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Hi everyone, Fabian here from Ronimo Games, and I’m here to tell you about our upcoming PlayStation Network game: Swords & Soldiers! Swords & Soldiers is a side scrolling real time strategy game, in which three unique factions battle each other: the brutal Vikings, the devious Aztecs and the cunning Chinese, across 30 missions to reach a giant pepper.

Each faction has their own reasons to chase after this giant pepper. The Vikings want epic BBQ sauce, the Chinese child emperor wants the pepper’s mind-bending powers and the Aztecs are trying to keep it so they can win the annual vegetable growing contest! During their campaigns you’ll also unlock some leader board-enabled challenge modes to give you some more room to show off your skills.

We’re also really excited to present a 3-D mode for Swords & Soldiers so that everyone can experience the game in another dimension.

So, a side scrolling strategy game, how does that work? Well basically it plays like a mix between an RTS and a fighting game. You build units and cast spells to try and push the opponent backwards until you’ve finally destroyed his castle.

Of course, getting there is not that simple. Each of your units has its strength, weakness and specific use on the battlefield. There are heavy melee units, fast moving poisoned dart blowers, enemy-confusing monkeys and lots of other units to choose from. You’ll have to carefully consider spending money on the right units and upgrades; especially since buying upgrades means not buying units which, in turn, gives your opponent more room to breathe and push onwards to your base.

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Then there are the spells, your means of directly affecting the Battlefield. Say there’s this nasty Necromancer moving towards your base and your units can’t get to him because he generates Skeletons and sticks behind those. Will you use the Lightning spell to take him out? Or will you use a Snowstorm to freeze the Skeletons so your units can take them out and reach the Necromancer by themselves? It’s choices like these which you’ll have to make all the time if you want to get to your opponents’ base and trash it.

When you’re done trashing everyone in the room using the splitscreen multiplayer, you can take the battle online! It’s really simple, whenever you play Swords & Soldiers and you feel like humiliating some other humans online, just press select or choose ‘online’ from the main or pause menu. The game will then start searching for other players while you can still carry on your quest for that mind-bending pepper or play any other part of the single player content. Then when a player is found, your current game will be saved, you show that guy who’s boss, and then you’ll be returned to where you left off. So it’s all seamless, enabling you to show the world that the Aztecs are superior whenever you like. Or the Chinese or Vikings, whichever faction you prefer.

Swords & Soldiers will launch early to PlayStation Plus users on 9/21 and will be available to everyone on 9/28. In a few short days, it’s on! We’re looking forward to what tactics and strategies you guys come up with to break our defenses. So get online and join the battle!

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