Pulse 9/7 Edition Available Tomorrow

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The 9/7 edition of Pulse, will be available for download on the PlayStation Store tomorrow!

This edition includes a peek at the Mafia II add-on “The Betrayal of Jimmy” as well as a MotorStorm 3D Rift preview. We answer the ultimate question about when PlayStation Network will get the hit game Castle Crashers (hint: now!). Qore host Veronica Belmont previews Episode 28 featuring a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas theme. We also reveal the top ten downloads from the PlayStation Store (can you guess what took number one last month?) and discuss a few features about the PlayStation Protection Plan. From the Video Store, we have features on Killers, MacGruber, and more and give you a little preview of the Fall TV Sale.

So, watch below now or download later today to your PS3 to get Christina Lee in her full HD awesomeness.

See you in a couple weeks for the 9/21 edition of Pulse — only from PlayStation Network.

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  • Sweet! I like to watch Pulse in Playstation Home because it gets put in the Theater first before the PS Store updates.

  • Videos take so long to load in Home for me… I guess I’ll watch it on the Blog.

  • I’ll take one Pulse with a extra side of legs.. ahh yes. thank u!

  • Hi I’am a Qore subcriber & I was wondering if I had recived my September 2010 issue or if it was time to renew my subcription because I haven’t recevied my September issue yet?

  • kool , any info on TGS videos ? exclusive interviews with Sucker Punch? Media Molecule ? Evolution Studios ? what is that music service that was announced in germany last week ? is it coming to the US too ? hows that work ? man , top ten psp games downloads ? top ten psp movie downloads ? any way to win a Ghost of Sparta limited edition psp watching pulse? theres so much happening around playstation that the casual gamer doesnt know , we ( hardcore gamers know everything before pulse gets released ) love the show and i wish it was longer with more info

  • oh btw im 1 of those fans that has been with you guys since day 1 , i still remember the first time i played Ridge Racer lol

  • @4 Qore comes out tomorrow.

  • @2 I’ll watch on youtube ;)

    @4 We usually get Qore vids on the 2nd Tuesday of the month I believe so we hsould get tomorrow.

  • I bought Motorstorm 3D 1st day and what is VERY disapointing it’s Motorstorm 3D dont have any trophy’s… Why!?

  • Veronica Belmont?! very nice name :)

  • So, any chance someone will make a new Destruction Derby game…?? come on, guys… it was on the PS1.. so much fun.. we need a new one… please..

  • do more gaming less movies. i hate that part!!

    like pulse though

  • “So, watch below now or download later today to your PS3 to get Christina Lee in her full HD awesomeness.”

    I think what you meant to say was Christina Lee in her full HD sexiness, xD

  • @11 Yea Destruction Derby was a fun game. I think it was a PS1 launch titles.

    MacGruber and Scott Pilgrim vs The world are the two dumbest movies to come out this year.

  • The Mafia II DLC coming tomorrow is “Jimmy’s Vendetta”, not “The Betrayal of Jimmy”. Just a heads up. :D

  • @Jimmy_Cosmos: +1

    Congratulations. You’ve Leveled UP!

  • I only download Pulse for one reason. Too look at gorgeous Christina Lee. She looks so cute in that summer outfit. I ditto on that earlier legs comment. She knows how to use them.

  • I prefer to watch it on the blog. Downloads take forever, fast on a PC.

    At least this weeks comments are not beyond creepy.

  • I bought Motorstorm 3D and I loved It!! I was so glad another 3D PSN game was released! The 3D effects were amazing! And I can’t wait for the future!

    P.S. Who cares If there were no trophies for It. Just be glad they released It. Gezz…

  • So where the hell is it? The whole PSN update hasn’t happened. Way to advertise something and then not even do it.

  • I like watching the Pulse videos too, gives me the chance to see the very pretty Christina Lee again. Would love to have an autographed 8 x 10 glossy of her in a green dress.

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