Enter the Dragon’s Green – PlayStation Home’s Newest Full-Length Game

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The evolution of the PlayStation Home platform continues this Thursday, September 16th with the release of our full-length mini-golf game: Dragon’s Green.

With nine holes of fantasy mini-golf – and four difficulty gauntlets – Dragon’s Green is among the richest and most robust gaming experiences available in PlayStation Home, coming complete with awe-inspiring graphics, ultra-addictive game play, and more than a handful of surprises we wouldn’t dare spoil for you here.

In the Dragon’s Green you can challenge up to three friends at a time and test your skills against dozens of enemy obstacles while uncovering secret challenges and unlocking special rewards. It’s truly an amazing experience possible only on the PlayStation Home platform. We caught up with Jeffrey Gullett, the Producer responsible for bringing you Dragon’s Green, to pick his brain regarding the inspiration behind this exciting new space. Here’s what he had to say:

There are lots of different mini-golf games out there. But what we wanted to do is to offer our community a new take on this classic game. Our community members had told us that they had wanted more ‘fantasy’ content for quite a while, so it seemed like the obvious choice to add a fantasy twist to this game.

I like to think of Dragon’s Green as a hybrid of mini-golf and pinball – it’s not just about sinking the ball in as few strokes possible. If you really want to succeed in Dragon’s Green, you’ll need to really explore the game and try different things. The game is designed to be played over and over again and still present players with different challenges. Dragon’s Green represents a big step forward in the type of gaming experiences you can expect in PlayStation Home. We hope you enjoy it!

Be sure to enter PlayStation Home this week and play the first three levels of Dragon’s Green for free. Then purchase the full version of the game and fulfill your destiny as a mini-golf warrior braving courses where danger lurks at every turn. While you are in-world, be sure to check out the update to the PlayStation Home Mall, where you can pick up some incredible new virtual items (such as the below pictured costumes). For the girls, we also have some unique new costumes coming your way this week – check the Latest Update tab in your Menu Pad (Start > Community > Latest Update) for a full list come Thursday morning.

Dragon's Green Costumes

See you in Home!

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  • looks….. weird.

  • Looks pretty good, thank God for N4PS.com as I would have missed this!

  • this looks like fun, i like mini golf and coustomes are nice, i will get all for this update, game/outfits!

  • Pretty cool mini-golf concept. Planet mini-golf was alright, but was a little unpolished. The sixaxis support, difficulty of the holes, obstacles, and avatar outfits all look top notch. This will make me get back into Home for sure.

    • You should definitely come back in this week and check the game out. It’s a very unique take on the classic mini-golf game and, as you’ve noted, is full-featured and looks beautiful. We’re real proud of this one, if you can’t tell ;)

  • WOOT!! looks way sweet! are those halloween costumes?any chance of a re-release of last years?

    • These are not Halloween costumes per se, but they certainly could be used when celebrating Halloween in Home. As far as content made specifically for Halloween is concerned, all I can tell you now is “stay tuned” ;)

  • Looks awesome! I’m sure this game will have Move support soon, if not already, right?

  • Looks cool. I’ll probably buy this for sure. Hey Locust, any chance we might be getting any new facial hair or regular hairstyles for the guys? Also why isn’t any PS PLUS related Home content being done. Or is there some in the works?

  • Yup. This is the direction Home should be going.
    Definitely looking forward to it.

  • Is this instance-based or do we have to wait in line like bowling? lol

  • this looks epic thanks PS!

  • Is it like Salt Shooter where we buy one item and unlock or do we need tickets? Looks fun, can’t wait to try it.

    • It’s a little different model – you can purchase a 30-day rental or a full-unlock that never expires. My buddy Magnus wanted to make sure there were plenty of options for you guys and gals to choose from.

  • wow, I’m not a big fan of Home mini-games but this one looks well put together. How much is it to purchase the whole game?

  • I’ve been hoping for mini-golf in PlayStation Home since the first time I went in-world! To say that this news is fantastic would be an understatement. I can’t wait! Thanks guys!!

  • A.. Cool update.. good job HOME team.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • Looks good but the question that was asked above applies: How much will it cost to purchase the full game unlock?

    Also, will Home be supporting the Playstation Move at all? The release of the Move is only a few days away…

  • Kudos to Magnus, I’ll go for the $4.99 option after I try it out. It’s good to see choices.

  • Does everyone in the party of 4, required to purchase to play all 9 holes, or can you invite friends in to play with ?

  • Awesome Update! Looking forward to my first hole in one!

  • wow good pricing on this one guys, i like the idea of the 30 day model and a full unlock

  • WOW! That video is AWESOME! Whoever did that ad should do all ads for Playstation games! Does this have Trophy support? It should, or I’ll be wishing this was a PSN paid release instead. :)

  • Wait, it isn’t free? That’s fine, but in that case it should really have some Trophies to seal the deal!

