Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes Demo Hits PSN Tomorrow

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Action Fans, history buffs, Anime enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants a fun time punishing enemies: the Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes demo for PlayStation 3 gives you a sample of what to expect when it arrives on PSN tomorrow, September 7. Featuring two playable samurai, the demo lets you pick up the swords of Mitsunari Ishida or smash your enemies into the ground using bare hands as Ieyasu Tokugawa, each with a few leveled up moves. When the full game arrives on October 12, you’ll have more than a dozen playable characters to choose from, each with their own weapons, fighting styles, and move sets.

From the creator of Devil May Cry 4, Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes puts you smack in the middle of the war between clans in 16th century Japan. With notable samurai taken from Japanese history, but stylized into veritable war machines, choose a side and form alliances as you battle hundreds of enemies in the effort to unite, divide, conquer, or bring peace to the land. On your way to the final battle, you’ll upgrade your weapons and learn powerful new moves including deadly BASARA arts which allow you to unleash spectacular moves that wipe out multitudes of enemies.

I’ll leave you with a tip: while it’s not always necessary to take down the camp commanders in order to progress through the game, occupying a camp can give you added bonuses such as weakening the final opponent. So fight hard and fight smart.

Hop online, download, and enjoy! Be sure you don’t miss Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes when it arrives in North America on October 12.

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  • Finally, I have been wanting this for a while.

  • omg i love this game looks amazing day 1 buy cant wait to try out te demo

  • the* over excitement FTW lol Xd

  • that’s what I’m talking about! awesome trailer. I bet this week’s update for the PS3 will make many people happy. not sure about the PSP though.

  • Capcom is mean for not giving PS3 users case zero!

  • Has this demo or the final game, japanese voices? Please, say yes…

  • Why hadn’t I heard of this before now? This looks awesome, I’ll definitely try out the demo.

  • OMG I’m so excited. I already plan to buy the game, but never expected a demo. Thank you SO much Capcom….already have my copy preordered.

  • Is this from the creator of Devil May Cry 4? As in Hideaki Itsuno? This post actually doesn’t really specify who you’re talking about.

    I’m more interested in the DMC1 creator Hideki Kamiya, who makes awesome hack and slash games. Just look at Bayonetta. I think he’s making Vanquish now.

  • Looks like it could be some crazy fun, the voice actors do sound very familiar, I hear Nero and Dante from DMC4.

  • Wow so many recognizable voices.

  • Capcom Rocks!!

  • I hope this game has english subtitles with japanese dub. The english dub is horrible.

  • Sweeeeet. I’ve been hoping for this for a while. I can’t wait. Though I planned to buy it anyway.

  • @ I’m the Boss, I hope you’re right. ARE YOU READY GUYS?! PUT YA GUNS ON!!!!!

  • I remember playing this at Capcom’s E3 booth, if it’s that demo then everyone can expect a LOT of playtime here.

  • let’s just hope this game has japanese voices…

    i hate how a lot of these anime-based games don’t have japanese voices. it’s one of those things that annoy me.

  • DMC is not what I thought of when I saw the video above – I thought of Dynasty Warriors. Still, lkg very forward to the demo coming out. Is this game a disk-based game or is this game a downloadable game on the PS3?

    • Glad to hear you are looking forward to the demo, it should be up and playable by now. The game will be disk based, not downloadable.

  • @ Everyone wanting Japanese voices. There isn’t.

    I’ve been following the game closly and they said that there wasn’t enough disk space to fit it on the Wii version, and they didn’t want one of the 2 versions to have something the other didn’t.

  • @ TheNameKianClown

    If thats true i will not get this game until its $29.99. I already watch the anime and want their voices. I recall the PS3 version has co-op but the Wii does not. If thats true its stupid if they say something about both versions being the same.

  • hmmm… it looks awesome, but too easy. Meh I’ll try the demo. It looks too good to pass up…

  • the third character, the dude in red, sounds like english voice actor for ichigo in BLEACH.


  • Holy crap the English voice acting hurts me.

