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Back from PAX! Thursday night’s PAX meetup was a riot, and possibly our largest turnout to date. It’s always exciting to speak with PlayStation fans face-to-face, and I had a lot of fun talking games with familiar names from the PlayStation.Blog and official PlayStation Twitter account. Thanks for coming out!

Though my trip to Seattle was a short one, I was able to prowl the PAX floors for a few hours to soak in the avalanche of upcoming games. I’ll be sharing some of my gameplay encounters next week, so stay tuned.

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • A Few Rallies with Virtua Tennis 4 and PlayStation Move — Backhands, ball spin, and more are possible with the power and precision of PlayStation Move. James Gallagher’s full report!
  • Retro/Grade: Playable at PAX Prime & Win a Chance to be in the Credits — 1080p with anti-aliasing at 60 frames per second — now playable at PAX (booth 3008).
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta Box Art Revealed — What do you think of Kratos’s new look? See the box art here.
  • ModNation Monday: Double XP Week! — News Mods and Karts to download, new community picks, and a Double XP week for PAX week.
  • Slam Bolt Scrappers Playable at PAX this Week — Wandering around PAX? Stop by booth 3834 to play this four-player puzzle-brawler.
  • R.U.S.E. Demo Hits PSN Today, PlayStation Move Details — Learn about how the PlayStation Move motion controller will drive this devious RTS game.
  • Valkyria Chronicles II Marches Today – Multiplayer Preview — Jeff talks multiplayer with Sega’s Aaron Webber. Been meaning to play this one…
  • Castle Crashers on PSN: Any Minute Now — The Behemoth drops by the PlayStation.Blog minutes before Castle Crashers hit the PlayStation Store. Comments ensue!
  • PlayStation Store Update — Castle Crashers, Sam & Max Episode 5, Theme Hospital, plus demos for Vanquish and R.U.S.E. make this a double-stuffed update.
  • Top Hand Rodeo Tour Announced for PSN and PlayStation Move — Channel your inner cowboy with this rodeo game for PlayStation Move.
  • God of War Live is Today: Got Prizes? — See what God of War Live attendees walked away with.
  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer Hands on premieres at PAX 2010 — Killzone 3’s PAX booth offers 8v8 multiplayer multiplayer for the first time, plus 3D single-player scenarios. Stop by!
  • Digital Comic Store Update — Captain America (2004), Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy, Haven, and more Starcraft in this week’s Comics Store update.
  • This Week in PlayStation Home: Brimstone Poker, PlayStation Move Event, Kane and Lynch 2 and More — Brimstone Poker for your personal space, a PlayStation Move event, and items from Kane & Lynch 2 and MAG.
  • Coming Next Week to PlayStation Plus: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Early Access Demo, Warhawk Game Trial and More — New games, new sales, new XMB themes, and another way to get access to the God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo.
  • Play inFAMOUS 2 at PAX! — inFAMOUS 2’s PAX premiere shows off the new “Amp” melee weapon and the Ionic Vortex (electric tornado) power. Play it for yourself!
  • Hoard for PS3 and PSP: Official PAX 2010 trailer — Jeff and I played this co-op/competitive dragon game at PAX (booth 3012). Check back for hands-on details next week.
  • Out Now on PS3: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition — Get Battlefield 1943 and DLC galore in the Ultimate Edition of this popular PS3 online shooter.
  • No Heroes Allowed! Announced for PlayStation Portable — Badman, aka What Have I Done to Deserve This, My Lord?!, is returning to the PSP. First details!
  • PlayStation Move Bundle: Final Retail Unboxing — Jeff and I pop the top on the final retail PlayStation Move Bundle.
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead and new Futurama hit the Video Store, plus a new Deal of the Week.
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo for Spartan Army, God of War Live Recap — God of War fans who couldn’t make it to our PAX meetup got another shot at the new PSP demo.

