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Sid and Rey are en route back to the Bay Area after a week in Japanland for Tokyo Game Show. While they prep the next batch of TGS content for you (an interview with Ueda-san and more), I’ll step in for Mr. Shuman with this week’s recap.

He does also like to share what he’s up to, doesn’t he? Here goes.

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

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  • High Velocity Bowling Move add-on will be free for everyone? EU added it for everyone for free but Plus gets it on Tues.

  • I would like to hear a response from capcom about the DMC love/hate (mostly hate).I love the direction they took it and the reboot is rad but smoking emo Dante is awful.

    Still on the fence for move.When a good Elder Scrolls type game comes out for move I will probably be all over it.

    Man fall out and Medal of Honor are gonna break me in a few weeks.

  • Hey Jeff, great week for Playstation! However there are a bunch of us getting error codes when trying to sign in to PSN (its mostly the 80710B23 code). Is something up with PSN, because this is not just a isolated issue, I know at least a dozen people from across the country (Canada) having problems. Thanks

    • This is the first I’ve heard of it, but I’m not in customer service. Definitely try calling them – they’ll know better than I.

      Anybody else having this issue?

  • Hey Jeff, so sad here, my PS3 got YLOD.
    Did you saw Arsenal’s goal today? Now that’s called pure luck

  • I got the ps move bundle at walmart n went 2 gamestop 2 buy 3 mOre but they only had 2 in stocke left lol but next week I’ll get the next 1 n move is very fun any demos coming to the ps store like a first persons shooter I really anticipated to try killzone 3 and socom 4 w the move and by the way I live in chicago big city and pretty amazing for the motion controller 2 b sould out her great job Sony

  • The Last Guardian and Team ICO Collection for the Win.

  • I love the fact that SCE is coming up with new concept for gamers.Only thing i dont like is the console wars to me it dont make any sense to compare console or to determine what console is better.I think that is XBOX concept to come up with something new and playstation try to beat it or find a way to outbeat them leaving all the possibilities the ps3 have behind. Truly I thnik sce have not even scratch the surface of the potential of the ps3.Only because a what other console are coming up with.And i think the other console have too only because they see the possibilities of the playstation 3.Dont get me wrong IM a SCE gamer for life and proud to be part of the family. Keep up the good work but dont get caught up in the race because we will lose if SCE dont focus on your playstation gamers like me.I have been part of the SCE family sence ps1.

  • Got PS move on friday…Awesome device! love it love it love it!

  • Yes! GT5! Finally it is so close!!!

    Although your comment in the intro to the GT5 article is a bit outdated. may i suggest something a bit more modern, something like this line from one of my favorite actresses:

    “When you have a threesome, one of the girls has to be a stranger!”
    -Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), “Gossip Girl”

    Now on to What Am I Doing (something I have never tried before):

    Playing: Nothing until Wednesday (F1 2010!!!!!)!!!!

    Watching: Gossip Girl Season 4, 90210 Season 3 (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put this on the PS Store), Hellcats Season 1, E! News, ESPN, Notre Dame-Michigan State Football Tonight, NFL RedZone Free Weekend on Comcast Digital Cable Tomorrow.

    Reading: Nothing yet, but waiting for the GT5 Apex Magazine when it comes out Nov. 2.

  • The Tokyo Game Show has been OK, but nothing has blown me away like the Gamescon announcements of the new Ratchet & Clank and Mass Effect 2 on PS3.

    For me, the best announcement this week was that we’ll be gettting the Enslaved demo on Tuesday! Can’t wait to play that.

    I wish there was going to be a Spider-man Shattered Dimensions demo. I haven’t got a chance to play that yet and may not for awhile. It would be cool to get a look at that one.

    Anyway, as far as PS3 games right now, I’m playing a lot of LittleBigPlanet. I’ve been finding so many great levels lately. It’s so amazing the levels people have come up with for LBP1. I think the levels in LBP2 will be mind blowing stuff. Man, I wish November was already here! lol.

  • Anyway you guys can post a list of what games are being patched with Move and the date of the patch? I know there’s a handful of games out there not no idea when exactly they are being patched.

  • This is my list:

    Playing: 3D Dot Game Heroes, Red Dead Redemption, Castle Crashers
    Watching: Nothing.
    Reading: Wikipedia articles

  • rumor has it that the upcoming firmware update will only have two additions and these will not be robust at that.according to a guy in the forums that posted stuff on the sony’s japanese site/blog?hope the guy is dead wrong though

    in any case,i’m currently:
    playing: disgaea 2 on psp
    watching:speed grapher and hellsing
    reading: this blog and the nisa forums
    hope that you and everyone else is having a good weekend! :0)

  • Why does EU store have Heavy Rain, and High Velocity bowling “Move” updates and once again, the US PlayStation store lags behind?

