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With gamescom receding into the mists of history, we’re less than a week away from our community event at PAX in Seattle. From there, it’s off to the Tokyo Game Show, which roughly coincides with the launch of this thing called PlayStation Move (perhaps you’ve heard of it?).

Busy times, to be sure, but it begs the question: What upcoming gaming event are you most excited about?

In other news, our newest PlayStation.Blog recruit Rey Gutierrez is knocking us out with his video production prowess. Be absolutely sure you watch his new PlayStation Move tech demo tour with Anton Mikhailov, and stay tuned for much more of Rey’s video awesome in the coming days and weeks.

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • Superstars V8 Racing: Coming to the PlayStation Network — The developers explain how this full-featured racing game landed on PSN. An interesting read!
  • Beta Feedback: How You Helped Shape Medal of Honor’s Multiplayer — EA explains how PlayStation fans have helped improve the game, from overall graphics to hit detection and gameplay balance. Good read.
  • MotorStorm 3D Rift Comes to PSN Tomorrow With 10 Tracks — A great choice if you missed MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. And yes, it supports 2D gameplay as well.
  • Shank on PSN Tomorrow, Costume Unlock Code for PlayStation.Blog Readers — Includes the Shank launch trailer, our most-viewed video this week.
  • Coming Tuesday to PSN: Press Your Luck for PS3 — Factoid: This 80s game show popularized the saying “big money, no whammies.” It’s true!
  • ModNation Monday: Community Artist Spotlight, Secrets of a “Super Creator” — What does it take to be a Super Creator? ModNation expert Myles Gordon tells all.
  • MotorStorm Apocalypse Video Interview — Learn why “MotorStorm Apocalypse in 3D” was a hot buzz word at gamescom in Cologne, Germany.
  • Meet The First Cast Member of The Tester, Season 2 — After 28,000 registered participants and 350,000 votes, The Tester, Season 2 has its first cast member.
  • Coming to PlayStation Plus: Discounted PlayStation Protection Plan — The PlayStation Protection Plan is now available on the PlayStation Store. Even better: PlayStation Plus members get 25% off a two-year PS3 plan.
  • PlayStation Store Update — Shank kills, Mafia II DLC thrills, MotorStorm 3D Rift spills, the new MAG Beta fills, and more.
  • Dungeon Defenders: Coming to PSN with Move & 3D Support — First video and details on this fusion of action-RPG and tower defense gameplay. Check the comments for even more information.
  • minis: Angry Birds is Visually Optimized for the PSPgo — Score first details on this upcoming physics-based PlayStation minis title.
  • AlphabeTees Coming this Thursday to PlayStation Home + the Best of the PlayStation Home Community! — Locust_Star explains it best: “Think: a crossword puzzle that requires teamwork, with you and your friends using clothing to answer trivia questions.”
  • Planet Minigolf gets PlayStation Move support this September — Planet Minigolf announces a free update that will add full support for PlayStation Move.
  • Digital Comics Store Update — Free Starcraft, Silent Hill: Dying Inside, Journey Into Mystery (1952), and more in this week’s comics update.
  • Joe Danger – The People’s Patch — Hello Games adds a slew user requests to a new patch: custom soundtracks, costumes, YouTube video uploads and more.
  • God of War – Game Directors Live in LA! — God of War directors David Jaffe, Cory Barlog, and Stig Asmussen are coming to L.A. for a live documentary taping. You’re invited!
  • PlayStation and IGN Team up for PAX PlayStation.Blog Beyond! Meetup — You’re invited! Try God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Split/Second PSP, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep at our PAX meetup next week.
  • SOCOM 4 gamescom Floor Demo: Video tour — This 14-minute video epic gives you a close look at SOCOM 4’s campaign, combat sequences, and more.
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — Inglourious Basterds gets a price cut, new episodes of Futurama and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn: Season 3, and more.
  • Vanquish DEMO Coming to PSN Next Week! — Platinum Games’ new over-the-top shooter is getting a PSN demo next week. Dig that Augmented Reaction Suit!
  • PlayStation Move: New Tech Demo Video Tour — You’ve never seen the PlayStation Move tech demos like this — nice job, Rey!
  • LittleBigPlanet Community Update: PAX Preview, 3 Million User Levels — Heading to PAX next week? Check out the sweet new t-shirt you could win at the LittleBigPlanet 2 booth.
  • Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

    Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • MAG Escalation Video Flythroughs — One of the most popular aspects of the beta so far are the maps from our upcoming 96-player game mode, “Escalation.” Get a sneak peek with three video flythroughs.
  • Expand Your MAG Army on August 31 — Starting on August 31, players will have the option to create and maintain multiple characters in the MAG universe.
  • Zipper Profile: Brian Soderberg — Zipper goes straight to the top to get the scoop on Brian Soderberg, President and Co-Founder of Zipper.
  • Reminder: New MAG Beta Tomorrow — Everything you need to know about the free new MAG Beta, which adds a new in-game economy and a revamped skill tree.
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • “The Lab” – September 2010 Schedule — September’s multiplayer UNCHARTED 2 episodes are unveiled! 3 vs 3 Deathmatch and Desert – 5 Shootout detailed.
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    10 Author Replies

    • I Really liked the move tech demo.
      Can’t wait till 7/19!

