Introducing Tumble for PlayStation Move

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If you’re getting yourself a PlayStation Move this week and you want a challenging game that shows off how awesome your new motion controller is, we recommend you look out for Tumble.

In Tumble, you use the motion controller to stack up and knock down blocks. There are over 50 challenges to tackle across single and multiplayer modes. Balance, Solve and Destroy with blocks of all different shapes, sizes, weights and dimensions and reach into the screen like never before.

We’re already starting to get great reviews, and you can try it for yourself by playing the Trial version on your PlayStation Move Demo Disc (which can be found in PlayStation Move peripheral bundles) or downloading it from PlayStation Store.

We’d now like to take you behind the scenes to learn some of the secrets from the development team, Supermassive Games.

The PS Move Is Too Precise?
We think Tumble has the most precise control system ever developed for a game: Every action you make with your motion controller is replicated on-screen perfectly.

We’re very proud of what we achieved, but early in development we had an issue with this amazing technology. The data we were getting from the PS Move was almost too precise; It picked up every tiny movement, every twitch, every overshoot and correction.

A long time was spent just working on how to use the huge amount of data we were getting back from the PS Move, smoothing out the raw data without introducing lag. It wasn’t just about getting 1:1 control; it was about making it feel like 1:1. We’re really happy with the outcome and sure you will be too when you try it out.

Multiplayer Attracts Crowds
There’s something about a massive, unstable, teetering tower of blocks that draws a crowd: People want to see it crashing down.

Introducing Tumble

To test our multiplayer levels we invited everyone in the studio to have a go on Tumble whenever they liked. The crowds grew as the games got more intense. It made us realize that we had something really compelling with the multiplayer experience; everyone was a backseat driver, everyone wanted to grab the controller and everyone wanted to be the best.

We also added drop-in co-op to all the single player levels. It’s a great feature to play with family or friends, or if you want to complete the Timed medals super fast.

What Hit The Cutting Room Floor?
Right at the start of the project we realised that stacking blocks on its own didn’t offer enough variety for the game, however precise and rewarding it felt.
So we had lots of brainstorming sessions and came up with a huge number of ideas – different materials for the blocks; destruction mode; light puzzles; sloped, rotating and moving platforms; sticky blocks; explosive blocks; anti-gravity blocks; earthquakes; wind generators; see-saws; jigsaw puzzles; sequence puzzles; maths puzzles; home run challenges; timed challenges; target challenges and a whole lot more!

Introducing Tumble

And Finally…
Tumble on a 3D TV is incredible: it feels like you’re actually reaching inside the TV. You should definitely give this super intuitive mode a go if you get the chance.

Thanks for stopping by. Go check out Tumble soon and we hope you have as much fun playing it as we had making it.

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  • “Lets get ready, lets get ready to Tumble” Er erm… :D

  • Is this coming out this week on the store?

  • Ha. His last name is Dong.
    Anyway, game looks cool. Gonna get it.

  • Do we have any idea of price or launch?

    • Officially, Tumble will be available on September 17, 2010 with the launch of the PlayStation Move motion peripherals. You will be able to purchase it on the PlayStation Store for $9.99. (Unofficially, it might be available a bit earlier as the PlayStation Store publishes new content on Tuesdays).

  • This game looks awesome! I’m just wondering about price at this point.

  • Price, Date, on PS Store or BluRay?

  • This is my most wanted MOVE game to date, but is the MP only local or we can play with our PSN friends?

  • Will this be available at launch?

  • This will be included in the demo disc for those who are getting the bundle, I personally cant wait to try it!

  • I will get this when it is coming out! I have had some amazing time whit PS MOVE at HOME. Got it early! :P It is amazing! Totally blows every other motion control out in the water. It is amazing!

  • Another must have for PS Move….

    I’m not sure how the critics can say the PS move’s library at launch is not impresive. From all the new games to the older ones being patched there is a TON of variety.

    I’m hoping for PS Move sooner then this Friday…

  • @niked – what store had it early?

  • This is a blast multiplayer – I was able to demo this during an in-store Move event that our Sony rep put on for us, along with a bunch of other things.

  • Looks really interesting. I wish there was a demo disc you could get just with the move controller, or will these be available via the PSN store? I have the PSEye so I am just getting the MOVE and Nav control for MAG. Would love to try these demos out. PSEye owners get shafted. Sony, come out with a MOVE + Nav control bundle for like $5 bucks less than separate. You will sell as many of those as you did the Eye.

    • There will be a PlayStation Move demo disc in all PS Move bundles and the various demos will also be made available on PSN (release dates will vary). There will be demos for both first and third party titles, such as Start The Party!, The Shoot, TV Superstars, Tiger Woods Golf, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, etc. Enjoy!

  • Looks a bit like a souped up tech demo to me, like you’ve started with a demo for Move’s technology and tacked things on until you’ve got a game. Still, could be fun. I just think a better approach is to set out with a vision, and then build towards that.