    Also what’s up with this PSN Beta in the drop down menu on the main Playstation web site? We’ve all been waiting a long time for a better PSN, how about leaking a few details. I really dislike how Sony tries to keep everything a secret, and you end up reading about it on Kotaku.

  • Things I personally liked about TGS were the awesome new DmC trailer (I hope Ninja Theory makes it Rad), the Team Ico collection for spring 2011, Shadows of the DANMED and the Project Dark announcement.

    Cannot wait to see some awesome interviews (hopefully one with Suda51 :D )

  • Another week gone by with no mention from Sony to add cross game voice chat to their PS3 that does ‘Everything’. Well, at least your PS3 can do what a wii does.

  • I got a platinum in Uncharted 2 yesterday!! YAY!!!

    I’m playing: Assassin’s Creed 2, Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Killzone 2
    I’m watching: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    I’m reading: Notes From the Midnight Driver

  • Playing: Transformers War for Cyberton (5x EXP this weekend!), Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
    Watching: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on Bluray
    Reading: Lord of the Rings

    BAAHH at you for having Valkyria Chronicles 2. I’ve spent all weekend looking for Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 2 and everywhere seems to be sold out. I checked like…10 places. I know I can just download them but I like to have the UMDs in my collection. Hopefully Sega will ship more out soon…

  • new info on MGS: Rising for PS3?

  • Still playing the HECK out of Valkyria Chronicles 2.. best.. PSP.. game… EVER!!!!!!!!! Love it!! Thank you Sega!!!!!

  • Eagles, Phillies, and…Arsenal?! You do realize we have an MLS team in town now? ;)

    • Yeah, but I’ve been an Arsenal supporter since ’99.
      I do have a Union shirt that I picked up this Spring in Philly.

  • Busy week.

    I wouldn’t think of Jeff as a Gunners Fan. Do love watching the EPL.

  • Playing: MLB 10 The Show, my pitcher is in 2017 and is dominating. Also playing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.
    Watching: Boardwalk Empire’s season premiere on Sunday. And watching my White Sox self-destruct.
    Reading: Y: The Last Man and Sandman on PSP Comics

    Seems like Chicago is finally getting events which makes me happy.

  • Hey Jeff, not sure if this is right to ask you or Eric lempel but here we go. Is there new features in the works for the PS website friends list,trophies,etc? Also wondering why they took out the ability to see how long ago someone was last on. It was on the site before but they when the redesign happened they took it out.

  • Any decision on fixing the FTB3 server boot yet??

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    thanks :)
    My two favorite games of ALL TIME is being remaster in HD with 3D? The ICO Collection have force my hands to buy a SONY 3D TV when the collection is release.

  • Hey Jeff, thanks for the heads up on the Selvaria code!! Just got it, so cool!

  • You guys should let Canadians participate in the Subway contest too!! :P

  • Did anyone ask at TGS if the Level 5/Ghibli game Ninokuni is getting localised for the US/EU? Given Miyazaki films enjoy some popularity in the West it would be a disappointment if it didn’t. Hope we can get an answer on this soon.

  • I’m so psyched that I spent fifty on a Move controller yesterday but “network problems” prevented me from downloading any demos so so far I have yet to be able to use it.

    The same network problems that besiege users all the time, then “magically” clear up a day later.

    Every computer and Wii and Xbox works fine…through the router and directly through the cable. Only the PS3 times out every time before I can get an ip.

    But, of course, even though googling all over the net shows people having intermittent problems for three years, Sony does nothing and we pretend it doesn’t exist.

  • If you cheap jerks who don’t understand that demos should be free and widely accessible put a demo disc in with my Move controller then I could at least enjoy it.

    But no…

    The company that charges game firms to put demos on their servers, and now holds back their paltry amount of demos for playstation plus subscribers….think it is better that people who own the Eye already should call up friends who buy the packs and ask to borrow the demo disc.

    Or wait patiently, as Sony puts demos it already has on its server slowly.

    What should I expect? Sony suckered me into buying Eye of Judgement just for a camera which it neglected for the last two years.

  • Jeff

    Yeah me too i’m having trouble with the PSN

  • I’m hoping Legacy of Kain series get put on sale next week or sometime before its over. I have the discs but would love to have them on my drive.

    That needs a collection itself.

  • Im playing : snes emu roms from my ps3

    Im watching : all the latest hacks

    Im reading: How to get other os back on ps3 (work in progress)

  • ho ho ho!!!

    looking forward to kick some ass in that Desert Lab!!

    Pretty amazing!! i will purchase my move device when i have about $250 so i can get for everyone in the fam. Maybe for Xmas!!

    Excellent work!!

  • Hi
    I have tried to play the tiger woods demo with my new move :-) but when I should press “press start” nothing happens?
    Can you help?

  • Where in Philadelphia are you from Jeff???

  • ive gotten 2 hole-in-one’s in disc golf too. Pretty awsome!

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