Hoard for PS3 and PSP: Official PAX 2010 trailer

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Hello from Big Sandwich Games! As you’re reading this, we’re packing up the truck and preparing to head to PAX. But first, we present to you the official Hoard PAX 2010 trailer!

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what the game’s all about. Intense action, leaderboard score attack, crazy multiplayer duels, diabolical powerups, and over 100 badges to earn! Get ready for HOARD!

Stop by booth #3012 if you’ll be at PAX, and we’ll give ya a chocolate gold coin. If you won’t be there, don’t worry: the PlayStation.Blog will have a PAX report for you to feast upon.

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  • Different – not sure yet…

  • Looks pretty cool. I can’t wait to see more.

  • this game looks amazing!

  • I agree with TUSTIN. Different. But might give it a go before I make up my mind. =]

    ~ EXC355UM

  • As a fan of DOTA I’ve been itching for a mutiplayer RPG game, and this looks great. I hope it’s less twitchy and more strategic. I realize this is an early trailer but I thought the sound effects were rudimentary. Nonetheless this game looks promising, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when it comes out.

  • Sure hope you guys put out a demo…

    Agree about the sound effects, seem like they’re from 2 or 3 generations ago…

  • this looks like it might be a cfw-fest.

    Idk if I would buy this game. Not my particular type of game. Tell you what though, if it gets good reviews AND you guys can somehow manage to get rid of hackers, it should be a pretty interesting choice

  • I hope this game isn’t a mini. Too many bad vibes from minis. Will never buy those again.

    PSP is from remote play right?

  • Looks very interesting! If the price is right and its the same game on the psp as on the ps3 then its worth picking up. However if its just playable through remote play then im not interested. This game looks perfect for a handheld. Nearly reminds me of holy invasion of privacy badman.

  • Looks cool as heck. Would you say it’s an RTS game, anyone?

  • @darkwhitehair

    I am also a fan of DOTA, but I am not sure this game is similar. I think Fat Princess is more similar, but I haven’t been converted yet.

  • is it a full psn game or a mini?
    looks like a full one, but it’s also for the psp?

  • looks kind of interesting, hopefully there will be a demo to try

  • Hi all. HOARD is not a mini–it’s a full scope PSN release. We’ve announced $14.99 for PSN, but haven’t yet announced a price for PSP.

    Will be posting more info soon–in the meantime, check out HOARDGAME.COM!

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