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With Tokyo Game Show and the launch of PlayStation Move both taking place over the past week, we read tons of views, news, preview and reviews. Share your links if we missed anything (which is likely!)

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 13, 2010)

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  • Can’t wait for The 3rd Birthday, also I really hope Square puts Parasite EVE 1 and 2 on PSN like they’re potentially planning, I’ll be sure to download them even though I already own the discs, long live Parasite EVE.

  • Though Konami wasn’t extremely active over TGS for Sony, I’m hoping they’re planning at least *something* to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Suikoden’s launch.

    Perhaps Suikoden II as a PSOne Classic? Pretty please?

  • By the way, Jeff, excited about Valkyria Chronicles 3? I’m a bit put off by the fact that they’re teasing a third Valkyria during the first war, but I’m willing to keep an open mind if they weave the story just right.

    Having what seems to be a “darker” story like the first game also intrigues me.

    • OH yeah, I’m all over it. I’m 25 hours into VC2 (and in June still – we’re shooting for 60 hours here). So yeah, fingers crossed for a release date in the States.

  • Such a shame Valkyria is again on the psp.

  • I’m not sure if ur the right guy to tell Jeff, but for “The Drop” blogs, u should (if possible) also tell us gamers what price drops are planned both permanent and temporary. Then if that adjustment is made, “The Drop” blogs would be perfect in my opinion.

  • @ Sonicfan11589
    Also add the price of each game on the ‘The Drop’ list if possible.

  • Playstation Move is amazing, but I hate how all of these fanboys (and i even own a 360 as well) talk poop about it! However, I have to admit its accuracy when playing Gladiator is not 1:1

  • Would I be correct in assuming the Rock Band sale starts on Tuesday?

  • Indeed I haven’t, Im not a handheld gamer, that doesn’t mean its a bad game, I’m pretty sure its great, would it be better on the PS3? hell yeah lol

  • Can’t wait to see more of Project Dark. I wish it was Demon’s Souls 2 but it looks like Project Dark is going multi-platform.

  • @Sonicfan11589. I really hope they release Parasite Eve 1 & 2 on PSN too. I don’t have either one on disc, so it would be very nice to have them on the PS3. Especially 1. Very good game. Wish they’d do a new Parasite Eve for the PS3.

    @ExcelKnight. I agree! Suikoden II on PSN would be great. I wish they were putting PS2 classics on PSN too. I liked Suikoden 3 a lot.

    Anyway, I know we are getting the Enslaved demo on Tuesday. Any other demos coming our way this week?

  • Jeff, could someone please give me a confirmation on whether or not the special Monster Hunter PSP with the extra battery life and improved analog nub will be coming to the US?

  • Why was my post deleted? the only “negative” thing I wrote was I basically had trouble with the Gladiator Game in sports champions…. :(

  • You know, it’s interesting how some people dismiss Valkyria Chronicles 3 on the PSP, especially if they’ve never played it. I thought the idea was a little dumb, but I’m about 13 hours into it and all I can say is wow. They’ve put a lot of game into the PSP and I can’t get enough of it.

  • Will you guys have a playstation booth at New York Comic Con? I’ll be there to visit!

  • @10 if The 3rd bday sells well, square will consider putting PE on current gen consoles, and they are looking into putting PE1 and 2 on PSN hopefully before the 3rd bday releases next year for europe and north america.

  • Yakuza Of The End looks wicked, I sure do hope that Sega will localization it for an Fall 2011 release. Still need to play Yakuza 3. An Yakuza Collection would be awsome.

  • Hey Jeff

    I got the move!!
    But I’m not allowed to touch it until Friday (aka my birthday) and I’m so eager to try it!!

    games I’m looking forward to getting for the move
    -RE 5 Gold edition
    -echochrome II

    I Have Heavy Rain which will be patched the 22nd? oh and tumble.

  • So I tried the Move demo they had at my local Best Buy and I gotta say that I’m disappointed.

    First of all, I really like the build quality. The controller feels very solid and has the appropriate weight. Also I didn’t know that the ball was squishy!

    The demo they had was of Sports Champions with 2 wands. I tried ping pong, archery, the gladiator thing and frisbee. They only one that I sorta enjoyed was frisbee since it seemed semi-accurate to the real thing. The gladiator thing was lame and it wouldn’t even register most of my moves and table tennis was just a waggle fest. Archery felt weird, because I used to do real archery in school and pretending to hold an invisible bow was awkward.

    Overall, I think that the Move isn’t for me.

  • I can’t believe that new Ape Escape Game ended up being a rail shooter.
    hope Ape Escape 4 is coming

  • That Schwarzenegger vs. the Entertainment Merchants Association is quite an interesting piece of news to me. I don’t feel good about it that’s for sure.

    All I care for now is the day when Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arrives.

  • When do we get Breath of Fire 3 for PSOne classics in the Playstation Store?

  • Jeff,
    Any word on the Pain – Move patch?

  • I’m loving my PS Move. Sports Champions is so great and I’m glad to see a reviewer liking it.

