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Two meetups in a week; we just returned from Washington DC’s Move Meetup, and we’re about to take off for the other Washington – the one where Seattle is found. If you couldn’t make the first one, I hope you can make the PAX Meetup. If not, we’ll still have all kinds of video interviews from the Expo.

We’ll definitely be covering our first party games like Killzone 3 and inFAMOUS 2 – but are there any other titles you’d like us to investigate on your behalf? Let us know in the comments.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 23, 2010)

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  • FFXIV PS3 Beta..please ask SE about that…

  • Oh and LBP 2 Beta…most wanted beta ever imo..ask about that as well.Good morning all btw

  • Is GT5 Going to be at PAX?

    And if so, are we going to find out anything new about there? or do we have to wait until TGS?

    • PAX is a consumer show, and so you don’t see any press conferences or major announcements there, typically.

  • If Bioware is there at Pax try to get some new info on Mass Effect 2.

  • No support for PSPgo anymore? No Kingdom Hearts for PSN? Sony this is unacceptable really. I don’t have a PSPgo but, I hate UMD’s and not having Kingdom Hearts BBS on PSN is a poor decision. I really wish Sony would come out and just let the consumer know why this is happening.

    • It’s Square-Enix’s decision. Rare is the game that doesn’t release on PSN and UMD simultaneously these days.

  • Is there a reason why I can’t sign into PSN sites using Firefox? I’ve contacted support over two weeks ago, but haven’t seen any fixes. Anybody else having this issue?

  • R.U.S.E. using Move. Looks realy good.

    And please, more info on Gran Turismo 5, Fallout: New Vegas, Need for speed: Hot Pursuit and Enslaved.


  • more info on sengoku basara sumrai heroes and dead space 2 multiplayer?

  • Please bring us news about these 3rd-party games for the PS3:

    1) Deep Black
    2) Deus Ex: Human revolution
    3) Rage
    4) Brink
    5) Crysis 2
    6) Hydrophobia

    Thank you!

  • I definitely want to hear more about Journey, I loved both Flower and flow.

  • I would like to see the long version of the killzone 3 multi-player trailer. Some LBP 2 news would be good as well.

  • @6 Using Firefox myself with no problems at all..with NoScript and Adblock plus..

  • Glad to see EA sticking to their guns on this. Sick of the media and politicians pushing us gamers and the publishers around.

    On another note, I don’t suppose we could get more history on the controller and PS designs? Like what lead to going dual analog when Nintendo and Sega both went single. Perhaps an explanation as to who’s dumb idea it was to go single analog on the PSP. Maybe an explanation of the first version of Sixaxis (aka boomerang). Maybe a clue to as where Sony will go next with their controller(s). As much as I hate the boomerang design and love the DS1-3, I can’t help but wonder if another crack should be made at a redesign.

  • Has anyone seen this website? Its on PS Blog Japan. There a countdown clock set to go off on wednesday, and a guy knitting (believe it or not) SackBoy! Its a mafia type guy knitting SackBoy. See for yourself


    I think its for the release of the LBP 2 Beta in Japan!

  • I read this fascinating article…

    This part in particular stood out…

    “Each month there will be dynamic themes, premium avatars and premium game elements/add-ons for you to download and many will be exclusive to PlayStation Plus members only. These are yours to keep forever once you have downloaded them.”

    You know why it stands out? Because all that flew out the window once month 1 ended. Care to explain why I didn’t get what I paid for for the second month of Plus?

  • @14
    What do you think about that?

    • I think I can’t read Japanese…
      I also think that guessing and getting excited over said guess typically leads to disappointment.

  • Hey Jeff,

    I asked you about a Kick Ass Patch a few weeks about, and you told me to go to the source. I got an e-mail from Wha Entertainment saying that there is a new patch coming on the way (end of Aug. or beginning of Sept.) can you confirm this, since both these dates are right around the corner? Also maybe a blog post from them would be nice. I spent $15.00 on that game only to get a game with glitched trophies. Thank you.

    • As I said I’d do, I forwarded your message on to the devs. They replied to me that they were aware of the issue, but stopped short of promising a fix. If Wha told you it’s coming, then I’d consider that to be the latest information.

  • LBP 2 Beta information? Please?

  • Thanks for replying. One more question though, so should Sony enforce releasing games on PSN for PSP? Especially since the PSPgo is Digital Download only? Is this even possible? Thanks again!

  • Is The Fight going to be a Move launch title Jeff?

  • Will dragonball tenkaichi tag team be on the psn?

  • 1) Rage
    2) Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    3) MGS: Rising (Probably for TGS though)
    4) Castlevania: Lord of Shadows
    5) Dead Space 2
    6) Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Thanks for posting the Heroes on the Move link. Definitely very excited for the game. :)

    I saw the localized screens for Z.H.P. and definitely excited for it.

    Glad the YS7 reviews are positive, although I need to open my limited edition copy (might be pushed back because I’m getting Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Ace Combat: JS this week).

    I want to thank everyone at SCEA who put together the PS Move event in Washington, DC. I had a lot of fun and was glad to meet you all. Definitely a very memorable day for me. It sold me to preorder Sports Champions right when I got home that evening. ;)

  • Lastly

    1) Portal 2
    2) Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions
    3) Mortal Kombat
    4) BulletStorm
    5) Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

  • @Jeff from articles it seems there WILL NOT BE a PSN release of Kingdom of Hearts at all (Disappointed @ Square Enix)

  • square enix has been screwing up lately proof is ff13

  • Don’t blame square for this. you should have known that some games weren’t going to release on PSN. You can’t make people assume that it’s not going to have every single game the PSP has, after charging more for it. You also put the game playing on the GO in one of you’re PSP trailers, is that not a confirmation?