  • @ lm_The_Boss They both have offline co-op. Neither have online co-op. And it’s $40 at launch, so it’s not that much more than $30.

  • Destiny warrior’s much??

  • Funny thing, I remembered seeing on of those characters- the one with two spears- in another game that I have for the PS2: Devil Kings. Exactly the same character, right down to the graphical detail on him. It’s as if by using Nintendo as a buffer, you can legitimately port it a last gen title to a current gen system as “new.”

    Seriously, Capcom, if we’re less than open to exact, Wii(low)-quality Move ports, what makes you think it’d be better received after gutting it of the motion gimmick that justified its inception in the first place?

    We paid more for our systems- the Wii obviously being a budget system- so it is entirely justifiable to grant us more content and/or game quality.

  • This look interesting. To all the people that complain about the voice, shut up!! What would happen if Killzone, Resistance, God of War, and Ratchet & Clank became anime anthologies in the style of Batman: Gotham Knight and Halo Legends. How should we be watching those anime, Japanese or English. Watch it in Japanese, wouldn’t Kratos and Ratchet sound weird in Japanese because you’re not used to hearing them in Japanese. Watching it in English, Wouldn’t you be violating the “anime should never be watch in English dub” rule? Beside, did you forget Liam O’Brien who voiced Ieyasu Tokugawa also voiced War in Darksiders?

  • This looks fairly repetitive. A real button mash, and hardly different than 99% of the over the shoulder games out there.

    When will Sony encourage some innovation in gameplay and convince publishers that deeper rules systems are the way to go?

    I miss the days of the PSX – but that doesn’t mean re-release them.

  • @Jeigh

    Devil Kings was the first game in the Sengoku Basara series, except renamed to “Devil Kings” from “Sengoku Basara”, completely stripped of the historical part (i.e. Sanada Yukimura -> Scorpio, Date Masamune -> Azure Dragon, Oda Nobunaga -> Devil King, etc), and minus a few playable characters + new priming system + harder difficulty. It wasn’t received very well over here maybe because of the fact that all the historical stuff was removed. I, for one, am ecstatic that they are finally releasing Basara without taking out the history.

    Also, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes is actually Sengoku Basara 3 in Japan. The gameplay and story have definitely improved from what I’ve seen so far. It now HAS a story, and the story has multiple endings/paths for each person.

    But I have to agree with you that the PS3 version should get more content/game quality.

  • Online Co-op?

  • @Jeigh

    Devil Kings (Sengoku Basara in Japan) is supposed to be the first game in the Sengoku Basara series, minus the historical part and a couple of playable characters. That two spears guy is the exact same guy as Scorpio, they just renamed him when they took out the history. (Same deal with many other characters, for example, Date Masamune..Azure Dragon, anyone?) I’m just happy that they are finally releasing Basara as it should be, without editing out the historical aspect.

    Also, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes is Sengoku Basara 3 in Japan. The gameplay and story are definitely much better than Devil Kings, from what I’ve seen so far. There is actually a story now and it has multiple endings/paths for each individual character. There are many Japanese gameplay videos out there if you are interested.

    But I do agree that the PS3 version should get more content/game quality.

  • Does Sengoku BASARA stand for Dynasty Warriors in English?

  • Ahahaha, why would someone make a Dynasty Warriors clone?

  • Alright, I watched the preview video again, so I have a new question.

    Aha hahahaha, why would someone spend money to make a Dynasty Warriors clone?

  • About Japanese voices..

    Sadly, I heard the same answer. Pretty disappointing to me as well since I loved the anime and why would Capcom not take advantage of the bluray disc capacity?

    Since I watched the anime, the english voices just don’t fit and seem off, especially Kenshin.. have you heard the english voice? wow, it’s terrible, and he doesn’t even sound human.. he just sounds…weird.

