ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West Coming to the PS3 on October 5, Win a Limited Edition Statue

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Hello everyone! My name is Laili Bosma from NAMCO BANDAI Games America, and I’m the Brand Manager for ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ninja Theory during the creation of ENSLAVED, and watching this game come together has been awe-inspiring. We’ve got new content to share with you as we lead into the October 5th launch of the game, and a contest we know you’ll be excited by.

As PlayStation fans, you probably remember Ninja Theory as the studio that brought you Heavenly Sword, one of the early launch titles for the PS3. Ninja Theory has upped their game with ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West, with their development focus on merging story-telling and gameplay. ENSLAVED features a rich narrative, deep and believable characters, some of the best talent in the video game, music and motion picture industries, and a production value that’s second to none. It also combines puzzle-solving, combat and platforming to keep the gameplay varied and intriguing.

ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West takes place 150 years in the future, after several wars have obliterated nearly all of the planet’s population. In this post-apocalyptic future, mysterious slave ships harvest remaining survivors and take them out west, for unknown reasons. You’ll take on the role of Monkey, a loner who has spent his whole life on the run. Monkey finds himself captured by one of the slave ships and uses his brute force to break free from his cell. Meanwhile, he notices a young girl named Trip who uses more refined hacking skills to also break free, though she inadvertently sets the ship on a crash course to New York in the process. Knocked unconscious from the crash, Monkey wakes up to find that Trip has placed a slave headband on Monkey’s head which forces him to obey her and whether he likes it or not – help her get back home safely.

The brilliant team at Ninja Theory enlisted the help of heavyweight Hollywood talent to bring ENSLAVED to life. Andy Serkis, the genius behind Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, helped us with co-directing the performance capture and also acting in the lead role of Monkey. Alex Garland, screenwriter for 28 Days Later, co-wrote the story. The team has built a truly deep and memorable experience that we think you’ll be amazed by. But don’t take my word for it. Have a look at our latest trailer.

Now that ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West has gone gold, we’ve given the press an early look at the game, and they’ve come to love it! Destructoid loved their hands-on time with the game, and even named it their Game of the Show for Gamescom 2010. G4 loved their preview experience of the game, and GamesRadar was so impressed that we left them reeling.

We have a lot of special content planned for ENSLAVED. You’ve probably already seen our retailer bonus item specials, which will give you enhanced bonus costumes for Trip or Monkey when you play the game. We’re releasing regular Developer Diary Videos on our Facebook page to help give you an inside look at what went into the creation of the game directly from the team. We also plan to offer some side-story premium downloadable content for the people that want to explore more in the world of ENSLAVED beyond the main storyline.

Another thing we’d love to do is answer some of your questions about ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West, and there’s no time like the present!

We’ve set up a special ID on the PlayStation Network to take your questions… just send a message to “EnslavedOTTW” from your PS3. We’ll take the best questions and answer them in a follow-up blog post here, in a few weeks.

To kick things off, we have a special treat we’re offering first to PlayStation.Blog readers. We’re creating a series of unique, limited edition statues commemorating the game’s launch. These will NOT be available for purchase anywhere. We’re only making 200 of these statues, and we’ll only be offering them in special giveaways and promotions leading into launch. Here’s a prototype:

Enslaved Statues

Do you have the perfect place in your home for one of these statues? Then send us a question! Even if we don’t pick your question for the Q&A, you’re automatically entered into our drawing to win one of the statues. We’ll pick the winner at random and announce it in two weeks, when we answer your questions. Ten other winners will receive redemption codes for all of our pre-order downloadable content, giving you access to alternate costumes for Monkey and Trip that are enhanced with some special bonuses like unlimited ammo. Contest available in North America except Quebec.

And even better, North American PS3 owners will get first access to the demo for ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West when it comes to the PlayStation Store next Tuesday, September 21st.

ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West has been a labor of love, and we can’t wait for members of the PlayStation family to get their hands on this wonderful game. We hope you’ll take the time to check it out when it launches on October 5th!