    • Sony…

      I just found out that Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep isn’t going to be available on the PSP GO. I don’t mind you not putting any of the not worth wile games on the system, but its FREAKING Kingdom Hearts. I mean what the hell?

      I love my GO, but 70% of the reason why I bought it was to replace my 1000 so I can play Kingdom Hearts on a clear, not scratched system, and now I can’t even do that. Why is the PSP GO more expensive anyways if half the library isn’t even on the system. Why did you show Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep on a PSP Go screen in one of your PSP trailers. It’s just really annoying.

    • Hey guys I won a PlayStation Move bundle from the Subway contest.
      Yay me!!

    • I just went to Fan Expo in Toronto. They had GT5 in 3D and Move there, looks cool. Not spring for a new TV cool but cool none the less.

      Also about BBS not getting a download release. Sony clearly showed the game playing on a PSP Go screen at E3:

      So uh you guys might want to cop to the video editor not being enough in the loop when he/she made that video.

      *Insert you should have made simutanious download and retail releases manditory statement here*

    • Nice recap, but you forgot all the blurb about the PS Jailbreak. Please Sony, do us a favor, crush and maim those bastards with a next System Update (But please don’t remove our USB ports, lol).

    • Hey do you guys have the list of launch titles for the Move? Just want to know if The Fight is going to be available on day 1

    • To Answer your question, Sid;

      Any news involving Gran Turismo 5!

    • ‘Sup Sony?

      Any idea when I’m going to get the monthly add-on content, dynamic themes, and avatars I was promised in the PS+ FAQ…

      “Each month there will be dynamic themes, premium avatars and premium game elements/add-ons for you to download and many will be exclusive to PlayStation Plus members only. These are yours to keep forever once you have downloaded them.”

      I signed up because of that. We got no avatars, no dynamic themes, and no add-ons at all for all of month 2 and we haven’t received any for month 3 either.

      Is there anyone at Sony who actually cares about me getting what I paid for? Or better yet, is there anyone at Sony who cares enough to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

    • why ignore my comments :(

    • @#2 and Sid: The rumor is all around. Just Google Kingdom Hearts PSP Go. There’s that same bit on IGN, Joystiq, Kotaku, and some other outlets.

      If it’s true there goes a PSP Go sale for me. I’ve been looking at one and even convinced my fiancee to go in with me on it since she saw that KH was coming for PSP.

      • Yeah, chalk that up to rumor and speculation for now. I spoke with a Square Enix representative a few weeks ago, and he said the company hasn’t announced anything at this time one way or the other.

    • im waiting with my wallet ready for this tuesday update i want castle crashers badly

    • why isn’t there something like “The Lab” for other games. you know so we can have a better community

    • Will we see at least ONE of the top-10 Blog.share requests come true before this year ends FFS?

    • I am super psyched for TGS. I want to see some Last Guardian and Final Fantasy Versus XIII!!

    • Sid,
      Could you ask Mm if people who ordered the LBP 2 CE get in the beta, or if its PS + only? It would be nice to know ahead of time.

    • Curious what you thought of the book of eli.The reveal at the end blew me away as opposed to shutter Island which I saw coming a mile away.

      • I had a hard time following the ending (spoiler: the book just going onto the shelf?). It was a solid flick, though, glad I saw it.

    • The length of these recaps are getting longer and longer…. You guys have been busy!

    • Yeah! Is is it a Desert-5 only deathmatch or elimination? Congrats LBP on 3 million levels1 Let’s go to 4!

      I’m playing: Naughty Bear, Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Resistance 2, God of War 3.
      I’m watching: (Tons still) G4, LBP 2 everything, Clash of the Titans (2010)
      I’m reading: Alien, Playstion: The Official Magazine.

    • apparently grand tourismo 5 will need to install 10 gigs of data to run smoothly lol wow

      for move to function properly you had to remove otheros lol

      i spend more time downloading/updating/patching games then i do playing them, but thanks to sony’s 49.99 a year solution that problem is solved lol

      i’m getting tired of waiting on features, can you please tell me if there is anything interesting headed our way feature wise in the very very near future?

      please open up an app store i would gladly pay for app’s and features

      as a plus member i would rather pay for features then for you guys to unload to my hdd unwanted games/themes/avatars that didn’t sell at all on psn or things i wouldn’t even dream of purchasing

      it only does everything, no it doesn’t, stop following and start leading. today man!!!!

