Dead Rising 2: Free Community Event in L.A. Tonight

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We’re super excited about the upcoming 9/28 launch date of Dead Rising 2. We’re also excited because Dead Rising 2 marks the debut of the series on the PS3! The game looks and plays fantastic on the PS3 and we’ve been showing it off the last few months at all the major trade and consumer events (Captivate, E3, Comic Con and PAX).

Dead Rising 2 for PS3

Dead Rising 2 for PS3 Dead Rising 2 for PS3

Tomorrow Tonight we’re hosting an awesome community event in Los Angeles where Dead Rising fans can attend (for free!) and get their hands on the game. In addition to being able to play Dead Rising 2 prior to release we’ll have prizes, food, music, contests and more. Be sure and get there early as we’ll be giving away some cool, exclusive Greene’s Hardware t-shirts too (created by iam8bit). If you’re in the SoCal area, here are the specifics for tonight’s event:

What: Greene’s Hardware Super Sale (Dead Rising 2 Community Event)

Where: 2147 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

When: Friday 8PM – 12 Midnight

Dead Rising 2 for PS3 Dead Rising 2 for PS3

If you haven’t heard about the game yet, here’s my 30 second elevator pitch….

Dead Rising 2 takes the zombie survival horror franchise to Fortune City, America’s latest and greatest entertainment playground. It features a new storyline, a brand new cast of characters, two online multiplayer modes (two-player co-op campaign and a four-player “TV show”-themed Pay-Per-View event that pits humans against zombies), thousands of on-screen zombies and more. As Chuck Greene, you have 72 hours to save your infected daughter, clear your name and survive the hordes of hungry zombies before the military comes in and nukes the city. To ensure your survival, you can combine everyday objects to create deadly combo weapons to use against the zombie horde. The weapon combos in Dead Rising 2 have to be seen in order to be believed and are the true “stars” of the game. There are loads of them in the game and besides being deadly they’re hilarious! My favorite is probably the Freedom Bear.

Dead Rising 2 for the PS3 ships on September 28th. Be sure and grab a copy before the zombie apocalypse hits…

Hope to see folks on Friday night in LA for the community event!

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  • should bring the 1st dead rising to ps3 never played the 1st one

  • Why are these things never around where I live?

  • Dead Rising 1/2 should be a CE edition for PS3 and Dead Rising 1 with Trophies too

  • is ther going to be a demo?

  • Just pre paid for this at blockbuster today, missed out on dead rising 1 due to not owning an 360, i’m not gonna let that happen this time, I’m a huge zombie addict. This will hold me over till the walking dead tv series airs on AMC october 31. Watch it if your a zombie fan, gonna be the best zombie live action story ever. Woot!

  • i hope they make a demo or i know i probaly wont get it i wanna see how it plays before i deside if ill buy it or not since we didnt get the 1st one for ps3

  • Awesome stuff. I’ll prooooobaaaably go!

  • This is awesome, I never played Dead Rising, but I will come to this event to check out the fun!!

  • Dont you just love how they post this crap talking about something that only about 0.5% of us are actually close enough to go to? I wish they’d leave this junk off the board. I want to play DR2 so bad, but I live in Alabama. Oh well, just a few more weeks til release.

  • @ DeadCell35, no matter where they host it at, only 0.5% people will be near it so what is your point?

  • well thats cool it comes out on my bday.

  • @Fusion_ID
    Almost true. They could host it in multiple places like they did with The Move stuff. Just saying………

  • @1 Why bring the first dead rising to the PS3 when #2 is coming out this month? It’s like taking a step back and I doubt there is a storyline you’re missing out on from #1! Just jump in this and enjoy it now!

  • Can we show up late and still make it in?

  • I want to know how many “total” weapons there are In this game & Its gonna be kick-ass

  • You should give us a proper intro to this series with Dead Rising 1 for PS3, plus where is Dead Rising Case Zero!? is it gonna be an exclusive forever or can we look forward to it?

  • @joseph2411
    meh, dead rising zero is just basically an extended demo.

  • We need Chicago events it kinda a big market.

