No Heroes Allowed! Announced for PlayStation Portable

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No Heroes Allowed! is the latest in the Badman franchise. A series of Dungeon Strategy games where you play the God of Destruction, summoned by the Evil Overlord Badman to dig a dungeon full of monsters to destroy the invading heroes, and help Badman conquer the known world! MWHAAHAA!

If you have played What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? and What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord 2!? then you are already aware of all the ‘dungeoneering’ fun this game brings, and will truly “dig” the new features such as strategically utilizing water in your dungeons to create pools that spawn new monsters and disrupt the heroes!

No Heroes Allowed!: New World No Heroes Allowed!: Gameplay

And that is just the beginning! No Heroes Allowed! not only has your main story mode where you help Badman conquer a brand new world across 33 stages, but additionally Dungeon-A-Day mode will offer you 100 daily challenges to hone your dungeoneering skills. Also for the first time in the Badman series, players will have the opportunity to experience multiplayer! The new Co-Op mode, Badman & Badmella allows you to join forces with one of your friends to create a dastardly dungeon full of monsters ready to take out those pesky heroes! Who is Badmella? you ask, she is none other than Badman’s daughter and heir to his evil empire.

No Heroes Allowed!: Dungeon A Day No Heroes Allowed!: Badman Badmella

This is just a taste of all the great dungeon digging, world dominating, and hero thwarting that is to come. Hit us up below for questions, we look forward to bringing you more news soon!

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  • Wow, lol, I didnt see this coming! It seems pretty epic!!!

  • I saw the title and I thought it was “No More Heroes Annoucned for PSP.” Slight disappointment there, but then again it’s okay since I love this franchise too!

  • Great its coming here! But when is the release date?

  • will it support infrastructure online or just Ad Hoc ? btw its time to announce the next psp sony, we want to be able to talk to our PSN friends on the GO

  • I thought the same thing as you Nintendo451. I was like sweet. This could be cool to see how the game will play on the PSP. Then I read on & found out it was not that game.

    I wonder why every Badman game gets a name change. Did NISA pass on this game & Sony decided to bring it out instead. I know in Japan Sony works with bringing the game out with Acquire. So I guess maybe Sony just decided to bring it out them selves this time around.

    Is this game just download only or will it come out on a UMD disc? I so hope it comes out on the UMD disc. Because I like owning the game over just a file.

  • I’m sure this will be for both systems, PSP3000 & PSPGO, but why bother showing the trailer on a PSPGO, if there will not be many of them sold in the near future. I for one have the PSP3000 many others like me feel the same about it…. There are many more games, and movies available for UMD rather than digital download. Yes you can still buy from the PS store and keep media on a memory stick. PSP3000 is the way to go people, for those of you thinking of buying a PSP for the 1st time, want to have a large library or just want to switch systems. Need a new PSP, grab yourself a God of War bundle and unleash a can of whoop AZZ!!

  • @BlackIceJoe Actually, I’m pretty sure it had something to do with Batman. Seriously. It was too similar or whatnot.

  • Personally, I still think HIOPBM:WHIDTDT was the best name. I think someone was being a little oversensitive, especially over such a small-time game.

    Anyway, my first thought when watching the trailer: isn’t milking a franchise that only seems to improve incrementally despite significant room for improvement counter-productive to solidifying a fanbase and reputation? Then I remembered that Dynasty Warriors has been doing it for nearly a decade.

    I’m liking that the modes and player options are expanding. While Badman 2 didn’t seem very different at all (Dynasty Warriors 3->Dynasty Warriors 4), No Heroes Allowed seems to be a strong step up (DW3-> DW5 Empires). (If the sprites get a little cleaner in the sequel, DW6 Empires)

  • this title is not for me.i’m more waiting for atelier a matter of fact i have the game payed in half at my local,sept 28 cant come soon enough! :0)

    anyways, what happened to nao?i’m used to her coming on this blog and answer to our questions and what have you…plus, i wanted to thank her because of the bonus that rorona is getting from gamestop.i remember on her last blog post she told me that she was going to talk to her higher ups to see what nisa could offer through gamestop.thank you, nao! :0)

  • I love the previous two, so I’ll definitely get this.

  • Looks great but when will we get more info on ZHP and a release date? You guys just announced it then ran away leaving me hanging!

  • Huh. You know Badman 2 is only four months old? I’m glad I skipped over that one, this announcement seems a little too soon, but then again, I’m not as heavy a player as most here. I liked the enhancements but wasn’t there were enough. Moving up to a v3 will definitely cover those bases.

  • Awesome!!! Accidently hit four blocks, I meant to hit five. I love these games!

  • I love the games even though they’re ridiculously/impossibly hard. Beaten the first game, but still haven’t finished the second one.

    Anyway, I’m really excited for this. :D

  • wow i wanted to see some new first-party title coming to the psp and it’s there!
    playstation and 311 rule my whole life :)

  • I always read No Heroes allowed as no more heroes

  • I loved it until Marcus appeared.

  • While it’s always nice for SCEA to remember that they a portable gaming device (PSP) and that a sister company in Japan makes games for it (SCEI) and actually bring one of them over, I think well, you could have done a little better.

    For instance, that sequel to Kingdom of Paradise? SCEA published the original…but years later, nothing about the sequel. Okay, it wasn’t a great game, but still, you publish the original, you should publish the sequel.

  • This is great news!!! can’t wait! I loved the first one and the 2nd even more. Even have badman as my avatar on some gaming forums. Love this series!! Also any news on Cauldun (classic dungeon) or ZHT? Want some release dates!!

  • “I loved it until Marcus appeared.”

    LOL xD Props

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