Kevin Butler: “There’s a New Pet in Town”

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PlayStation Nation,

Last week we kicked off the new advertising campaign for PlayStation Move with Kevin Butler moving in with the Maguire family to demonstrate how PlayStation Move has something for every gamer in the household. I hope you’ve been able to catch the commercials on some of the season opening NFL games and college football games, as well as on tons of other premium programming.

Our next installment is aimed at the younger members of the family (the Maguire’s as well as yours). EyePet is being hailed by IGN as the “most exciting Move game” thanks to its introduction of augmented reality. Seeing yourself in the game interacting with your EyePet is a cool experience no matter what your age. And as Kevin Butler shows in this commercial, all of this obviously spells trouble for man’s best friend.

Because it’s aimed at kids and parents, this spot will be running across different channels than some of our previous ads. For those that missed its debut on Nickelodeon, you can also look out for it on networks like Nick Toons, Discovery, and Animal Planet.

You only have a few more days to wait until you can pick up your own PlayStation Move. We’ve been thrilled with the reaction and the early reviews. A recent review on WIRED stated that with PlayStation Move “your whole living room might become a videogame” and it’s games like EyePet that bring that vision to life.

We hope you enjoy it!


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  • Epic as always

  • Not my type of game, but Kevin Butler is cool! His speech at E3 was EPIC! Can’t say I’m that excited about Move. Though, Sorcery looked pretty cool. Will we see more of that soon?

  • I haven’t even seen it yet (at work), but I already rate this a 5/5 just by his latest title of “VP, Virtual Pet Relations.” HAH!

  • wow…that just happened. Im kicking my dog out now

  • hmm…… i hope they come out with a hardcore game with sword swinging and stuff. Not like that kids lord of the rings game or gladiator duels. I am talking full on maybe a mmorpg with swords and bows and stuff. That would be sweet.

  • not his best

  • i wonder if peter dille evr going to take on kevin butler. in a video that would be crazy funny.. the vp of marketing taking on the the vp of gaming.. epic

  • how……. interesting.

  • @ Peter

    Can we call you P-Dille(y)? Cause the marketing for Move has been off da’ hook!

    Seriously though, keep the content coming. This stuff is great!

  • Little Weird?

  • Funny as Usual! Keep Them Coming KB! And You May Also Want to Go Represent for the EU Folks as Well in Some PSMove Ad Goodness as Well. [Just Saying!]

  • Wow. That thing is creepy looking. Reminds me of the old Gremlins movie for some reason.

    I really hope you guys display something beyond Move products at the TGS. It’s been a dull one this year so far.

  • Great ad, Eye Pet looks interesting. I’ll try the new Move demo. Peter, any plans to restore Plus back to the old days? As in bring back the monthly dynamic themes and avatars? Come on Peter, even European Plus is doing it, why can’t we? Thx!

  • The same 5 games are being repeated in the background.


  • this looks like a supreme waste of money.

  • Not the best I’ve seen, but it’s still got that upbeat, lighthearted attitude we all enjoy with PlayStation commercials.

  • Not the best commercial, but gets the point across

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on Eyepet! This game is for people with the open mind and ability to break away from constant violence all the time, pretty much the constant trend of “following everything that everyone is into”, and actually play something fun and relaxing and adorably cute!

    I, for one, being a blow em’ up and shoot em’ up kind of lady gamer, will certain get this game this coming Friday! I have waited a long time for it and I am sure it will be a great investment!

  • this add works perfectly for the aimed audience, I for once will be getting my MOVE ON this weekend

  • Kevin Butler is the lamest, obnoxious, asshat ever to be produced by Sony. He is the downfall of Sony and the PS3. Real professional figure you got.

  • pretty funny

  • Yes I’m in my early 30’s I got my Eye Pet last Tuesday along with NHL 11 Hard part is waiting for the move now just have wait for move this Friday :D :P. Plus Eye Pet has Plat trophy looks very easy to get.

  • Puppies are officially on notice.

  • Looking forward to Move. Yes, me, move.

  • loved the ad, but Eyepet just isn’t that great, imported from uk for my daughter last Christmas, she played a total of 15 min. before she got bored (and she is 10 and loves CAKE FOR EVERYONE), though was able to sell for 5 bucks more than I spent on it :)

  • Looking forward to getting this for my son “and me of course” :D

  • looking forward to friday i think playstation sales will go up with the move release and the pricing is great 40 dollars for a move game u just cant beat that

  • I like it, but…not as a $90 game. That’s what it costs for a controller and the game (I have the PS Eye already).