  • Extended Demo of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One at PAX — The gang from Insomniac Games have two panels at PAX this weekend and a new demo for All 4 One.
  • Killzone 3 Coming to PS3 February 22, 2011 — Nuff said. If you’re are PAX this weekend, be sure to check out the Killzone 3 booth and get a collectible art card.
  • Coming Tuesday to PSN: TerRover for PS3 — Final details for this cute PSN platformer that features 40 levels across five planets.
  • PAX Prime 2010: PlayStation Booth Video Tour — Rey’s new video shows off our PAX booths for Killzone 3, inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, and more.
  • Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

    Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • Extra MAG Character Slots Now Available — Players who want to expand their personal collection of MAG soldiers can increase their army with two additional slots below their original default character.
  • Zipline Podcast – Episode 18 — This week, Brian Soderberg, Zipper’s President and Co-Founder, talks about the studio’s past, present and even hints at its future…
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • What we’re up to at PAX Prime — I strongly suggest you come by the “What Do Fans Want?” panel. We want to know directly from you – our fans – how we can improve our website offerings and how we can do better in working with our respective communities.
  • REMINDER: The Lab – 3 vs. 3 Deathmatch and Double Cash — This episode of “The Lab” features 3 vs 3 Deathmatch games. Team sizes are limited to only three players, allowing each team ample room to execute new strategies that were not possible with larger team sizes.
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    18 Author Replies

    • Thanks for the recap! I’m super excited about the Move!

    • Will there be a beta for Killzone 3 ?

      • We run internal betas for many online-focused games, but no announcements on a public beta for Killzone 3 at the moment.

    • Hi Sid, I have posted this a couple of times before but have you heard of a possible fix for fw update 3.41 the issue is getting a bit anoying just bought a PS3 slim updated to 3.41 and boom exact same problem I’m getting with my fat 80gb ps3 — games freez, can watch BDs because the console will freeze 10, 15 mins into the movie… can you please have alook in to this pls???

    • Duke Nukem Forever

    • PAX Meetup was a blast!!! Thanks for making my Thursday night one hell of an EPIC night!

    • I wanna see some killzoine 3 multiplayer!

    • little disappointed by no double cash weekend on uncharted 2. As much as I love Mod nation Racers, I’m just in no mood to play that game online right now.

    • i want kz3 BETA

    • Recap: Duke Nukem Forever.

    • Hi sid I was Juss wondering if u can Tell us what’s the real release date for ps move because I heat sept 7 sept 17 and sept 19? Can u please tell us what’s the real release date

      • September 19th is the official date of availability, but it could show up a day or two early depending on your location.

    • Hey guys, it’s Steven, the guy who was wearing the Uncharted 2 shirt from the PS Blog and IGN meetup on Thursday night. If I represented the Northwest PS3 gamers, I want to say thanks for all of you guys to come up and talk with us. I think most if not all people had a good time there.

      The next time you guys do another meetup, I’ll be there.

    • I’m kind of dissapointed that theres only 300+some people that like the ps move on facebook…

    • Lots o’ fun this recap! I love the Ghost of Sparta boxart, but I’m SOOOOOOOO sad I missed PAX! Some much good stuffs were there!!

      I’m playing: Naughty Bear, Red Dead Redemption, God of War III, Assassin’s Creed 2, LEGO Harry Potter.
      I’m watching: Assorted trailers, (hopefully soon) Marmaduke, (sometime this month) Price of Persia: The Sands of Time (out Sept. 14th).
      I’m reading: Savvy, (lost my page) Alien.

    • Im playing: Uncharted 2 online, double XP and Lab FTW!!!! Come tuesday I will be playing KH BBS! :D
      Im watching: Nothing really
      Im reading: Nothing atm, but I do like to read a few comics from time to time. Oh and I guess im catching up on some gaming news I may have missed.

    • we need a patch for Castle Crashers lags badly

    • I really dislike the MAG character slots. You actually have to pay 99¢ and its a MONTHLY fee. Thats over $12.00 a year. No, its not much, but I shouldn’t have to pay to have 3 different saves of a game I already spent $60 on. Heck, i’ll just make 3 different accounts and get 3 different saves.

      This is a Low Blow!

    • any updates on more currently expensive psp games being dropped in price on PSN?

      Such as soulcalibur: Broken Destiny ($40) It’s been out a year now.
      Mortal Kombat: Unchained ($20) maybe make it $10 or just $15.
      Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max ($20) maybe make it a PSP essential like its sister series: Darkstalkers Chronicles.

      Any thoughts?

      • Such price changes are up to the publisher — they charge what they think is best, but feel free to share your thoughts with them.