  • Don’t buy MOVE. Sony won’t support it just like they don’t support the PSPGo and the don’t support Playstation+. After you buy they will stop making games and then say it was an experiment. Sony has ZERO credibility anymore.

  • If this is like Boom Blox (for the Wii) but for PS3, I’m very interested in getting this game.

  • @16

    How can you say PS+ isn’t supported when they are introducing new things every month? I agree though, I hope Move is supported more than PSEye and EyeToy

  • EPIC GAME!!!

  • when does it come out and how much will it cost?

  • does this game play in 1080p in 2D mode?

  • Does it have trophies?!!

  • @Jefferson Dong – Is there any chance of online multiplayer, with the blocks augmented into your opponent’s video stream? That would be so epic!

    Of all the games that are on Move, strangely this is the one that I’m looking forwards to the most.

    I hope it has online multiplayer with video (or just audio) chat.

    I also hope it’s one of those games like Tetris that you can never quite beat, just keep leveling up to insane top scores

  • What’s the price?

  • Whats the price and release date?

    Also I’m kinda worried about the “too precise” point. I have tremors so I may not be able to play this game and others like it.

  • I got my hands on this at the PlayStation HQ here in SF this morning; I think the use of the controller makes it a good showcase given the precision of the twisting and orientation. I only got about through the tutorial and the first level; I had some difficulty on the first destruction level, but it looks like a fun puzzler to me.

  • I was surprised when I read IGN’s review for Tumble; they gave it a 3.5 out of 10, and I think that’s pretty harsh. I think the game looks great, and I think I might purchase it on launch day; if not, I’ll probably just try the demo out and see if I like it.

  • I’ve been hearing so much about how good this game is, but it looks like a tech demo to me. I don’t think I want to pay 10 bucks for that.

  • Is this a downloadable game or Blu-Ray?

  • Care to comment on the nice 3.5/10 you guys got from IGN??

    (Of course you guys don’t).

  • IGN is a joke

  • Looks pretty good! The reviews have been both good and bad for this game, but it still looks impressive. The Move controller also fits into this game perfectly.

  • dont take ign as the only soruse for what is good. g4 gave it a very good score, and many have said this is the best ps move game. ign is good but they are somtimes off

  • @11 – Perhaps it’s just tastes, but everything I see of the Move looks more like tech-demos then anything else. I am one of those people who are impressed with the technology but have yet to see anything gamewise to make me go “wow, I must get that right now”.

    @16 – Sadly, I agree with you. I hope that Sony supports the Move much more then what occured with the Eye. I did buy the Eye and I bought every game on the PSN that was available for the Eye. But it certainly felt like a waste of money.

    I am certainly in the “thinking about purchasing” camp – but I’m waiting to see how Sony and the publishers support the device before dropping money on it.

  • Wow I might buy this before my Move even gets here…

  • That game got really bad reviews.

  • play it yourself and find out. ;)

  • You know what would have sold a lot of move controllers the Killzone 3 demo, cause everyone would want play it with the move. I got it and the store I went to was sold out they held it for me, But to tell you the truth I didn’t get any games at all I already had the PS Eye and I got two move controllers and two navigation controllers I’ll download some demos to test it out but theres nothing out that I want not even this game, come on step it up you need something good out even if it is just a demo just make it a good one.

  • Played the demo and instantly bought the game. In fact this is the only Move game I own.

    Anyway when you wait on the title screen of Tumble you’ll hear some awesome music begi to play (about 3 to 4 songs in). I’m curious as to why these song/s aren’t the default Tumble song/s as the current title/xmb/menu song/s are too sterile, game showy and not melodic enough. I think if the others were used then it would have made a stronger 1st impression.

  • I love that kind of games! Thank you Sony (or whoever behind this). =)

  • just bought this game after playing the demo.
    my girlfriend, mother and myself all enjoy this game immensely!

    i really cant wait to see what other great things move has to offer

  • This game is great… SUGGESTION: In an update, make it so, after you complete a stage, you can push over the tower that you just built. The stage ends, and you can grab blocks and knock down the tower.

    When building blocks, half the fun is from knocking them over. I think players would agree.

    (and if you don’t want to knock down the tower, obviously you don’t have to. It wouldn’t affect players who do not want this option.)

    Thank you for providing a solid Move title, when most launch titles are…

  • I just purchased Tumble last night, because it’s a pretty awesome game. However some of the puzzles don’t make sense, because there’s no basic instruction of how to do the puzzle. ex, Jumping Jack. There’s not enough previous instruction to know what to do.

  • Oh gosh, I just realized that I just repeated myself in my last sentence.
    Based on what 42 said, that’s a pretty cool idea, but it would also be cool if we could just build stuff in a free style play mode. Basically here’s some blocks and stuff. Have fun!

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