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Hi all – Here’s this week’s PlayStation Store digital comics update.


Dragon Age is back with issue #3 today! After a family tragedy, Gleam and her two brothers go on the road to find the killers and attract some very, very unwanted demonic attention. The suitably epic story should please all fans of fantasy, particularly fans of the Dragon Age game: created with the support of the BioWare team, this comic adaptation allows them to delve deeper into the Dragon Age world and its intricate history and dynamics – with all new stories! Read more from Aaron Johnston, the series’ co-writer, and his love for the Dragon Age world here.

The weekly Silent Hill comic tradition continues with Silent Hill: The Grinning Man. In this stand-alone story we meet State Trooper Robert Tower, who has patrolled eerie Silent Hill for ten years while managing never to see its demonic inhabitants. As you can guess his luck is about to change… with the arrival of the gun-slinging double-barrelled terror Grinning Man. Illustrated by Nick Skatal (Hyde, Containment) and penned by Silent Hill favorite Scott Ciencin.

We also have an oldie but goodie series starting this week: the master of mutants himself in his first solo series, Wolverine (1982). Written by comic legends Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, Wolverine (1982) brings you the usual Logan mayhem, intrigue, and even romance! Issues #1 and #2 see Wolverine travelling to Japan to join the master of ninjas and to hook up with the infamous ronin Yukio.

DC Comics bring us many cool comics this week (see the list below), but today we focus on the quirky and popular series Victorian Undead. “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”, said Sherlock Holmes. So what will he make of a Biblical proportion zombie plague, slowly destroying Victorian London? Follow his investigation and admire his zombie-dodging skills in this fast-paced mini series, of which issue #4 is out today.

And finally we’re pleased to announce the Transformers: Spotlight series continues with Blurr and Jazz! Blurr is faced with a decision that could change the face of Cybertron (and not for the best), and Jazz gets tracked by the Predacons, in a situation that goes from bad to hopeless. These are the 21st and 22nd installments of the expansive Spotlight series, so check out the other issues to find your other favorite characters.

Don’t forget to check out our free comics section, where you will find new additions Dual #1 and Supertron #1… and many more! In the meantime, here is the full list of releases:

Here’s the full list and as always head to for more info or to view our full catalog and pricing.

  • 2000AD Prog # 1698
  • Batman #655 & #656
  • Blood Hunter # 3
  • Bone # 5
  • DMZ # 23
  • Dragon Age # 3
  • Dual # 1
  • Ex Machina # 10
  • Fables # 25
  • Growing Up Enchanted # 4
  • Hulk (2008) #1 – #4
  • I Rule The Night # 2
  • Jonah Hex # 23
  • Justice League: Generation Lost # 10
  • Planetary # 12
  • Raising Amy # 5
  • RASL # 5
  • Sandman # 2
  • Silent Hill: The Grinning Man # 1
  • Sonic Universe #11 & #12
  • Starcraft # 5
  • Superduck # 17
  • Superman/Batman # 29
  • Supertron # 1
  • Transformers: Nefarious # 6
  • Transformers: Spotlight #21 & #22
  • The Travels of Marco Polo or the Milione #3 & #4
  • Victorian Undead # 4
  • Welcome To Tranquility # 4
  • Witch & Wizard # 3
  • Wolverine (1982) #1 & #2
  • Y: The Last Man # 8

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