Adrianne Curry Joins Season 2 Panelists of ‘The Tester’!

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Now that you have all been properly introduced to the cast of Season 2 of “The Tester,” it’s time to see who they will be looking to impress. Adrianne Curry, winner of the first season of “America’s Next Top Model” and star of VH1 reality shows “The Surreal Life” and “My Fair Brady” and passionate gamer, will join returning full-time panelist Brent Gocke, Senior Release Manager from SCEA, and host Meredith Molinari, model and host of multiple online music shows, when the first episode of “The Tester” premieres this fall.

We’re also fired up to reveal the six additional distinguished gaming industry guest panelists that will join Adrianne, Brent and Meredith this season. They include:

The Tester - Panelists and Meredith

Full-time panelists, Brent Gocke and Adrianne Curry, sitting alongside Stig Asmussen, game director for God of War III.

Our panelists will scrutinize the 12 new Season 2 cast members as they compete in grueling physical and mental challenges to win a job as an official PlayStation game tester for SCEA’s Quality Assurance department in San Diego, Calif., along with a $5000 signing bonus, a 42” 3D Bravia TV, and a limited edition ‘The Tester’ PS3 game system. If you follow Adrianne on Twitter, you know she isn’t afraid to express her opinions, so we’re looking forward hearing her unabashed perspective. Which panelists are you most interested to see?

Cast and Panelists of The Tester

Check out “The Tester” website for more info on the panelists and remember to look out every Tuesday for more information on Season 2 of PlayStation Network’s exclusive original competitive reality series as it quickly approaches.

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  • I’m looking forward to the next season of “The Tester” will be more twists and turns. When will we begin to download the next shows. I’ll be waiting in the meantime playing my Playstation Move.

  • o0o cool ted price

  • It’s the Stig!

  • Got my attention, wow Adrianne is hot. Now will there be hookups in the Tester this season? Its almost expected in every reality series! ;-)

  • I’ll miss Hal </3

  • I’d just like to take this opportunity to re-pitch my original idea: Who Wants To Be An SCEA Janitor? You could always switch the job, so long as maintains a lack of requisite skill and education- secretary, mailroom worker, Koei story-writer…

  • Adding her will get more people to watch. Video game geeks love to look at girls that are too hot for them.

  • Looking forward to Season 2.

  • I have a BIG question that i have been trying to find the answer to and have yet to find it. Ok, so I’m currently a computer science major and I would love nothing more to work in gaming. I have heard getting an internship would help…but i am not sure if trying to be a tester would help me more…i dont know if anyone would have to the answer to this but if you know where i can find information about it please let me know. I appreciate the help thanks.

  • I, too, am looking forward to hear from Ted Price – no presure!

  • definitely not appropriate for work… that web site… she doesn’t looks like too much in the show… but… she is gooooooddddd looking + hot

  • Great to see some big names like Stig and Ted Price, and the Executive Producer of Medal of Honour. Getting faces from third partie companies(as oppossed to just SCEA staff) widens the significance of the series.

    I’m surprised to see Michael McWhertor. His writing is so snarky towards Sony, and so appreciative of Microsoft. Who will you get next – Major Nelson?!

  • Good to see Ted Price on the show.

  • Woah, a model? What does she know about gaming? Please elaborate either here, or on the show please.

  • Also, I think it’s necessary to point out the face of Brent in that second shot.

  • Aw, nice to see Deborah Mars on there… a familiar name to us Fat Princess fans!

  • I still go back and watch some of the Tester Season 1 videos I have on my PS3. I keep in touch with the cast of season 1 on twitter and have followed the Season 2 cast now. I love hanging out on the tinychat too and meeting new gamers :)

  • Daaaaamn Meredith is looking good

  • ok I’m with Kirpad. What does this broad have to do with gaming. Shes nothing but a Reality tv star, who happens to make it big because of a reality tv show. They were better off getting one of the runner ups from last year.

  • Hal Sparks shoot you down for S2 Kevin? I guess we can confirm now on the hierarchy of reality TV that Sony is just a few notches below VH1.

  • Adding a talentless reality star? Shark, jumped. Goodbye Tester. Just an obvious and pathetic attempt at grabbing horny lonely guys.

    How dare you put her alongside the gaming industry greats you have listed above. What has she done to even begin to compare to their contributions to gaming? Shame on you!

