Cladun: This is an RPG! for PSP comes exclusively to PSN on 9/21

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Hello ladies and gents! How have you guys been? I hope you all enjoyed the three-day weekend!

Today, I am excited to talk about Cladun: This is an RPG!… like we have to make sure you know it is an RPG… Hahaha! Anyway, as the subtitle states, it is an RPG, and it is also a classic dungeon crawler game.

There are nine characters, and each one of them can be played as a main character. Cladun’s key gameplay focus is team-work. Or, in other words, the Magic Circle. Let’s take a look at the Magic Circle here…

Cladun: This is an RPG for PSP

For this Magic Circle, the character in the center is the main character, Pudding. In a dungeon, you will see only Pudding whacking and slashing enemies, but actually you have all the other characters protecting you and fighting with you. There are more than 10 Magic Circles for each character. Each Magic Circle has different strengths and weaknesses, so depending on what kind of dungeon you are about to go in, you will want to take a moment and see which Magic Circle you should be using. Oh! So you see all these gemstones on the Magic Circle, right? These gemstones have specific attributes, for example, “DEF +3,” “ATK +5,” “SP +25” and so on. Each Magic Circle has different slots for those gemstones, so you want to take a close look at what they offer as well.

Below is another example of the Magic Circle. There are tons of options and choices, so take your time and explore the infinite possibilities! Oh, I cannot forget to mention there are different classes for characters, so depending on your character class, your magic skills, attributes and growth rate will differ. Lots to consider and strategize with!

Cladun: This is an RPG for PSP

I also want to talk about dungeons in Cladun. Each dungeon is randomly generated, so even if you go back to the same dungeon, you’ll have a different map every time. So there is no “memorizing” the map! Also, each dungeon has different types of traps and enemies. For example, when you go in a dungeon with fire element traps and enemies, you might want to choose a character and Magic Circle with fire-resistance attributes on them, so you will be well prepared for it! Shall we take a look at different types of dungeons here?

Cladun: This is an RPG for PSP

Cladun: This is an RPG for PSP Cladun: This is an RPG for PSP

Also, I want to mention that Cladun comes with a multiplayer mode using the ad-hoc WiFi feature! You can play Cladun with up to four players. So hype up your friends about Cladun, and get Cladun on 9/21 together! :-)

Another cool feature in Cladun is that you can create your own characters and play as them. If you are not so into creating new characters, no worries, you can just edit the given characters however you like to!

Cladun: This is an RPG for PSP

Prinny, dood! Yeah, we had to have him, right? Also, here is what I created. It is “Fish Man”! Please don’t ask how it is “fish”… anyway… Have fun with “Pixel Editor” to create your own!

Cladun: This is an RPG for PSP

Thank you very much for reading my post once again. It is always fun to visit you all here! I will try to respond to your comments as soon as possible! Thank you guys! Check out more about Cladun on our official Cladun website!

P.S. In the very rare case you haven’t checked out our Cladun trailer… here you go! Enjoy the craziness! :-)

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7 Author Replies

  • I guess from the PSP tagged keyword this is a PSP title?

    So much goodness on the PSP nowadays.

  • Just out of curiosity when will we see the Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and FIFA 11 demos?

  • Another RPG for my PSP? Sweet! ^^

    …Any update on the NISA Avatars? I would really like a Gemini Sunrise, Raspberyl or Rozalin one.

  • This looks fun! The last bit of info I need is the price: Can you guys reveal that now or is it meant to be a surprise at launch?

  • What is this, again?

  • I don’t have a PSP :(

  • To clarify, is this downloadble for PS3 and available on PSP? Or just PSP?

    If available on PS3 is there local co op?

  • Durn. Thought this was a downloadable PS3 game.

    /leaving disappointed

  • I am loving the names of the characters. And from the looks of it its a psp only game. So, this is a must first day buy. Thanks guys keep up the good work.

    • Hi Shinmigami,

      Yes, this is a PSP title (PSN only). I somehow totally forgot to say it is a PSP title. :p

      Hope you will enjoy the game!


  • Sad… PSP for me

  • good to hear from you,nao :0)
    like i said in jenny’s post this game is not for me.however, i’m truly tooking forward to rorona and z.h.p.the thing is that i’m currently playing lunar silverstar harmony and as nostalgic and good the game maybe…i think i’m done playing retro games for awhile.

    anyways,are you guys at nisa going to have a conference/party to announce the winter lineup like you did for the fall lineup? if so at what date more or less should we look forward to any announcements?needless to say that i’m looking forward to ar tonelico qoga since the previous two itinerations were good.

    lastly, i hope you have a wonderful day and week over there.ciao!

    • Hi Perrandy,

      Rorona is coming out pretty soon:) We are all excited about it!
      And, yes ZHP. Another crazy srpg!

      I am not sure if we will have another party this winter, but I can tell you now that we will announce a couple of awesome titles soon:)

      Thank you for your support as always. You have a fantastic day too!


  • day1 for my psp

  • Ok, this game rocks my world. Buying it day 1, for sure! Keep the awesome 8/16 bit looking games coming, guys! I’ll buy every last one! LOL!

  • I played the demo and liked the game but I really wish you would release this on UMD. You guys did in Japan after all.

