Qore Episode 28 – Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Rising 2, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Qore Goes to Las Vegas

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In the two years since the release of Bethesda Softworks’ critically acclaimed Fallout 3, the team has been hard at work creating their latest post-nuke romp, Fallout: New Vegas. If big guns, mutants, warring factions and gambling are your thing, check out Veronica’s visit with Senior Producer, Jason Bergman, for an in-depth preview of what’s next in the Fallout franchise. Also, don’t miss a Fallout-inspired slot machine mini-game that reveals some very cool wallpapers.

Developer Blue Castle Games, has taken mowing down zombies to a whole new level in Capcom’s, Dead Rising 2. This thriller is packed with enough parasite infested ghouls and innovative ways to take ‘em out to satisfy even the most discriminating survival horror fan. One of the sequel’s cool new features allows players to slip into a maintenance room and duct tape up their own crazy tools of destruction.

In Qore’s look at Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Veronica Belmont chats with Ninja Theory’s, “Chief Creative Ninja” for an under-the-hood look at the developer’s approach to story-telling and production design. Best known for their PS3 launch title, Heavenly Sword, Ninja Theory has created a lush vibrant universe for Enslaved along with a storyline centered on the symbiotic relationship between the game’s two main characters, Trip and Monkey. The concept art gallery included with the feature story is gorgeous.

In this month’s “On the Road with Qore”, the team’s off to Las Vegas where Veronica shows us how to do Sin City – ‘geek-style.’ From The Pinball Hall of Fame which boasts the world’s largest exhibit of playable pinball machines to The Gun Store to actually shoot the real weapons found in many an FPS, you won’t want to miss Veronica’s experience with full recoil from – THE SAW.

And finally, this month in the Download Center – Warhawk. In celebration of the PlayStation 15th anniversary, Qore annual subscribers can flash back to 1995 and pick up this first generation PS one hit. Also included in this month’s episode for everyone, by popular demand, Veronica Belmont now has her own PS3 theme. And, our friends at Subway have made it possible for you to be the first kid on the block to cruise around PlayStation Home with a virtual Subway Fiery Footlong sandwich.

Episode 28 is now live.

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