Meet the Complete Season 2 Cast of The Tester!

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We’re very excited to announce the final 12 gamers who will appear on Season 2 of PlayStation Network’s exclusive original competitive reality series, The Tester. From Maine to California, this season’s cast is talented, passionate, and very competitive. Only one will win the job working for PlayStation in San Diego, California along with a $5000 signing bonus, a 42” 3D Bravia TV, and a ‘The Tester’ limited edition PS3 game system.

The Tester Season 2 Cast

Front row (left to right): Boo, Ches-ka, War Princess, Gaymer, 8bit-mickey, Fantasy Girl, Meredith Molinari
Back Row: Big Fazeek, Samurai, Scooter, Triple Threat, Max1m, Mo Chocolate

Check out each cast member’s complete profile and view their short video bio in THE CAST section of The Tester website.

If you’re wondering who the awesome panelists for Season 2 are, check back next Tuesday when we announce our special guest panelist line up. And, as always, check back every Tuesday for more information on the upcoming new season of The Tester. More Reality. More Games. More Prizes. Only on the PlayStation Network.

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  • Wait are those just new versions of last season’s cast?


  • o snap someone i voted 4 made it on go ches-ka

  • Meredith, I would SO marry you. You’re beautiful, no doubt about it. Are you single? I would like to take you out on a date.

  • @4 thats because she is an Italian lol.

    I want boo to win just because he looks sorta like chris farley

  • Good Luck testers.

    4 posts in and the creepy posts begin.

  • There is not a single attractive girl this time, I am disappointed… Not attractive to me anyways…

    I… guess War…

  • you know what this pisses me off. i tried about 10 times to get my video uploaded on the tester site and i always got an error. what am i supposed to do if their is no support. the video would get %50 percent the way uploaded and then crash on me, it was the right video format to. damnit i’m sol…

  • Commence the humiliation of this newest batch of losers!

  • So, the winner gets playstation plus?

  • I see Sony went through some pains to ensure that The Tester 2 wasn’t a sausage fest…

  • Congrats to those who made the cast, for those who had trouble uploading your videos I hope that you try out next season. This new cast looks interesting. I can’t wait to see what season 2 is going to be about. As a contestant from the first season (Fame Girl) this is an amazing experience and I wish them all luck on this show and in the future..or anyone else wanting to break into the industry.

  • I have to admit.

    That is the best politically correct/varied cast, I have ever seen. I really need to shake someone’s hand, because its flawless.

    Good job to the folks who put them together. :)

    Host is still a hottie.

    I hope they do more game related activities thats my only complaint.

  • the host is beautiful. what is her name?

  • Lol, Gaymer xD he’s cute, though

  • @ 14 Meredeith Molinari, didn’t you read the list of names under the picture? lol

    Alright looks like I’ll have something to watch again, and perhaps laong with Supernatural 6.
    So when does this season start, can’t wait to watch! =D


  • Sorry I wasnt good enough for this?? I would have fit perfectly into that cast… well, let’s hope its still a good season which my presence would have guaranteed.

    -Kyuubi, Top 10

  • I love the Tester. Only problem is that I have to quickly watch it so I can delete it off my PS3 so nobody finds out I watch it.

  • @NewYork214: Boo is the woman in the Front Row. Oh, you meant Big Fazeek!

    Congrats to the Cast members!

    Check back on Tuesdays, sure. But when do the Episodes start? I admit, its not High Art, or even very good TV. But it IS gaming, and that is what I enjoy about it.

  • Congratulations to all the Testers can’t wait to see the Epic Hillarity that ensues!

    Will this season be broadcast in PSHome BTW?

  • Please increase the budget this time! Last time seemed a little weak for what Sony could and should..

    And can’t every contestant get a ‘tester’ limited edition PS3? The winner is not going to care about that but it would make a great prize for the others.

  • Hey it’s us!! I hope you all enjoy this season =)

  • Cool cant wait for the show!

  • (GAYMER) LOL your not picking up any chicks whith that name. LOL:)

  • They all seem to spark reminders of breakfast.
    Is anyone else hungry?

  • How am i gonna watch this in the uk?

  • You forgot asians when coming up with the perfectly diverse group for this.

    The casting people must have had a brain fart.

  • I can’t wait! Terrence and Manda are going to destroy.

  • Any thoughts or future plans for a “Canadian Tester” run?

  • The host is always so legit!
    Will watch this

  • COOL , will be waiting to watch.

  • Gonna be fun on the bun, go Samurai!

  • Congrats to all of you that made it. Be sure to represent Playstation, but more importantly gaming well.

  • Gaymer (Matthew) is one of my online friends, he’s a great guy, good luck to him

  • I was really wanting to audition (pretty bad), but due to the “I have to be 21” and the possible “I’m banned from YouTube”, I couldn’t.

    Good luck to all!!

    Last question: when can we expect the first episode to go live on Home/PSN?

  • Looks like a very well rounded cast. I have to admit that I did find the first season entertaining and it was quite a guilty pleasure.

    Looking forward to the lolz when this season starts.

  • Beerio’s anyone?

    That should become a tradition… At the first breakfast of each “The Tester” season, should be a bowl of beerios.

  • I enjoyed the first season and hope for it to get better.

    Man the HOST is Hooooooooooot!!!!

  • Not enough stereotype “gamers” Kevin. Hopefully Obama can fix our economy so you can actually start to hire people at Sony without having to go on a reality tv show for 8 weeks.

  • I’m taking bets on who is gonna win this one. I BET ANYONE! I know who is going to win. They already know who is going to win, but everything else is just for pure entertainment. They’ve looked over them all already, I’m sure they’ve talked with all of them and its just a matter of adjusting the show to follow that individual. So, I want everyone to write this down, so they’ll say… “HOLY CRAP! HOW DID THEY KNOW?!” So here it is. This is posted at 1:35:00 P.M. on 14 September 2010. Take note.

    Max 1M is going to win. He’s clean cut, he looks professional and that’s what Sony wants. So there ya go. Its in the books. Now when the Season is all over with, you can come back totally blown away.

  • Ah yeah. Will Powers is already failing us. Games are getting by and missing some things. IGN’s reviews of Move games aren’t the greatest, and last Will Powers was seen, he said that’s what he was working with. “Move” games. I quote Marcus PSP “Step ya game up sucka!” We don’t want mediocre. This is a console war! Sony’s gotta dominate. So… GET TO IT!

  • MO CHOCOLATE here. thank you everyone for all the support and love, i really cant wait for you guys and girls to watch it.

  • Hmmm, looks kind of racially reverse racist like always. Mix of everything. Well I hope you chose better nerds this time, some of them were pretty lame last time being gamers only, and soem exciting new challenges, that hopefully involve more gaming.

  • what’s everyone’s playstation network name so we can send a request to “add friend!” :D may the best player win, playa!

  • Well, at least you guys learned from season one and put a couple of mildly attractive chicks on the show. I still couldn’t care less about it, but at least when I check the PS blog and there are a half dozen front page stories about it, there will be some eye candy to skim over. Well played Sony!

  • Testers get signing bonuses now? lol seriously Sony I don’t care how many reality shows you make, you’re stuck in dead last place this gen in home consoles. Instead of a reality show how about you get a reality check. Microsoft is selling about a billion copies of Halo:Reach right now and you’re announcing a cast for a silly reality show? Come ON Sony.. ugh.

  • Drewsday guy didn’t make it?

    That’s good imo

  • our cast is AMAZING!!!!!!

  • Looking forward to the new season!

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