  • Well joseph2411, I’m pretty sure Case Zero is an exclusive, and it’d kinda be pointless to release it after Dead Rising 2 hits stores since the point of it was to get a head start for Dead Rising 2. I have the first Dead Rising and it’s pretty fun. So was Case Zero.

  • And I know that the original Dead Rising came out for the 360, but I think Capcom should have really made Case Zero multi-platform, seeing as most people with PS3’s never played the first game, and it could have gave them a taste of how the game plays before they get DR2.

  • This sounds like fun! I am going to try to go :)

  • @TheAlbraskan well yeah its pretty pointless if they release it after Dead Rising 2 launch, i just wanted to know if it would ever appear on PSN before launch (probably not going to happen) or it would be included in the disc as a prequel of some sort (i hope so)

  • can psn plus hook us up with a demo??

  • I’m sooo there! Can’t wait! =]

  • Two comments:

    1 – I’m in TX and never see any of these events here – either in NY or CA. Where’s the love?

    2 – It would have been great to release the first one. The BluRay disk should be able to hold both games.

    I know – it’s nothing against us… just business :^)

  • See, I’d hate to say this because i’m a grown man, with a wife, dog, house, bills, and a job. So I don’t mean to sound like a whiny kid, but I don’t think I can support CAPCOM anymore. I like to feel that my hard earned cash is going towards others who work just as hard as I do.
    First there was the MOVE enabled RE5 for the Gold Edition only (which I had bought all the dlc and collectors edition of the game when it came out), and now us PS3 owners get no Dead Rising 1. I’m sorry, but a Blu-ray disc is capable of holding up to 50gb of memory! Show us some love and throw in the first game with Dead Rising 2 or somethin’. Things like this will begin to show me that you deserve my money again.
    Don’t do that and I know that there are plenty of other games that my money will go towards in the next few months instead.

  • Man, I wish wish Sony would invent some teleportation devices so I can go to Cali for a few hours and get back in time to play my ps3. It sucks missing out on all these community events because I live in NJ and nothing happens on the East coast except during the week when I can’t make it.

  • Stream on unity-events on Ustream?

  • The fact that Case Zero is an exclusive has made me decide to buy this used. I really don’t like the amount of favoritism shown towards the 360 with this title. Not going to boycott Capcom or anything, but I will not give you my money with this particular title, with how you have treated PS3 owners this go-round. No movie. No Case Zero. It’s not right.

  • You guys at Capcom… Sony… everyone… are really making me want to move to L.A. Damn it.

  • Get Dead Rising 1 on PS3, then we’ll talk.

  • i went! it was awesome

  • it would do great with move if i am not wrong!
    add dead rising 1 at the blu-ray space since i my xbox died! and would love to play it again!

  • Dead Rising 2 looks like it could be the best zombie game of the year.

  • Don’t care much for Crapcom games because of the last of Monster Hunter on the PS3 and the way they abuse DLC with paid DLC already on the disk.

    So not only do PS3 owners not get the original DR, but they also get screw by the recent release of Dead Rising 2: Case 0. Oh and the Collector Edition of DR2 on the 360 comes with Zombrex Dead Rising Sun motion picture while the PS3 DR2 CE doesn’t. Congrats Crapcom on screw PS3 owners once more.

  • i wonder why Capcom are being jerk to ps3 owner and try not to make it apparent, maybe they want to expand their audience…they do it the bad way oh well

  • oh, I live in DC and I can’t go over there.

  • I cant wait to play the game. I completed Dead Rizing chop till you drop for the wii. I have a ps3 and i want to play it.

  • i eat zombies for breakfest


  • piie jdofknasf

  • I can’t wait for Dead Rising 2.

  • Wow, I was at work…WIsh there was an earlier notification for this!

  • “The game looks and plays fantastic on the PS3 and we’ve been showing it off the last few months at all the major trade and consumer events (Captivate, E3, Comic Con and PAX).”

    Has anyone actually played the PS3 version? Kind of worrying, that case zero is exclusive and there isn’t a demo on psn. Seems like it could one of those so bad that it would lead to canceled preorders unless kept under wraps.

  • why xbox 360 always got exclusive games?

  • i think DR2 case zero will come to ps3 because if you go to DR2 official site there PSN logo!

  • Wish i saw this earlier, i could have went and checked out.

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