Reason #2 to Pre-Order God of War: Ghost of Sparta — Official Soundtrack Revealed

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Spartan Army! Still haven’t pre-ordered God of War: Ghost of Sparta? The exclusive Kratos PSN Avatar not enough for you? Perhaps this will change your mind — introducing the God of War: Ghost of Sparta Original Soundtrack, one of six reasons to pre-order the game.

  1. Kratos PSN Avatar (More here)
  2. Original Soundtrack
  3. Legionnaire Skin
  4. PSP Theme
  5. God of War Live (Creative Directors Documentary)
  6. PS3 Dynamic Theme

God of War: Ghost of Sparta: Original Soundtrack

Joel Yarger, the Music Supervisor of God of War: Ghost of Sparta leads the charge this week with a behind-the-scenes look (and audio samples) for the Original Soundtrack.

I’m Joel Yarger, Music Supervisor on God of War: Ghost of Sparta, and I bring the sound of music to the PlayStation.Blog today. As you probably already know, God of War: Ghost of Sparta is the second God of War game from Ready At Dawn Studios and I think it outdoes their previous effort, Chains of Olympus, in pretty much every way! I’ve personally been involved with the music for the God of War franchise since God of War 2 and it’s always fun to see where we can go with it.

The original music for Ghost of Sparta was written by Gerard Marino and Mike Reagan, both of whom have worked on the previous God of War games. They really had the hard jobs of creating something new yet keeping it all within the God of War musical universe. That’s no small task as there are four other games worth of music written, so kudos to Gerard and Mike for nailing it! Dana Jan, the game director for Ghost of Sparta, really wanted the new music to contribute to the game’s identity: You know you’re playing a God of War game, but it still feels fresh. Some quick factoids: There were roughly 13 minutes of new music composed for Chains of Olympus (all Gerard writing) and then we re-worked music from the other titles. Ghost of Sparta features roughly 37 minutes of new music and uses significantly less cues from the previous games.

God of War: Ghost of SpartaGod of War: Ghost of Sparta

There were many new elements in this game to draw inspiration from, everything from the new story and main characters to the new environments and cities. We had plenty of concept art, good screenshots, some gameplay videos, and of course both the script and game director (Dana) to help us along the way. Here are four samples from the game that I think help showcase some of the inspired work both Mike and Gerard contributed.

[audio:] [audio:] [audio:] [audio:]

Atlantis and The Caldera are both pieces written by Mike Reagan. Mike did some really interesting things given our tight budget on the project. Since we weren’t able to record most of the music with live musicians, Mike took it upon himself to record some of his own live elements. He bought a double bass, a cello, a didgeridoo, and even modified a hammer dulcimer to have a curved bridge so you can reach individual strings with a bow. The sounds he achieved were just awesome and worked very well for establishing that “fresh feeling”, but sounded much older, even ancient. The hammer dulcimer especially lends itself to Atlantis, an ancient, mysterious city that has hints of splendor and regality. In The Caldera you can hear the cello and bass as they carry both the melody and rhythm that are very much inspired by the ebb and flow of lava.

For Gerard’s contribution we should mention the story for a second (don’t worry, it’s all vague and spoiler free!). The story in Ghost of Sparta has some very strong emotional moments and we felt that the music needed to pay appropriate attention to them. Kratos goes through what amounts to an emotional roller coaster and that was yet another opportunity to introduce something musically new for this title. We leaned heavily on Gerard to turn on the emotion for the 2 pieces highlighted here. Both cues are based on the same theme but they each showcase very different emotions, and different character’s perspectives, which was essential for this score in order to have a good balance. One more factoid: If you listen even more closely you can hear that these themes are based on non-other-than the original Gof of War melody — one part of it, anyway. Because much of the actual story in the game is for you to discover when you play it, I won’t say any more than I already have.

Be sure to pre-order the game to get the full soundtrack directly through PSN starting November 2nd, 2010.

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  • fully paid off yesterday! Can’t wait ’til Nov. 2nd!

  • Beautiful.


  • ATHEENAAAAA!A!!A!!!!!!!!

    (cant wait)

  • sweetness….

  • This bad boy was pre-ordered a looooooonnnnnnnnggg time ago.


  • a post for every reason? why not just pair them… themes and avatar don’t really need an explanation but I will buy it on PSN the week of release

  • I feel that it sounds good!! I would like to see a gameplay video!!!

  • how it work for the canadian, amazon and ebgames (equivalent of GameStop) dont have the the pre order package

  • Excellent work! I’ve got the game preordered, so I’m looking forward to hearing that soundtrack in its entirety! :D

  • Now that LBP2 been delayed guess i’ll be buying God of War psp then, will pre-order in the upcoming weeks

  • would get it if my psp was workin

  • thanks for the demo code. This was a great psp game. the soundtrack is really good. Wish there was a G.O.W. movie. either cgi or live action would be great!!

