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3: Sackboy

3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3: Sackboy 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3: Sackboy

For you see, PlayStation Readers, today we launched a patch for our retro action-adventure 3D Dot Game Heroes, the ultimate throwback to the 8- and 16-bit eras of gaming. The patch adds 50 fan- and staff-created heroes, the ability to carry over certain swords to New Game+, and adjustments to the completion times for the Dash Circuit mini game. In addition, a bug fix restores previously absent loading art images so they will randomly appear and be viewable in the Loading Art Gallery.

3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3: Sackboy

And of course, the aforementioned inclusion of the lovable Sackboy from Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet for PS3, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Few games convey the notion of “creation” and “customization” better than LittleBigPlanet, so what better way to bring more attention to 3D Dot Game Heroes and its powerful character creation tool than to throw one of the gaming’s most popular mascots into the Kingdom of Dotnia?

3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3: Sackboy

Fired up your copy of 3DDGH recently, Readers? Or maybe you’ve been on the fence for the past few months (how painful)? Well, hopefully you have fewer/no excuses left!

3D Dot Game Heroes is on sale now for PS3 system wherever fine video games are sold. For more info, visit the official game website.

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4 Author Replies

  • Read about this last night. Awesome news, and glad to see continuous support for this great game. Will pick up the update tonight.

    Any chance you guys could add another camera and give us 3D support?


  • Thanks. That’s a great patch!

  • I love the visual style of the game, I’m gonna have to check the game out because it looks cool.

  • Sackboy!!!!! hey Jeff , Sid , Grace and the whole Playstation Blog , how come Toys R Us is selling official Playstation Action Figures and you guys havent posted anything about it here , they are selling Little Big Planet , Resistance and Ratchet and Clank Action Figures , so guys if you want any playstation action figure and dont know where to buy you guys know what to do , just go to Toys R Us and you will see Happy sackboy leading the way

  • Sweet, love this game~
    Any news on a Catherine release in North America?

  • Excellent. Excellent. Good show.

  • I didn’t see this one coming at all. O_O I’m glad to see 3D Dot Game Heroes getting some support. Hopefully we’ll see Sony and Atlus work together more in the future.

  • Awesome! Those races were killing me, and I love when stuff carries over to new playthroughs. Don’t really care about the Sackboy addition, but that’s cool for his fans.

    I am also interested in Catherine. You guys bringing it over, or what? Any PS3 JRPGs up your sleeve?

  • Awesome update!

    I’ll throw it in the PS3 once I’m done shewtin’ some dewdz in MAG!

  • The oder hundred meg patch did not fix my missing trophies glitch, I am sad now, do I really have to sink in all those hours to start a fresh game in order to get all those boss defeat trophies?

    And they are all bronzes, I am sad again.

  • I am one of those people on the fence. :)

    Let’s see the sale you speak of.

    • Well, in that sentence, “sale” would refer to the fact that it is available for purchase. It WAS, however, recently discounted by a popular online retailer, but they blew through that rather quickly. If you’re going to stay on the fence longer, I would suggest some anti-inflammation ointment…

  • What and its not $1.99 MM should take notes:)

  • The update is super cool and FREE on top of that! Thank you guys! I am totally happy it was free. This game rocks! I hope more Playstation heroes come to 3D Dot Game Heroes.

  • I just picked up this game a few days ago from the Amazon sale. Not a big fan of Sackboy, but it is great that you guys continue to support the game. I can’t wait to finally try the game out when I get some free time this weekend.

    Also, add another person to the list who wants Catherine localized (hopefully uncut)

  • I know in Europe SouthPeak games publish 3D Dot Game Heroes, but is there anything regarding the update for those who bought the game in Europe? I can’t find any response regarding it on the internet, and there is mention of Atlus on the European version as well.

  • I wish you’d tell us which swords carry over. Would be a helpful thing to know in advance before finishing my playthrough.

  • I was HOPING to see sack boy in really soon but not in ANOTHER game… Too soon SONY… too soon!

    Just kidding I am still playing LBP (*_*)

  • This will go GREAT! It will fit perfectly with the Tardis I made.

  • now make crash bandicoot .. or sly cooper

    Mcbuttz78,vp of psn legionaires

  • So you adjusted the times for the dash race, does this mean my hair will grow back from trying all the times I was trying to win the races?

  • This is just my luck, I got the platinum and had to put up with the ridiculous dash circuit times and the swords not carrying over and I got the platinum last week! Spelunker mode wasn’t too bad, but it would have been a breeze if I had my maxed out Giga sword. I should have waited but I wanted to finish it before the move came out.