  • Are we going to get that IREM update? Locust_Star said we would, since the August 25th Blog… Why does NA Home always lie?? We were also supposed to receive the Samurai outfits like 6 months ago from IREM and still nothing. You guys always lie and never stick to your words.

    “Locust_Star | August 25th, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    There is an update to the Irem Square this week as well!”

    Can we please also get the IREM Spelunker Cave? This should have been released before the IREM Beach space and I’m sure many others have waited for the Spelunker Cave since 2009.

  • the mini golf game looks awesome but it would sell a lot more and encourage more gamers into home if it was perceived as a real game by supporting psn trophies.
    Im a little suprised that developers are missing out on the financial potential of this aspect

  • I’m very disappointed NO irem update this week if someone post a that.

    “Locust_Star | August 25th, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    There is an update to the Irem Square this week as well!”

    It was a BAD IDEA to give ppl hopes up for that but yet you
    never correct it. if i was post i should honor my mistake and add it week or 2 for my error.

  • This weeks update looks great. It looks way better than I thought a mini-golf game for Home could look.

  • So are we ever going to get anything from Playstation Plus for Playstation Home? It only makes sense, right?

  • Looks like a lot of FUN!

    Will there be ps move support?

    1.99 for 30 consecutive days or is it 30 plays?

    Can’t wait til Thursday

  • What’s the cost for play?

  • Just watched the video and… wow – Now I can’t wait!

  • Could be fun, I’ll give it a shot.

  • This looks sooo fun! who doesn’t love mini golf?!?! the trailer was GREAT

  • Interesting. So far I have had pretty much zero interest in Home, but I usually like minigolf games. I will probably log in and check this out. Now if it only had trophy support…

  • cool looking costumes! i think the last one looks like prince poppycock from Americas got talent

  • Wow…
    Actually, I mean to say, FINALLY a multiplayer game that feels like a game you’d buy on PSN, but in Home.

  • I haven’t been in Home in ages, and I didn’t even read the post. It is likely that this won’t get me or any of my friends back, but for maybe one visit. At least on their part. Home was too many false promises.


  • just imagine if it had ps move suppot X)

  • Thank you Locust_Star and Sony! Home is awesome! I feel some lingering sadness for all the poor XBX 360 and Wii users whose systems break, and have lo-res, and alas, no Home.

    ‘ <—A tear is shed…

  • Does the golf use motion sensory controls from the Sixaxis, or is it normal stick-play?

  • Looks cool, finally getting some fantasy stuff. I hope the girl costumes are as cool…

    Speaking of Halloween,

    I`ll NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT HOME AGAIN IF you guys give us girls a cool, awesome slim werewolf costume this year. Guys had a werewolf costume last year and the EU Home had a cool one too. I love werewolves, possibly too much, and I hate that girls always get something like the bride of frankenstein instead.

    So please can you get us girls a werewolf costume this Halloween?

  • Ah, I remember seeing this at Foster City some time ago, it was really well-polished even a couple of months ago. It really does seem worth the measly $4.99 you guys are asking for it! It’s easily comparable to Planet MiniGolf.

  • This just gave me reason to fire Home up again… looks really awesome!

  • There are many female home users, it’s really weird to see. (No offense if you’re female, but you should know this.)

    Good trailer, gonna check this one out.

  • That a looking update but ar we going to get the “Capcom Sky Lounge”? well…Japan have one.

  • although i will get the full game , i hope the free levels also have rewards for the home users that can’t afford to or don’t have access to psn cards . i think the pay 2 play thing is getting out of hand. it is unfair to users . i personally spend a lot of money here on apartments , furniture and clothing but not everyone can . i think it’s wrong for them to be unable to play the games here . sell games in ps store , not on home . HOMELINGS ROCK HOME !!!

  • Dear playstation stop focusing on playstation home and play station home obssessed losers and actually start focusing on psn.

  • @ HerbertFortoon Nobody misses you OR your friends. I mean it, no joke.

    @ Lestatdelioncort The simple fact you’re posting a comment on a blog post pertaining to HOME, something you abhor so greatly, along with insulting users of said HOME, defines the level of idiocy you’ve stooped to.

  • Its true get a life stardeth and actually start using your ps3 instead of stalking chicks. Playstation Home is ruining the system and how you live your daily lives. People only go on home because there depressed. I remember when i went on home and watched everyone take everything so seriously like home was there actual every day life, plus the drama omg. Not to mention the stupid mafia people in mafia II space. All they do is just stand there acting like the own the world in a virtual space LOLOLOLOL come on now thats sad. “erm let me just stand here and look at the tv”

  • When will the poker rooms be back? That was the best space in Home!!!

  • Damn, I thought it was going to be a medieval RPG.

  • You guys should start implementing trophies in some of these mini games. That would be another sweet incentive.

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