  • pre-ordered long time ago! cant wait for this its gonna be awesome!=]

  • i still cant believe we get two god of war games in the same year. first god of war 3 now god of war ghost of sparta

  • i think every pre-order of a digital release should come with the bonus software. Great that sony is going out of their way to make sure digital customers are still going to get a bonus as well. NIS America & Atlus should follow suit.

    I submit ideas everyday for playstation share, and i’m guessing the staff deletes them or rejects them. What gives?? Months of submissions and no approvals.

  • bonus exclusives* (not bonus software)

  • Thanks guys for putting so much effort into the music for this game. As much as I love the music for the other god of war games it begins to wear thin when you constantly hear music recycled. So much appreciated. Extra thanks to Mike Reagan for taking the time to put those tracks together the way that he did. I’m looking forward to get this game when it releases in November.

  • Too bad those that want the PSN version of this game miss out on all the Pre-order content. I myself am no longer collecting UMDs unless there is no digital version of the game available.

    • Don’t worry. We got you covered. Those who purchase GOW: Ghost of Sparta through the PSN from 11/2 to 11/9 will receive the same pre-order bundle

  • Tried the demo and honestly I was kind of dissappointed. It felt like you just made the exact same game:

    -Start fighting baddies
    -Lean how to attack, jump, grab etc
    -Gain an ability
    -Boss appears, fight boss for 30 seconds
    -Boss leaves
    -Level continues
    -Learn a second ablility
    -Little more tutorial
    -More baddies
    -Demo ends as boss fight begins for real this time.

    I understand that the first level having an epic boss battle is a staple but it felt too much the same. At least to me you were on the wrong side of the fine line.

    It’s just too much of the same. After playing it I felt as though I had played the exact same demo before to a T without even the slightest difference.

  • I’m sure this is hopeless but I’ll try anyway:

    For the love of god don’t charge $40 for the downloadable version.

    I own 36 UMD PSP games and since I bought my Go a year ago I have only bought 2(also available on UMD) PSP games. I refuse to spend $40 on a downloadable portable game, Period.

    The sooner that $40 price point dies, the sooner PSP games will actually start to sell.

    Please, Please, Please fix the PSP’s downloadable game price stratagy. It effects the price of everything. I waited till Midnight Carnival was <$10 for the same reason. I wasn't going to pay $15 for less game then Locoroco 2 when Locoroco 2 should have been $15 on PSN and not $20 like the UMD.

  • Sony should have included the Chains of Olympus Soundtrack in this preorder deal… I makes sense unless it’s already available as a download somewhere else. I know fans want it cuz I’m looking the PS forums asking for.

  • getting the PSN version as soon as it becomes available !!!! cant wait
    Man , God , LEGEND !!!!
    if all of olympus will deny me my vengeance then all of olympus will die – Kratos

  • I asked this before and I appreciated your response. Is there any news on Canadian retailers getting the pre-order bonus? I have pre-ordered from, but it doesn’t mention a bonus.

  • :( im relly afraid that we dont get this deal in australia verry afraid because nothig has been announced yet not the game and not that dlc contents

  • Question here Ken if you know and if you dont if you could please find out, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Will the GOW psp bundle come with the actual game case or will the game be coming in one of those cardboard sleeves? I really hope it comes in the case being an american game, I would like us to get the best bundle version with the actual case like Japan does over there with their games. I really love the case and I dont want to miss out on having it :(

  • the psn avatar is enough for me. Wonder why they only put one avatar though.

  • How can you continue to provide no info on Canadian options for this? Do you not want us to pre-order it or what?

  • Well.. should this be the reason I sell my psp go for this GOD bundle because I am truly loving the psp that comes with this bundle, I mean black and red so awesome.

  • @Ken
    Are you ok?
    I really want this bundle and have some doubts! I have a Ps3 slim and a PsP 2k, don’t have a PsP Go and no way of getting this pre-order bundle by buying it in any of the stores, but I’m going to get this on PS Store in the very first day release, I want to know if I buy it through my Ps3 slim to transfer to my PsP 2k will I get the same pre-order offer? Advanced thanks! Take care.

  • Well I am glad that the PSN offer is going on, as stated from someone in this thread I also no longer use UMD.Between PSP1001,PSP3000 and the GO. My whole family is also waiting for this to be preordered through the network. Spartan Army since 2005 .. If all those on Olympus would deny me my vengeance, then all of Olympus will die.

  • Pre-order bonuses, can’t wait to get this game through the PSN hope more games follow the God of War example of Bonuses through the PSN and come out on release date unlike Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

  • Sounds very promising. Definitely better than those God of War 3 demo soundtracks.

    But Europe, Sony. There’s also Europe which needs these awesome preorder bonuses! Jeez.

  • No. 1 reason to NOT preorder . . .
    Sony cares more about ripping you off on the eye toy than keeping you as a customer.

    Too bad sure to be a great game.

  • I pre-ordered the PSP bundle when it was announced ! I can’t wait to get my hands on it !!

  • Any info for the Canadian fans?

  • Man, I need to pre-order this A.S.A.P. Awesome preorder bundles. Keep it up like this Sony!!

  • What the hell! has it for $39.99 has it for £39.99 (around $62)

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