    Very ecstatic about the Disgaea 4 and Valkyria Chronicles 3 announcements.

    I’m trying to pick up RE5 Gold Edition (I beat RE5 many times), but the game sold out. :(

    I really hope Ni no Kuni comes stateside. Looks very pretty.

  • okay, we are today sept 19 and we dont know anything about level-5 american office.any word,when they finally open a branch on the u.s?i’m asking because they themselves said that they would open an office there in california not too long ago….(wonder if they are still planning to bring wkc 2 to our shores and also the dogma wars for the psp):0

    anyways, me beign a nippon ichi fan.cant hardly wait to get my hands on disgaea 4 cuz not only they have had improved the graphics but also added “internet play” in to the game XD

  • @ Jeff’s response: “Spoken like someone who hasn’t played VC2.”

    Well I’m not sure about him but I sure have. I can very easily say that it’s a matter of personal preference, and I agree with what he said. Some of us just don’t want or even can’t sit and look at a tiny screen all day. Some people just may not find its practical to buy a portable device or to continue a game they played on a console first. Some of us prefer to relax on a chair and watch it on a TV with a controller that has two joy sticks :/ Seems unfair to simply have assumed that he hasn’t and that everyone would believe its just as good on a PSP vs. PS3.

    I think its completely reasonable for people to be disappointed that it wasn’t on the PS3… I’m fortunate enough to have a PSP and play it, but I definitely agree with people displeasure of the series becoming a PSP series after the first was on PS3.

  • Hey Jeff,

    How in the hell could you do an ATW and forget your Holiday Rocket Ship?


  • @perrandy great question, i wanna know why level-5 hasn’t said anything about their new offices that was suppose to open up in l.a. this month and why they havent given word on if wkc 2 and wkc dogma wars coming stateside, its like they forgetten all about us idk it’ll be ashame if they didnt continue the wkc series over here leaving everybody with a cliffhanger ending, they could at least patch wkc 2 onto wkc with an update or something add it as a ps store download game idk….. And im loving ps move right now cant get enough of it, great job SONY XD

  • I really hate to post in here again, especially about this, but,

    How Come “The Drop” Hasn’t “Dropped” Yet?

    It’s 10:10 ESDT as I write this and still No “Drop”.

    I’m missing the “Manning Bowl” partly because of this.


    • Rey was out at TGS, and with me covering all 3 positions this week, I just didn’t have time to get that together. We’ll tweet out the new releases on Tuesday as per usual, and The Drop will be back next week.

      You didn’t miss much with the Manning Bowl :)

  • Thats it…the ps3 needs psp game support as in compatibility. another Valkyria Chronicles? nutz… I sold my psp units due to lack of time to play outside of home.

  • @ 19 Enigma777

    Either Best Buy didn’t have something setup right or you didn’t know what you were doing. Playstation Move works great with all of those games. Gladiator and Archery are my favorites. Archery is so precise and its very rewarding to go back and beat your own scores and I love trying to knock heads off in Gladiator. You should definitely give it another try and see if there was something wrong on Best Buy’s behalf. I love PS Move.

  • I was that Share.Blog would be listed under “What We Read.”

    Anyhow, I’m an avid visitor of this website (and blog), and while I love what you guys have, the trophy section of your website (us(dot)playstation(dot)com) is extremely lacking, lots of games (and DLC) trophies are missing.

    Sorry for going off-topic, Jeff, but I’m only posting this here because a) I’m glad you reply to your posts and b) when trophies were introduced on this website, (I think) you narrated the explanatory video showing the trophy features on this site.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Will we see any Frontlines footage for Medal of Honor on the PSBlog before release?

  • Here is what you don’t see…….

    Cross game voice chat

  • luvin da updatez!

  • Ape Escape a rail shooter??? Awwwwwwwh :(

  • thank you Jeff. I was wondering why it would have been deleted. I thought that saying the Accuracy for the Gladiator game isn’t perfect automatically was offensive haha. I have a question, though. I tried using Move with MAG, and am having trouble getting the position of the PS Eye just right. Too Low= my person keeps on looking up. To high= person keeps on looking down. in the middle= impossible unless I could use magical powers to let it stay in mid-air XD. Any ideas?


    how about this article from gamespot about backwards compatibility coming back to the ps3, confirm/deny? If it’s coming back, I can take my refurb 60 back to the gamestop for a new ps3 move bundle.

  • Who thinks it would be a good idea for PSN to release PE1 and PE2 for holloween, this year? It would create an opportunity for first-timers to get aquainted with the story before the NA release of 3rd B-Day, and it would be such an appropriate title for the season… It might even bolster the sales of 3rd B-Day, and god willing, create an inscentive to bring the franchise back to the home consoles–but I think if they made a new console-PE game, it should take the story and gameplay back to it’s roots; let’s face it: the story of PE2 didn’t hold a candle to the original… If they were to make a new console-PE, they should ask themselves: what made the original so great? I’d like to see the original spirit of the first game breath new life.

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