  • Alright, someone pass this onto Stig. Man, this guy knows how to make a great game. How would he like to have a crappy Tester that didn’t really know anything testing his masterful games, and in there ignorance giving him nothing of value. If they hire another Will Powers, I’m gonna scream. At E3, Will Powers was there and they asked him what he was up to. He said he was doing PlayStation Move stuff. So, game reviews are coming out, and they’re less than par with the Press. So… How do you fix that? THE TESTERS HAVE TO DO THEIR JOB RIGHT! PlayStation isn’t about mediocre crap. Jack Tretton had said that “Sony and the PlayStation brand are not complacent with mediocrity. We don’t care how many titles we can have on PSN, rather we care how many quality titles we have.” So Stig, weed em out man! If they all SUCK! Man, what a Season 2 twist. NONE OF THEM WIN! Ya’ll better make sure they’re qualified, cause the rest of us are working our butts off at dead end jobs shoveling out $60! for a game! That’s a lot of money compared to what Evan Wells, David Jaffe or Stig are making. We can’t buy a Ferrari a week like Kaz Hurai or Jack Tretton. SO! Make sure they’re good and get Will Powers out of there. He’d failed!

  • I know you need celebrities, but think you guys aimed a little low with Curry. Well at least you guys have some more awesome game devs on the show this season.

    One question do you guys have a budget this season? Because season 1 seemed to have an extremely small budget.

  • Meredith is back? AWESOME!

    Adrianne Curry is quite the looker too. Looking forward to season 2, PS Blog!

  • Also, Brent Gocke is hilariously awesome, in that second picture.

  • Adrianne Curry? Sorry but thats a good reason to NOT watch.

  • Hey NeoMahi… It takes a lot to get me upset, but when you personally attack me… That’s rather uncalled for. This is the second time now, I expect an apology

  • Just saw Hal Sparks on CNN the other

  • I’m glad to see McWhertor from Kotaku on there! He was the resident Tester fan, giving recaps for people who didn’t want to download a guilty pleasure of a show. So, I’m glad he’ll be on there!

    But Adrienne Curry? I’ve had enough of her from all her other reality shows she’s been on! I may get used to her, but still! Bad choice!

  • hhhmmm…automatic download for this would be nice :)

  • Perhaps Adrienne is on the show because she just so happens to play video games?????????

  • Adrianne Curry is a total 100% nerd and gamer. She’s one of us guys, seriously. Have you seen her cosplay? Give her a little credit.

  • 1st tester had nothing to do with video games neither will this one. SCE should be developing not screaming ME TOO about what was the last big thing five years ago namely the boring as hell reality tv.

    SONY wake up!!! we want good entertainment on our PS3 & PSP systems not failed drivel.

  • @UNCyrus

    NeoMahi hit the nail on the head. If anybody should apologize it is YOU!

  • @NeoMahi @FormerPSFan

    While the 1st Season of the Tester didn’t have any obvious challenges that matched the job of a games tester, it did provide a good idea of personality through how contestants reacted to the challenges presented to them. I think the best contestants were the ones that made it to the final and I would have been happy to see any of them win. I was rooting for them the whole way through and I was plaeased to see Will Powers win.

    Just my opinion I know, but I wanted you two to realise that other people have opinions too that are as valid as your own. Also, it might be a good idea to consider how someone might feel to be personally attacked… Maybe tone it down a little to avoid making it too personal in future?

  • Wow, we got two models in the show, thats awesome! Season 3 should have three, to keep the theme going lol. Cant wait to watch the new season.

  • Ted Price is WOW!

  • I think blaming UNCyrus for the Move is like blaming Consumer Reports for a lemon car. he can give feeback on a product but he can’t make it himself. I’m not sure the analogy even works b/c it implies the move isn’t good and I don’t agree with that. Also, if a title doesn’t use the Move well, is that the fault of the game design or the device? Generalized disdain without an attempt at comprehension is bizarre.

    Curry is a real gamer chick. What standard of perfection must she attain? Perhaps they should have gone for Peter Jackson bc he made movies with great CGI? The role in the show is non-industry semi-objective panelist, so beautiful, smart gamer seems to fit the bill.

    also since when did making a TV show somehow interfere with making good games? I’m inclined to think that the two functions are separate, much like when you pick your nose it doesn’t effect your ability to fart. everything is not a zero sum game.

  • Yes the second season is coming out. i can tell it will be great.

  • When does the casting start for season three? I am about to finish my game programming degree and would love to be on the show.

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