101-in-1 Megamix Hits PSN Today!

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Hello everyone! It’s Alex Bravve from Nordcurrent here. Today, I’m going to talk about our upcoming PSP game, available on PSN only – 101-in-1 Megamix. It will be released on September 20 in North America and on September 22 in Europe.

As many of you have already guessed, 101-in-1 Megamix is a collection of 101 mini-games in different genres, ranging from arcade and puzzles, to space racing and cooking.

101-in-1 Megamix PSP

The game is structured as a series of humorous TV shows about underwater world, music, cooking, etc. So there is an unprecedented variety in visuals and game worlds. This is one of the few games that can take you from the Wild West to the space and from Paradise Islands to the fancy restaurants.

101-in-1 Megamix PSP (2)

Some of the games are based on well-known classics, and it will be easy to get an idea of where the inspiration came from.

101-in-1 Megamix PSP (5)

However most of the games are completely original. We had lots of ideas about fun gameplay and fun visuals that wouldn’t work as standalone projects, but would be really fun as a wacky mini-game. Here we were able to choose the best ones and finally do them. Hope you will enjoy them.

101-in-1 Megamix PSP (1)

There are several game modes in 101-in-1 Megamix. The most important is TV Guide Mode – this is where you progress further into the game, unlock new games (only 15 of them are unlocked in the very beginning), get bonuses, etc.

101-in-1 Megamix PSP (3)

More than a dozen of games have an ad-hoc multiplayer. So you can grab your family or a friend, and enjoy this mayhem together. There are two multiplayer modes in 101-in-1 Megamix – an ordinary Multiplayer mode, and a Marathon mode. In Marathon mode, you are given a list of five randomly assigned games, you have to complete all five of them, and the one who’s earned more points in all five is the winner.

101-in-1 Megamix PSP (6)

101-in-1 Megamix is suitable for all ages, and it will be as fun to play for your children or parents, as it is for you. And did I say about the value for money?:) If you divide $14.99 by 101, it turns out that you pay less than 15 cents for a game. I don’t think any other game can beat us on PSP. :)

101-in-1 Megamix PSP (4)

Thanks for reading this and hope you will enjoy this game! For more information on our games you can visit our studio website or our Facebook page.

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  • First impression was “Is this for the Playstation Move?”

  • Looks like garbage.

  • Same thought as #1

    BTW, how come we get these new posts about games we’ve never heard of releasing the same day of a store update? Some of us plan on what to spend days before.

  • #2 Make a game better than this and get it put on PSN then, troll.

  • emm thx but no thx

  • Mario party without the board.

  • I’ll try anything 101-in-1nce! Amirite??? Who’s with me? Up Top, hey ohhhhh!

  • my first thought was what he first said Today, I’m going to talk about our upcoming PSP game, available on PSN only – 101-in-1 Megamix

    PSP game

  • now that right there is a bargain!

  • It looks like something I could get into. But I think I’ll wait until it goes down to $10. I’m just too broke right now.

  • This looks really fun, I’m glad they and shelling out games like this for the PSP for those who aren’t reading the blog like u suppose to do before commenting…. Keep bringing out little games like this and I know I’ll have to keep my PSP, thanx for the Update Alex B., though you could have shared the price with us before we go get our pockets slashed…. lol

  • It’s like Action 52, but twice as bad! …Wait.

  • oh my bad I skip some it does say 15.99; UNBELIEVABLE. Not my pockets sorry…. :(

  • I’d buy that for a dollar! OH they want 15 well never mind then ill pass. Whats with the price hike in games lately most new psn download games use to cost 10 bucks but ever since rachet quest for booty came out alot of others think 15 bucks is ok. In my opinion the rachet game was a more refined, with retail quality to it and deserves the 15 buck price tag. alot of the 15 dollar games on psn now need to be no more than 10 bucks. You Would Think with a poor Economy and lots of Competition with micro game makers out there that you would want to keep yours more attractive by keeping it cheaper.

    • If it was sold at retail, it would cost $29.99, but since it is sold on PSN, we are offering it at $14.99, which I believe is a good deal.

  • Looks like it could be fun. $15 isn’t a lot for a game, especially one with what seems like a lot of content. I’ll probably wait for a review first, but it looks like it might be pretty fun. Mini games are great for portable systems. We need some videos of it in action though!

  • This $15 trend is scaring me and forcing me to wait for the eventual price drop/sale.

  • I love all these little kids or losers working minimum wage jobs who keep complaining about the price of games. Like 14.99 is a lot of money to spend. LOL!