    • Also any updates on bringing the back catalog of PSP games to coming to PSN such as tekken: dark ressurection, crisis core, shadow of destiny, etc?

    • Will Birth by Sleep release on the PSN?? A lot of PSP GO owners are gonna be disappointed if its not gonna release. I need a confirmation about this.

    • Castlevania Lords of Shadows?????

    • Playing Mortal Kombat? lucky you. :p

    • I would LOVE a KZ3 beta, please sony, deliver.. Just for us PS+ Users though.. Make People Want to sign up…

    • @ 19… I doubt it, It’s a UMD game… Google it..

    • @ 23

      “Sid Shuman | August 28th, 2010 at 2:15 pm

      Yeah, chalk that up to rumor and speculation for now. I spoke with a Square Enix representative a few weeks ago, and he said the company hasn’t announced anything at this time one way or the other.”

      I still doubt it’ll be on the store too, that’ll be too good to be true lol….but Kingdom Hearts is the reason why I bought a PSPgo in the first place. If it’s not on the store then I can’t explain how disappointed I’ll be.

      Once it was announced that devs had a choice whether to have their games released digitally, I had a feeling it would happen.

    • ok for the 100th time why are my ideas submitted never any longer appearing on blog share? its like my 10 ideas from months ago of which 9 are all originals

      some1 explain this?

    • Real Recap: PSGroove is out (Open Source PSJailbreak) and the scene is porting to a plethora of devices as I write this comment.

      Still, no response or even a single statement from Sony…

      How about firmware updates and mass bans? Cmon! What’s the hold up?

      Pirates are running loose, and this kinda sucks…

    • We’ve waited over 13 years for Duke Nukem Forever, and they finally announce it at PAX with a release year, along with hands-on gameplay, and it’s not even remotely mentioned?

      I’m disappointed in you, Sony reps.

      I mean, really, we get it, Killzone etc. are coming out. We’ve heard many times before: here and in Home (and everywhere else in the world). Tell us about things we don’t hear about, like American McGee’s Alice 2 and DNF. Years spent waiting for these games, and they are both being realized.

      • Those games are definitely on our radar. I’m probably the biggest Duke Nukem fan on the planet, so yeah, stay tuned. (^_^)

    • There’s 1 microsoft kinect facebook profile and a 1 playstation move profile. The ps move profile has 423 people liked and kinect has 2,473. That’s not right because the ps move is wayy better. If you like or are getting the move, like it please.

    • I agree with #25. i have been repeatedly posting original ideas on share yet none of them have been going through for about a month now.

    • @24… I still have my hopes up for BBS to come to the PSN. haha I can picture it in my head right now when Pulse comes out and will feature BBS. If BBS won’t come out to PSN.. I’ll just borrow my girlfriend’s PSP.. but I really want to play it in my psp go :( the reason for my purchase of my go is for digital, also my first psp. I saw Birth By Sleep on PSP go in E3 sony when they were showing the games. So i bought a PSP go.. now I’m regretting it a little… I should have bought a PSP 3000.

    • Same as @25 and @29.

      Sid, could you give us an update on that?

    • Sid, or anyone at Sony, or anyone who has the game…. Is there custom soundtracks in Castle Crashers?

    • Playing: Valkyria Chronicles II and Metroid: Other M (ahhh don’t shoot me!)

      Watching: Lost compete collection (well I already saw it and watched some bonus features!)

      Reading: Scott Pilgrim which I haven’t started but I bought the entire series.

      Curious about the PlayStation Move coming out later this month but sadly, no launch titles interest me :( I am looking forward to Sorcery and other games that will be patched such as Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5. I can’t seem to find a clear answer on this but will Dead Space 2 have Move support? I know Extraction in the CE will but I can’t find a clear answer for the “main” game having the feature.

    • What’s your preferred knight in CC Sid? I’ve been rocking the orange knight so far, might switch over to grey for some fun online.

    • Nice, nice recap.
      Is there going to be a recap for Tokyo Game Show too?

    • I just finished a second playthrough of Uncharted 2, man those native people are a million times easier when you use the crossbow.

    • how do u know if u get banned

    • PAX is over :(

    • Will Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Graces F come to America?

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