    If they’d kept some of the European version’s capability to play with just the camera, I’d be all over this. As it is, with NO bundle pricing that will help me out, I have a hard time seeing this as a $90 game. Put the game and a controller together, knock $30 off the price, and you’ve probably got me — my kids would love it! In fact, my kids were sold on the videos over a year ago! But we can get LBP2’s collector edition for less than we can get EyePet, and that’s just sad.

  • meh… ok ad for a very casual game

  • Great commercial got the point across of the game really well not like most commerical’s.

  • …..Peter, you look like you could use a coke.

  • Good commercial, little funny but I hope Peter Dillie can get better ads whit Butler for other MOVE games.

    I bought Starter pack, 3 motion controllers and sports schampions, start the party and RUSE. Great games and MOVE is an awesome tech!


  • EyePet would have been so much better (and i would have bought it) if it didnt require Move.

    Had it been optional i maybe would have gotten Move eventually, but having to waste 100$+ for an accessory just for this one game doesnt seem worth it. Plus Europe got the game without Move why couldnt we?

  • Funny, looking forward to Move :)

  • is this game working without the move? because i wanted to offer it as a gift.

  • I’m sorry to tell you this, but Kevin Butler by himself cannot carry ads. The reason why every other ad worked is because we had other characters who provoked Kevin on a certain question, issue or… anything, really. That was his force: he directly interacted in a non-serious way with other people. Seriously, if you want to annoy us more than ever, watch the Bell beavers. Yeah, we kinda liked them for a while but because they took way too much space, we got bored, and they just disappeared.

    Kevin is a wonderful character and it would be a shame if he ended up like this.

  • We Better Get a LittleBigPlanet 2 Ad with Kevin Butler! We Better!!

  • You do know there are only 5 different games in the background at the end of the video, right? Because… come on, guys, add more variety. More color! It’s never a bad thing. I know Kung Fu Rider sucks, but if you just add four other different games, it add color, it’s more interesting. I’m not a pro, but I know you can do better. Color!

  • I love it guys :D

  • Stop all your complaining and start using your brain. Eye Pet is just one out of several games coming out right now for the Move.
    If you’re buy the Move controller, there’s still a good chance that you’ll also buy a game for it as well and that’s $90.
    If you check out the PS Store, there are some demos out already for the Move.

    ps. I would never let a virtual pet replace my real pet.

  • great! kinda felt he lost it. but hes back now. KB for president!!

  • My 3yr old son has not stopped talking about the eyepet for the last 3 months. I can’t wait, and I hope that the game will live up to whatever he has built up in his little head. Going to make Friday a big day, take him to breakfast get him the bundle and eyepet game, and then stay home all day playing it. Just me and Him. I am pumped. I sure hope this will be his entrance into video games, and I hope it creates a passion like mine and all of yours. Thanks again!

  • bwahhhhh…he’s classic.

  • You guys should do all you can to keep KB on board for years to come.

    You just know that the second he’s no longer working with Sony, Microsoft is gonna snatch him up and try to be cool.

  • I might get Move just for this game (or LBP2)! I want this!!!!

  • I won’t be buying Move on release day, but I was sold on it once I heard Dead Space: Extraction would be coming to the PS3. This looks like it’ll be a fun game to pick up too.

  • Yes, Dead Space 2 and Extraction getting decent ports or remakes of wii titles is the key to success. I have full faith that there are some first party gems coming. I mean, while most gamers live for fps it is an awesome thing to play titles that are best in show.

  • I’ll get EyePet for my 22 year old self when the lineup of Move improves enough for me to justify it. Heroes on the Move, SingStar +Dance, EyePet and Sorcery are the only things that really grab at me.

    Dead Space Extraction is pretty tempting as well.

  • I picked up my copy of Eye Pet 4 days ago. I was thinking that it still came with the card for the Eye to read, nope! I have this game sitting next to my PS3 and cant play it until Friday.

    Damn Street Dates.

  • i have Eyepet already but i cant play it yet because its only MOVE compatible , anyways i’ll get my ps MOVE on friday

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