Sports Champions Week: Disc Golf

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I’ve played disc golf once before, and the course wasn’t anywhere near as nice as the one in Sports Champions.

After the rapid, manic action found in Gladiator Duel, an event like Disc Golf is a fun, relaxing way to wind down. That calmer place doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take full advantage of the PlayStation Move technology, however. Producer Jeremy Ray shows us why Sports Champions presents the best “frolfing” experience you’ve ever seen in a video game.

I particularly like how you’re not going through pre-determined motions – if you want to underhand toss your disc into the goal, you’re free to do it (and it’s a pretty good technique from 20 feet and under).

We wrap up Sports Champions week tomorrow with Table Tennis.

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  • I’m always afraid I’ll embarrass myself in actual disc golf.

  • cant wait for tomorrow

  • This looks awful. There is no charm with the game models. Couldn’t you guys have used Sackboy or let the Hot shots golf guys make the models (It’s not like they are doing anything)?

    While were at it, while Kinect gets stuff like Steel Batallion, Suda game, panzer dragoon, the Move gets Kung Fu chair and Eyepet. Come on Sony, where’s the third party support.

  • Tomorrow is going to be a fun day indeed. So, question for ya. Is there any talk about new courses available via DLC? Playing the same 18 holes could get a bit repetitive, especially once you have them perfected.

    • Each of the different difficulties has a different starting position which actually changes the strategy up pretty nicely on many of the holes.

      However I think having a new course as DLC would be a great idea. :)

  • I’ll be playing this as soon as Amazon ships my 320GB PS3 Move bundle :)

  • I can’t wait till tomorrow!!!!!

  • As a weekly Disc Golfer I can’t wait for this…something to do in the off season.

  • Disc Golf 4 Life! Do you have the real discs? ie. Innova or Disccraft. My baby is the Champion Valkyrie. World record distance driver baby!

    ps. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    • I borrowed a set. Now that I’ve been playing this – and getting pretty good at it – I’m eager to try it again. I’ve actually played real bocce recently after having practiced in Sports Champions.

  • Also, can you tomahawk throw the disc as well? There are a few holes here on a few Vancouver courses that require a tight throw through the forest. Would be nice to have that, or have courses like that for DLC. Need photos of our courses? PDGA quality.

    • You can throw Tomahawk. I’m not very good at it personally in real life or in the game for that matter, but you can do it. :)

  • You’re weird, joostin.

  • Looks fun

  • whenever my brother posts a comment on the PS Blog… it acts as if he has done it so but it doesn’t show up on the blog why?

  • I didn’t actually know that disc golf was a real game until today.

    I thought it was just a fun mini-game added to golf videogames :)

  • I was on the fence about getting a Move controller, but after I saw Disc Golf was included on Sports Champions, I knew I had to have it. Looks great! Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow morning!!

  • Tomorrow shall be a fun day! I’m wondering if the same throwing “power” is required for long shots? Playing disc golf is hard, bot like throwing a frisbee around! Will we have different discs to use?

    • In my experience, you’ve really got to wing it on the longer shots, but there are other factors to consider, like wind speed, elevation, and surface (it’ll skip on ice, etc).

    • There are also 3 different discs in the game. The putter is more accurate at shorter ranges but won’t go as far. The driver will go the farthest but is the least accurate. There is also a mid-range which is in between the two. The game chooses the “best” disc for any given shot, but you can change to whatever disc you want. There are also some cool and funny unlockable discs, but I won’t spoil them for you. :)

  • now its not letting me post :S

  • With move coming out tomorrow the anticipation is almost over. Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for the great coverage leading up to the Move release. I’ve pretty much been drooling over any scraps of move info since e3 2009. Seeing Sony take chances with new tech and small game developers makes me a proud PS3 owner. Great job guys, thanks for keeping us so well informed!

  • So i already have the camera. Move controller should be here next week. No Sports Champions disk. Are these going to be available on PSN?

  • Pre-ordered? DONE!

  • eh its not letting me post his username

  • I wonder how professionals feel about how Move handles? Like professional archers, table tennis players, disc golfers, etc..

    I ask this, because I used to do sport archery, and League Table tennis at the devision level, and I’ve always been appalled how horrible controls are for said types of games. I’m so hoping that Move got it right. If so, it will be my “be all end all”.


  • It looks great, I can’t wait to get this, I already got the move bundle and 1 controller pre ordered, so I will get it either monday or tuesday when it comes in the mail. The only thing I am wondering about, the trophy get a hole in one in disc golf, sounds like it would be really hard, or down to being lucky enough to actually get a hole in one.

    • This isn’t actually that hard on a couple of the easier holes on the Bronze difficulty setting. Might take a little practice or luck, but most people can get this trophy without too much effort.

    • I got mine :)
      I actually nailed it on the third hole on a press demo. It can be done!

  • I keep refreshing my amazon order status to make sure they keep up with the release date delivery shipping. I can’t wait!

    The disc golf is not the event I’m most excited to play but it seems like a lot of fun.

  • I am also having a similar issue….