  • i’d rather have Castlevania Harmony of Despair than this.

  • The title needs to be fixed. Most people like myself are thinking it’s a PSN game for the PS3, not PSP. The trailer had me drooling too..

  • Just realized, this is on the PSP. FML. :(

  • Yeah. I got all excited thinking I’d have a decent old school style RPG on my PS3. No such luck.

  • @16 well if u have a psp u can hook it up to your ps3 and play it on your tv screen.. all psps games a can do it.. Try it..

    GOod to some good rpgs out there. how many hours of gameplaya re we looking at here.. and willthere be other modes to play besides the story.. t y 4 your time


  • @PuppetShoJustice:
    There are tons of good PS1 traditional style RPGs available on PSN as PSOne Classics. Check them out if you haven’t already.

    This game looks pretty cool. May pick it up for the PSP if the price is right: $9.99 would be a day one. More than that, I’ll wait for reviews, etc.

  • hopefully not just a psp title, hopefully for the main console as well. there has been such a lack of rpg titles for this system in general, i can find some sort of happiness that there is indeed some rpg goodness coming my way in short order, on the 21st.
    please tell me that there will be and english text element accompanying this title, for i am unable to read japanese, sorry was not a part of either high school or college curriculum while i attended either back in the day, anyway this looks like some fun coming, and i eagerly await this title. thank you Nao Zook, and NIS America.

  • YAY I’ve been waiting on Cladun for a while. My PSP Go is anxious.

  • I dig it.

  • If it is $9.99 I will buy it first day, $14.99 and I will wait for reviews and critics to look it over, looks like a classic though.Don’t price your key demographic out of this.

  • Hi Nao!

    This game doesn’t look like my bag, so I’m probably gonna pass. But please keep the PS3 RPGs coming, and I’ll keep pre-ordering them and playing them on release. The more traditional, the better. :-)

  • Game looks great! BTW, any news on Prinny 2?

  • This is a comment.

    Hurray for multiplayer dungeon-crawlers! Though you probably should’ve mentioned that you don’t really need 3 local friends to enjoy four-player co-op. The PS3’s PSP wi-fi application thing bridges the gap pretty quickly.

  • lolz in the top picture the character to the left looks a lot like william murderface from dethklok.

  • Oh, and I’d like avatars too… though I want Laharl. Ahahahahaha!

    By the way, I LOVED the confrontation between Mao and Laharl. Hilarious stuff.

  • looks like download fodder

  • Looks great, Will get if i finish Ys Seven by then. BTW whats the pricing and size of this game?

  • @22. The problem with the PS1 RPG collection is that I played literally all of them during the RPG surge of the late 90s.

  • OMG THIS IS MY BABY GAME, ITS MY SON *sniff* Can’t wait till its born xD

  • Amazing, thanks so much Nao. looking forward to this and Atelier Rorona. by the way no NISA avatars yet? :(

  • Multiplayer adhoc wifi you say…? Well, I believe I shall take your advice and start harassing some of my friends.

    Honestly, I wasn’t terribly interested in this game until I read that part. It’s a great addition.

  • These games need to be made as psp/ps3…. If there are more options they will sell.

  • YES!!! This was WAY sooner than I expected!

  • Looks great!! Can’t wait to pick this up on the 21st!!!

  • I agree with Unit-TRB
    seriously if these these games are being released through PSN they need to be able to run on the PS3 and PSP because I’d seriously play this on my PS3. if games like this and stuff like peace walker were adapted just control wise,(graphics and everythng else dont need to be touched) I’d buy it in a heart beat

  • How much will this cost?

  • Hey Jeff, I believe it’s 20 bucks. Can’t wait. Decent Price for a PSP game

  • 2d dot game heroes with nippon ichi’s touch !!!

  • This looks ridiculously cute; I can’t not give this game a try.

  • Another great game from NIS thank you nao. Day 1 pick up for this game :D

  • For some reason one character looks like Goku of Dragon Ball Z

  • I’ve already looked at plenty of previews and impressions of this game (mostly from the Japanese version).

    If any of the NIS representatives are still available I would like to know about this:

    If I am correct there was a patch to the Japanese version of Classic Dungeon that made some of the features of the Rangeon easier to navigate (called the Newgeon I believe). Will the US PSN release be based off of the patched Japanese version or the original release?

    Also, thanks for the $20 price. I plan to purchase Cladun since it looks well done. Now please get to work on making sure ZHP is top quality.

  • Nao,

    I’ve read the ones above, but I follow NISA through your blog posts and the NISA Website (Newsletters and all) and I even thought that the game was going to at least work for PS3 (like one of those PSN games that works on both systems).

    Kinda dissapointing, but not surprising. Good thing I pre-ordered Rurona from the NISA store. An Atelier game plus it’s OST is more than good enough for a while. I’ve already planned on getting a PSP anyways.

  • Thank you thank you and thank you!!!!

    I have been eagerly awaiting a release date announcement for this title!!! I can’t wait. I love rpgs like this. Day 1 buy!!! NIS, Atlus and Xseed are my fav companies!!! Keep up the PSP/PS3 love NISA… And I will keep buying!

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