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As I write this, we’re still in Seattle for PAX (look for some more stories next week). So as many articles as we have read this week, we don’t any PAX impressions on it. Please feel free to pitch in. And, of course, enjoy your labor day weekend!

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 30, 2010)

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  • Why SCEJ” is slowing down new features coming to PS3?!

  • Sony Japan is the reason PSN updates are slow they also handle firmware updates. Since the HQ is there and online isn’t as big deal there as it is in the US and Europe.

    So this week coming up with store updates don’t be mad with SCEA it’s SCEJ.

  • PlayStation Move seems to be getting positive response from the media but the games on the other the hand seems to have mixed reactions. Only one more week till I can get my hands on the Move and try them out myself.

  • Jeff did you get to play/see Duke Nukem?

    Also are your aware of the in game 360 controller with the 4 letters D U K E that Duke holds in one scene?

    If so, can I expect to get something other than a 360 controller in our version of the game?

    • I did see Duke running, so yes: it’s real.
      I’d imagine that they’d PlayStation-ify that scene for the PS3 version upon release.

  • y r u called zombie blog net? jeff

  • No mention of the PS Eye being used as a 3d scanner?

  • Hey Jeff,

    Few things I want to talk about.

    I am a PS+ member, and I never got Dead Nation Beta? Why didn’t I get in the beta when I was told I will get into exclusive betas? PS+ so far has been broken promises….

    Next question

    When will the blog make a new section on how to improve playstation blog.share? That thing is broken!!! Every thing I summit does not go through. When I do, it says there is something close to what I have requested, but it is far from the truth.

  • Here are a few more articles:

    “Duke Nukem Forever is Shockingly Real, Unsurprisingly Crass” (1UP):

    “The Top 25 PlayStation 3 Games” (IGN):

    “Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Returns to PS3” (IGN):

    “Gran Turismo 5 Has Optional Hard Drive Install” (IGN):

    1) We were never promised guarantied entry into beta’s. We were promised improved odds of getting into beta’s.

    2) If your suggestions haven’t gone through then they were approved. In other words you made bad suggestions from the outset. Though the search is broken on PS Blog Share as you suggest (as it uses the same algorithm to identify if your suggestion exists) you can still submit your idea regardless. If you feel the PS Blog Share is broken make a suggestion on of all things The PS Blog Share that improvements to the broken search and existing idea search.

  • Jeff can you please give us any news on the FFXIV PS3 Beta? Oh and anything to do with LBP2..and its beta…PLEASE!!

    • When/if there is news on betas (or really, anything else) we’ll announce it. I promise you that we’re not sitting on information and just waiting for you to ask “pretty please with sugar on top.”

  • An ESPN article Jeff? Nice.

  •, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath remake coming to ps3.

  • Hey Jeff remember there was a contest one day on here to win the Hunter edition of Uncharted 2 for Canada? there has been no news on winners of the 5 promised prizes that i ever saw. any update on the situation???

  • Jeff, What ever happened with a PS podcast? Are you guys still looking into that?

    • Absolutely, but – as you can tell – new hire Rey has been really busy with videos revolving around the launch of PlayStation Move, Comic-Con and PAX, and he’ll be off to TGS next week. I think things will settle down a bit after that and we can get going on it. I’d really, really love to launch this year.

      Thing is, we’re a small team (just 3 of us running the blog, twitter, facebook, events, meetups, and a ton of behind the scenes stuff), and when things get busy, we’re stretched. Technically I’m on vacation right now :)

      Once we start the podcast (any name suggestion?), we have to keep it up. So that’s what’s taking so long.

  • Poor Valkyria Chronicles 2.. gonna get buried under all this Move stuff.. :(

  • will u put the god of war: Ghost of sparta dlc on PSN for psp go owners?

    • The D in DLC means “downloadable,” does it not? I don’t know specifically about Ghost of Sparta’s DLC release plans, but if it’s put on the Store, then PSP go owners will be able to download it.

  • Jeff,where is the video preview of the move beta disc you promised ?

