Slam Bolt Scrappers Playable at PAX this Week

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OH MAN. Just a few more hours until PAX, where we’ll be showing off the most amazing demo of Slam Bolt Scrappers ever! Four-way multiplayer mayhem! Perilous battles in the lava flooded Volcano City! GIANT MAD ROBOTS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. This is going to be incredible.

Now, it has come to my attention that there might be those of you out there who haven’t heard of Slam Bolt Scrappers before. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I mean, we’re talking Game of the Decade-level stuff here. A title that you will cherish and pass down to your kids along with family heirlooms. This will change your life and the lives of your unborn children’s children. I also guess I’m saying that I frequently overuse hyperbole.

Slam Bolt Scrappers for PS3

Slam Bolt Scrappers is a wild, mile-a-minute mashup of building and brawling where you and your friends race to build the greatest towers in Slam Bolt City, while defending against deviously charming baddies and epic bosses. The gameplay is different from anything you’ve played before (nominated for Best Game Mechanic of E3 2010 by Kotaku), and in conjunction with Sony Online Entertainment, we can’t WAIT for the game to come out as a PlayStation Network exclusive in early 2011.

But what’s this? You don’t want to wait a few months to play this game? You want to play it NOW? Well then we’ve got good news for you! We’ll be hanging out all weekend at PAX in booth #3834 showing off our goods to any fan, enemy, or dinosaur who happens to pass by and wants to give it a shot. Be sure to come visit, play the game, and talk to the actual game developers who will be manning the booth!

Slam Bolt Scrappers for PS3

HAVEN’T HAD YOUR FILL? Why not check out our website or peer into the twisted minds of our development team? You can also comment here and we promise to pop in and respond :)

Hope to see you in Seattle at PAX!

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  • It’s like Tetris on steroids. Looks cool.

  • I’m glad you included that dinosaurs are welcome in your booth. Our non-people have been marginalized for far too long. Now, what kind of height-clearance are we looking at?

    This is some serious gameplay we’re looking at. Four players? Same system Co-op? Giant robots!? Consider this on my PSN wish list. (Ya gotta keep em separated.)

  • Oh, and when they say “Best Game Mechanic” are they talking about the innovative gameplay style or those little guys flying around? :P

    These are the most crucial times for hyperbole in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!

  • Looking good! Only issue will be if my PNS Friends will also buy it.

  • looks good, i hope we see a PSN demo soon also. cant wait to play it

  • @ Jeigh: I wholeheartedly approve of your wish list and your use of hyperbole IT’S THE BEST I’VE EVER SEEN

    @ TheMissingLink: WHAT IS SO FUNNY ABOUT THE POST I’m pretty sure I wrote it 100% serious in my normal voice.

    If you’re digging this be sure to follow us on the twitters and the facebooks! WE HAVE NO FRIENDS AND FEEL SO VERY COLD AND ALONE

  • This game is as unimaginative as Eitans trollsome reply.

  • What is This, I dont even-

  • It was nice meeting you guys at E3. I hope the GameStop trolls didn’t bring down your day.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Looks fun! Wish I can stop by PAX – any extra tix for us?

  • Played this A LOT at PAXEast. It was a blast…especially after a couple beers. I can’t wait to play it again. Also Eitan has one of the coolest job titles of well all time.

  • @ GooieGreen: Thanks! I don’t even know what a GameStop troll is. Sounds TERRIFYING

    @ jazzyrider: I wish we had extra tickets. You should come to the show anyway! I’m sure someone leaving will be happy to lend you theirs so you can pop in for a few minutes.

    @ Loki_HKD: ROCK ON. Were you in any of the PAX East pictures?

    ALSO: Apparently if you write in all caps on a red background it looks like you are yelling. WHO KNEW?

  • This game looks smooth. I really liked Trash Panic… especially the $5.00 price point. Hint-Hint.

  • LOOKS AWESOME! Oh noooo….I got the CAPS Cold!
    Glinert stop spreading the cold!

    Also, wheres your guys twitter?

  • @ Eitan Slinert: Nope, sarkasm and our crew played at the smaller station you guys had.

  • @1
    Ha, Tetris on steroids! That made my day.

  • I’m confused… and I LIKE it. Consider me a future customer.

  • Interesting. Eitan seems pretty pumped about his game – here’s to hoping everyone else is upon release (look to IGN for highest ratings on this one, methinks)…

  • @ Jetup: We’re @firehosegames! #JustinBieber

  • Slamming that Bolt down Scrapper style at Pax huh?

  • Tetris on steroids LOL

  • This does look like a cool, new take on Tetris, a game that I got bored with years ago. I will check it out.

  • See you at PAX.

  • epically freakin awesome :)

    Day one for me, I’m looking forward to this piece of awesome ambrosia :)

  • @ TwinDad: Cool! Be sure to say hi, and introduce yourself as “TwinDad, slayer of robots”. We’ll have special schwag for you. And by special I mean probably the same schwag as everyone else, but you’ll have an awesome title.

    @ lipscomba: We’ll see, but hopefully! Demos rock.

    Everyone else, thanks for the support! YES IT IS THAT AWESOME AND YOU WILL LOVE IT. (we hope)

  • 1080p? MSAA?

    24-bit HD, losslessly compressed, or maximum bitrate AAC?

    my friends and I really liked Trash Panic and this looks like another unique, fun mechanic. just hoping it looks and sounds better than Trash Panic did ;)

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