  • jermery whats the name of your company.. im buying some stock lol// you have struck oil.. I already played this at e3.. I cannot image why you didnt get a pro booce player. disc golf player to try it out and give a opinion feedback.. you’d probaly bring them to there knees in amazement and tears of joy.. I for one was blow away by playing it .. This will be instant classic.. Good luck to you mr ray you will be rich man starting sept 17th .. oh welcome to the psn family :)


    • I work in Product Development in the San Diego Studio for Sony Computer Entertainment ticker SNE. :)

      I’ve done demos for some competitive athletes in a few of these events, not Gladiator Duel of course :), and the response has been especially good from competitors.

  • @Jeff, Rey, Sid and Jeremy: Bravo on all the demos this week.

    I am kinda in a tough spot with the games and controllers though. I have an Eye already and don’t want to buy the bundle and have an extra one. I also don’t like the idea that an Eye sells stand alone for ~$35 but only receives a $10 value in the bundle. I know the $99.99 price point is the driver here, but there seems to be a penalty for early adopters of the Eye technology.

    I will probably end up going with a single controller and getting Tumble from the PSN to start. But even then I don’t know if there is $50 of value for the controller. Any plans for releasing other Move games on the PSN in the near future?

  • Hey Jeff and Jeremy,

    I’ve played Sports Champions for a bit now (no disc golf yet though)and I really like it. What surprises me is the feeling of authenticity, I’ts not like I am controling a character or a game, I am aiming at that pumpkin or smashing my oponent on the head.

    However I’ve found a minor flaw in the game: When playing for the Championship, after every last oponent, you’ll be directly taken to the main menu (after posing as a real badass archer ofcourse!). When tryin to reach the three stars on the last match this becomes very tedious, because evertime I fail, I have to direct through the menu’s and loading screens.

    As I said it’s a minor issue, but it makes me score this game a 9 out of ten, instead of a perfect 10.

    Also played a lot of other move games (Tumble, Flight Control HD, Start the Party, Echocrome II Demo and more) and I am baffled of the ‘lack’ of ‘lag'(see what I did there, nudge nudge). The move is really responsive. It makes me feel even more in control.

  • @ red giant,, you dont have buy 2 controllers to play move games that is tottally optional.. I have played every move game at e3 with 1 move controller. They play about the same / im geting the 50$ move controller. Im going download a few demo’s and have a good time :).. The sport champions pack is the iceing on the cake for us, it only take 3-6 months to make move game, so expect alot of them come xmas and more often..

    My only gripes is the demo downloads are way to big 1 gb wow.. and they should put the ps eyes game sa nd move game sinthe same place in the ps store. also remake them over with a patch.. i want to play a few older games in psn like linger of the shadows with move//

  • I wonder if eyepet will smoke a cigarette if I offer him one. I guess I’ll find out in about 18 hours.

  • I was really sad that there wasn’t an echochrome ii or Flight Control HD demo available for purchase this week in the US. I shouldn’t have to log into a European PSN account just to get those :(

  • @mcbuttz78:

    I’m not worried about buying two controllers. It has been prominently stated that you only need one for most of the Move games. I am on the fence because I don’t see the added value for early adopter of the PSEye to get a bundle or buy the controller and game separate. If I get the bundle I might end up placing the extra Eye next to my PSP go in a bad early adopter idea pile.

  • To bad there isn’t a Move patch for “Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds” or LBP1

  • I’m sure there will eventually be DLC for parts of Sports Champions, but what i was wondering about, and havent seen anyone ask, is Sports Champions going to have Trophies and/or Online Play? trophies are nice but online play would be great, considering a few of my friends that dont live near me are getting tha bundle along with me tommorrow.

  • @GJD21 (1)

    But we’ll all be laughing at you in spirit. Or, if you like, I could come over sometime and laugh in person, critique your technique, take the controller and say “here’s how REAL man does it”- y’know, make the experience as realistic as possible for you. I’m a very generous spirit, as you can tell. XP

  • I noticed in the video that the game recognizes your depth (distance from camera), does this mean we can incorporate a three step throw like you would on longer holes in real life? Or is it purely the throwing motion?

    • Might be tough to stay in camera view the whole time, but that might be possible. However for optimal tracking I wouldn’t recommend moving too far from where you calibrate.

  • has PS Move listed as a September 19th release. Hopefully they’re not stupid and don’t put up a fight when I go to pick it up tomorrow.

    Not sure I care about anything aside from Archery at the moment, but I want to review the title and the PS Move on our web site.

  • @xmscott

    The Sports Champions demo is already live on the European PS Store, just make an account and grab it there. Start the Party has a demo there as well, I grabbed it this morning when checking that storefront.

  • only one more day until the Move!

  • What kind of DLC is it going to be? different sports would be awesome

  • any chance on more sports being added as DLC?

  • Been playing this today in the demo, the precision is great and it’s really fun to play, I only wish that there were more than six sports in the full version.

  • Oh man!!! Disc golf!!!! finally is possible!! do you even know how stoked we are as disc golfers that this is being released!!! i really hope my local department store releases the Move tonight because if it does i will not sleep all weekend as i will be “bangin da chains”!!!

  • Why does the freakin’ power meter look EXACTLY like the one in Wii Sports Golf? That is ridiculous!

  • Sweet! I didn’t know disc golf was in sports champions! I meant to play this summer, but never got around to it. I can’t wait to try this out at the SF meet up tomorrow!

  • Crap. I think this just sold me on Move. Now to scrounge up a Franklin…

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