  • @kazeeternal why is it there is always a pillow biter ,like you, defending sony on the blog? do your knees hurt? bet they do. when i heard of ps- the only thing that caught my attention was the exclusive betas for +members . i wouldn’t defend a company that can’t support its service. and can’t even defend themselves on their blog or answer to their customers . maybe its scea thats slacking off big time . scee does a way better job in identifying with its audience .

  • @Sonicfan11589 If u buy the game the first week u get all the preorder dlc

  • oh and another thing about that blog share aka black hole is no good . why on an american blog share are arabs frow WEST BUBBA …. (U KNOW THE REST) even allowed to still have their idea post up on our blog??? somebody needs to do their job. hello? wake up. ANYBODY HOME!? guess not. what a bunch of buttusies at sony. lol ftw

  • Yo Jeff, are you & Sid going to be doing a coverage at TGS later this month or stay here in the U.S.?

  • @Jeff
    When will Sony ever let us change our PSN ID names? seriously this isnt something new to PSN. i want to change my ID name but im at Trophy level 13 :(

  • I was going to buy a pspgo, but crisis core is not on the store. What the hell? The prices on the psn store are atrocious. All psp games should be priced at their approximate used sale price. I bought a used psp1000 instead. I still want a Go, but sony isn’t following through on making sure the entire library is A) Available B) Reasonably Priced


  • okay, i’m going to start this blogging session with saying thank you jeff for removing the demonic clown banner. this thing was giving me nightmares….

    besides that i’m gonna ask you when the blog is going to talk about qriocity that was just announced last week?

    also, heard that the firmware update slated by this month was delayed to october?

    • the Twisted Metal banner *will* be back :D

      We don’t have any Qriocity announcements here at this time – what Sir Howard said in Europe this week is the latest info, including the FW update for 3D movie support.

  • That’s great! Now how about giving us an update of that Playstation Network Maintenance? I’ve been having problems signing in since august 26 and it’s really pissing me off especially since there’s a new Playstation out and I haven’t even had mine for half a year.

  • Hey Jeff, how is Chris Morell doing by the way? I miss his posts

  • I’m liking the positive review for Move. I’m also excited for TGS.

  • Hey Jeff im really excited about move but what’s the real release date I keep hearing it’s sept17 or sept19

  • @KiLLaNoiZ

    I’m going to say Sept 21st-ish it comes from a fairly reliable source, but you can expect some retailers to probably start receiving them a few days before that.

  • Is it true that The Last Guardian isn’t going to be at the Tokyo Game Show this year? :(

  • dammit there goes my chance to get the hunter edition.:( life goes on

  • Just on a side note, BIG props to all the folks at Sony, and the developers that keep this blog running and updated with great content and updates! I also love the replies we get from them here on the blog! Keep it going guys it sure is appreciated! Just wanted to share some love!

  • Good day eh Jeff?
    Prime Minister Harper and I welcome you to Canada
    so what are your plans while your up here Jeff?

  • So all move-related games, accessories will come out on the 19th? Even the PS3 Move bundle?

  • Thanks Jeff.Really appreciate the reply.

  • Hey Jeff,

    I just wanted to know when my PS+ subscription will do more than give me a hulu plus preview. LBP beta invites being sent out this week and no mention for PS+ members. I appreciate you giving us month old games and minis and ps one games(I’m actually enjoying a lot of them) but shouldn’t we be getting “Features?” Only Automatic Download is the only feature we have and it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

    I’ve also tried submitting to Share some ideas on PS+ but none have gone through. Seeing how the search function doen’t know left from right I can never tell if my idea is really up there…

    Please make PS+ worth it


  • i would like to play games like god of war with the move

  • yall need to make a bundle with the move controller and the navigation too….becuz the one now have the game,eye,controller
    thats a good deal…then make one that just the controller and nav withor without a demo of socom and games like that wold be cool too becuz if i get it ill want 2 move controller off top and a nav for socom and games like that ….so if yall do somthing like that dont forget me ill get ppl to buy it ….lol

  • commenting from my Wii here, because i just can’t seem to sign in to this site from my PS3. it is quite annoying. would somebody out there kind enough please explain to me why that is?

  • Hi acebeedee,you have same problem with me.
    Cause everytime I want to login ,inside the email box already have someone email address.
    After I change with my email. I got message you Can login with other user id.

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