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  • game looks great hopefully it plays good as well

  • Nice. Will be downloading the demo the minute it comes out!

  • I really can’t wait for this game. Heavenly Sword was one of the best games on PS3 for a very very long time, and still to this day i haven’t seen anything match it’s facial animation.

    Day one buy for me. :D

  • Question: will this game be compatible with the Playstation Move?

  • How’s the trophy list looking like in this game?

    • We are going to have a full range of trophies available for the game, but don’t want to give away the details yet. We don’t want to spoil the fun or give away any of the important moments in the story!

  • Looks awesome!!!!

  • Was WETA used for motion capturing in this game like it was in Heavenly Sword?

  • *whistles the Monkey Magic theme* This looks like a game I will be buying as well.

    They best give the UK a release date close to the rest…

    • Hi dmann! Don’t worry, we would never let our UK fans languish without Enslaved. We’re planning to launch Enslaved: Odyssey to the West on October 8th in the United Kingdom.

  • it looks fantastic. i really love how even new ip’s can shine through the masses of sequels. I hope it does well.

  • okay, this game seems pretty interesting but not my cup of tea. however,i surely love to play the “tales of” games.now that we got a representative of namco on the board can you tell us.tales of fans if you guys are planning to bring any tales games to north america? its really disheartening what you are doing to your most loyal and also most vocal fans.

    would you throw us a bone for goodness sake,namco?

  • Do we post our questions here, or send them to an e-mail?

  • how big is the statue?

  • Oh look a North America only contest. BIG surprise…

  • @ Laili Bosma

    IF you dont mind i have a small request. this game looks great and i will probably get it but the main series i truly want from Namco is the Tales games. are you guys EVER going to release and give us Tales of Vesperia PS3 version?? please lots of people want it. what about the new Tales of Graces F PS3?? please focus on the Tales games that are on PS3!

  • Something fresh… I like it, I will buy it.

  • Will there be Add-On content available on PSN?

    • Yes, we will have DLC content for the game a few weeks after we launch it. The world of Enslaved is very big and we have some great stories to share with you.

  • I cannot wait for this game! I’ll be downloading the demo as soon as it’s available.

  • This great and all but please give us the Tales games are on PS3 and the ones that are coming soon. you have no idea how big the fanbase is for this series and their all coming to PS3.

  • @12

    If you are not from North America what are you doing here, get out! Just kidding!

    Anyways the game looks really good, i just hope it plays as well as it looks. I know I am getting NBA 2K11 for sure, and I might pick this up the same day. I am looking for some review before I decide if I buy the game or not……

  • that game is kool

  • Game looks really good, but I didn’t like the controls.

  • How closely does the story stick to the source? Journey to the West is one of my favorite stories, and I’m curious as to how much of it will appear in this adaptation. Extra bonus question: Journey was a really long story. Should we expect Enslaved to unfold over multiple volumes, as well?

    • Enslaved is a full story, from beginning to end. We have a very clear focus on delivering a great experience to you.

      As far as the source material goes, Ninja Theory used Journey to the West as a good model for the story, but we didn’t use it as a strict bible. So you’ll see a lot of elements from Journey to the West, but we also break from that model at points so that we can give you a better experience.

  • Question: You’ve mentioned that there is pre-order DLC, but is post-launch DLC planned at this time?

    Also, Heavenly Sword had good dialogue and wonderful cutscene direction. Are the same people responsible involved with ENSLAVED?


    • Hi Blindrocket,

      Yes, the game will be supported with post launch DLC. :)

      The team at Ninja Theory used their experience with Heavenly Sword to build the cutscenes for Enslaved…and they managed to learn some new tricks in the last few years as well. ;)

  • Question: Why is he called Monkey, other than the fact that he looks like one?

    So far looks like an incredibly awesome game. Played the demo yesterday and went out and reserved it. Great job guys! :D

  • Ignore the above ^

    Question: Why is he called Monkey, other than the fact that he moves like one?