    I am buy Deathspank, Sonic, Blade Kitten and the RDR DLC without hesitation nor worrying about how much they cost. Good games are good games, regardless of the price.

    If you are having to calculate if its worth the purchase down to the penny, you should not be playing games…but rather talking to a financial advisor…or working another job. LOL!

  • “If you divide $14.99 by 101, it turns out that you pay less than 15 cents for a game. I don’t think any other game can beat us on PSP. :)”

    I guess they forgot about Work Time Fun having a whole lot of games, plus downloadable addons.

  • thank god its not for ps3..this is the kind of mini games id like to take on the go

  • @17 “I love all these little kids or losers working minimum wage jobs who keep complaining about the price of games. Like 14.99 is a lot of money to spend. LOL!”

    Hey man, $15 is a lot of money to me and I am a relativity high earner. I got a wife and two kids to take care of… just because you have no damned overhead in your life doesn’t mean you can trot around on your high horse and belittle everyone else.

    Funny thing is, I laugh at people like you who have nothing else of value to spend your hard earned money on. The rest of us calculate where best to spend our money (AFTER mortgage, car payments and living costs) and not squander it on anything waved under our noses.

    Pfft, you probably live with mummy and daddy still and don’t even know what the real value of money is yet.

  • @ #20

    Wrong. I don’t have car payments because I paid off both of mine. I live in an apartment and have living costs just as you do. I don’t have a nagging wife or bratty kids…so that puts me up above you.

    However 14.99 is still NOT A lot of money. I pay that usually for lunch on a monday to friday daily basis. I really am tired of all these whiners complaining about the cost of games. You guys want handouts like a bunch of bums.

  • @17 & @20

    seriously? you’ve got nothing better to do than start a flame war over something as stupid as a game price? this ain’t 4chan.

  • Sold! (eventually)

  • Interesting concept – Mario Party comes to the PSP. The only problem, or concern, I have is the locked games – that drives me batty. In this case, there are 101 mini games but only 15 are available at the start! I utterly hate that. This is the type of game that I want to just pick up and go for the odd 10 or 15 minute breaks I may have during the course of the day. I dont want to have to sit down and objectively work for hours unlocking things. Just unlock everything at once and let me play what I want to play.

    PS – Screenshots are lovely, but lets show a video of actual game play so that we can see how this really looks on the PSP.

  • Hey, I’m not starting a ‘flame war’.. I just can’t let pretentious comments like that slide. I don’t care how much he pays for his lunch… the PS community come from various income levels and shouldn’t be called “little kids or losers” just because they decide something is to expensive for them.

    I’m happy for you if you think $15 is nothing, if you really can just buy whatever you like regardless of the price then good for you. You are part of the problem, if people you continue to pay $15 for PSN games then they will needlessly stay at $15.

  • I love mini-game collections on the PSP! Work Time Fun is among my favorite games on the PSP Go currently! I’ll definately be downloading this game as soon as I get another PSN Card! It looks like a LOT of fun, and there’s nothing better than a fun, quirky, mini-game collection to play in between Monster Hunter Freedom Unite sessions!

  • @17

    You just said Sonic was a good game? What games in the series have been good since the Genesis days?

    Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion you just buy anything cuz it’s there, which is the reason dev’s charge $15 per game. Because they can.

  • its for PSP

  • A trailer would have been nice

  • I submit an idea to the PS.Share blog every day, and many dont get posted. They dont tell me why. But when stuff like “Add a Super NINTENDO” emulator gets added it’s very disheartening to see things you cant possible do get chosen over my legitimate ideas.

    Can you please force them to tell us why our ideas dont get posted and show where are ideas are in the queue to be read?

  • To say that I am ashamed of the PlayStation community I am a part of right now would be an understatement. Such disrespectful, arrogant and, in the first several comments, ignorant commenting is absolutely disgusting. (The rush to be the “first” brings out the idiots without fail) Sadly, it’s been heading in this downward spiral for awhile now.

    My sincerest apologies.

    Sadly, it seems by placing a full game in the same price range as PSN minigames, many are equating the two. Honestly, I think setting it initially at a $30 price-point and then striking that price down to $15 would have garnered more attention. Those graphics are actually quite impressive for the PSP. It’s easy to forget what PSP games looked like 3 years ago. Actually, now that I think about it, the fact that they thought it looked like a cheap PS3 game is more of a compliment than an insult.

    Thanks for stopping by and for keeping such an upbeat attitude.

  • Looking forward to buying this soon, looks like a good port of the Wii version. Do you have plans on porting the Sports Megamix as well?

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