    It’s not rare this happenes, This is the 3rd game I wanted to buy that hasn’t been avalible for the GO. First YuGiOh tag force 3, Then Crisis Core AND now KH.

  • So getting Back to the Future on Blu-Ray :D

  • Rage please?

  • I don’t really buy the whole “It’s up to developers” line Jeff. Though true, it’s a cop out. Sony could have(and should have) made it a requirement or did a better job of incentivising having both.

    This goes for the legacy stuff too. I had a developer tell me the reasons some old PSP games aren’t on PSN(and might not ever show up) is because though developers could self publish their old games on PSN(if they own the ip), they would have to remove the original publishers logos and such from the game, which would then require that the game be recertified and the costs associated with that mess up the cost benefit analysis.

    In short, there are things Sony can do to correct these issues. Do them.

  • Hi Jeff, can you find out if a new firmware update will be released soon?

  • Can someone on these blogs just confirm for us whether or not kingdom hearts is coming to psn or not. I am really frustrated that there is not a confirmed answer for this question. The game comes out in 2 weeks and you cant tell us if its going to be available for download and umd ? I understand that some things have to be kept a secret but this just sucks. So tell us is the game going to be released on psn ? yes or no . oh ya just pay 250 dollars for the brand new psp go its great but you cant play the new games, we want you to go digital but sorry some games are umd only. BS

    • It won’t be available for download on launch day. That’s all I know. When or if it comes to PSN is SE’s decision.

  • nice read =P

  • Can u tell Square enix about KH for PSP??

    I really dont like UMD because of stupid loading.

    I love digital downloading games because it helps loading less time.

    Pretty please???

  • @15
    Ahhhhhh, I see what you did there Jeff! LOL

  • When is the BLOG.SHARE gonna be useful for anything? Will we see at least ONE of the top 10 requests be addressed before this year ends????


  • We are still waiting for cross-game chat Sony…..

    Still waiting Sony……

    4 years after the PS3 release date……

    Yep still waiting…….

  • I wish i can get ‘new Cole’ as a skin or something… I think he is awesome

  • @ Jeff

    Do you know or could you find out when we will hear more about Move support for MLB 10 The Show? I haven’t heard anything about it since it was announced. Is there a release date or a general idea of when it will be available. I hope it comes to MLB 10 like it was announced as a patch and not pushed back for MLB 11. Thank you.

  • -Call of Duty Black Ops (Beta)
    -Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

    Also, is the move going to be releasing the games from the wii under Sony names? PS3sports and PS3Fit :P I am very happy to see the fact that I will be able to move during PS3. My friends are starting to make fun of my inactivity D:

  • Journey looks great, i enjoyed Fl0w on the psp and don’t you think thoses Journey screenshots remind you of a book called the alchemist by paolo coelo??

  • Any LBP2 beta news? Please respond.

  • How is it that I keep seeing responses from Sony each time I check back, yet the comment I posted eight hours ago (it should be comment 15), has yet to make it through the “awaiting moderation” stage?


  • As an avid PSP GO user the decision for Kingdom hearts to not come to PSN has me debating if I should get rid of my PSP entirely and search out other options. Square needs to know that this is greatly upsetting PSP go users. This is a AAA title and needs to be treated as such. Sony should have confirmed this months prior to release….

    Disapointed user….

  • Jeff im sorry but shouldnt you guys at sony be trying to work something out about third party publishers supporting PSN a lot more ? i mean you launched a DD only handheld , shouldnt you guys be the ones trying to convince them to put their games on PSN ? i mean i could understand if it was a small title but Kingdom Hearts has a pretty big fan base , i was gonna buy it but now i guess i wont play it because i dont own a 3000 k anymore just a GO , hope to see The Third Birthday at least on PSN . and please for the next psp ( PSP2 ) add full psn functionalities ( Friends Lists , Trophies , in game XMB , in Movie XMB and more ) , cant wait to play Valkyria Chronicles 2 and can you tell me when can we expect the God of War Ghost of Sparta demo ?

  • Can we have more Mortal Kombat games on PSN. Like UMK3. Or at least an update for MK2 (better online room).

  • @42 They either play favorites or take too long to approve posts. My PS blog share idea I posted several days ago is still waiting approval or has been deleted.

    My idea was simply to make the MAG Beta available for PS+ users. I don’t know why this was deleted or is still pending approval. I give up , wonder if this will be approved.

  • @48

    Tell me about it. I swear, whoever it is running this blog is intentionally not approving my comment until this post dies and gets bumped down by new posts. I don’t see how they can respond to comments, yet aren’t able to see that a comment is waiting to be approved. Add to that the fact that these “what we read” posts often encourage commenters to post links to stories, and therefore, they should be more proactive about approving commments with links, and it just adds to the perception that they’re intentionally not approving my comment.

    And I could see why they wouldn’t want to approve it. I asked why Sony failed to offer any dynamic themes, add-on content, and avatars for month 2 of PS+, and I linked to the PS Blog post that specifically promised those items on a monthly basis.

    It benefits Sony to not approve my comment. Once it shows up, they either have to ignore it, admit their mistake, or say that despite what was originally promised, we aren’t getting the content, which basically amounts to bait-and-switch. No matter what, it makes Sony look bad.

  • I really want to hear some interviews about

    Castlevania Lords of Shadows
    Dead Space 2
    Killzone 3
    Dead Nation
    Deus Ex
    and last but not least, MGS Rising

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