PAX Prime 2010: PlayStation Booth Video Tour

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In the gaming industry and community, PAX Prime has become the perfect event for developers and gamers to truly connect with one another and celebrate the culture of gaming and all things geek. Within the very first minutes of the official opening of PAX Prime 2010, PlayStation fans swarmed our booth and were rewarded with hands-on time with inFAMOUS 2, Killzone 3 and God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

Among Nariko and Sackboy cosplayers, you’ll also spot The Fight: Lights Out, Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet 2, Dead Nation and MotorStorm: Apocalypse on the show floor. Instead of sitting There and attempting to conjure an image in your head of Helghast soldiers patrolling endless lines of fans patiently waiting hours for PlayStation gaming — I’ll show it to you.

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  • man i love these tour u guys r making :D
    i hope 1 day i can go to all of these expos :)

  • Any news on lbp2 beta at PAX? o.o

  • Show me more Killzone 3 pls!!!!!

  • can i has infamous??? :P

  • i which i had one photo with a helgast, to bad i am i am in Canada for it. oh and the place are well renovated!


  • Increda sad face – They can play inFamous 2, KZ3 and LBP2! D’:

  • WISH I WAS THERE!!! I’m in Bmore, East Coast always gets screwed!!!

  • PS3 has the sickest exclusives, how the hell is that other console still in existence?seriously

  • GT5 footage request. With a big fat plz! on top.

  • Man that guy in the Helghast suit must be boiling to death. xD Though, i suppose he IS in a Helghast suit. …i guess that’d be worth dying over. D:

  • its going to be a very good year

  • When is there going to be something like this in San Diego ? Besides comic con which I wasn’t able to go to

  • Tad off topic, but where was the Playstation Patrol truck at the Taste of Colorado in Denver today? Was there for 3 hours, walked around about 5 times and nothin! You guys better be there tomorrow. Wanna get my Move on.

  • Please can we have more KZ3 MP footage?

    Or at least shoot me a beta code…

  • Lets hear about some killzone 3 coop! woop

  • Love the inFamous music.

  • Nice, wish I could’ve went, but I had summer school. Next year for sure.

  • love the intro.. love the music too.. great video

  • LBP2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But no FFXIV. /cry

  • Looks great, keep us updated on more as you get it.

  • I’m kind of suprised at how little we’ve actually seen of The Fight: Lights Out on the blog, despite its impending arrival in a little over a month. I have some burning questions- for all I know, the game is entirely comprised of two guys fighting in a garage with a virtual calorie counter.

    Will there be two-on-one challenges? Challenge/Minigames? Training coach? Variable locations? Multiplayer?

    With regards to that last one, I’m hoping someone can lay to rest my concerns regarding online-viability of “true,” Move-specific games like this one and Sports Champions. (I don’t think I need to tell you Dueling being online-enabled would’ve made it at least marginally more intriguing, and online gaming is nothing new to the PS3. I’m wondering if it was a case of “didn’t” or “couldn’t”)

  • I’m dying for some info on a new SIREN game! This is crazy.

    Also, The Fight: Lights Out will probably end up getting delayed.

  • Awesome Reynaldo, Keep those updates coming ;)

  • Hey Rey, is anyone from the blog gonna be at the TGS?

  • dude…

    i am so going to pax next year omg…

    i live in seattle and i dont what i was thinking not considering it this year…i feel a shame :(

  • Aw, I wish I could demo Killzone 3 in 3D!

  • AMAZING stuff. Cool video;)

  • i love those video tour. thanks very nice display btw

  • Thanks for the tour video sony :)

  • I didnt see Nariko or Sackboy :/

  • Saw sack-dolls! Too bad I’m getting one with LBP2 CE! Still, Nice to have 2…

  • I cant wait to see some new PSP stuff thats hopefully awesome. I know that the PS3 stuff will be but I want stuff that I can take and give me the same fun as my PS3 only in my pocket.

  • Sony need to make a Heavenly Sword 2, they just don’t know how big the fan base is. I still wanna see 8 Days get made, that trailer made the game look hot.

  • my first comment!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you think we’ll ever have the chance to win that awesome helghast costume? would be perfect halloween & video game conventions…. seriously I would wear that everyday actually :D

  • GT5!!

    Welcome to the blog, skylineGTR30

  • Hey guys, sorry I haven’t touched base with the for quite some time, I’ve been busy with some studies and whatnot, I really wanted to go to pax this year to chill with you pros, I did not have the time to get down there, but I did have eyes on the floor, so it’s good to see some of the stuff in the pipeline… There is always next year and all the other events in-between, I look forward to meet-ups and other really cool events you guys put on, keep up the great work, and it’s good to be back.

  • Any cool events comin up in Canada? Maybe like toronto or something? Us Canadians, we love our playstation :)

  • Infamous 2 has WOW me, i want the ultimate gameplay trailer that gametrailers have in 1080P on my PS3 HDD, please Sony at least do that for us, the fans that cannot go to PAX.

    Aside from that, the line up its awsome now im very proud to choose Playstation again this gen around 3 years ago. Now we just need some jrpg love in the west, WKC2 release date on TGS please and make that Namco release Tale of Vesperia, Tales of Graces F and Tales of Next Tittle in the west.

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