    The update should have just removed the Dash Circuit completely, that is easily the worst part of any game in the history of gaming, its just so poorly done and its sole purpose is to annoy the person playing. Games are supposed to be fun.

  • Awesome! I just got this game so the timing could not have been better. Thanks to everyone involved in getting this out.

  • This game should be available as a digital download off PSN. I heard it is in some countries, but not in the US.

    Anyway, I like the update and look forward to playing as Sackboy.

  • I (as everyone else) would LOVE to know which swords carry over to New Game+, and what are the adjustments to the completion times for the Dash Circuit mini game?

    I just pulled out the game to start my 2nd playthrough las night, but fell asleep. Now I get a patch, Awesome!

  • They gave you an extra five seconds on the 2nd dash game. Not sure about the first one since I never intend to go back there.

  • Yes, please tell us what adjustments were made to the dash circuit (raised the time to make it easier?). I only need about four more trophies for platinum two of which are from Spelunker mode which I’m about half-way through and the other is the All Swords and All Life Pieces. I hope you guys made the dash circuit easier I managed to beat the first one but I’m still stuck on the second one. I’m on my third playthrough and overall this is a really fun game except for the dash circuit part.

  • Very nice, i will download the patch soon

  • im still on the fence on buying this game,

  • Dash Circuits:
    First – 25 sec.
    Second – 65 sec.

    All swords bought from the king carry over – all other swords do not.

    The glitched load screen artworks that never showed up now load. They are pretty sweet.

  • Great game, and now it’s even better. I’ll be sure to play as Sackboy when I go back for my platinum.

  • WHO IS VOTING ANYTHING OTHER THAN A 5 ON THIS POST??? Haha seriously though that’s some great news!

  • From Software, I love you guys. This and Demon’s Souls are both in my personal top 5, and this is a freaking awesome patch! Keep bringing the goods! Looking forward to hearing more on Project Dark!

  • I got the platinum trophy for this game, it was awesome.

  • Btw dash circuit was awesome.

  • I love this game, in fact I am now playing this game. The freaking fire temple is a @$%#$^#!!!! I passed it though :)

  • One off the games I own that has not received the play it deserves….. So many games and its about to get worse.

  • It is so great to see a small, but great title getting great support like this months and months after its release.

    I must say that Aksys’ other games never really jumped out at me before 3D Dot Game Heroes. Great visual quality, decent audio quality, good humor and more content than games that are nearly twice as expensive.

    I don’t have a Nintendo DS or Wii (and have no plans to get one), but I’d love to see the BIT.TRIP, 999, and Jake Hunter games come to PS3 (and not as a mini!). I would gladly pre-order any of those titles for PS3 on your web page, just like I did for the Scott Pilgrim game :)

    Keep up the awesome work!

  • Woahhh, this is SO AWESOME!! THANK YOU for supporting this game like this Aram & ATLUS!! I’m going to fire up 3DDGH to get the patch. Sooo cool!

    I’m sitting here playing Demon’s Soul for the 10 billionth time by the way… o_O

  • ATLUS.. have I told you lately how much I respect you guys? please don’t ever leave the videogame business.. without your publishing I’d never have 3D Dot Heroes or Demon’s Souls. You took chances publishing games in the states that no one else seems to do anymore and I thank you SO MUCH for doing it. You guys are awesome!

  • Awesome. And I love how it tells you what’s in the patch. Game updates should do this more often :)

  • Legend of Dotnia: Sackboy’s Awakening

  • now imagine if Nintendo makes a Zelda one just for old time sake, kinda wish if all companies be less strict, and more cool sport.

  • “Fired up your copy of 3DDGH recently, Readers? Or maybe you’ve been on the fence for the past few months (how painful)? Well, hopefully you have fewer/no excuses left!”

    Nope, finished 3DDGH and now playing Demon’s Souls (200 hours in, almost to New Game ++, and loving it)!


  • Got the game shortly after launch, still on the 3rd dungeon because I want to get the ‘don’t die during the entire game’ trophy. xD

  • THIS make THe game Better!!

  • As odd as this may seem, I am seriously considering buying this game now. Only because of the wonder that is Sackboy… XD

  • 3D Dot Game Heroes is one of my favorite PS3 games. I created several custom sprites for the game and entered your competition in the past. Aram, can we get some 3D Dot Game Heroes related stuff for Playstation Home? Some Costumes and a Personal Space would be nice. It would also be nice if you could download custom sprites from within PS Home and From Within the Game as well. Thanks for making old school new school again. I’ll download the patch tonight :-)

  • So let me get this straight. I decided to support my local publisher by buying the EU copy only to see that I should have bought the US copy instead?
    Alright, just going to buy the US copy now.

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