    It was a pretty bad move on their part and a big reason why I imported the game. I seriously doubt I will buy the english version. Maybe down the line I’ll pick up a cheap used copy though. I have my fingers crossed and hope I get proven wrong when I download the demo tomorrow and see a Japanese voice option. I doubt it will happen, but i can hope! lol

    I’ve been playing the hell out of this game though. This game is pretty damn amazing and greatly surpassed what I was expecting. Compared to Dynasty Warriors..I’ve always loved any game revolving around the ROTK characters, but I got to admit this game BLOWS DW wayy out of the water and hopefully raises the bar for games made in this type of genre.

  • @Hooligantuan

    Even though it’s similar, I wouldn’t really call it a DW clone. I’m not sure how much the demo will let you experience, but it’s very far from a clone in my opinion. Each character gets 5 combos, 4 you can’t change (triangle, direction+triangle, L1+triangle, R1), R2 is the 5th combo and you get to choose from 3 potential combos that unlock as you level up. (So in total it’s 7 combos each character) Each combo can also level up and get stronger. Some characters even have aerial variations of their combos. Each weapon can also level up to get stronger and unlock 6 slots that you can put items into to that give various and mostly stackable effects. You can also gather materials to create some of the higher level items to put into your weapons. Each type of item that you can add to your weapon has 3 variations (example: you can put an item that adds 100, 200, or 300 attack.) I’m on my 11th playthrough and I have only found the first 2 levels of slottable items, so I think the 3rd/highest level are craftable only. Anyways, if you are a DW fan or even hate the DW series, I’d recommend you try out the game. I had my doubts as well, but this game is pretty badass!

  • hey ! you guys just rolled out a FW UPDATE . i think it updated the browser … text looks much better ….thank you

  • why doesn’t sony just man up and say why it came out with a new software update?


  • @38

    Or maybe it is 9pm on Labor Day. Have some patience before throwing around ridiculous accusations.

    What would they even be afraid of? They’ve posted about firmware upgrades that do nothing before. Why would they be afraid now?

    Geesh. Commom sense doesn’t seem all that common around here.

  • when are we getting some info about the psp resident evil?

  • Where is the blog post announcing the firmware update? What new features did you guys add? And why is this update not on hold until tuesday? Isn’t that normally when updates are released?

  • Bahahahahaha A DEMO! thats funny. i am not wasting HDD space on a demo. i’m half way through the trophies already!

  • Played it at PAX and loved it. Can’t wait for the demo.

  • the game looks good BUT some of the players are not right, kanbei was not a guy with a giant ball, tadakatsu was a skilled spear man,
    magoichi saiga is a man, masamune date was a gun weilder, Kotaro fuma for lords sake was a silent ninga with bada$$ hand claws,
    Capcom you messed up samurai warriors. DX

  • @#44, Not all of the weaponry in Samurai Warriors is accurate either. hate to burst your bubble but, Sengoku BASARA sells 10:1 agains samurai warriors in Japan.

  • the character designs look horrible.

  • Do you guys knows that Sengoku BASARA is actually the real “Devil Kings” for ps2, right?
    when Sengoku BASARA1 was released in US for the first time (If I remember correctly, in 2005)sadly it was localized in 4kids style, changing names of the historical figures (Date Masamune=Azure Dragon/ Sanada Yukimura=Scorpio), taking off ALL of the Sengoku era references and whatever.
    Sengoku BASARA is not a new game, this “Samurai Heroes” is actually the 3th game of the series.
    I guess I’ll check the demo ’cause of the voice acting and if there’s any changes at all in the history, I hope not, I really love BASARA series.

  • Brian Keltner, please give us any answer about the japanese voices in Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes, you (Capcom) give us a gift, not changing the name of both (game and characters) and for epic win, if this game have both (wierd) english and (awesome) japanese voices… i can buy this game without fear! I’m am fan of the anime, and the original games, (Devil Kings is crap as Capcom Fighting Evolution or worst)… please… any answer about japanese voices can be my worst disapointment when i receive the game in my hands… I will wait for the people if the game have japanese voice… after that i buy or i can fell that was the last chance to make this game success in the side of the world… :(

  • uhh… theres already a game about this story and the characters are better designed….it’s called Samurai Heroes from KOEI how lame of capcom.

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