    • @Sid’s reply to #15
      (SPOILER) i think he is talking about the reveal that Eli was blind the whole time. That’s what blew me away about the ending, at least.


      “contacted Square Enix PR firm Ogilvy for a firm answer, and that answer is no, there are no plans to release Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PlayStation Network, ”

      What say you?

    • “Sid Shuman | August 28th, 2010 at 4:38 pm
      Cool idea! Want to put it on Share?

      Hah! I’ve posted several ideas which were not duplicates, Ive commented several times and none of that has ever shown up on Share. Its a waste of time.

      Also the no Kingdom Hearts on the Go thing is coming from this:

      Apparently Square’s PR is saying its not happening.

      Personally, I got the Go because I wanted something more portable and because of the dualshock capabilities. I bought it day one foolishly believing in the ‘we’ll come up with a trade in program’ bs that Sony put out at E3 ’09. Now I only have a go and I bunch of old UMD games that are worthless, I have to pay more for games on psn and some games (like Kingdom Hearts) I can’t even buy… Sony took an absolute crap on the customers with the PSP Go. I for one won’t be buying another handheld from Sony.

    • @7

      A legitimate question from a loyal paying customer ignored once again.


    • The new “Playstation.Blog” beginning of the interviews is really cool. Did Rey make that too? Rey, if you did, you have my respect for being awesome. :D MOVE looks awesome. Preordered 2 of’em (one with the camera and Sports Champions >.>)

      @7: Agreed. :/ But oh well im having fun with the Minis lol. >.>

      @2: “Phil Villarreal contacted Square Enix PR firm Ogilvy for a firm answer, and that answer is no, there are no plans to release Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PlayStation Network”

      lol i don’t really care about Kingdom Hearts to be honest. But that’s definitely huge for a lot of people.

    • OH by the way, you should add that inFAMOUS 2 has PSMove support. :D That’s huge news lol.

    • Square Enix won’t go green about kingdom heart? okay i won’t buy his game until it go digital, not that i own the psp go!
      can’t wait to see more about the last guardian at Tokyo Game Show! hope it isn’t the lsn’t in the franchise

      It can be implied that he was blind, but I dont think he was. the way he was in the movie just didnt give the feel that he was blind. Who knows though.

    • Concerning the ps jailbreak … WHY WOULD YOU HOOK UP ANYTHING NOT SUPPORTED BY SCEA ? yeah sure it says it Wont Brick your system …. but did you read the fine print ? IT”S A DISCLAIMER , claiming not being responsible for damage , and they will only replace your ps jailbreak device …. LOL….. CAVEAT EMPTORE !!!

    • Say Sid, did you finish Red Dead Redemption yet?

      I just finished it a few days, and that ending took me by surprise.

    • @fuzzyclutter

      Yup, I second that.

      But apparently there’s a plethora of dumbasses buying and actually using this stuff.

      But then again, IMHO, it boils down to this:

      PS Jailbreak – 170 USD
      640Gb 2’5 HDD – 100 USD
      Idiot being banned from PSN, bricked console, etc. – Priceless

      @23 I just thought it made sense. i mean the whole movie it shows how he can smell those guys from so far away and that he has amazing hearing, and i think its pretty much a dead giveaway when the camera zooms in on his eyes at the end. and if u notice in the beginning of the movie when he goes into that little house with the guy that hung himself, he sorta trips over stuff and he felt around in all the cabinets

    • @fuzzyclutter

      I wouldn’t. I have a 360 for that purpose. :)

      I must confesss that I can’t afford to buy many games, but still, I’m pretty much satisfied with everything on my PS3: Blu-Ray Player, Free PSN, GameSharing, awesome exclusives, bargain bins, exchanging games with my friends. Nuff said

      And I truly hope that these guys selling PSJailbreak/x3Jailbreak/PS3Stinger rot in jail, and that everybody using this stuff end up having their PSN accounts banned and PS3s YLeD for good.

    • “Square Enix, Inc. currently has no plans to release Kingdom
      Hearts Birth by Sleep through the PlayStation Store.”

      Sucks to be a PSP Go owner.

    • He spent 30 years carrying the BOOK around and learned to read faith.He was shielded and protected as long as he kept it. The moment he ‘lost’ his faith he was no longer protected. Watch it again, its a wonderful movie, pay attention to his eyes when you see them, they react in a way a blind persons does not.

      Or…he WAS blind and had learned braile but was given sight for his journey..because its obvious he could see during it.

      Oh yeah..its about the ps3 beta or I retire my PS3..until the retail game comes out..LOL. Any news??

    • On The Move Site It says That Infamous 2 Is Move compatible. Is This true or is it a mistake?

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