    So far looks like an incredibly awesome game. Played the demo yesterday and went out and reserved it. Great job guys! :D

  • How long is the game? and Will this game be supported post-launch with updates, DLC add-ons, or extra features?

    • We are going to have some post-launch DLC, but only to the point where we feel we can tell a great story and offer you a fun experience. The world of Enslaved is a rich, vibrant, and dangerous place with some very interesting characters though.

  • Hello guys, I just wanted to congrats on the excellent game you have made! I played the demo (on the UK PSstore now!) and was just expecting just another hack and slasher but you really have a AAA title right here. Some of the scenes in the demo alone would make Uncharted 2 jealous! The story seems epic and the headband slave control idea is brilliant.

    My only criticism is the fire could look better and some parts of the graphics seem unpolished. Also the camera is VERY jarring some times, but other than that its a great game.

  • Question: Will there be home bonuses coming with the game? cause I would love to walk around with a tail all day!

  • how tall is the statue?

    • The piece we’re giving away in the contest is a 12″ resin statue. We’ve even gone a step further and had the design team equip the Monkey statue with his signature staff. So the statue is even cooler than what you see here!

  • I’ve had this pre-ordered for a while and when this month’s Qore came out with a feature on Enslaved, I knew I had made a wise decision. It appears to be a mixed bag of combat including melee and picking guns up periodically.(I think) Are there any mainstay weapons Monkey has periodically or contexually?

    • There are key weapons for both Monkey and Trip, and as you progress through the world, we’re going to offer you a chance to upgrade them for different effects and bonuses.

  • I’ve got an important question:

    What is the replay value of the game? Like different difficulty modes, new costumes, new enemies, artwork, etc.

  • Question: does Monkey have poop in his butt?

    I do.

  • i marked the post 0/5 just because of what NT did with dear dante :/

  • I’m an Andy Serkis fan.
    I cannot wait to pick this game up.

    I’m just afraid I wont be able to pick this up day one.

    I need to find a way to get money!

  • I played the demo and it was terrible. The controls were unresponsive and it felt really laggy especially with the platforming sections. Of course, I expected this from the mediocre devs at Ninja Theory

    Hopefully Sony gives Heavenly Sword 2 to a company who actually knows how to develop good games.

  • I just would like to leave this as my last comment on this post. Namco Bandai. Please consider releasing the Tales games that are on PS3 to us English speakers

  • TBH I’d rather Have a “Tales of” game

  • “And even better, North American PS3 owners will get first access to the demo for ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West when it comes to the PlayStation Store next Tuesday, September 21st.”

    Implying that this lackluster demo for this mediocre game isn’t already up on the EU PSN Store as of yesterday.

  • cool! just sent my question!

  • Will Monkey have a DmC costume added to promote the next Ninja Theory game? I’d love to see that in the game!

  • i want Heavenly Sword 2!!!

  • When this thing debuts how much downloadable (both free and chargeable) is going to be available? i.e. is it going to be strictly standalone with a couple of clothing changes or is the content actually going to be a fresh side to the game?

    • We’re offering a variety of downloadable content for pre-order bonuses, which will affect the way the characters look and play. As an example, the GameStop pre-order bonus gives Monkey an unlimited use of the Stun and Plasma blasts from his staff (and a cool Ninja outfit to boot).

      The pre-order bonuses at Best Buy give Trip a new costume, but it also gives her Stun abilities double the standard duration.

  • Q: Will it support either 3d or move?

  • And another game loses my interest for being far too Liberal to be enjoyable. Brink is the other one that is on this Global Warming Farce path still, even after the data has been shown to be falsified.

    Heavenly Sword 2 would have been a better move.

  • I don’t feel like waiting till next week to DL the Demo. Might as well log into my UK Account and DL the Demo now.

  • Already downloaded the demo from the Euro store, can’t wait to try it.

  • Needs more bloom.

  • Well there be any homages/shoutouts to similarly-based stories/characters in the game?

  • stop putting my comments on moderation!

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