ModNation Racers: Naughty Dog’s Ride, Online Region Lock Removed

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Today’s edition kicks off the with some love from our friends from Naughty Dog. Their Artist Spotlight hit PSN a bit ago, but we wanted to feature it on the PlayStation.Blog to commemorate the release of the official Nathan Drake Mod and Kart AND the release of the Artist Spotlight content you saw in previous videos. Be sure to tune into ModNation Monday next week as a “very special” guest gets The Spotlight!

‘Till then, read on and keep on racing!

Artist Spotlight: Naughty Dog

The team at Naughty Dog are no strangers to blockbuster franchises. They’ve been responsible for some of the biggest titles on every PlayStation console including the Crash Bandicoot series, Jak and Daxter, and most recently Uncharted. They are no strangers to racing either, Crash Team Racing defined Kart racing on the PlayStation and Jak X Combat Racing (PS2) was an adrenaline ride for all Jak fans. We were excited to see what Naughty Dog’s top designers thought once they got their hands on ModNation Races and see them work their magic and get “Un-Karted”.

Download Artist Spotlight Content Today!

Visit PSN ID: ArtistSpotlight1 and get some of the great creations you’ve seen on past Artist Spotlight videos!

Remember Sucker Punch’s Empire City Track?

How about those sick Mods and Karts designed by Huck Gee and Jessie Hernandez?

You want drive as Sully in the track that Naughty Dog made?

Collect them all!

Sucker Punch Creations

Cole (Mod)
Ray Sphere (Kart)
Return to Empire City (Track)

Naughty Dog Creations

Victor Sullivan (Mod)
Sully’s Sweet Ride (Kart)
Uncarted (Track)

Huck Gee Creations

Skullhead Final (Mod)
Chief2 (Mod)
Tagg (Mod)
Skullburner Final (Kart)
Skullbagged V1 (Kart)

Jesse Hernandez Creations

Dragon Kid (Mod)
Minotaur2 (Mod)
Chief3 (Mod)
Dragon Kid Ride (Kart)

Drive as Drake or Woody today!

The wait is over! The Nathan Drake Mod and Kart pack ($1.99) will have you racing through ModNation Racers on a mission to find “uncharted” paths on your way to the checkered flag!

Woody joins the race today as well as either a stand alone Mod, Kart or bundle. Complete with different accessories you can use for your own custom creations! Don’t mess with Woody and his souped up Golf Kart. Whether on the fairway or on the race track, this guy likes to “drive”!

ModNation Racers: Nathan Drake

RACE THE WORLD! (aka Region Lock Removed)

If you haven’t heard yet, we have removed the region lock in the 1.04 update that is available now. That means you can invite friends to race all around the world to a Casual Race or XP Race! Now find out who the best kart racer is in the world!

ModNation Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week, be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handy work on the PlayStation.Blog.

Mod of the Week

Mod Name: GrimReaper
Creator: F1re_Fli3

ModNation Racers: GrimReaper

Kart of the Week

Kart Name: Electro
Creator: F1re_Fli3

ModNation Racers: Electro Kart

Tracks of the Week

If you have a video(s) of your track submit them to MNR’s YouTube channel ( and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: Burning Track
Created by: Stitchless

ModNation Racers: Burning Track

ModNation Racers: Burning Track 2 ModNation Racers: Burning Track 3

Stitchless says “These farms used to be lush and productive, but now thanks to the infamous Crop Demon, they are dangerously close to being caught a blaze. Be careful as you race around this track…”

Track Name: Alien All Star (v2)
Created by: daaa57150

ModNation Racers: Alien All Star

ModNation Racers: Alien All Star 2 ModNation Racers: Alien All Star 3

daaa57150 says “In an alternate future, humans started colonizing other planets and built a space base. Hearing about this, the ModNation officials decided to organize a championship. The track is relatively easy to comprehend, being of medium-long size. It took me 52s for a lap in a time trial race.”

Track Name: University Challenge
Created by: atheistsw

ModNation Racers: University Challenge

ModNation Racers:University Challenge 2 ModNation Racers: University Challenge 3

atheistsw says “The ModNation comes to the picturesque European town of Zetterberg, home of one of the region’s leading universities. The university, to celebrate its 250th anniversary, graciously allowed a race through the grounds of the historic site. The race organizers extended the route along the lakeside and through the neighboring village. Just for kicks, they opted to race along the old rooftops as well!”

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago, this week’s Hot Lap roster features all-new community created tracks.

Monday: The Greek Isles, by Vincent-Maurice
Tuesday: Pyramid Rift, by C_Smith
Wednesday: Burning Track, by Stitchless
Thursday: The Italian Job, by atheistsw
Friday: city hopper, by pikminenco
Saturday: Mystery Track
Sunday: Mystery Track

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